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August 16, 1895     The Kalona News
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August 16, 1895

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UIII '1111 } THE KALONA NEWS. W. E. WHETSTINE, Publisher. KALONA IO A/A. ml The wicked get fly when no man puI~ueth. Peary probably hasn't stayed out many nigMs up there, after all; there is only one night a y(~ar where he is. Tbc YVar Department advertises for 75,(NX) yards og red tape. Why doesn't it borrow what it wants from tile other delmrtments ? An Englishman luts willed Henry ~Georgc $2(I,0()0. As tlle last legacy to the singlc-t:ax eimn]i~ion c,xtt more til~]U its face vahm to (tefell(1, he nlo.y look on this new l)mlefaction its a gift of the (]reeks. The position of I)I'esident of tim Unit- ed States involves many peculiar "trials and alflictions. Somebody has written to Mr. ClevelaIld to suggest the name of Gladys Gwendolen for his youngest daughter. And now Hetty Green is su.hlenly devout. ~he says, ~ays IIetty: "I an] going to get together all the religious persoils l can and go to Nlne (lllJet place where we cau pray timt my liti- gations with Mr. Barling may be ended during the next twenty years." Probably the Spanish authorities are correct in their assertion that the Cuban Insurgents are doing some robust lying. The fact, however, that the rebellion sticks, and that where there is any fighting at a!l the rebels do the attack- ing, proves that Spain is h'n-d pressed. There is a "let up" in tile campaign to "mend or end" the Lords. ttowever, a change In tile constitution of the sec- ond cha,nber will have to be made in the near future, but a second chamber of some sort will remain. Tile Radical crusade for a single-branch parllamdnt cannot succeed. JHi I m The republics of Central America have got together on one point, and that Is to make common cause a galnst an " inore such ultimatums as the one re- cently forced on Nicaragua by the Brit- ish navy. The Central Americans may have thelr little revolutions, but do not propose to be held up habitually for the benefit of Europe. Chicago's wqy of introducing elec- tricity ms the motive power on elevated railroads is to adopt it, make contracts, put them through and let it whiz! New York's way, as illustrated by the Gould- Sage management, is to "watch ex- periments" and keep on running the noisy, dirty and antiquated locomo- fives. A second elevated line in the Western metropolis has closed a con- tract for an electrical plant, the first one being in successful operation. The kindly and liberal United States Government, wldeh pays ambassadors $17.500 a year for doing nothing, Is In need of an assistant in its bureau of animal industry. The lucky appointee must be able to translate technical French and German and must have a scientific knowledge of chemistry, phy- siology, bacteriology, microscopy and histology. If fortunate enough to ac- quire this desirable office he will re- ceive the munificent salary of $1,200 a year, and the worst of it is that prob- ably a qualified man can be found to take the place for tile beggarly pay. By tile death of Prof. tIuxley Eng- land has lost one of her greatest in- quirers. Ituxley's name will stand with those of Tyndall. Darwin and Spencer at the h~td of English science of our generation, tits views on the relations of science ~o religion and his attacks on revealed religion caused endless controversy, which has been oftentimes renewed durtng tile publi- cation of his collected works. But hhs true fame xwas based on his works ms a scientist pure and simi)le, and as such he will be honored in cage annals of sci- entific research and literature. Photography in colors has not been potmlarized as yet, but fl~ere are sev- eral i)roeesses which are believed to point to a final success in this highly desirable branch of the art. A Dublln doctor has just exhibited In that clty a number of photogral)hie glass pl,'rtes on which several bolors show with dis- tinctness. Itis plan is to place in front of a ~ensitive itlm. and in contact with it, a transparent glass I)htte upqn which have been traced colored lines running 3(~ to the inch. the three colors being repeated over and over. Tim plate Is exposed under this screen and devel- oped in ll]e usual manner. The specl- lUells sho~,vn wore nuulerous, and con- vlneed tile (,xperts who examined them that they form an imporumt discovery in photography. ................... 