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August 3, 1900     The Kalona News
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August 3, 1900

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NEWS. IX , KALONA, IOWA, FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST 3, 1900. NUMF, I" I 38. & Surgeon. given to calla O ttlee "c, east side, Kalona, In. M,. D., & Surgeon. .~N.%, 8 to 12, a. m., 7 to 9, I P. m. MEND, I to 5, p. m. Diseases of Womeo and [TTUI , & Surgeon. hmond, lowa. bouts. 1 Surgeon, ',E, IOWA. I}.m. and 7 to 9 t) m. night or day. st. IOWA, Store in Dr. Allen's and Abstract :ent. IOWA. Mortgages, CoLtracts, Title for people in counties at reasonable .&.N. Table. Old Records. Some time when the recorder at the court house is not busy it will pay the reader to have him show the number of insh'uments that have been recorded the past sixty yettrs and have remained in the ttlcc un- called for. There are perhaps four thousand o1" mo/e of them tiled away in alphabetic order waiting to be callell for by their rightful "owners. Some of the original owners have long been in their graves, yet their fold papers, yellow with age, have i been cared for by the coral@ About ] every five years the recorder gathers uu deeds and Inortg'lm~s that have I l , J remained uncalled for and lmts them i in the metallic boxes seldom used. Some of these boxes have about all r~ ( - they will hold. 1 o )bvlate matters IGw~order Parker of late has been O" " S mailino the lnstl'ument,Cas sooll as recorded to the owners to be rid of them. In so,he counties all instru- ments more than twenty years old have been ordered by the County Board of Supervisors to be burned. Practically after being properly re- corded they have no material value. Some of tl~e oldest instruments in the recorders office here would make interest.lug relies.- Washzngton Journal. -.,,4.,,- Beware of the Poultry Sharks. l)o not allow th(m,~ to beat you out of '~ half to one cent per pound on v()ur poultry. We will pay you 5.} cents for hens from now "until August ]st:. Bring them in any day in the week. 32-tf \VA~;XEI & Soxs. Belgian Hare Industry. "1 he belgian" hare industry is all the rage just now. More than 20 magazines are printed in the intcrests of Belgian hare raisin(~ ~ and news- papers in some localities devote de- l)artments to it. At Kansas City during the recent national eOllven- lion the visitors could see booths on the street devoted to tile exploita- tion ofbreeds of this species of F.aST ..~ . hares. Ilundreds of ord'ers were '~:az'~ D, 1 .. . ........ - ..... 2:00 p. m taken for futm'e delivery and some uomo ~-~sT were for months ahead. *r-' '9.~5a m The Belgian hare supplies meat ..... [-[-_-_'_-[~ :2':'()t)p~ a,i more delicious tha/l domestic fowls 9~a above will earry )as- and (.ati be raised for tess trouble ~Pt 8unday.~i~vided with tickets. ,'rod the .wcight,- of,, one hare equalhn g. E ~ ...... several fowls ] hus far the pelt of ~,. 1~. ~tater, Agent. . . , . .~. ~-------------- tile anlillals nave |lot loeen UtlllZCd '," DI] ECTORY,, in this country, but, doubtless will : "-- I be, for the fur of the animals is soft ~" .......O T Dunlap I and beautiful. Thousands of people ",!'..J. "~X. i(i~ikpatricklare aheulv in the business of rats- ':..... Win. Kirkpatrick ling tile h'/res and so great is the de- . .. O H Dunlap o . ' ,. "" .' c .. l~.Jlnand tor them that they command ........... oaae t~tut . . . ....... W. L. Smith fabulous prmes for breeding pur- ~E~. I poses. As high as 8"20,000 h:',s been ",k,It. A. Mellinger I paid for a bilck and very re'my of Yoder, A. IVi.Wr~[y the animals command t'igures that Wood Collins and and are over 8500, some as high as 810,000. One firnl at Los Angeles, Cal., has invested $50,000 in the business. It is claimed by an en- thusiast in the husiness that the Belgian hare will eventually take the lflaee of the American hog.- Des Metrics News. ....... ~.~- ......... To the Deaf. A rich lady, cured of her deaf- hess alld nmses in the head by I)r. Nicholson's Artiticial Ear l)rums, gave $10,000 to his lnstiUlte, so that (leaf people unahlc to procure the Ear Drums, may have themfree. Address No. 3372 The Nieholson Institute, 780 Eighth Avenue, New York. q,he board of regents of the State University of Iowa has passed a resolution to the effect that hcre- i after when any student is detected i in the use of intoxicating liquors,or ihaving been seen in a place where intgxicating liquor is sold, he will be suspended from the school. Durin~ the civil War, as well las in our late war with Spain. diarrhoea was one of the most troublesonm diseases the army had to contend with, In man), instances it became chronic and the old soldiers still /suffer from it. Mr. David Taylor /of Wind Ridge, Greene Co., Pa., is lone of these. He uses Chatnberlain's --/Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Rein- edy and says he never found any- thing that wonld give him such ,. SUPPLIES. BROS. of town. Pmasot ry's Ntahlu. Up A Cold Price quick relief. It is ,for sale by A. ~t. ! M. Wray, druggist. Robert Hartsock. Rob(rt Frank/in llartsock was born in Johnsnu Co., Iowa, Sept. 7, 1860, and died of eonsmnption, after several months illness, at the old homestead, July .28, 1(.)00, aged 39 years, 10 months and 21 days. ()n May el, 1899, he was m:~rried to Miss Maggie Smith of Frank 1)iercc. lie leaves his wife "rod a baby lmy one week ohl, two sist(a's and'one.,, brother, to mourn his loss, two brothers having pre('#eded him to the other worht. The funeral services took place from Hummer Chapel and were conducted by the pastor, Rev. I). G. A1)hott. !l'here was a large attendance at the funeral. The deceased was an Odd Felh)w, and a large number of that order came out front Iowa City and per- formed their burial service at the graven __ .... _~.