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March 26, 1942     The Kalona News
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March 26, 1942

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8 Last Sunday afternoon, Mrs. I Katie Stu man, Mrs. Ali l.,a.ona n Eimen, Mrs. Ella Plank andMrsI News Notes Sarah Swart~ndruber called onI Katie Kinsinger. Editor Mabel Miller Auoe. Editor ....James Strabala E. J. Hesselschwerdt attended a meeting of Boy Scout executives at Iowa City Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Davis of Iowa City spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Kinsinger. Music ........ R~th Ann Liebig Senior ........ Pauline Gingerich Junior ......... Viola Gingerieh Sophomore ........ Jane Kalloua GENERAL NEWS Jsmeswey Flock Feeders Save feedl SECOND: Because they are constructed of the best materiels, namely Prime quel- Jb/ heavy copper buring galvanized sheet metal. D'IIRD: Because they ere sturdy, well braced end will withstand rough handling For years. FOURTH: Because the Jemesway Flock Feeders are built in a range of sizes to mccommodate any size flock and number. FIFTH: Because Jameswsy Flock Feeders rove you time, labor end money the ),ear 'round. you qe~ do better ~ to select Jemuwey Poidlry Equipment kern our steak. Come in and Jet us d~ow Foe the finest poultry eeoJpment obiletoblo it4 ~elc you can well effouf to INy. Kalona is really pu~tting over the program of Physical Train- iz g! The girls and boys are both getting more of it. They will take even more after the music contest is over, since this will mean more empty periods. You can tell that some of the people are not used to such strenuous exercise, be- cause it seems to ~be hard for them to stand or sit. The results of this means better appetites, better carriage, and better care of the body. There is also going to be more equipment for these classes such as boxing gloves, striking bag, and another mat. We are planning to have a field day dur- ing the last week of school. Every FIRST~ Because feed is expem!ve end one in school will give a demon- Hostetler & Plank HARDWARE--IMPLEMENTS Phone 60 Kalona illlllllllll I KEEP THIS II big factor in keeping up the morale of your family during these trying ttmm, Make your home gay, ~mforting mad inviting by painting with Ityle-right, long luting PITTS- BURQH PAINTS. Our 1942 Color Book will furnish the key to latest styles and show you jtmt how your home will look when you turn Nature's Colors in Lut- Ing Beeuty -- PITTSBURGH PAINTS MONDSONS stration of the work the~ have been doing. Last week the Bird's Eye Food Company showed us a film. It was very interesting. Mr. Shod- grass got a frozen chicken out of~ it. Because of the large number of entries, the spring concert will .be divided into two parts. The solos will be given the evening of Apri~ 1. The larger groups will be pre- sented l~he evening of April 7. The music contest will be held at Well- man, Aplil 10 and 11. You can tell that the last day is near. The seniors are thinking about their class play, and the juniors are having a lot of com- mittee meetings about the Junior- Senior Banquet. The rt~les that Mr. Spivey p~e- sented in school last week ha~ been carried out quite successfully There has been no gum chewing, whistling, or unnecessary confus- ion in the hall. I don't believe any- one has st~ffered from it, either. The general appearance and need- less confasion has made a marked improvement. We understand that the Father- Son Banquet is to be held April 30. The Parkinson group gave a very interesting program last week. They gave a demonstration on the violin, and on many an- cient instruments. JUNIOR JAYS In English we're studying the tcroposition, the issue, and the contention in debating. Next week we are going to have several, de- bates with the rest of the class as the j~dge. In economics we had tests on the exchange unit. It was so long that it was divided into two sec- tions. In Home Ec. III the last week the girls have been studying pies, the process of making and eating them. It is no wonder that some of the girls do not feel well part of the time. It's too bad that we haven't enough blackboards in our school. It seems that people with white shirts and blouses must take the consequences. They're even used as sign boards. Wanted: An elevator for the physical training classes. (Or maybe ever~rone's gett'mg old) Found: A part of a green comb. Award requested. See Ramona Shalla. Wanted: An oil' remover for Donald Saforek's hair. Also a bobby pin. Will pay good Frlce. Work wanted: Will type