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January 11, 1962     The Kalona News
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January 11, 1962

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THE KALONA NEWS, THURSDAY, JANUARY 11, 1962 an- rms S. ion, and Lrk- ~ing Installation, Planned I fleers at their regular meet-that joint installation of of- Stephens Seeks Nomination ' Mere -- - ling, Friday evening at the ficers for the Rebekahs and For State Senator i SIXIN SEEDSTEPSsELECTION ficesCUntYandeXtensinat Iowa serviCestate Uni-f- seed,CarefullYEversonbefreconcludes.YU buy your beka bers of the Kalona Re-[Odd Fellow hall. Mrs. Don- Odd Fellows would be held versity Publications Distribu- h Lodge No 84 made lald Dickel presided as noble Thursday evening, January State Representative Rich-i Six basic steps are suggest- tion Room, Ames, Iowa. "Most of us follow a path plans for installation of of-/grand, and it was announced 11. The installing staff from ard Stephens of Ainsworth, led as guides when buying !the Washington lodges will be announced today that he will seed. LeRoy Everson of the 5. Never purchase untested that someone else beat out ~-- 'in charge and the committee seek nomination, on the Re- Io~va State University Seed seed. Cavalierfr us."--Edwardcounty J'(Langdon.Franta" !named for the social hour and )ublican ticket, for the office I Testing Laboratory points out 6. Read the seed tag label N. D.) Republican. refreshments will be Mrs. of State Senator in the regu- that these steps are: New {}liver Store Guengerich, Mr. and lar election of November, 1962. 1. Selects variety adapted ~' Mrs. Tom Russell, Mrs. Alva He will be a candidate for the It Iowa. An adapted variety ' ' ' Niffenegger, Mrs. Verna Hart- Senatorship of the newly is capable of producing high _ sock. Mr. andMrs. Alva Kep- created Wenth Senatorial Dis- , forage or grain yields, isre- Thank You ler, Tom Strickler, George V. trial composed of Washing- I sistant to disease and will not I have purchased the Oliver franchise from the Fry and L. J. Strickler. ton and Louisa Counties. i winter-kill if it is grown as a iS Washington County Farm Store ~aad as of Jan- After the business meeting perennial crop. Detailed information on var- ' ""' uary 10 will be located in the former Swartzen- the group enjoyed refresh- druber Implement building on highway 22 in the ments provided by Mrs. Rob- ieties can be obtained from ~Ve have sold the Oliver dealership to Andy S]a- west part of Ka]ona. The firm will be known !ert Hartley, Mrs. Alma Michel an article entitled "Seed Out- baugh, our former employee. Our sincere as KALONA IMPLEMENT CO. and Mr. and Mrs. H.A. look and Crop Varieties for thanks to everyone for your patronage during Swartzendruber. 1962" in the January issue of the time we h~ave had the Oliver franchise. In taking over the Oliver dealership,, I feel well Iowa Farm Science. Reprints qualified to care for your needs having gair~3d of the article will be availab'_e We feel that the Oliver dealership is in very a lot of experience while at the Wash. Co. Farm $ $ $ $ $ $ $ about January 15 at the court- coml)etent hands and know that Andy will give -- ty extension service office at yOU l:vompt and efficient service on all Olive)' Store the past 8 years. For information or assist- Washington and at the Pub- equipment. James Bender will act as my parts man and ance in filing claims for bent-, ications Distribution Room, The J. I. CASE and NEW HOLLAND lines of bookkeeper. Together we solicit your patron- fits, your social security of- Morril Hall, Iowa State Uni- age and goodwill. In turn, we will do every- fice in Burlington