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April 9, 1942     The Kalona News
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April 9, 1942

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THE KALONA NEWS TAYLOR "----ql ! so HAY EXCELLENT a, Yields of Crops Var# her from the unwanted ~ -. ~ 8ybil suspects Karl's mo- tlefends him. They board (Extens n ! Agri~d- I~. apparently as & lark, ture, Ohio State University.) Pattern No. Z9404 leave, Joan notices that Scots have what it takes. Previous Of No. 1 importance in the rota- had loHowed them. She yankee doodle heroes of Scotch ori- ties program of most farms is the BLITHELY unconcerned over about this. Later Karl ] gin include John Patti Jones, An- matter of getting good stands of the pretty picture she makes is with a package to the drew Jackson, Job Stuart and hay. All things considered, hay is this little colonial girl, who is "as Paul follows, again Ulysses S. Grant. Scotch and sol- perhaps the most important rots- busy as a bee" all the week Right before Christmas suddenly and Karl asks dier, pun my soul! ) tion crop. The yields of other crops through. Her gay cross stitch sun- the orate, vary directly with the hay produc- bonnets and hoop skits swish with the story. M~tcArthur is like this: When ties. Better sod resulting from busily through the dally tasks, he commanded the Rainbow good hay stands means better corn meanwhile providing interesting VIII Division in France during World and wheat crops, embroidery for tea towels. _ War I, his superior officer told These facts were borne out in a * * * was crowded with a gay him one day that he wanted the series of four year rotation tests ~vo matching panholder motifs com- plete this deligh~ul set, wMeh combines Joan went into the Cote de Chatfllon (a strongly conducted on county and district ex- speedy running stitches with the crosses. her place on a tall fortified German key position) Z9404, 15 cents, Is the pattern for these taken by six o'clock the follow- motifs. Send your order to: to drink, Miss Le- But it was Eric Strom who lay upon the floor. There was a gun be- ing evening. MacArthur's an- attendants asked, side his hand. swer was: "We will take the AUN~ MARYHA You," Joan said, "I'm Cote de Chatillon by six o'clock Box 186-W Kansas City, Me. Her green eyes were pleading Karl Miller advanced towards her. tomorrow or report a casualty Enclose 15 cents for each pattern Miller." She looked Exactly ten o'clock, from a chalk-white face. "Karl! "And if you double-cross me, you list of 6,000 dead. That will in. desired. Pattern No ............... Karl! Answer me! You didn't . . . know what to expect. Now do you dude me." would not be long. You couldn't . . . Why that would understand?" Name .............................. of each moment be . . . Murder! .... You wouldn't dare!" Joan said, When MacArthur went over the Address ............................. anyone else. Karl Miller smiled grimly as he but the sightless eyes of Eric top with his troops in France, the ' deep in her own did not hear Paulq took a cigarette from the silver box Strom refuted the statement, only head-covering he ever wore ~ature Rewards he spoke a second on his desk. "Some people might She covered her face with her was his everyday service cap, dis- call it that." he safd without a trace hands and wept. daining the safer steel helmet re. you here," he was of excitement. It couldn't be true. That wasn't quired by regulations. Called down All those who love Nature she caught her attention. * * * Karl. her Karl! He must be driven once by his immediate commander, loves in turn, and will richly re- for Karl." Joan leaned wealdy against the by desperation to turn against her. General Menoher. for taking that ward, not perhaps with the good ruefully, "I might desk. She was beyond fear, beyond It was some horrible mistake. In a risk, MacArthur's reply was: "I things, as they are commonly ,, tears. There" was a terrible silence moment it would be over. He would can't be bothered with changing my called, but with the best things, of going through this in the office,, a heavy dreadful st- explain everything and hold her in hat when I'm busy!" this warld--not with money and asked. "It's Christ- lence. A silence intensified by Karl his arms again, titles, horses and carriages, but I'm happy and I Miller's face, narrowed eyes, hard But Karl was saying, "You know Shortly after the first American with bright and happy thoughts, contentment and peace oI mind.