~_ .... T-he State Fair. , The indications for the coming State Fair warrants the belief that it will be the best in every respect in the history of the state The stockmen of the state are showing nmrkc(l interest and will be there with the best of their herds and flocks. Poultry will be especially well represented, and ill fact most departments will be full to over- flowing if present indications are fulfilled. The demand for the catalogue, the Secretary reforms us, has never before been so great and nlanv more people than eommou hav(~ indicated a willingness to cir- culate fair advertising matter. The Exposition features of the lair are nnlch greater this year than : ever before, and a full-fledged Mid-: way will be one of the features of the coming show, while there are re'my other special features, such as free 'wts in great variety and large number, and the fair manage- ulent promise that the special fire- works features will be :z great trcat to all, sinpassing anything evcrseen in the state. There are many nlore special free features than ever be- fore, and the night attractions at greatly reduced gate fees will please city v~sitors, while those who enter in the morning pay nothing extra if they stay in until night attractions are over. I he Secretary indicates a willing- ness to send foiders and ether a(t- vertising to all who dedre it or will circulate for the !)enefit of the fair. A business change has taken place in \Velhnan, wiiereby "W. E Etter, of Kinross, buys the Beeney Bros. restaurant stock, and will take possession about Aug. 15. We understand Mr. Etter has been in the restaurant business long enough to prove his cal)ability of running such and that he is a straigi(tforward business num. Mr. and 5h's. Beeney will start about O" 0 Aura. ,0 to Vancouver Island ~m a pleasure trip, which they deserve. After returning, George embarks in the mercantile business at Frytown, wi~h a new stock of goods. Josh has not yet decided what he will do, but probably will follow painting. --Advance. ........ -4oh.-- ------. We Absolutely Guarantee or No Pay that the "Oxydom)r" will cure Constipation, Catarrh~ Stomach, Kidney, Liver, Womb, Menstrual, Dropsy and heart troubles, all Fev- ers, Cancers, Gripl), Rheum'~tism, Neuralgia, Poisons, Inflamations and Diptheria. Call and convince yourselves by seeing letters frolu those you know have been cured. Costs nothing to try. Can rent and iapply rent on purchase any time. Treatments given at home or office. Call or address, W.F. P,~r.~En. John McConnaughey, the West Chester boy who was a prodigy from the fact that while only 10 years old he weighed 180 pounds, was killed last SatnMay. While riding a frisky horse, up a steep em- bankl-Jmnt, the animal reared and: fell over backward, falling on the boy( and killing him. King Iiumbert of Italy was shot at a gymnastic exhibition in Monza, last Sunday night, by Angelo Bressi. Three shots were fired in quick suc- cession, one of which pierced: his heart, killin~ hirn almost iustantly. O00D HONEST LINE OF AM SH LOTH N Dress Shirts,,Work Shirts for Men and Boys, Men s and Boys' Hats in all Nzthe latest colors and styles, 20 cent off per For 1 5 days only. DON'T I SISS TI-IIS TAILORINO COMPANY SAPlPLE S fall trade. It will pay you to look t whether you want to buy or not. N 500 DIFFERENT 8D!PLES TO 8EELCT We are here for business, and we are getting, at the NEW CLOTHINfi We were favored with a call last A I~OTHER Saturday from L. R. liehhnan and o - l f Ins cousin, I)r. Jos. Schwart.z o She Sr~vod South Dakota. The doctor has been located in Dakota for sever'd years past and is well pleased with that country. They raise the same crops whcre he is as ill Iowa and farmers are prospering. Land sells from 820 to 885, according to ira- provenmnts, an(1 its a good .~lace for farmers with linfited eapit,'fl to get hohl of good land at a moderate price. Mr. Feldman thinks of going up there sbon to take a look at the country, but not to locate. We couldn't st)are him and he is doing well enough here. I am the motht~ and have had a perience witl~ meal , nor my little da% serif m'y in its thought 'she wou everything I conh nothing seemed to I saw by au adve paper that Chau: Cholera and Diarrho, highly recommended got a bottle at once. bo one of the besL ** = over had in the house. ~, little dau~,hte,"s life he two largest I)assenger en-] ~ ~ ~ for ~verv mother to ,fines ever put tn service by a,lyl ' " :" " of Chica,*o w~ t excellent medicine hn% operaung out ' ~ ~" - , - ~.. ~.~. ,~.~ iq,; ....... [ knowu It at first, it received last week ,,~ ~,,~ "~""~",~", l a , . ) mo a *lent ueal Of 'Rock Island& l ac[fic raih'oad. I g" , ( ~ httla daughter m fhey weigh I D,000 po mds (.ach ' Yours truly, M rs and have driving wheels ,8-,~- inches . ~ -- in diameter. They were made by Liberty, R I. For !an eastern tirm and w~'e designed Wray,'druggist. for the l:)assenger train service be- tween Chicago and ()maha and Chi- cago and Kansas City. The mak- ers arc confident that they will be able to haul a train of ten heavy cars at a rate of 75 miles an hour over any oMinary grades. The be~t paint on earth should not cost more thau $1.25 per gallon. That is what ]Iammar Pai.~costs when mixed. Besidt~atisfiwtion is guaranteed f,;r' five years. The B., C. R. & N. bought 27 miles of road km the Cedar Rapids, Garner weatern. It has also begul construction of its own line from Albert Let to Minneapolis, miles. Two bars of Ma do as ,nuch waahin rosin-tilled: soap and and easier. Edmondsou