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June 8, 1961     The Kalona News
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June 8, 1961

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Of Co. BOUN'JFY Co. Treas., W. E. Howell, Bounty ................ 105.60 BOVINE T m W. J. Dec, Reactor ........ 40.23 F_ D. Gipple, Serv .......... 21.40 S. Jewell, Serv .......... 48.80 A. Larsen, Serv ........ 286.40 BA3fG'S D]mlZAliB met. on Super- Ashby held in read and the Court- Board for, The County to issue Treasurer as fol- ot Wash., 9.85 25.00 -- 40.99 .......... 57.05 8.05 49.36 33.40 _ 5.37 60.86 Stat. 37.00 298.40 334.15 2.50 , 15.28 2660.88 .... 84.00 D., 56.84 .... 35.00 .... 42.10 2.65 30.59 237.73 05.93 66.93 35.00 - 147.42 Lpl. 182.60 73.20 74.20 __ .90 2.70 -- 12.76 13.12 17.14 11.09 320.00 zmma 104.00 2.60 69.80 42.00 8.91 25.48 302.09 175.20 3.25 219.82 114.58 8.75 121.16 298.97 324.58 85.44 10.00 48.48 6.50 4.00 92.00 ........ 49.99 94.80 Co., 70.08 119.45 51.90 .... 2.50 8.00 193.57 225.00 4.1 43.1~ -- 217.75 18.98 -- 138.80 -- 80.#0 802, 60 42,76 -. 31.88 887.69 42.42 ~-. 5.68 30.90 25.00 178.10 1.68 -- $3.80 -- 0.18 255.55 80.00 8|.00 11.65 85.40 104.05 -- 9.42 poo~a lqad. James J. Ahern, Serv ..... 1.00 ~ W. Budding, Serv ....... 29.00 A. Carmichael, Serv ..... 2.00 M. R. Flickinger, Serv ..... 4.00 . W. Gregory. Serv ....... 2.00 ~ . S. Jewell. Serv ......... 29.00 . A. Larsen, Serv ......... 5.00 James T. Palmer, Serv ..... 3.00 C: E. Reschly, Serv ....... 26.50 Swain. Serv ......... 4.00 It: CI Welmer, Serv ........ 42.50 COUNTY OT]FXOHIMI Chas. E. Ashby, Sat Mlge. _ 355.76 W. C. Robertson, Sal., Mlge. 357.09 H. L. Walker, Sal ......... 312.50 TOWNWm'I~, O]L)I'XOB]tB Brighton Twp., Meeting .__ 16.00 English River Twp., Meeting 16.00 Highland Twp., Meeting .... 16.00 Iowa Twp., Meeting ....... 16.00 Jackson Twp., Meeting .... 16.00 Marion Twp., Meeting ..... 16.00 Oregon Twp., Meeting ..... 16.00 OOUI~T "n XpB~'H'n Co. Treas', W. E. Howen, Jurors, bailiff ......... 242.50 The Lawyers' Co-op Publish- ing, Library ........... 35.00 L. M. Richer, Mayor, Fee __ 6.00 Bob Roe's Tin Shop, Air Cond ................... 1900.00 ISHOONDA]tY ]tOAD ~I~XD Altorfer Machy. Co., Equip. Parts .................. 3087.53 B & H Firestone, Tires .... 169.63 Buckwalter Motor Co., Parts.Serv .............. 62.34 Herman M. Brown Co., Parts ................. 1.79 W. C. Brown Supply Co., Strat Capsules .......... 39.20 Blosser Turkey Farms, Lazy Su~ns 74.70 Carson P ] bg. -&- I-It'g.- CO-. .... Materials .............. 23.29 Central Bearing Co., Rope -- 512.50 Lowell Carroll, Tires ...... 10.00 Causco, Inc., Truck Bodies _ 1755.00 Eclipse Lbr. Co., Materials 130.38 ~enn Implement, Steel .... 77.45 evock D-X, Tires ........ 237.28 Gambles, Keys-Chains .... 17.45 Gretter Chev. Co., Parts- Serv ................... 59.95 Don M. Hayes, Rock ...... 11450.22 Horak Ins. Agcy., Ins ..... 837.31 Wm. House Handle Co., Handles ............... 16.00 Ind. Towel Service, Towels 5.28 Keating Welding, Parts- Serv ................... 142.35 Mark Keening, Tiling ...... 10.53 Klein Klothing Ko., Gloves 4.58 Mose Levy Co., Materials __ 207.07 Levine Co., Pipe .......... 2881.44 Messer Oil Co., Grease- O11 .................... 2153.20 Miller Welding, Serv .......466.47 Mayer Std. Service, Serv. __2.00 Mace Motor Co., Parts-Serv. 21.83 Martin Roasa Co., Parts- Serv ................... 534.22 Nicola & Harmon, ~upl ..... 3.95 Navy Brand Mfg. Co.. Cleaner Fluid .................. 51.87 Oslncup Drug, Aid Kit .... 4.12 Perdock Olds Cadillac, Parts 29.95 Paper Calmenson Co., Blades 92.29 Quarry S u p ply -(:o:. - I-Iooks -: -- 8.60 Retains Std. Service, Tune- Grease ................ 14.15 Roe's Tlnsx Shop, Covers __ 10.75 Ross Motor Co., Parts .... 21.10 C. W. Shaffer. Serv ....... 49.12 Sitler Auto Parts, Parts .... 186.01 Snap On Tools Co., Tools __ 20.89 Sorrell Auto Parts, Parts __ 2.20 Slug Ottumwa Co., Parts -- 161.77 Stone Products, Inc., Rock 594.30 Smart Dist. CO., Prestone __ 30.80 Texaco Super Serv., Ga.s-Oil 4.70 Tucker Chevrolet, Parts- Serv ................... 