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August 21, 1896     The Kalona News
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August 21, 1896

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KALONA NEWS.hero.Def°rest Saldor spent SundayOut'Smith & Yoder Failure.readers will regret to learn of , JOHNSON EOUNTY F~~Itt Published Every Friday Come in and aub~ribo for the the failure of the Smith & YoflerI ~lcthing and general merchandiseI $1.50 per Annum. NEws a year. store at this place, they having made ! Bill Kirk eame down from Well-anassignmentto J. W. Huff ca IOWA CITY IOWA AHfl 2427 1896 E. Whetstine, Editor. man Wednesday evening. Tuesday of this week. However it is at thopost office at Kalona. Iowa, as J.W. Southwiek and wife Sunday- said that their iinanmal conditions ~lassmailmatter.]_~_.~ edaL L. E. Edmondson's. are not bad and their creditors will $300 ~ utt, ~~'r'-**:n~" Mrs. Roy. Vanschoiack is quite Miss Nora Snyder returned from lose very little if anything. Hard Race August 26th a Wellman vimt Monday night, the cause of the failure. Both are s :Blank note books for sale at this Miss Daisy Kirkpatrick viuited in young business men and we hate to Wellman a few days this week. hear of their misfort, une. At this I CI~ ~ ~/'~ ttow do you like the "new" K,Lomt ,Ioo Wagner purchased two nice writing we have not heard what will ~ ~ O~ Paci n g Race, ~ws ~ lots in Myers addition this weeek, be 3one with the stock of goods, but' -- " .,. ,. o. ,.o ..,,o.o ,oyw,,z o o ou, Augu st 2 7th. llst. eeived. EDMOXDSO~r & RepEls. Chicken Supper For All. Gee. Fergtmoa spent Sunday in The boysburned their firs~ brick The Epworth League, of Amish All premiums guaranteed paid will give a chicken supper and ie~ City. of the season at thefactory this week. ~.- cream social, on (3. (3. Yoder's lawn i n full. Democratic caucus at city hall to- Mrs, M. L. Rickey and the children Amish, Iowa, Tuesday evening, Aug. night, are visiting her mother in Missouri. 25th. The suppor ,,l, consist on- Speed Purses paid Ir0m Judges' Mrs. A. J. Rawson, of Washington Mrs. Chas. Blumenstein, of Well :tirely of chicken; even the bread and here visitlng, man, ~aited at the Jno. A. lieder cake,ill b, ehieken and a chicken Stand No. 30 came in a half hour late homo yesterday, souvenir for each. All are cordially . invited, a.m. Mrs. Tom Crout and Miss Nugent Fred Farley was in Riverside thewerepa~sengersf°rI°waCitywed- Illustrate~(t'Soien°e" Bicycle Races Every Day nesdayevening. Prof. W. H. Mahaffie, of the Iowa the week. , . . ^, ..... Wesleyan University, will give his 2viaticaU ~otlgnnn drove over - . . [1 The town is billedfor the V/ellman ..... ~ .... popular lnterlamment at the Kalona ]]r. J. SHRADER, Prss Glenn MuCRORY, sec'y. /rein wasnln~,ton 'luesoay evening , ~ . md{]om,ention. -M E. church on ~hursday eve, Aug to visit his father. " , ~ ~ Albert Longwoll was here from 127, for benefit of Epworth League. ~ =- ---'- ~ Rev. S.E. ttyait departed lastI The X Rays will be exhibited and OUR PARKER NOMINATED. Rev. J. Kurtz Passes Away. allman Wednesday. evening for Cedar Rapids to enter I shadowgraph pictures taken. The bellowing is an account of the Rev. J. Kurtz of the GermanLuLh- ) 1" ' • . • Chas. Deutremoat was here from Evangonstm work. lately d~scovered acetylene gas will Republican County Convention, heM eran church of ~haron Center, passed at W'~shington Wednesday, in which away at two o'clozk this morning. Versi [o Monday. Mrs Royer and Mrs Deuker, of be made and theauditorinm brilliant- o~lr S. E. Parker was nominated, lie had been ill but a week and in. Mrs. Clark Brown, of