2 ....... The verdict of "murder in tile second degree" rendered against Joseph Spath at New York was simply ahsurd. The third person. If there is any law of homicide at all in the State he was guilty of murder in the first degree. The Recorder In his charge, occupying an hour and a half, made this point so clear that even a stupid Juryman must have understood that the prisoner was either guilty of murder in the first de- gree or not gullty.~f any crime what- ever. The verdict Is doubtless what Is called a "comproalise" one, one by which Jurymen convinced of a raurder- er's guilt shirk the responslbillty ot bringing in a verdict which will con- demn a man to death, by stultifying themselves. Chi~lgo keeps it up. And now Chi- ca~o has arranged to send a delegation of 1,000 citizens to vlstt tim great cot- ton exlx)Sltion at Athtnta. If alert nlovt~n]el~ts tlnd t]'en,endolls pl]gh can m,~ke timt .n'eat city tile metml)Olis of the worhl, C'hicago is bound t~) achieve the result. Chhmgo will not be c~atent short of realizing tlmt the whole lingual- less continent is he]~, and then may- hap Chicago will heave a sigh that there are no more worlds to conqner. And then, think of it, the city by the lakes is now h)oming up as a summer resort. To a man up a tree it would api ' r th'tt nobody gets any sleep in Chicago; everybody is awake day and night. If not interrupted by lnsomina or some such infirmity Chicago is bound to an- GOOD-BY TO STEAM, Electricity Taking Its Place in Mov- ing ]Passenger and Freight TraiHs The steady whirr of the world's larg- est electric locomotive is singing the death Song to steam on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and electric motors a trifle smaller are joining iu the song on a branch of the New York, New IIaven "n]d Itartford Itailroad at Nan- tasket Beach. And thus a new era in railroading Is being organized and th'tt dat sentiment am a sort o' 'lasses an' mush surr(mndin' de heart. In some cases it hardens up an' turns to stun, while in odors It rains out until the heart fairly fleets in a pond o' sweet- ncss. (Applause.) Sentiment has con- si_derabull to do wid el)ery ackshun in our eberyday lif{. It am bizness when you start out to berry a pan of flour or a basket ob taters. It am senthnent which but a few years ago was but the [~ I dream of lnveptors and electricians is r now a reality;and so used to wonder,~ / has the world become that this latest gigantic stride in the science of rapid transit will cause not the least surl)rise. As fax as actual operation is concern- ed the New York, New ttaven and Hartford Railroad has tim lead, al- though the line upon which tile ]le~" electric loeomotlves have Just been put in operation :.s only seven miles long and of an CXl)erlmenial nature. (ill the other hand the Balthnore and ()hie. which will be but a few days hehind ,is predee~3essor in point of operation, wlll give its three 96-ton electric l(,,romo- tlves suel] pr,~tical work to do that tile test will be a perfect one. The thr(m giant motors which the I~altimore and Ohio will use to propel both freight and '~FD nATUER ]IE IIF.AII DAN UNDT:R A $10,000 _MONI: MENT.~ passenger ~atns ttJrough its new tunnel under the city of Baltimore are the dat causes a naybur to lend, instead nex the whole country and then reach largest in the world. The tests which of deman,ltn' spot cash out and drag in the rest of mankind, have been made with the one locomo- "Blzness acktuates de lazy an' de tire which is already completed have shiftless to sot out an' beg cold vittles The Standard: It is beglnnlng to be shown that Its power is In excess of an' ole clothes an' dimes an' quarters. recognized in certain quarters as a fact that of a steam engine of the sameSentiment acktu.ttes women to shed that there is what is termed "cant" weight. These locomotives are the tri- tears ober 'era an' stock 'era np wid elsewhere as well as in religion. Such umph of the age, for they demonstrate 'nuff toloaf on fur'nother month. When sayings, for example, ms "art for art's beyond a doubt that electric traction we have a kickln' hess our sentiment s~ke," "there is no mortality in art," are verT properly characterized as for railroads now run by steam is prac- am 'pealed to. We argy dat de safty ticable, of our loved ones requires us to trade cant, and very disgmsting cant at tha~. The trolley system is employed fordat anamile off to some preacher who The phrase, "new wom~tn," is already conveying the cu]'rent to the motors, wants a perfeckly reliable hess. Dat's a (.