108.22 ~Vash. Eve. Journal, Publ. __ 27.27 Wash. Lbr. & Fuel, Coal 59.45 Wash. Skelgas & AppL, Fuel 60.59 Wellman Coal Co., Coal .... 12.85 Win. Zickafoose, Mlge ..... 22.88 Effie E. Hull ]~sral, 1t. O.W.1.00 Hattie Swanson, Damages _ 39.96 Resolutions were adopted accept- lng and approving easements to the County for land for road purposes along Trunk Road "R'" between Washington and Riverside as fol- lows: Rose SoJka, widow; Addle Hazel Meek single; Yaro SoJka, widower; Irene HeclL widow; Rob- ert J. Patterson & wife; terence M. Marek & wife; Emma Marek, widow; Gertrude E. Pence, widow; Loulse C. Reaney, widow; Raymond Fritz & wife; Francis L. Bush, single; Henry Frank, single. Resolution approved dated April 19, 1961 authorizing the Auditor to issue a duplicate warrant for original warrant No. 1185, dated April 4, 1961, amount $3.75 to (2. IL Sn~zder for _Dullinj~ three trees from creek: the original warrant sup- posedly lost. Resolution adopted releasing all liens upon real estate of Frank Krotz for charges at Mental Health Institute, upon receipt of easement from Frank Hrotz of land for road "/0.88 50.00 4.08 24.25 105.00 181.25 64.00 56.75 27.86 26.45 12.00 16.70 2.50 3.00 50.00 25.00 78.00 Supervisors and Raymond Gordon, Guardian of Wilbur Gordon as to payment of account to March 31, 1961, and later costs at County Home be paid quarterly. Resolution approved signed and dated April 13th 1961 vacating part of Road No. 11 In Lime Township, petitioned by Lester J. Miller and Dan Steiner, Ree~lution adopted releasing lien against property lnterest of Julia Rehmel In order to clear title for purposes of sale. Resolution adopted platting parts Of Reade No. 12 and No. 16 in Crawford Township to the width of t~R f~t it~ rmtlttf~n nf .T ~l"n;it~n. CHURCH NOTES SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 1961 HOLY TRINITY, RICHMOND Ft. William V. Snell, ]L~udm" First Mass 7 a.m. Second Mass 9 aJn. Holy day mass 6 and 8 am. METHODIST Rev. El. Edward Phllgre~, l~kator 9:00 a.m. ~unday School 10:15 a.m. Worship (Please note time change) The Woman's Society will meet Wednesday, June 14, 8:00 p. m. South Iowa Annual Conference will meet June ~1 through 16 at Grace Methodist Church in Des ~oines. FRYTOWN CHURCH OF CHRIST Richard Yoder, Pa~or 10 a.m. Bible Study 11 a.m. Worship service 7:34) p.m. Worship Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Bible study at the house. SHARON EVANGBLICAL UNITED BRETHREN Howard M. Malty, Pastor 10:00 Sunday School 11:00 ~Divine Worship 12:00 YF Picnic lunch. 1:00 Visitation to aged and shut- ins. 7:30 Evening Service with West- mar College Girls' Trio Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 2:30 Vacation Bible School for al~ children aged ~ - 9th grade. Thursday, 7:00 YF Executive Meeting. '8:00 Choir rehearsal Friday, 7:$0 p.m. Vacation Bible School Sharing Program. KALONA MENNONrrll Eugene C. Gabber, 1~uff~)r 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Sunday School 8 p.m. Evening Worship EAST "UNION MR~INONITE A. Lloyd Swartzendruber. ~ho~ J. Jol~ J. MAiler, MiniVer Henry H. Miller, Deaoon 9:30 a.m. Worship Servi~ 10:30 a.m. Sunday 8ehool 7:30 p.m. Evening ~erviee 7:45 Wednesday even/ng Mid- week Service. ST. MARY'S CHURCH Rlverslde, Iowa Ft. W. F. Boeckmann, pastor First Mass 7:00 a.m. Second Mass, 9:30 a.m. UNITED CHRISTIAN AND BAPTIST Roy. Wlllla~7~ McDermet, Jr., Pastor 9:30 a.m. SUnday School 10:30 a.m. ~Worship Hour Wednesday, All day work meet- ing for ladles in home of Mrs. Clyde Kennard 7 p.m..Choir rehea~l at Hartz- lers. 8 ~.m. Advisory Board meeting at Eugene Way home. June 11 to 17 Yottth Conference at Mt. Pleasant and Rev. McDer- met will ~be a counsellor at the annual ~onference for high school youth. GIRLS TRIO AT The Westmar College Girls' Trio will sing at the Sharon The trio will be appearing at Evangelical United Breth- ren Church Camps and will present sacred concerts in various EUB Churches. Both sacred and secular numbers will be included in the trio's repertoire. THE KALONA NEWS, ~Y, JUNE 8, 1961 Bride Elect Honored A pre-nuptial shower hon- oring Elaine Hochstetler, was a special feature