is open versity, Ames. machinery :~nd equipment have been retained i thing .i:~ossible to merit your confidence bv giv- from 8:30 to 4:30. Monday 2. Avoid seed lots which by us and we will continue to give the type of in~ prompt and efficien,t service. Your*bust- through Friday. If you can- contain noxious weed seeds, service and good will you have been alccustomed not come to Burlington, you None of the weeds considered to receiving at our store. Thanks again for ness will be appreciated, may contact our represents- noxious in Iowa was original- yarn" patronage. ANDY SLABAUGH tive who will be in Washing- ly native here. You can pro- ton, Wednesday, J a n u a r y vent their spreading by refus- 17th from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. Dick Stephens, as he is com- ing to plant them on your Washington Co Farm Store, Inc. KALONA IMPLEMENT C0. at the Post Office. manly known by friends and farm. DIAL 656-2413 KALONA neighbors, is no stranger to 3. Don't buy seed lots con- DIAL 656-2315 KALONA ,atronlze the ADVERTISERS Iowa politics, having served taining an excess of weed ,, ~_ as Representative for Wash- seed. Although you may al- ington County in the 57th, ready have common weeds on 58th and 59th General As- your farm it is not a good oDi~]~o~ds semblies. His standing cm- idea t plant mre weed seeds~ ~.~l~~ruc1~t~~ mittees last Session included with crops. To do so means O W~he~ Schools, Libraries and State an even and thorough distri- M~ua# eu.d sh,,,~, Educational Institutions, of button of these weeds over II ~Silverware which he was chairman, Agri- your farm. United Science Fund ~Expert Watch Repairing culture I, Appropriations 4. Compare me value of I~OCAI, OR LONG DISTANCE WITH ^ ~,~l r,,d ~,~,,i,g ro~ lo,~-~w~,~o~~ ro,,ibmam 'Eyes Examined Board Of Control, Re-appor- seed lots offered for sale by SEMI-TRUCK In curities o| companies, whose Igro " substantia||y Upon scientific research. For Prospelul ,rid dtseriptiv flt~'~. ~Lenses Duplicated tionment and Redistricting the pure llve seed method. To #~,,, ,~icbo,t phil&aria., lilt i. ~,d ,cram Ibi, ads,~tlaeme~.*Zenith Hearing Aids of The General A~sembly, do this, divide the price per I have pro'chased a unit from John Downs who WADDELL & REED, INC. "Batteries and Cords Rules, Tax Revision, and Ways hundred pounds by the purity has discontinued the trucking business. ~0We~tgth.t. Bldg principal 40Wa||$t. and Means. He is currently times the germination. More gansasCttyS, Mo. v,derwrit,r, ~ vork s.,.v. ]e l~U[KS vice chairman of the Iowa information on evaluating FOR SERVICE CALL AMOS L. HOSTETLER ~. o. ,ox .., ........ KALONA, IOWA JEqWELI~- OPTOMETRIST Legislative Research Commit-seed by the pure live seed Earl Wagamon ..656-2918 !~ .... _ t20 B. W~k, St low. Citx lection of facts and informs- Farm Science Reprint 801 OR WASHINGTON $ ADDRL~ ....... ...... -~,- II I I tion for legislators. "Good Seed Costs You Less" Ray Downs ............ 0L 3-2996 ,,ace;co, oa,e ,," In private business he is which is available at local _---- engaged in farming and live- stock production. He served 1949 he visited Europe study- ,,,,,, ,,,,,, as State Vice-President of the ing relief work upon Invlta-' Nei[ s Barber Shop Iowa FarmBureauFederatlon tlon of the American Friends A[m0uHcemeJ]t BULK SALEB tor eight years and as a trus- Service Committee. He has AND SEBVICE tee of Iowa State College been chosen Master Farmer, ! i -- Farm Foundation. He is a YIaster Swine Producer and I IIII I SNAIR HDWE. trustee of the Iowa 4-H Club Master Corn Grower. He is .... ' ' " """' I have opened a Barber Shop in the Hochstetler Foundation ands trustee ofa member of the Methodist KALONA Building east of the Kalona Fire Station and Thermogas Co. wesley Acres. Other public C h u r c h, Masons, Kaaba solicit your patronage. Washington OL3-4776 board president and treasurer Delta, a National agricultural --'~ MOTOR DAILY HOURS WILL BE: of Iowa swine Producers. In society. ~ 8 a.lll, to 5 p.m.