*ant phrase, and much of tile la-Llk about her is sheer silliness. Socialistic but the arrangement of the trolleyone kind of sentiment. When we luv cant abounds, aud indeed makes up shoe is different than has ever beet] we reveal another phase of sentiment. much of the rhetorical stock in trade made before.The locomotive Itself is If de gel am higa-toned an' rich de of the labor agitator. ~Vtmt is cant? . ~^t .... "A hypocritical or perfunctory use of ~_ ~ _. it speech," say the dicttonuries. It may not necessarily imply dishonesty of in- tention, but it does imply misty con- caption of re,~llties and a way of talk- ing which people of sense should de- cline to copy or to favor. We agree with the writer w.ho says: "I~et t~lk --" be real, all the w~y round." Let us be ~/_~ ~ure, we will add, t? know what we mean, ahd niean what we say. The college athletic world is now agi- tated by so many conflicting fine points of honor, th'at it begins to look .as if in- tereollegiate contests might soon lapse altogether throngh the inability of one college to find another with which it can honorably' compete. Yale can- not play Harvard unless Harvard ab- Jectly apologizes for ever having inti- .. ~ --~--- - - . - ~ __.~. ........... mated that Hinkey was not a perfect gentleman. Harvard thereupon has to ------ - .... ~- drop all' contests with Yale and take tip with Cornell. Cornell already had a _~. MAM:KOTII B. & 0. ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVE. coolness with Yale, and now, of course, built in the form of a double cab of sentiment am all solid. If she am on,, must look upon her as a mortal enemy, symmetrical form and constructed avierage, an' in debt fur her las' spring Princeton bristles up at Pennsylvania, with the object of running either way. hat, de sentiment am purty thin an' and as for the relation of Pennsylvanla On one end of the loconmtive is a bell won c last longer dan de first bill fur to both Princeton and Yale, they are and on the other a compresseo air whis- meat comes in. strained much beyond the bt,eaking tie operated from the seine reservoir "My frens, sentiment writes poetry point. The coaches and the captains which supplies the air brakes. Th~swid one hen' an' tans de backs ob are filling the papers with complaints of each other and with explanations reservoir Is kept filled with air at the chill'on wid de oder. It guides our about what "self-respect" compels a proper pressure by a separate motorthoughts to frens ober de sea, an' sends which works automatically, st6ppingole clothes to relashuns in Wisconsin. college athlete to do or not to do. Don Quixote, or possibly Sit' Lucius O'Trib- when the proper pressure is attained It maketl lls shed tears fur de dead, an' and starting again when it diminishes, yit warns us to cut de undertaker's ger, might thread his way through all this maze of the college code of honor. There- are four motors, one to eachbill down 20 per cent. Sentiment tells One thing is clear, however, that ath- axle. They are tile largest railway me- us to luv our feller-men, an' ylt whis- letics fully deserve all the praise they tors in the world. They are rated at pars to us to lock our doahs an' place have received for making their dove- 360-horse-power each, and require nor- torpedoes In our hen roosts. I haw tees models of courtesy, good fellow- really 900 amperes of current to el)or- bin lookln' into de matter fur de las' 48 snip andmanliness, ate then]. They are pyramidal in shape y'ars, an' I has eum to de eonclusho~ and have six poles and si~ brushes, and dat it was a wise thing to purvlde de What Do "We Weigh ~ are gearless. They rest upon cross human race wid sentiment. If It had A French doctor has pointed out that bars, hung upon springs upon the side bin left out by any accident in de mixin' several fallacies are common with re- frames of the truck. The armature of de bes' man among us wouldn't have gard to the weight of the human body. the motor is not mounted upon the axle got a bid if put up at aueshun along The man who congratulates hin~self on itself, but upon a sleeve through which with a lot oh.fence posts." his gain of several pounds in weight the axle passes. When the current .'s over a given period amy have no cause turned into the motor the armature A Trained C~.t, for rejoicing, for he may be under a revolves and communicates its motion Dr. Samuel Hopper, of Bound Brook, delusion. Very few people, says this to the wheel by a novel method. Shrunk N. J., has a cat that Is the talk of the French Invcstlgator, have any correct f on to tile ends of the sleeve Is a cast town. It is a large tiger-marked ton] of idea of their own .weight. As a rule, steel star, each arm of which carries a pugnacions disposition and very Be- the correctness of his s~ale may be two cushions of