-- quarrel with any- mouth. A silence made more tense nothing! You will tell no one "@hat troops arrived in France under Mac- John Lubbock. by the stillness of Eric Strom's body has occurred here tonight. We will Arthur, the French, who didn't think Courtesy U. S. Department of Agriculture. , ., twinkled, upon the floor. Joan's min~ slowly go on as if nothing has happened." much of the Yanks as scrappers, fig- Wisconsonite &ibm Hetts, 19, with tried to put together the pieces of She wanted to laugh wildly, hys- ured they'd put on a show and give purebred Holstein cow tlmt won a .o she said firmly, this horrible picture. Karl had shot tericaHy, "Go on as if nothing had MacArthur an idea of what real sol- first in the state 4-H dairy clubs. truce, shall we?" Eric--killed hhn. Eeyond that she happened"? diers were like. Placing MaeArthur And to prove it, how knew nothing. Karl wrapped the pistol in a hand- in a spot where he could safely watch periment farms in Ohio by the col- me?" Her hand reached for tY.e tale- kerchief, put it in the safe, then the Frenchies do their big stuff, th~, lege of agrieulttwe. Fa Daughte hut Paul p-lied her phone. "I'm going to call the po- motioned to Paul. "Give me a staged a surprise raid on the G - Typical of the results obtained ['S r lice!" hand." Together they carried the mass across the line. Machine guns were those at the Meigs county no for an answer. Karl seized her arm with a vie- lifeless Eric Strom from the office, started to bark, shrapnel burst, and farmwhere the crops included corn. 1942! begrudge me one fence that almost jerked it from its Joan could hear them descending men' were dropping all over the socket. "You will do nothing of the the fire escape, outside the back of place. ~VIacArthur, armed only with wheat, alfalfa, clover, and timothy mixtures. Four different types of excellent dancer and kind!" the building. What would they do a riding whip, jumped into the bat- fertilizer treatment were used. The that he seemed She stared at him. Was this the with Eric? The noise from the or- fie. When it was over, MacArthur application included 150 pounds per situation. She really Karl Miller she knew? Was this chestra must have prevented the walked over to the wide-eyed acre of corn applied in the hill and friends with every- hard-faced man the one who had sound of the shot from disturbing Frenehies, leading by the ear a Get- 300 pounds per acre to wheat. One her happiness with ~eld her tenderly and murmured the Club guests, man officer whom he had capture~ plot was left un/ertilized and the re- "liebchen"? Joan stared at the telephone. She with nothing but a whip! suits on each of the other four were in Paul Sherman's Someone was pounding at the of- was alone. It would be easy to call checked and compared. All plots did not see it. rice door. Karl had locked it. Paul the poLice~but she was afraid. She The bitter irony is that when were equally Limed before the ex- she danced in Sherman's voice came distinctly was afraid of the look in Karl Mil- MacArthur was Chief of Staff, periraents were instituted. head Paul's so- through the opaque glass panel, ler's eyes. There had been ruthless be made a mob of enemies and More Hay: More Grain. his gay at~mpt 8~ "Joanl What's going on in there? determination in those eyes. And was branded a warmonger be- Let me in!" in the safe lay the gun that had cause he pleaded for prepared- The plots that produced the most cutest turned-up Karl walked to the door and killed Eric. A gun bearing her fin. hess! The campaign to smear abundant hay crops likewise yielded her. "But it opened it. "There has been an us- gerprints. Paul had said he would MacArthur hi/ & peak half a heavier crops of grain. of you." ~ortunate accident," he said calmly, testify in support of Karl What dozen years ago when he re- Best results were obtained from a chance would Joan Leland have? tired, with Pres. Roosevelt's ap- 2-12-8 fertilizer analysis plus ma- compliment," Paurs expression did not change. The evidence was conclusively "What happened?" pro~val, to take on the job of sure, which produced increases o~ against her. What was behind this building the Philippines' de- 38.5 bushels per acre in the corn you away for Karl Miller smiled a little as he murder? Why Karl's attitude, Paul's tenses. His enemies screamed yield, 15.9 bushels of wheat, and in- a cute kid! Paul did she. Cute kid! regarded his white-facednmnager, sudden change of front? that Manuel Quezon was paying creases of 2,863 and 2,060 pounds of ' beautiful, glamor- "Joan was peffectIp justified. Eric She had no idea how long it was him a salary of $18,000 a year to hay per acre respectively. thought has tried to annoy her before. You before Karl returned. He was alone, help him establish a military A similar analysis, without the ~t01|ttl$ Rid. It proved can testify to that yourself." "Let us understand each other," dictatorship. MacArthur'a with- manure treatment, yielded increases Karl "Just what are you driving at?" he said. sitting down at his desk. "It erin, reply was: "I woul~'t of 27.1 bushels per acre of corn, 12.9 ! ~ ti~ou~ had never met Paul demanded, would be most unfortunate if I were sell my sword." of wheat, and 2,401 and 1,669 pounds 1%t~.