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January 1, 1942     The Kalona News
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January 1, 1942

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J ~"HERE are many words In the blg words and little words . . . words of royalty, words with the brilliance words as pretentious as the sweep of a # homely words, too, end between home ~rlelves these are the ones we choose 1o New Year message to you. Many yOur kindness, and every good wish for a Year. A & J Kepler &td now we're ready W sponge B the slate and start a spotless May that page o/ 1942 be red letter page of all your . may the records which to be written d~ereon become glowing and success/ul as advances, and may the entries of Auditor Time be ealth, Happiness and Prosperity. Kauffman & Co. sunny hours Ioy and gladness peace of spirit true friendships opportunities !'!~0re health and happiness joy in living Co. Entire Personnel t New Year king for another 565 days door upon past mistakes and look hope- to a'yea~ of greater ~t. The ~f the past is but our starting point, and now, the suppo~ you have given us, we have set of semvice and value to out" customers. the New Year may usher in .for you a l~ospority, Health and Happiness is our 0il Service Station THE KALONA, NEWS, THURSDAY, JANUARY 1, 1942 Personals About People You Know Dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs..~rlis Niffenegger Christmas day were: Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Michel and Mrs. C. G. Tilden and N0rma. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ressler and daughter, Patricia and Hazel Southwick of Minneapolis, Minn. left Friday for their home after passing Christmas wiCh relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. L.R. Lemley, and Keith; Mrs. Ellen Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Godber and Billy, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Romine and family of Wellman enjoyed Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lemley and family. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford La~ and son of Waukesha, Wisconsin spent from Christmas until Sun- day at the Tom Lahey home. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Rowe of Silvis, Ill., and George Rowe were Christmas day dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fay Rowe and family. euJ Let us give a toast to the bright young New Year! Let us drink to the better, happier days we know must lie ahead in 1942! And here's to you, our loyal friends and eustom- ersl Good health, good cheer, and--HAPPY NEW YEARI I. FUIKS, O. D. E. Wash'ten St., Iowa Local Items Of People You Know Personally Christmas day visitors in the J. R. Swartzendrt~ber home were Fred Roberts and son Michel of Kansas City; S. S. Murphy; Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Swartzendruber; :Mr. and Mrs. Gall Swartzendrub- er and Aurel Hannah of Iowa City; and Mr. and Mrs. Ferd E. Skola. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Brennc- man morned last Wednesday to their new ~ome in the north .part of Kalona, which they recently purchased. Supper guests at Frank Hore- sweky ~ome in Richmond Thurs- day evening were Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Elias of Cedar Rapids; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Horesow- sky and Dickie; Mrs. Francis Votruba, Charley Votrttba and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hore- sowsky and Barbara Kay. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Britton were dinenr guests Christmas day in the home of their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Mm-cus Owens at Iowa City. ... (;0odto au nun... OUR WISH May this New Year mean for you a joyous strengthening of old ties and associations, and a happy gain in the number of those you count as friends May it mean more health, more prosperity, more joy of living. Connie's East End Cafe In Grateful Appreciation.. Ship Ahoyl Yes, we would need a whole ship to carry our messages of appreciation and good will to all our friends whose loyalty to us has made 1941 a banner year. That 1942 may bring you joy, health and prosperity is the wish of every member of this organization. Standard 0il Co., Ed Kern, Agent Y TO AL Blow, bugles, blow! ~Pis New Year again. time to be jolly. time to renew old acquaintances, time to make new friends. May 1942 bring a fulfillment of your ambitions, new prosperity and [n- ereasing happiness. May it mark a truly I~ea! milestone in your life. .6 Kalona Turkey Cooperative Personals About People You Know :Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Swartzen- druber and family of Winfield, Mr. am] Mrs. John R. Rhodes and family were dinner guests Christ- mas day with Mrs. Sarah Swartz- endruber. Tereso Dahlstrom, of Martins- burg is spending a week with Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Grady. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hoehstet- let and family were dinner guests at the D. B. Hochstetler home on Christmas day. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Alt and fam- ily spent Christmas day at the Peter Alt home at Sharon. MARTHA was dependable. I,lke a patient, willing and uncom- plaining horse. Her life on her small farm was not different from a tread ram, always the same, day in and day out, month after month, year after year. There had been a time when Mar- tha was not alone. That was when her older sister Helen and her younger sister Nancy and her still younger brother Curt lived there at the farm. But that was a long time ago, longer still since their parents had died. The sisters were beauti- ful and had married well, and Curt, possessed of burning ambitions, had left to make his way in the world. Frequently they came out to call, to "eat one of Martha's wonderful dinners" and "get a breath of coun- try air." It was on a Christmas day that Nancy brought Barre Howard out. "I knew you wouldn't mind, dar- ling," she gushed. "Mr. Howard is a traveler and he's lecturing in town tomorrow night." Martha smiled and nodded and looked up into Barre Howard's tanned face, a face that was strong and klnd, with eyes that held a dreamy mystery in their depths. But no one would have dreamed that there were any thoughts in Mar- tha's head save those that centered around preparations for the Christ- mas dinner. It was a sumptuous meal one of the best Martha had ever prepared. She knew a vague sort of pride at the way her guests attacked it. Martha sat with the others at the table after the dinner was