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August 3, 1900     The Kalona News
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August 3, 1900

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:2 ]]ros.' - Estate ACENCY, - Iowa. t for Sale. we-story brick blook for Three store rooms i rooms and residence i above. The block is] in best of condition and y.makin~ property for a small amount of Qarden ~-eeds, also for sale at Snider seeds cost only about :h as package seeds always fresh. ,, r, h -Property. e t~)wn property io ion, eonsistio~ of good auad outbuildings, wind- ~ lots Steel i~ange without "~ ,o kitchen complete :, at Solder Bros.' and-Ks,tie Farm. Ot the most desirable aington conntv Beau- ~1 B} miles from a pros. ! With good graded [d markets and three Yarm thoroughly tiled, all fields, aad buildings }0d. hlnea--irom $m up, 4'~., land ia- souih Kaiona ' 14/acres, more or l~ss. ~t~ ia town lots or used b aUit buyer. l Albrecht, Kalona, aStom work. Boots to order, and guar- d_ 17-tf hstetler & Son for graham flour, chop We grind our own you good value for US. City ?larkets. Eggs, Se. Oats, 19c. Corn, 33c. Hogs, 84.75 to $4.85. Hens, 6c. Rough roosters, .Oe. Mike Erb Sundayed in Muscatine. Iienry Lanser is visiting in River- side. Lucile Moore is visiting friends in Riverside. A. J. Rawson and Don are visit- ing in Bell Plain. The appraisers will appraise the Middleburg school house silk-August 8 Remember Tony E. /~ ritz is agent for the Crawford Steam Laundry-- one of the best in the state. Miss Mayo Thatcher of West Bend arrived here yesterday, to visit her sister, Mrs. J. ~: agner, Jr. If you want your ehlthes to be clean and white, use Maple City Soap as directed on the wr'qTer Edmondson & Rogers Mose Miller and Joe Troyer left Wednesday evening for a trip west. The boys will visit relatives in Cheyenne, ~Vyo. J ~Saturday a~O Mondal Only~o q'his does not mean Tuesday, , We intend to treat e eryone alihe in our store, So if you 9vant any of the Miss Agnes Scl~illig is visiting ~bred /~arley, O. I[. I unlap, E. in Welhnan this week. A. Rawson, Mike Erb, George Miss Morris of Davenport is the Miller, A. B. ~Vright, Ken Figgins, advertised on these da s 2~ou must come ,oahen on sale. guest of Ve-na Slater Ray Northup and Ira ~Vells are all ~ " ~-~ t t "%~" )%"( in l~_lllrOSs this week worKIllg 011 >~/_ ~ C A. Overfelt and wlfe of River- the new block ~ /IlUI~IlUlI llltll~lUtI mnaI~lle] ~+- sloe sbenl; ~untl~y at d. It. ~uoore S. . . ~. . . .. .. ~, , ~, . * . ~,~ donn tIurs~ has oouffn~ tae ,Joun X$ ........ ~ ........ ~. . "~II ........ ~ ..._ _i a,_el_,-r ...... :-- ~''~ .... ' "-e- ad -ZSv. ~eotland Damask labie l,inen, lull bleached, lgl~_ 31 ~ MISS looer, trio Hl'ess lnaKer, ~,'a~ ~l,iff "$ IJ o~el-~yl 111 tJl_fferi~i 11 .'de , -~t~" " ~ l~U~l"~ 1}'~ "~t . iu Welhnan the fore part of the dition, which he has been renting~.~ worth 30c .................................7~h~ ffl~ ~eek fez some time tte ets five lots ~ " - " g ' Pure White Fable Linen, ~4 inches wide, ~'~ ~1 .... ~ with the buildingsThe price was ~ M]tch Bonham is bulldlno a , " . worth 60e ................................ 6C VO about $1400. . ~ *' . g~anar for Jake tlmmm~ at ~lanl, ~ , 4 , , , "' Y : .... - , , - .... Eutra Fine Genuine Irish Linen lable Cloth- mm ' ~1 _._ Pierce. An a(tjourne(tmeeting of the *~ -~ .............. '~/~ ~Jlql ~-~a. , Modern Woodmen cam, will be ~,;,~Double *,i(ltlu l~eautitul Design, worth .y~,a 2L P. J. lhlff and Lee Small went , .,.