Wellman, Wellman, were guests at the Kirk llv lighted by it. Geisler's tubes will "1 his we clip from the ])~ily Journah termittent fever with complications, here. yesterday, hotel yesterday, be lighted in colars by electricity, Early dds morning the delegates came to the end of its course with Miss PearlWaite, of Iowa City, Mits Blanche Morgan has return- call and staetm batteries, 'induction began coming in, :rod by eleven shocking suddenness. hero this week. ed from Ollie, L., where she has coils, Crook's tubes. The finest o'clock the hour of meeting, most IIis friem|s thought of no such ter- stereopticon in the State, with hun ~very delegation had arrived. The ruination to his ilinessand are over-! Landlord Kirkpatrick and wife be~u visiting friends, dreds of views. Twohours of enter- convention hall is the Graham Opera whdmed. Mr. Kurtz was about 56 Sunday in Wollm'an. Mrs. John Randoll and Goldie tainment, amasomentandinstruetion. House. years of age and leaves a wife, two TheMisses Wombacher returnedwere passengers for Nira yesterday, Tickets, 25. Chairman Lytle balled the meeting sons and three daughters. All but Riverside Tuesday evening, whore they will visit until Sandal.Beat Line to St. Paul. to order and J. A. Cunningham, of one of his children wdl be present at Miss Nugent~ of Nichols, was a Rev. Vanseheiaek will preach at The B. C. R.& N. daily through trains, this mty, was named temporary chair- the funeral. The absent one, Roy. fitor at the Croat home this week. the M. E. church Sunday morning, Tnexcelled service. The "Quick Step man. M.L. Rickey, of Kalona was Win. Km'tz of Seattle, Washington, Route" for the National Encampment ...... . ...I and at Richmond in the evening. G. A,R. Greatly reduced 1ares, Special made secretary, and W. T. Israel, of cannot come. The servicea will be uesaie ~rown, ot weuman, vlmteal train service. Call on B. C R. & N. Brighton, assistant. 'Gone Anderson held Wednesday morning at 10 r. and Mrs Sherred Adams this [Jim Grady got his arm mixed up agents for full information, s4 • ______ .... was named as readingclerk.The ()'clock, Rev:J. G. lIoerlein, assisted ink. Iwith some brick at the factory last! If you have a sale tl~is fall we following committees were then by Roy. J. Doden of Wiltonand pos- ~ . " ..... I week and a fractured bone is the re-lwant to print yaur hills. We are mined: sibly by Roy. H. Reinemundt uf myer Rubenst*~lnt who usect m Sell t .. here, came iu Wednesday to sum laying m a stock of card-board of the CREDENTIALS. Muscatine, will conduct the exercises. a day or two. We have already received our eeL- best cluality and will furnish you Wilber Gardner, of Oregon, chair- Sharon Center churchmen have lost l~orthup's house is nearing corn- ton flannels and heavy outings for bills, blank notes and make arrange, man; T. J. Jones, of Nira, and Dr. W. a good man and a very faithful pastor. When complete it will be a l fall and winter trade. En~ONI)SON & ments w~th auctioneers for little P. Gardner, of Wellman. His like they may not soon see again. RO6ERs. residence, money. PERMANENT ORGANIZATION. For ten years he has labored among J. M. Denny,of this city, chairman; them and has also preached at Oxford ~rs. O'Larey, of Muscatine. came Chris Miller and wife were pass- W.R. Holingsworth has sold the j.B. Dye, of Brighton, and W. A. Walk- and Homestead. It was his want to 1 Monday morning for a visit with enger~ for Laaea~ter, Pa, Tuesday Sigourney Review to Gee. L. Barton er, of Ai~sworth. evening, where they will visit for ex-oounty superintendent of schools This afternoon the opera house was preach at Sharon one Sunday und