~'~'~9~_.: have been fond of Joan tried to speak but her lips to become involved with the police, per acre of hay.. A fertilizer treat- I ~.~..~ t~ g would not move. What was Karl I am not an American citizen." Back in the early thirties, when ment of 0-14-6 produced increases of l ~*'?_.'Z,~. _,,y~ hadhad saying?,,Jcan Whatshot dldEric,,,he mean?Karl Miller "You are a German?" Joan asked he was Chief of Staff, MacArthur 20.9 bushels per acre of corn, 11.9 II .~s. ~.~.~ to offer. He dully, prophetically warned that the corn- bushels of wheat, and 2,103 and ed. There stated. "Naturally, as" is everyone else mg war would be a mechanized at- 1,310 pounds of hay. An 0-20-0 analy- him that set His words were like an electric associated with me here at the fair and repeatedly begged congress sis yielded increases of 7.1 bushels ...... others. There shock. "I didn't! Karl, you know I club." for a giant air force and a motor- of corn, 11.5 bushels of wheat, and fascination about didn't! You d~d it yourself! You "Paul, too?" ized army. Instead of opening their 1,850 and 1,230 pounds of hay per Karl represent, shot him!" "Of . ~rength. Karl . . . She ra~ t~ Paul and clutched his course, Paul, too" Karl Mil. minds to let in some fresh air, the acre, Paul remindcd arm. "Paul, you believe me, don't ler smiled as he leaned towards her. Rip Van Winkles quipped that the Conclusions from these tests lndi- her dream, you?" "You see we are engaged in certain r~ason MacArthur was anxious to cared that fertiLizers carrying nltro~ "I'd al. Paul Sherman did not answer. He activities which are necessarily Very mo~orize the army was because of gen and potash in addition to phos- did not even Icok at her. private." yell known dislike for ~ding a phorus returned much better results filed out for an in- "Your fingerprints are on the Then at last Joan knew the . . Later, when he was than those carrying superphosphate gun," Karl said. This was a spy training hls~ttle native army alone. The use of manure, supple- back to the of- "But you told me to pick it up." That explained PhILippinea,~any Americans mentlng conu'nereial fertilizer like- said he'd She could not believe her ears. Karl, mysterious letters him sneeringly as wise proved its value. of Luzon." (They and it's the man she loved and trusted, had reticence. The Club Elite WaS only it, but they weren't kid. . , than that. Eric turned against her, accusing her of a blind. But why was Karl telIing cling!)... Unlike the second-guess, Poultry Ration Substitute a murder he had committed. It her this?" era now beating the drum for the was like some fantastic nightmare. "I trust you now," Karl said with hero they once beLittled, Pres. Looking for a substitute for Karl didn't "I have no wish to turn you over ~a wry smile. "You are in much Roosevelt was a MaeAxthur fan dried skim milk in the pouI~xy it." to the police, Joan. We will forget leo deep to get out. Not'only would away back. When MaeArthur re- ration? It has been found that you to go about this little matter. No one you be held for murder, but yo~ tired as Chief of Staff for what fish meal and alfalfa led m~al, said, frowning. " need know what has happened." are implicated just as much as the seemed like military oblivion in the ~0 poxmd~ each, can m~bstltut~ for confessed. Rage blazed in her green eyes. rest of us. You recall the portfolio every I00 pounds of dried ~dm "But I haven't done anything. I'm you delivered to the freighter?" Philippines, Mr. Roosevelt told his aides: "I must always find a way milk in the ration of cMcks up to Old-timer Howard Gordon, who of himself," not afraid to go to the police! And She stared at him without answer- to keep MaeArthur dose to me. It six weeks of age, and that the /ms been a s ~p s carpenter since c~garette. I'm going to tell them the whole ing. there is ever another A.E.F., he's birds will not be injured in any 1898. He is hon/n$ his ax ~o a inner com- story. "That envelope contained very the man to take it over!" way by t~e sUbs~tutinm r~r, or edge here. anyway," she She was not speaking to th~ Karl valuable information. Information Now that dried skim milk is ................. step as if Miller she had loved. This man enough to convict you on many Newspaper men eat out ot practically impossible to get be. apparently re- was a stranger, counts. You were seen delivering MacArthur's hand, and no won- cause of shipments abroad, re. Walked to the "You will not go to the police!" that envelope by several people. One der! When he was Commander suits of the research efforts His voice cut like a whip. of them happened to be Paul Sher. of the Philippine Department should prove o~ great value to the long corri- I~aul Sherman stared straight man." atnd news of his divorce from his poultrymen who are trying to had done so ahead of him, seem.