~. ....... .e . ~ ................... ,~ H.,],.;ot. XV,,,h,o~A~,, t. atto,,d netct tins [rl'taay) evemng a~ ~ ~ l~a ltonla l-taut ~at)tc iAnen, somctlungnew and '~1[~..~ ~..~ .~; ""~ .................. ~ ....... o'clock sharp. All members should"P neat worth 60e t~ %/U ~ to{. races ..... .~ , ........................... d * attend this nleetmg, as there is lnl- ~x~ Dee Work went to Kansas, to at- portant business on ha,d. ,~ Turkey Red Table Cloth, extra good value for | ~/~ ~t/'/~ tend a sale of 9., ~00 acres of the Me. ~0e vd .................................... tOttl~ Ttat ltead estate Methodist Quarterlymeeting next~*.~_ " I" ~'t~ . Saturday and Sunday at Sharon "z~ ~'~IrFT~. fltlrTTf'~ f-t~-~ c~Prvf~l~lr~. M~s Good,el of Iowa C:t3 has ,, . . '" " " " church lhe presiding elder will ~ / ./'/.~ (.j_rl.~(.#.g~ (.aT(..] ~.~.~ (.,~i~.~. been a guest of Mrs. W G Brooke " be present and tlreach Saturdav ~ *W. since Wednesda , , , ~ ,, , , ~ i' ~'. . , after,,oon at 3 oMo@, Saturday ~~:~~:~~.~.~.~~~ G. A. Abbott ltas qui~ ouying evening at 8, ann Sunday morning stock and will hereafter devote allat 10:30. ] ........ his time to his lumbel business ~ *~t~ ~ ~ ~ * ' " " Mayor Dunlapwantsustonotifyl Wnl Boone left Iow City" all citizens to cut the wee(Is along]~ . Wednesday morning with ~0 car- the sidewalks This should be at- I-l M WDAVffifTHI It3 l T loads of cattle bound for Scotland. tended to at once, before the weeds l,.ff~-r~e 1 T 1~ l~L-lkl 1111..4 1.~l~k~./~.l~li~l .~ , . . go to seed, and if you don't do it}.~ .... "'" 3hs Guthery of ~Yashmgton was ,,~ ~t~* " , the street comnlissioner will and taxi ." the guest of Miss Nellie Beck fronl ~" *~ ........... , . you up with the cost. 5herwm-Wdhams 1"% I T "fl T luesoay until ettnesaay evening. - I I It / " I k " The new announcements for Ka-I .~t~. all~l ~ I I / I I / ~ ~,~ W. F. Baker went to Maxwell lona Public Schools will I,c in the l'~'. ~,~o*h ~. / ~ / I ~] /"~ 2~" Wednesday, where he will remainhands of J. A. Kirkpatrick, the[~'"~.~*'" .'~ ",,"."'~.~ ~L/ ]LI 1 ~ ,t ~ *~ for some time with his brother-in- secretary, thil week Get one and l~-~~eauy mixes .... law. read no the course of study and list l~ ~ e Mrs. Drotha Manatt and children of textbooks for 190o-0t. The new[~ (~ , , )~< . . . 5"I were guests of the Wilson s and school year will soon begin. I-5~4Oils, Varnishes, Wood Fillers, Japans, Colors Chileote s at ~Vashine, ton the latter , ............ ~ ~, V . . owartzenoruner all(I laUilI - , part of last week. came ,P from Missouri:last FridaY-Y,]~f In Oil, Steel Wool, Shellacs, Brushes, &c. Win. H. Palmer, A. M. ~Sray, and after a week's ,isit with rel~a~``*`~.~``~``.~`~``*```~`~"``~``.~*`~``~``*~``~`~``*``~`~`~``~``~`~``~``~ Isaac Bowman and I. N. Arnold at- tlves and friends m th~s vicinity ~I~,~" , "2~"~IV~'e~':~I~4T~I~'~}~"~~I~ tended the Chapter at Washington will go up to V(right County to last Thursday night, spend a few days. On their return 5uicided. (:ailed on us " himself very We have poor success in getting home they will again visit here. Another old residenter has gone Missouri. This regular correspondence from Rich- Billy, the spirited sorrel horse --one who had lived in Washington there. It's an old mend. Who will furnish us newsowned by Edmondson & Rogers, Co. for