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August 21, 1896     The Kalona News
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August 21, 1896

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INFLUENCE, The influence of women upon the of the world, could never be measured. ~ecause of her, thrones have been and destroyed. The flash the touch of her hand, and We have the maxvellous power of WOmen, glorious in the possession of Perfect physical health. Lydia E. l'inkham, by her wonder. ~1 discovery of the "Vegetable Com- laOund, has ~ene place this i great power in the ha-ads of Yoraen. She has lifted thousands thousands out Ot the misery by Zaent of the Womb, all the evils that follow diseases of the uterus. The ', Vege- table Com- POund" re- Stores natural Cheerfulness, de- Stroys despondency, cures backache, Strengthens the muscles, restores the womb to its normal condition, and you changed from a physical wreck to joy of your home and friends. the way--the lea~linff druggists us that the demand for Lydia E. Vegetable Compound is beyond their power of under- and what is best of all, iZ the work and curca where tim utterly fail ITS FACE RESEMBLES A MAN'S. The Dugong Is the Funniest Irish Afloat. The dugoing is certainly the queerest animal that ever came out of the sea. This dugong was captm'ed by a Brit- ish man-of-w,ir, near Aden, hi the Red Sea. "Wlleu the animal was cut open a yonng one was fonnd inside her. Tim nlcmsurements of tl~e nlothcr dugong are: Length, 8 feet; greatest breadth, 1 foot 10 inches: longest finger, 7 inches; breadth of head, ](I inches; length of lien(i, 12 inches; greatest breadth of tail. 10 inches. Tne chihl Is 2 feet 6 inches in leugth, (; Inches in llreadth and its tail at the greatest breadth nlelIsIII'CS ]0 inches. ']'lie resenlblancc of the dugong to a hunlan being is very stl'ikin~, but very grotesque. The lllli}tlal seen here looks MOST C[~UI()US FISII IN TIIE OCE.~N. like an hnmettsely fat ohl niail, with short al'll)S 111111 wearing trotlscrs th'lt cont,,el all of his legs, but iris feet. This dugong has a round head, bald at the top, with side whiskers, and clearly marked nose. inouth, and ears. Iler hands fire of ent)l'nlOtlS size. espe- el:ally the fingers. One may note that the length of the longest finger lneas- ures seven inches. It wouhl be un- tdeasant to have suell a finger Imt into any one. T]~e lingers are used for the purpose of scratclling up the mud. They are sonlewhat human in form. She has no arnls to speak of. The skin of the dugong is a whitish green in color, aml is sprinkled with coarse hairs. The colo~" of the dugong, as well as Its form, gives ground for the suppoMtion that it is the lnermaid of mythology. ANOTHER GOOD MOVE. The Illinois Central Adds a New Fast l~aY Train to Its Chicago-St. Louis ~%erviee, the Diazaond ~pecial Con- tlnuing aa Before. Beginning Aug. 1 the lllinois Central will add "t new solid fast vestitulle day train to its Chic.go-St. Louis service, which will make tim run between he two cities in eight an~ a half hours. It will be known as the "Daylight Special," and will leave Chicago at Jt(~35 a. m., arriving at St. Louis at 7:04 p. nl.; ~e- turning, leaving St. Louis at S:32 a. m. aud arriving ;it Chicago at 5 p. m. it will carry a free reclinimg chair car and an elcgaat l'uihuan combination parlor and buffet car. This in addition to tne regular night traia, the Diamond Special, with its free reclining chair car, its ele- gant Pullman full enmlmrlment sleel)ing ear and Pullman combination sleepiag car containing buffet, sla~e rooms sod open sections, which will contiune to k, ave Cldeago at 9 p. m., arriving at St. Louis 7:24 a. m.; returning, leawag St. Louis at 9:10 p. m., and arriving at Chi- cago at 7:35 It. el. These trains will, in every sense, be solid through trMns of the Illinois Ceu- tral Railroad for the entire d~stance be- tween Chicago and St. I~)~fis, but they will both run via a new ronte from l'ana to St. Louis, i. e., over the tracks of the Big Four Route, the line between Chicago and Paaa being over th.e illinois Central That Terrible ~coarge. Malarial disease Is fnvatrlahly Supplemented 1)y dlsturhancc of tile liver, i'h~ bowels, the stonta(!h and the nerves. To the rentoval of both the cause and tts effects. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is fully adequate. It "fills the hill" as no other reitle(|y does, perforllt- Ing Its work thorollghly. Its h~gredients are llttre and "l}'holesotlle, and It adlnlrahly serves to balld lip a system tlr(dieil by Ill-health altd shorn of strength. Constltmtlnn. llw~r and kidney colllphIJili and nervotlsltess are con- quered l)y it. Practical. In a dreauty rapture he kissed her golden tresses. "The future," lle ex- claimed, Joyously, "with its castles in the ah'F' She turned with sudden t~al'II- estness. "Ileginald," she sai(l, decisive- ly, "don't deceive yours~qf. I tell you once for all I shan't live above the second story under any circumstances." *Pick-Me-Up. Hall's Catarrh Cure, Is a constitutional care. Price 75 cents. People who live only for themselves are ahvqys little, no matter how big they it+el. Iowa farms for sale on crop payments, 10 per cent cash, balance 1~ crop yearly, until paid for. J. 5hflhall, Waukegan, :Ill. The eyes of fish and Mrds are round, with no angles at the corners. via Clinto/l--~egalar route of the Diamond ...................................................... Spcclah Trtpins make regahlr stops in both directions in Clfiea~o at 22d street. qOth street, Hyde Park and (g{d street statioi~s, for the aeconmlodation of pat- rons to or from the Kcnwood, Hyde Park, Pullman or South Chicago districts of the city. His lCxeu~e. Mrs. Farmer--Why do you walk the roe(is i~ tills aimless manner year in and year oat? We'u'y Watkins--Beeause I ain't got no bicycle.--Indianapolis Journal. Sun~mer ltesorts on the Meson. Tile snnlmer resorts ell the 31orion l{oute are nn)re than usually popular this year. West Baden and l"reneh Liek Springs, in Orange County, are overflow- ing with visitors, and the hotels havc nll tilt'5' can do. Paoli. the county seqt, has opened a rival sanitarium, which is well Current Condensations. Imtronized. The waters of the various St. Louis has more (]ernlans tllau springs differ nmteFially ill their constit- Muscles, steady nerves, goo~l apl refreshing sleep come with blood made pure I)~ Sarsaparilla Forths el]roof all disorJers oF the Stoln$~h, 1Aver~ l~*wrls, Kidneys, Bla'dder, Nervous niseases, Los~ et Apl)etae, t[eadaehe, t onstlpath~K, Costive!less, Indl- gestl, n, BihoUsllC~, Fever, lliraml~tatloa Of th~ llowel& Piles. al~d all derangements tf lhe lnterI~l Viseo;a. Purely vegetable, routa|IllRg no nlerenry~. Inluerals or deleterious dr "g~. live in any city of Germany except tile ten hh'gest. OBSERVE the follewlng smpimns r,-sultlng from Disease el'the. d4~lestive ,)rgaus: ClalSilpatlon. lawald I~Ile~. ullne~ e[ the blt*,)d lu tile head, a hi ty of thest,.lnaeh, n&t~-. sea, heartburn, disgust of feed. fulhlS~tor v, eight at. tl~e ston~aeh, astir eructatb ns, sltlkhlg or flunerlng o~" the heart, choking er s ffocstlng srnsatlolls when la l~Itlg pOS tire, (IlIIUlOS'3 I;f ylslell, (llgz hea~ Gn rlsln~ ~uddenly. dots or webs before tile slgtU, fever a.ud dul~ I)ailt lit the hell, ~, deficiency of perspiration, l,e'lowno~ O~ the skit* and eyes, i a'lt n ttl0 S de, ell@~,, limbs alldv sudde:, fl;lsluCs of heat burulng *.n ill ~ StaSh. A ew doses of RAnWAY'S PILL~ will free tho ~l-.- tern nt all tile above named dt~erd.r~. krlce 25 eo.'lnt per ~ ox. Suld by all dr 'gglst$, RAI)WA & CO,, ~ew York. ~ ~e T~nlwd Slates. Cananas and Europe. .~t. t. HOPKINS, Prep'r. 37 0real Jones Street, N. lie rhe One True Blood Purifier. All druggl t~. $ l. -- ........................... ~u-~'r~,---e-ta~m~-~-"" I~lnnl:D'Q Dlt~TII I O Prlce~cts.~[DlllllMS~ Hood's Pills are the best atter-dlnr ........ ~,.-st ~ r~ottu,~_o~m~a, Stowe~la~ ~-n I I | R ~i -it a-Ill t i:-ur e(L Esl-]n-18--Ti.-":l,,;i;salig li~ilil~ cured. Clteap+st arid best cure, FR/~ TIU- II~/ill&|~l AL. state ease, ln~. MAasn, Qultmy, Mtell. HL~DHiIffH IIUi;1Li] C~MPN~. n~MOI'eLIS. ALt. c: F.- No. Americans ill an3, on~ of our elites is them having been stocked by tile govern- f~)und in l~oston, 38,294. ment fish eommissinu. All indications point to \Vest l~aden (and the neighbor- ," To be perfectly I)roportioned it ts ing springs) as lhe great sanitariunl and claimed t]lat a mau should weigh twen- popuhir sunHner resort of the ~A'est. [~/~ '~ iT-eight pounds to every foot of hisCedar Lake. forty ,aih.s from Chicago, I~"/* r,- * he,tght, is a favorite picnic and outing spot, where q ~'%~ ~