Eng- lish themes for 10 cents per page. Notify Roger Feldman immed- iately. LUBRICATING OIL is as essential for the operation of a tractor or automobile as is the Gasoline or Tractor Fuel-- If you have either, you should see the KALONA OIL CO., as we have the oil in all grades both in VISCOSITY and PRICE. For maximum performance we suggest you KEEP ROLLIN' WITH GLOBE THE KALONA NEWS, FRESHMAN FINCHES The girls are starting their sewing unit in Home Ec. They are making samples of different things. In General Science we have fin- ished our unit on weather. We are studying about water now. We are going to find out the difer- ent kinds of ~ays to dig a well. We will also find out how to purify the water. In English we are still studying on diagraming of sentences. We are going to have a test over them Monday. In algebra we are studyinj equations containing decimals. We think this is going to be in- teresting. What would happen if Eddie left his Algebra problem on the board instead of erasing it and just putting the answer down. c SENIOR SWALLOWS This is Adolph giving you the blow-by-blow account of the hap- partings of the senior class dur- ing the past week. The regular news reporter, Pauline, has retired because of old age. That shows that a news reporter leads a dog's life. It has j~mt been reported by official sources in Washington D. C. that ~Shart is entering the Marines as a commanding of- ficer. It seems that the boys in the senior class are always on the bottom when it comes to physics ~ests. We had a test this week and most of the boys' grades were bringing up the rear. At the be- ginning of the school year Mr. Snodgrass rated us a~ favorites and the girls as the underdogs. So far it has been just the oppo- site. Boys! We're in a r~t. This week Mr. Snodgrass re- minded us that in seven weeks we would no longer be seniors of this high school. It seems like only yesterday that we started in as freshmen in good old WHS. Now we can hardl~y wait until we're through, b~t in years to come we will wish it would have lasted longer. The physical training in our school ~has been given a new name. It is now called Physical Tor- bu:re. The way some of the senior girls look and act it seems that the physical torture has made them feel abou~ ten years older. By the time school is out most of us will feel like grandpas and grandmas if we .keep going as we are. The senior boys have had a council and we have planed an ex- tensive trip after we graduate. Of course, planning it and doing it are altogether ~o different things. Our biggest ~ndicap is means of transportation. ~ Treva, what were you thinking of when you said. "A dead man died ?" Help Wanted: Any assistance in English possible. Good refer- ences necessary. Apply at Jake Dayton's desk. Wanted: Personal secretary. Must be able to write el'early. Eu- gene Hochstetler. Help wanted: A gum unwrap- per. Must be experienced. Give good references to Martha Ashby. Lost: A pair of brown gloves. Award will be given. Please no- tify Leola Yoder. Wanted: Three easy lessons on how to do a somersault. Will pay a good p~ce. Signed--P. T. girls. THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 1942 JUNIOR HIGH For recesses and before school we have found a new diversion-- playing kittenbatl, w~en it isn't raining. The field is quite muddy yet, but it is fun anyway. ~hursday both the seventh and eighth grade took an arithmetic test. It was slightly hard. In eighth English, we are studying about transitive verbs, direct object, etc. We took a test over it I)ut it didn't turn out so well. So we are trying to get it through our heads again. Impos- sible though, I g~ess. In physical training both the boys and the girls are getting a strenuous workout. We're learn- ing a lot, though, and toughening us up too. It looks like we're due for an- other test in civics. But I hope we are all prepared. We are taking one every two weeks. The seventh 'grade have been giving reports in geography con- cerning manufacturing. In music class we're trying to sing four part harmony. There l might be a little hope for us, al- though it doesn't sound so good yet. In spelling this week all but two people got 100 per cent. This i gives us an average of 91 7-23%. GRADES 3 AND 4 Deckle Perrin has been absent all ~eek. His grandpa took him to Oklahoma on a trip. We have some things in our room that remind ~s that Easter will soon be here. Patricia brought her large bunny, Martha brought hers, Barbara L o i s brought one, and Charlene has her little bunny girl sitting on a chair in front of the room. We are hearing many