long (y)ears; whose hair had In the slave district, fronl there every week? met with a tragic death last Monday grown gray ;vith age. llecommitted were freed land S. E. Manatt wou the box of night, lie and his drzving mate suicide last Monday by falling over very lax in Little i)uke Cigars, having b(mght were hitched in fron~ of Miller's i backward and breaking his neck. rag, doing as 108 out of 500. Now everybody harness store. The other horse got lie had been industrious and was a " _ nd makmgItry for the next box. E A.Rawson. itshead under Billy's hitch rein, well heeled.. Although lie leaves ements. Consequent-[ .... and he was so mad that he reared many kin, it is said he has no heirs. ; genera. 11. ~,, ........ ,.. Ed. Carpenter and lore Adams should ra and ('h~a,,o; l~,,,t ]returned from Iola, Kansas, Mon- up, broke the strap, fell over back- It is fitting that his memory ward and brokc his neck. Some receive proper tribute now that heis t~d "'ro--, ..... I day Lots of work there m the one contributes his obituary in relieved from the harness, lie was F pe" caz'~ ,Jux e gone there arel factories, but barbering is overdone, another column, attended during his final cramps in lab~ ] ~ front of Miller's harness shop by ck to its former Eban Bower from Lewiston, Ill., It resh peaches, pears, plums, and N. "u .giving the na-larrived here Tuesday of last week all seasonable fruits for sale at M. Adams, Tom Brewer and a po,nters on mat- and is visiting his s[ster, Mrs. Bon- Brown's new restaurant. If you few other oht frie,lds. Peace to his Babg Knows a 600~ Thing When omy. They ham, and other relatives in this wantagoodcigartrythe"M.&G ," ashes! ' lie was one of Andrew Rogers' gh~ 8~s It of need- vicinity. Half Shell, or any other of my little sorrrel horses, which he had the times, ouht take a dif- The Misses Lizzie and Ida Yoder popular brands. Will make you a We are the busy groeerm We matter after a have returned to" their home in glass of lemonade that is the gen- driven for many years. ,, . uine stuff and cold as ice can make CoN'rl~IBu'rED.are looking all the time for the best, With thrifty, pru- Maxwell, Iowa. [he former had it. Give me a call, in the west ...... goods in the market. ~Ve want the [e who are rap- been visiting in this vicinity since ........... best they ~ell; the best peoldc know March and the latter about a month, room of the Fenstermaker block, what to Imy, and you can't fool country, and you will receive oroper and them with trash; wc know it and John D. 3hllercalled at the Nm~ s courteous treatment, and get your that is the re~f.t)n wc sell only the office last Saturday to set his sub- money,s worth " work and does it easier. Edlnond- best. ()ur ~,oods are before your scr]ptmn peg another notcb ahead. . son & Rogers. (,yes and you know they are all ~O~ " " ' i Mrs Dawd Flexner,who we Ihs new house is nearmfinghedc( mple-, ,. ," , -- - -"" ......... felts:a" right. I tion.,The carpenters worlc ] st'~:ed.;'*S=ed~eo~o to the oe o A tea,n be}~)nging to ~lr. "Weeks last w(ek and painters are putting g ...... " '~ be' was fri,,tened by a i,ie('e of paper Jn0 A Y0fl r /arrlve(l there only a iew hOUrS - .. on the fllllshlntr touch(s ,, , _. .