~ Stephens is married and the] ,~ CO father of two sons, Richard (~ Saturday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Allan at home and Boyd, a C|osed all day Wednesday FRUIT iunior attending Iowa State )~i Pall| Brenneman and Alvin CITRUS University. Mrs. Stephens Mi,]er have handed over the NElL BENDER was formerly Florence Krause -- More tree ripened Texas CITRUS FRUIT will of Washington and taught ' keys this week to its new arrive in Kalona ~a, bout Friday, January 19th. primary grade in the Well- ~ ~ owners ' Organically grown. ~an school. r tc]l rgin May be picked up in the same ,places as adver- Ray Beachy and Son,Ernest tised last month. Effective as of January 15, 1962 JAKE J. MILLER They h,ave ,purchased the entire stock of wi h Sugared Schumacher Feed_ THE 1962 FORECAST tools and equipment and will operate in the ------------" *he outlook for same location. ~,.onc. ~ u.,,,., "E~mie" has been employed at Hartwig Mot- ~ .S,o,k~o,~., .~O~o,,ood, ors, Inc., of Iowa City during the past six months. He has had formal training in auto- ~..,.,.,,o,. o,d ~d,.,, , ma~ic t~ansmission service on Chrysler pro- Please send me Free 1962 Forecast, IT'S NOT ' ~" d~cts etc. He is also well qualified in tune-up ~ae.~. . jobs for all cars and trucks. Livestock Feed City & State JUST "-" Future announcements will follow. A. C. Allyn & Co. " ' ' " '" ~or ~_ 530 Merchants Bank Bldg. DAIRY & BEEF CATTLE ~ GOSSIP! Cedar Rapids, Iowa HOGS,~SHEEP 8.HORSES ' ~~9 ~OU'LL LIKE YOUR FEEDING Contains| FOURTH QUARTER o". Sewers Clogged? Water Bills Now Sugared Schumachet Feed to your ~ erm.~n,*eu Most of us went here, lives~ock--eidaer as the entire grain ~ wbeat, b adeY there and yonder, looking It's hard work to uae clum~y radon or in combination withogher %1 MOt ASSES for bargains and values with cleaning tools and even harder to ' much diligence. And, we pay big mone]~ to dig thm up or ~'ains. You see, Ws a blend of grain /ADDED MINERALS have them cleaned with an elec- DUE products plus molasses, added ~ It's a fact. We've cam- found a few. Proteins and minerals--including ..Intludln| Susie? She didn't stray tram milreis* pared our notes. Susie is the trio machine. N o w chemical smartest shopper in town. far. She shopped right here science brings you an amazinl ~'~portant trace minerals. It's nutri- tiara% palatable and digestible. And , ~4DDED PROTEIN We didn't have o contest, at home, in local stores. And, cleaner that wn~. remove roots, |#'s ~iced right... |Or ~onomicM not exactly. But, you know know what? She saved time [~Jin~.i how some of us gals con be. and money and she has al- rag's, grease, paper and other or- - We like to think we are dol- ready exchanged some gift ganie material. You will get $ugare -c'uma--erd$ ~ far-wise, items which were not the quicker resulta at a lower coat byandPayable atalnico of See or 811us_ today lor $o whathappens?We putright size. ,aking your dealer for Lille,- after the Smart's the word for Susie mak'~ Sewereamer. You ran ream per ton ..-in!bulk ou,heads together your_...n. Kalona Town C|erk holiday season is over and Smart l [cheaply. It is packed in 6 and 10 ]pound eau. Just ask :tot SEW- TALL SERVICE T and save yours~f H, V. Beck CORN FEED r d, at Home /big bill Dial Kalona66G-2~'8" 1 Home Gas Co. Snair Hardware Co. John Dale Yoder Joetown DIAl, e48-6058 i I