rubber. In each wheel hemian habits, and the doctor has doubted, the weight of the clothing not are receptz~cles into which these arms taught it to hold firecrackers in its taken into account, the time which has are pressed. As the armature rotates, teeth while they are exploded. He says elapsed since eating, etc. tile arms of the star revolve and the it took considerable patience to accom- As a matter of fact. the weight of the wheels on the axles are propelled for- plish this result, but that, now tile cat body is c0ntlnuou~ly changing, owing ward. This method of suspension al-has become accustomed to the noise, the innumerable influences. On a warm k~ws the arm,~ture to revolve freely and it comes and begs for firecrackers every day after breakfast a man will lose' adjust itself to any unevenness of the evening. Dr. Hopper, by the way, is more than a third of a pound per hour. track, the physician whose trained rabbits Seventy per cent of the body consists keep his grounds clear of the neighbors' WHAT SENTIMENT IS. chickens and protect the flower beds of water, and thus its weight mus~ vary from their attacks. with the transpiratiou of moisture. An Orator Glve~ aClonr hnalyelsBe- A NEW SEWER man txled to kill another wholly with- every man h _an Individual supply. One That May Be Ea~il: Cleaned When The sewer inlet panying illustration lion that has recently The design is to fl'om the sewer and to means of flushing the this a partition is placed of the inlet and the proper is connected water main. A siphon to eu off sewer gas. ~hen it is desired to the hinged covey is posits in the chamber a scoop. Then the water rises in the stream, which the cover so that the entire space the level of the gutter. A further flushing the valve is rounding I clean. Each cleaning forty gallons of water. can clean from 100 to A NEW SEWER nlus at - IF ing News. Clergyman the Able I) of That Cou: One of the ablest men the political lffe of No~ Sverdrup, whom his ad~ ing the Gladstone of N still v. young man, bein~ old, but 'he is ~ man of re ity, of good judgnnent, lltically opposed to Kb sasses to a wonderful dance and respect of tl~ any man can reconcile interests of Norway an( prevent a resort toi many think not far d, ist~ Sverdrup, and that is and his own followers JACOB SVF~I confidence in him. was asked to form a clined. In Norwegian affait~ le.~(ler of Norway, remains so there ~s cable settlement Sverdrup is by of the Norwe~km a member of the ed in 1S89 and 1S91, spring. Therefore the iuferences drawn from fore the Lime }(iln Clnb. , the h)ss or gain of a pouud or two may At the last session of the Lime Ki]u An Old Lifeboat. What is asserted to be tile oldest life- be mistrusted. Flm:tuattons of'a few Club, Brother Gardner introduced as ounces per day are a sigu that the body the speaker of the evening Hen. Itiggln- boat iu existence is preserved at South Shields as a valued relic. It was buIl~ is in a healthy state.--Chambers' Jour- bottom Lawless, of Missfssippl, who In 1830 and during more than fifty nal. addressed the club on Sentiment. Hen. + years of active service was insLrument- are then packed in The ~'indmlll in Kansas. Lawless, after mouuting the platform al in saving 1,028 persons, ripe merchandise Virestern Kansas is entirely unllke like a steer climbing a side hlll, bowed dollars a Holland because of the scarclty, ahnost right and left in response to the ap- ~ -~J'~[-((~'}=:==a_ ] - absence, of water, but is becoming very plauso, az~d quietly began: / -~ ~.-, ":/ou" can ahva like the Dutch lowlands in the great "SIy frens, I cannot dispress de pleas- ,,/ ~ "~/~ age if she'll give abundance of windInills, which are be- ure an' gratlfleashun which I feel to fin' /-- ~~~'~m~ 1 nmrked~ "~~ Sinniek. coming so numerous as to fill up the myself standln' heah under de SaCl'c~d ( ~~~&~?~l[f ~- { "It is trut.,, though." In vlew from the hotel veranda. Thero a $10,000 monument. De suhJick ob ~~~~--l--""~ , ttW~ ~erh:~y " ---" ~7------~-- is an excellent water supply a few feet my address am Sentiment. What am below the surface in that region, and sentiment? What dowe git it, as' what am It worf by the pound wh en de ' 11 1t " , I same oae had Cochineal The cochineal ing more nearly than and has little more but the bright lion from h'-s body, for blood and us color than the julce'C cochineal plantation pact. The larvae. and rather upon the cactus theh- nursery aud ~ame time. Thus the shooL~ of the tus in question--all white linen, as if ache. In this w,q warn] and dry Induced to adhere When they are lessly Swept from tcrs. shaken or dried in the sun. Tt~e~