of the reg- ular meeting of the United Women's Fellowship, Wed- nesday evening in the com- munity room of the Farmers Savings bank. Ladies of ,the United Christ- ian and Baptist church were led in the business session by Mrs. Logan Reif, and an- nouncement was made for an all-day work meeting, Wed- nesday, June 14 in the home of Mrs. Clyde Kennard with a cooperative dinner at noon. Mrs. Vernon Hartzler a mem- ber of the worship committee explained the making of bap- tismal robes, which will be a project of the worship and service committees. Plans were made to have the July meeting in the home of Mrs. D. G. Sattler, and the annual report of the Fellow- ship committee was given by Mrs. R. H. Peterselm. The Blessing Boxes, which contained money for ntission projects were presented and a fitting dedication was pre- sented by Marie Jackson, with Mrs. Ferd Skola as sololst, singing, "How Great Thou Art." Installation of officers for the coming year was directed by Mrs. Roy Pewitt assisted by Mrs. William McDermet, Mrs. Charles Beckley, Mrs. Ferd Skola and Marie Jack- son. Miss Hochstetler was pre- sented an array of gifts from a table decorated in her chos- en colors of pink and white, and centered with a large white wedding bell with ac- cents of pink. The refresh- ment table was also ornamen- ted In pink and white and Mrs. Lyle Fry, newly elected Fellowship president, presid- ed at the punch bowl. Re- freshments were served by ~he hostess Mrs. William Mc- Dermet, Mrs. C. B. Moomey, Mrs. Dale K. Olngertch, Mrs. Don Miller, Mrs. Lyle Fry and Mrs. Eugene Way. Others sharing the courtesy with the honoree were her mother and sister, Mrs. V. D. Hoahstetler and Mrs. Warren Schaefer, and Mrs. F. L. Strickler, Mrs. O. L. Rogers, Mrs. Velma Way, 'Mrs. H~ J. ~igelow, Mrs. O. G. Harmlson, Mrs. George gash, Mrs. D. G. Sattler, Mrs. Clyde Kennard, Mrs. Ivan Yoder, Mrs. Ivan Alt, Mrs. W~IHam Mercer, Mrs Earl Fry, Mrs. Walter Speas, Mrs. Reese Trusler, Mrs. Stan- ley Dawson, Mrs. Howard Woodley, and Mrs. Lawrence B~mann Bible School Program The Kalona and East Union Mennonite church B I b 1 e school program will be held Friday evening June 9 at the East Union church at 8 o'clock (dst). Methodist Annual Conference The ll8th session of the Sout~ Iowa Annual Confer- ence of the Methodist Church will convene Sunday evening, June 11, at the Grace Metho- dist Church in Des Moines. Ministers and lay delegates from the 487 Methodist Churches across the southern half of Iowa will be in ~tten- dance. Bishop F. Gerald Ens- ley of Des Moines will preside over the conference sessions and will speak each day dur- ing the bishop's hour. Clif- ford Small is the lay delegateI from the Kalona-RiversideI Charge. ] A special youth day is plan-' ned for Thursday, June 15, to acquaint the young people of the church with the workings of the Annual Conference. They will attend sessions of the conference, a youth ban- quet, a question period with and Dick visited-Sunday af- ternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beranek and family at Richmond. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Saur of Malta, Illinois, Mr. and Mrs, Walter Ledman and Mrs. Del- la Downs were dinner guests Wednesday evening of, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Watkinson and family in Hills. Brunch guests of Mrs. Vel- ma Spicher and Joyce, and Irma Gingerich on Memorial Daywere Mr. and Mrs. Wll- lard Glngerich and Mr. and Mrs. Homer Hess of CoralviUe Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Spich- er and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Loren Spicher and fam- ily. Sunday dinner guests of Mr and Mrs. Loran Hershberger and family were the formers father and brother, Clarence Hershberger and Bob. Monday evening supper guests of Mr. and Mr& Henry Mullet and family were Mr. and Mrs. Elam Christner, Mr. and Mrs. Art Bachman and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Christner and family, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Chrlstner and Doug, and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Christner and family. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Haber- man and Janet visited during the weekend in St. Paul, M~n= nesota with Mr. and Mrs. James Hosek. They also at- tended the high school grad- uation of M~s. Haberman's nephew, Dennis Nos~ish, and returned to their Kalona home, Tuesday evening. Rachael and Beulah Hess of Davenport are enjoying a two weeks visit with Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Garber and fam- ily, and are attending Bible school here. Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Jackson and J. V. Jackson were Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Hilger and Mrs. Bessie Ev- ans of Mediapol~s. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Har- and family e~ttertained Ira~alives Sunday lnoluding,I Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kern of Well- ] ! man, Mr. and Mrs. Dean ll ackson and family of Codar lI II Rapids, and Mr. and Mrs.lI Larry Kern.~ II Emergency Treatment May ]I Save Poison Vlctim II Each year more than OOli normal, healthy children die l~ as a result of their own curi- osity. They die because they the bishop and the ordination sample medicines, cleaners, service. Five youth form the insecticides - any of the Kalona church plan to attend 250,000 poisonous household as delegates, products now on the market. If your child swallowed poi- Local News son, would you know what to do? Speed is essential, but doing ,the wrong thing can Mr. and Mrs. Ed Beranek be worse than doing nothing at all, warns the Iowa State Department of Health. After intensive study, the committee on accidental poi- soning for the American Aca- demy of Pediatrics recom- mends that the first treat- men,t should be to dilute the poison by giving water or any ot~er no~polsonous liquid. If there's someone with you, have them call your doctor at once. But if you're alone, this prompt emergency treatment should come first. A child under 5 who swal- lows poison, should drink at least two cups of water; per- sons over that age should drink a quart. Diluting the poison immediately s 1 o w s down its deadly action. The second step in treat- ment depends on the type of poison. Make the child vomit UNLESS the poison is a corro- sive, such as lye, ammonia household bleach or acid, or a petroleum product, such as kerosene, gasoline, furniture polish, lighte~ fluid, cleaning fluids, benzine or naptha. Th~tt U~ is intportant. In' the case of the corrosives or petroleum proffuc~s l]sfeff vomiting does more harm than good. It can give the ~.m.ison a second chance to pray. God's will of harmony and health governs them. We can speak words of healing for all who are in need, and we can expect to see a quick, permanent response. Henry Miller and ELla Mast of Goshen, Indiana visited Sunday forenoon in the Art Local News t Saturday evening supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Knepp were Mr. and Mrs. Vance Michael of Rensselaer, Indiana and Mr. and Mrs. Jason Yoder. The Michael's were overnight guests Satur- day in the Jason Yoder home. Mrs. Joe Kolosiek and Em- ily entertained guests ~t din- ner Sunday evening including William, Clara and Harold TeBockhorst, Mr. and Mrs. Marek, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Te- Bockhorst, Mrs. Mary Te- Bockhorst and Mrs. Frank Pribyl. WINDOW SCREENS Repaired and made to order When removing storm win- dgws bring them in for re. pairs before storing for summer. KALONA Cabinet Shop Phone 225 RETIRE your old mower Automower, Model 21" cut, $tllI.Ml Your old mower will never be worth so much ~geinl Trade it in 0ow on a performance-proved LAWN-BOY, Models to fit ovs~y elze lawn... size budget. Brln0 your ~ld mewa in' te~h~l I~.=~~ your finger, or give an .me~c ~.Fb.... __..~-7L~I*~~mg such . warm, soapy water. Of course do not induce vom- I BU DN)' itingifthevictimlsuncon- scious or in convu~flon8; This emergency treatment ] IDEAS? oo,y Then call a ,physician. Hang IT'S EASIER to build on to the poison contain@rio I. FUIKS I I II IIII IIIII IIIII II IIII ODiamonds Watches ~Silverware ~Expert Watch Repairing ~Eyes Examined Lenses Duplicated Zenith Hearing Aids ~Batteries and Cords