~..,~ .... throat " " ~ ' ~ " " death lie died luesda'" blowing in front of them, l'~st Tues- Ilore his 1 " ' if' " ' ' 1 ~ " " " lead tO Weneil Chez, a half-brother of July 24. Mr. Drozdowitz had beeB day nlornlng, and broke away frmn Jo m Clark Rldpath,the h:stormn our Frank Chez, visited relatives at an energetic and prosperous busi- the hitch-rack in front of tile post whose name is familiar to all stu- h them. Richmond and returned to Chieago lness man of Chicago,but on account office and started north. On ~|~e dents, died in New York Tuesday. tlsion at Monday, where he works .at shoe- of poor health retired from business west side of Solder ~ros.' store th, e ............. , heals, making. I[e used to be a co-laborer L a few years a~o His a~e was about wa, gon collided with I rank Solulner s &re yaa ruuin' for oflloe this y~:ar ? with Emil Albrecht, our shoemaker, ] 56 Mrs. Floxner has the sympathy wagon wRh such force as to break No, you durn fool; I'ru runniu' to ~:t~. when he worked in Chicago. /of'hermanvfriendshere in herureat thehind axeltree of the latter ve- A. M. Wray's for a bottle of Dr. ~1~ ..... ~ - ].'ffiiction " ~ hiclc The team continued on north- Cladwell's Syrup Pepsin to euro thia YV e are glad to nave our iormer a " . " ~[I citizens, Mr andMrs W C Mer- LastSunda-was Une|e Jake Ft 'Sward to Myers corners,turlllngIudigestion. .,, ~ . ," ~ .;." ;',-, I Y ' " "Y west and werc caughtat Dick .......... rill again oecoule I'LSl(I~,nLs OI lxato- 74th birthday anniversary,and ', na The have nloved here from .......... " .... Rogers place. Tom Brewer, J. II. Moore, An- . ,Y . white ne was a~ ~umtay senoot ms - ........... son Small and .]ohn Atkins witness- Bennett, Iowa, and taken up then'lrelativesfrom Frytown and Kalona T) _~, ..... omanhood ale')ends on ed the Wellman-Washington ball residence, in Mrs. -Roupe's house.. ] .'o the number., of 46 con~,reSated~, ~ , at erfectt crteC~health ~" Nature::' 's raresti gift'" game at the former place Saturday, It wall be remembered Mr. Merrill his house and ~,ave the old m ntle- P" ~" ..... ~, ..... I ~ - - " ,P~ of uhvsical beauty comes to all who "~J'he score was 6 to 4 its favor of useo tO De sl, allon a~,en~ nero. ]lllan a surprise. Lille on all occa- z, .I, "" ~ .' m . --. usel%OeKy l~loun~alll le)~ ;50C ,uro George SMarshall of Newport,]sioIIs of this kind the hlnehbasket ,. . VJelhnan. " Io'wa, came'here this week and- has t was in evidence, and to allow plenty. 7 ....."-. ..... ..' . - ...... ---- ~OII 4~t. taken charge of the stock of mer- of room for e p' nsion we Rog s . , .., Poultry Wanted. x a O n er All parttes wanting a li,st class Until further notice I will pay chandise which he purchased of the gave the company permission to eat l3ob of pamt)ng or papc,~ havgmg cents for chicken hens delivered at M. L. Rickey estate. Mr. MarshMl their dinner under the big eotton-lsnom see ~xaumnan ~ ~uena~e)'. has a wife and two children, who/wood tree on the vacant lot adjoin- batistae~ory wor~ at reasonante my place On Saturday and Monday eap '~4 tf of" each week." L. W, Sins'ft. ;rtt P;eTi h{:id;7:snt:f ]p'l'es For -- --- "Gyp," D. J. Swartzendruber'~ soon as Mr. Marshall can n g " I y pp " Y / , " .- ' r' find a suitable house for rent. His Mrs. ]~ry, who of course had no[ Standard bred trotting mare, horse, will stand for the next ~ix , announoement avmears ~lsewhere in I previous knowledge that they were I well brolce single and double, weeks at Eli J. ,Swartzendruhe a "-- ~ ~ ~ e ' E. ui~eof Jxo A YomcR these columns, to be thus honor d. q . . ~ . bar,, iu IOWa County, 36-8t