over, lis- toning to Barre Howard tell of his travels, of far away places he'd vis- ltad. He looked at her twice while he talked, directly, penetratingly, and she flushed. After a while Martha got up and began clearing off the table. No one offered to help. She washed and dried the dishes and stacked them away. And when she came back into the living room, they were ready to go, all of them. After they left she closed the door and turned and went back into the kitchen. For a moment she stood in the center of the floor. An expression came into her face that was the un- leashing of years and years of sup- pressed desires. She took a quick step forward, seized a broom by its handle, swung it toward the shelf of eanned preserves with all her strength. Martha laughed, shrilly, piercing- ly, and struck again. The shelf gave Way this time, swinging on one hinge. Half a hundred Jars of vary- ing size crashed to the floor. Directly following there was an instant of silence, and in that In- stant a voice spoke near the kitchen door. "In heaven's name, what are you doing that for?" Martha whirled, and there, Just in- side the door, an amazed look on his tanned face, stood Barre Howard. "Why?" she cried passionately, "Why? Because it's what I've want- ed to do for years and years and years and it's Just today I've had the courage. Because I hate this place, hate being cooped up here. Because I'm plain and unattractive and can't have the things my sisters have. Because Nancy's so selfish. Because she isn't satisfied with one man, but wants another, the only one--I~I--" She stopped at last, breathing hard, leaning heavily against the sink, guilty, ashamed of what she'd almost said. 'Tin sorry. I didn't mean it. Real- I~. If--tf there's something you for- got, I'll ~aelp you find it." "there's nothing I've forgotten," '~Phen~why did you come back? Why don't you go and leave me alone, like all the others do?" His eyes were steady, penetrating, a dreamy mystery in their depths. "Why do you think I came hack?" he asked. "Why?" She brushed a hand across her eyes. Something was stir- ring inside of her, something she thought dead. "Why?" she repeat- ed. "How should I know?" Barre Howard laughed and stood before her, and suddenly the look in his eyes was no longer mysteri. ous. It was like a picture, readily hlterpreted, telling her why he had come back. Personals About People You Know Mr. and Mrs. Llo~/d Knepp en- tertained the following at a Christmas dinner on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Edd Knepp and Donald Mr. and Mrs. John Knepp Jr. and family, Mr. gnd Mrs. Raymond Zook and Dorothea, Mr. and Mrs Ben Gingerich and family, Mr. and Mrs. George Yoder and fam- ily, Mrs. Amanda Byler and fam- ily, Mrs. Leslie Bylor, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Knepp and family of Washington, Jo~hn Knepp, Sr. and Mrs. Alice Eimen. A basket din- ner was served at noon. Mr and Mrs. Jack G.uengerich were supper guests with Mr. and Mrs. Willis Gingerich ~unday ev- e,~ing. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Fry visited Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Sommers Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Sharp of Oskaloosa, spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the Emery Sharp home in Riverside. ~O~ Company On Short Notice? Serve Oysters The tailend of the holiday sea- son brings impromptu get-toge- thers and all sorts of spur-of the- moment parties. And vchether it's a crowd of teen-age skaters or fiftyis.h bridge players, they'll all put on their favorite-hostess list the one who ladles out steaming bowls of oyster stew. For large crowds or "hurry-up" company a stew is easiest. Never wash the oysters but feel care- fully for hidden pieces of shell. Heat them in butter ~ntil they curl slightly. Then drop them in hot milk and season to taste. Do not boil the oysters in the milk-- bhey lose their tenderness. Sprin- kle chopped parsley, paprika or grated carrot on top. But suppose there are some in your family who "just can't stand" the appearance of the oy- sters~for them we have another suggestion. Put the raw oysters through the food chopper and combine them with milk, cracker crumbs and seasonings and either fry them in patties or scallop ~hern. Children are especially fond of oysters fixed this way. There are numerous scalloped comb~- ation dishes, such as corn and oysters. Oysters are an excellent source of both vitamin B and iron, and of course are one of the seafoods which provide iodine and help pre- vent goiter. Sinoe Iowa is in the goiter belt, every person in the family should recieve at least one serving of some kind of seafood weekly. Tradition has it that oysters should be served only during the months in v2hich the letter "R" appears. But ~that's a tradition which no longer holds in this day of superior refrigeration. You can buy canned oysters anytime of the year and fresh oysters almost any month. MOlto WITH SABGENT GRAIl FOI Try thi~ CHve Four I BALANCER POULTRY Hochstetler Feed Store I Local Items Of People You Know Personally Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Reif and Mrs. Nellie Edmondson were din- ner guests at the R. V. Manatt home in in Iowa City Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. John Page and Mrs. Mary Sommers were dinner guests Thursday at the Fred Stumpf home. Those who enjoyed a goose din- ner in tl~e C. E. Hershberger home Thursday were Mr. and Mrs. John Hershberger and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hershberger and family and Earl Hershberger of Iowa City. Dr. and Ma-s. R. S. &)miners and Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Sommers and Jimmey of Des Moincs spent Christmas with relatives here. II I II III IIII I M. N. ADAMS REAL ESTATE--FARM LOANS ABSTRACTS Phone 273 Kalona, la. Notary P~blic In Office I II II Watch Repairing Guaranteed Workmanship at a Moderate Price. III RAY BEACHY KALONA II S. C. WARE, M. D. PHYSICIAN ~ SURGEON Office Phone 7 Kalona, Iowa I R. H. pETERSEIM --FUN~L DIREC~OR--- Modern Equipment Ambulance Service--- Phone 176 Kalona I J. R. Swartzendruber DENTIST Phone 67 " ~ Kalona J. L. FRY, M. D. PHYSICIAN ~ SURGEON Office Phone 80 Kalona, Iowa Geo. V. Fry Auctioneer Phone 256 Kalona, Is. I T. REAGAN ADAMS LAW -- REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Notary Public In The Office II R. A. HENDER, D. C. CHIROPRACTOR Neurocalometer and X-Ray Service Phone 187 Kalona, Is. II Skola Insurance Agency Farmers Say. Bank Bldg. 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