~ng to see or Little by little Joan Leland's con- first wife reached Manila, the produce more eggs than ever. ~ fear has- hear nothing, fused brain began to see the pic- local newspaper men rushed to ~ original dry mash ~ormula for~ ehibks contains 5 per cent et- f~ for Karl. "I will!" Joan cried hysterically. ~ure. And she knew that what Karl his headquarters and asked ff he la~a leaf meal, and although the rleStrom. She turning towards the door. said was true. She was in too deep objected to their printinl~ the Karl's powerful arm stopped her to get out. But she must get out! story, adding they would sup- amount is greatly increased by to Karl..." and forced her roughly into a chair. She could not, would not continue the substitution, it will in no way "There are two reasons why you to have anything to do with Karl pre~s it ff he wished. "No," was the reply. "Put it on the front prove detrimental and the chicks heard will not. you do I' will Miller now that she knew the ps@e if you want tel" will eat it readily. Violently. Then testify that y~ shot Erie, and Paul truth. A spy! So this was the mys- --Buy Defense Bonds-- ' ' tallowed by aI back me up." tory that she had once considered ~:~ pleading eyes turned to Paul. romantic and attractive! She looked Busy ~eArthar is one man who wasn't fling not fail her. ~ at him now with loathing. said coolly, "I'm afraid But Karl put a hand over hers. ~aught napping by the Japs. On who lay "Be sensible, Joan, You're hystert~ December 6--the day before the P|entyo~Mflk. was a gun an't! It isn't true! Karl cal at the moment but you'll be Pearl Harbor attack~he called the Enough milk was produced in one why are F~ra~do~ng this? Paul! Help all right. You have nothing to wet. reporters in to his Manila headquar- year by one Holstein cow owned by fearfully, me!, I dkm*f understand," ry about. I'm very fond of you. tars and told them: '*Boys, it's the Pennsylvania State college to faltered. ~ "Eric," Karl went on, "tried ~o Is there any reaso~ we should not here!*' . . . When news of a sue- supply amply the ~eeds of a person "Pick up that double-cross me. You may observe go on . " easeful raid on "the Japs reached from birth to the age of 30. for yourself what has happened to The girl leaped to ker fe~t~ "I W~shington, an army officer re- The prize Holstein iS long on name him. That,is the season that hate you, Karl Miller! And no mat- marked: "MaeArthur is always in as well as production, being offlc~l. y~ will do nothing," ' tar what you say, I'm not a~rekl of the thick of the battle .... "You ~,, IY recorded a~ Penstate Veer~an Joan clutched the arms o~ her youl" mean," corrected a Rainbow Dict. Hild~. Sh~ produced 22,941 pounds chair for support. She c~mpr~ssed His hands were on her shoulders, ~ion veteran, "the thick of the bah o~ mi~ wltl~ 716.pounds of butterfat her lips in a desperate attempt to "You d0n't~ mean that, liebehen|" control her emotions. (TO BE CONTINUED) fie is always ~ MaeArthur tel" during the year. 4) Follow your favorite recipe to the letter when you us~ Clabber Girl Bakir~ Powder. You can depend upon Clabber Girl's positive double actiom En~oy~ perfect baking results with Clabber Girl. Don't waste baking powder by using more of Clabber Girl than Four re~_ip, e directs. You'll be delighted wzth the way your favorite recipe, your c~ke in plv~ttcular, t~ms out. Join fh, 'War on Wa,l.,' Help Delend Your Country By Buying Delense Bonds SHE'S A "SELF.STARTER" ~EANNE KILMER ,.,.,....~. :..v..:"::,v.:~.:,'~ ~ her part of the work in the house and on the farm. CO~~RH Jeanne is s Majorette In the high ~chool hand, She says: "I've got lots to do, and I eat pretty early In the morn. FLAKES !i" *'.'s'*"'h' '$" Starter Breakfast'* tastes Lime I~ing stron~ till noon "- ~ ' re~." I IIIII i I ,.::, ,3~: ~,' r 11 TWO "~ " "~ [ workers dubbin~ on the ] outside ot the hull/or the ex. I terior ~king, T~ WOr~ tO a J chrdkline mapped t~n the ribs. Old.timer ~ay Rubshaw is working inside the framework of a hull under construction. He is dubbing or smoothing out ~nd lin- ing up the ribs/or planking, using art adz.