Easter stories now. Many of the child- have been reading them. Miss Davis is reading "Bounce and the Bunnies" to us. These fourth graders wrote, per- fect spelling papers this week: George, Hilda, Morris, Paul, Ro- bert, Donna Mae, and Marlene. Vivian, Clara, and Patricia wrote '~A" spelling papers on Wednesday. Fourh grade had a speed test in reading this week. We found how many words we could read in a minute. Then we took a compre- hension test to find if we under- stood v~hat we were reading. We will start to read in our new reader book "Friends" on Monday. Third grade read a stot~ about old and new methods of transpor- tation. We thought it was fun to draw the first car, train, and boat. In fourth grade arithmetic num- ber drill 16, Morris and George had star ratings. Seven o~t of ten had excellent rating. In the third grade arithmetic number drill 9, Clara and Vivian and Patricia had perfect papers. .... O !Mr. ~nd Mrs. Roy ~.nyder "of Riverside and Allen Snyder of Grandview were Sunday dinner ~uests in the home of Mae Sny- der and Mrs. Velma Way. Mrs. C. C. Miller and Mrs. Marie Herner, Eddie and Char- lene called at the Marion Yoder home Sunday afternoon and they were supper guests Sunday even- ing in the home of Mrs. Eliza Swartzendruber. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. I~s spent ~unday afternon in Washington. Garden Seeds --IN BULK-- ALL NEW SEEDS--PLANT A VICTORY GARDEN--BUY WHILE OUR STOCK IS COMPLETE. Bargains In Used Implements 8-ft. International horse drawn disc. 12-ft. Oliver tractor disc 2-Bottom 14-in. John I~ere tractor plow P and 0 horse drawn g~ng, good as new F-20 Farmall tractor with cultivator. In good shape. At Washington's Theatres (March 25th thru April lst) Wallace Beery is definitely in his own territory as a tough top sergeant with a heart of gold, in "The Bugle Sounds", story of the new mechanized army, which m now playing through Saturday at the State. The action is strictly authentic, approved by the War Department which permitted two camera crews to accompany regu- lar army troops on maneuvers at Fort Knox, Ky., and Fort Lewis, Washington. The splendid cast also includes Marjorie Main as Beery's sweetheart, Lewis Stone, George Bancroft, Henry O'Neill, Donna Reed and William Lundi- gan. A brilliant new acting team looms on the screen harizon in the persons of Robert Taylor and Lena Turner, making their first appearance together in the pow- erful drama of a gangster's career "Johnny Eager" which plays ~un- day thru Wednesday at the State. From the very first moment in which Taylor, ex-convict posing as a reformed taxi driver, meets Miss Turner, daughter of the pro- secutor who had sent ~hfm to pris- on, the story holds a compelling fascination as it weaves through the plot. She had what it takes to bag a millionaire--see their hilarious Palm Beach romance in "Unex- pected Uncle" with Anne Shirley, James Craig and Charles Coburn, plays at the Fox Friday and Sat- ~rday. The Three Mesquiteers in "Code of the O~tlaw" is the sec- ond feature. The greatest mass drama of modern times, the exacuation of Paris and the flight of the civil- ian refugees ahead of the Nazi hordes in the powerful drama, "Paris Calling" which plays Sun- day thru Tuesday at the Fox. RandoIph Scott, Elizabeth Berg- ner and Basil Rat~hbone head the cast. "Steel Against The Sky" with Lloyd Nolan and Alexis Smith is the first feature at the Fox Wed- nesday and Thursday. "Fiesta", j all filmed in Technicolor, is the second feature. O Save a life--Drive slowly when children are near the highway. Relax This Spring in SLACKS SPECIALLY PRICED from Bayertown m Mr. and Mrs. Pa~l Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Benell ~nd Col.een spent Sunday at the Don- Iowa City called ald Benell home near Hedrick. Strickler home ~riends of Hazel Sbenk are glad to know she is recovering nicely from her operation for ap- pendicitis which she underwent at the Mercy hispital in Iowa City last Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Yoder of IST$5OO.OO Kalona were afternoon callers at the Clair Grout home Sunday. 2ND$~OO.OO Mr. and Mrs. Hughie Madden ~RDS[OO.OO and Mrs. Mae Gr~ber of Iowa cowr..srCLOSees City were guests at the Harry Grout home Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Snider vis- ited at the parental Potter home in Tiffin Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sleichter were at Kalona on business Mon- day. O~ Mr. and Mrs. Arden Saforek J. S. K were supper guests in the Ferd Phone 150 Skota home Saturday evening. 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