the ~vi Randel and wife. some time. of Keokuk county. Hollingsworth well filled with people anxious to see next to fill the pulpit at both the other l~aul Deutremont and Dana Grandma Ferguson and Miss Elsie is aa able newspaper man and all re who would win in the fight for recorder points. of Riverside, wore here Sun- At the afternoon session, which was for his more than dutiful service as a &dams, returned to their homo at g~,ot to see him retire from the busi- and clerk. By his parishioners he was beloved looking after their interests. Attlissa, las~ evening, after a tWO hess. called reorder at once'clock, the tempo- preacher, and by all he was admired Jos. Stewart, diedat Washington weeks visi~ with relatives here. Brinton is still working hard on rary officers were made the permanent for his sterling char.rater. ,]~or him 0aday. He was among the first Prof. Boller seal us, this week, a hm airship near Grace Hill, and will officers.First DistrictC°ngressmanwas thenSamintroducedClark Ofandthe many will mourn.--Monday s I~pub- ~t ~ettled in Washington county, copy of the'course ot study of the have it completed soon. Says he made a good speech, dwelling mo~tly on lican. --------~-.--------- ~ill Vandraska returned Wednes- LoneTree high school for '96 and willsail into Washington the first the money question. Your Opportunity eve from his Illinois bike trip. '97. It is a neat little pamphlet and trip. Has a 5-horse power gasoline Following hi~ speechcame the nomina- To vimt the beautiful cities, Minne- he rode from here to Quincy in shows the Prof.'s enterprise in school engine to operate the one he is tiOnonOfmotionOfficerS,of C, H. Wilson the vote apolistiae B. andc. R.St'& N.Pat~l'ratesTakefor theadvantageG. A. R.,°f day and a half. work. building now. was taken on candidates for Clerk as the the most liberal reduction in railroad fare ment at St. Paul, the Minnesota State hdla Yoder, Josh Beeney and An exchange says that people who Remember the Iowa State Fair rollwas called. The informal ballot ever made, and view the Grand Encaml~ ohn and Roy Oldaker came down want a paper without any politics in Sept. 4-11 We received a eompli- resulted as follows: Fresher i0; Brinten Fair, located between Minneapolis and ~)~* Wellman Wednesday evening it for the new few months will have mentary ticket this week, but are 20;FirstYOungForma142; MattheWSBallot: 18,FrasherLeWis5,26.Lew. atSt'thesePaUl'cities.and theonmanYAugustother31stattractiOnSat~d Sept. n 11 Youn 52 and Mathews 1st tickets will be sold by B. C. R. & N. :~d attended lodge, to take their choice between wrap- sorry to say we can't attend. See- is 25, Brinto , g Ry. at rate of $6.15 for Round Trip. Li- I* ............. " ....or stick- fly rotary Fowler says "bring your faro- 21, . ~ beral time limits. Call on B. C. R. & N. t Otl wane manK no~e ooo~ in aper, wtua pat~,.~ ~ ~ . lo Fresher 8, Bnnton v*, agents for tickets s4 ., Y .... P g P ilv. hire tents of us and camp out. Second Bal t:__ ~ ~' " ' ' .... '~ books, school treasurer s Dlangs, paper. ..'" ,. - • ~ Young 43, Matthews 2;~, l~ewm v. ~r~r ,oCLOW~ R,~'- .... ; a!~ything of that kind, call at this Sunda-~ at~ the Baptist churchl)on~ see now we can--unmarrma. Third Ball6t: Fresher 5, Lewis 18~ Bloo~purTfi~r gives~res~'n~ss a~n2 c~rear.~ ................... a, ., - Mr, E B Rust. of Kalona. was in ~rinton 13, Young 77, Matthews 6. ness to the Complexion and cures Con- ',,, alan let; us sea tncm ~v g ~ ver Will roach , o ~. n Evangehst E (3 ate p ~ hb a on ~5cts50 eta 1 fTlae B 0 R. {30. will make a rate at11 e'cloek in the forenoon,: :~0e: ~e: d:Yn:h~::~yr; ~::n l;a:;~ ~:dg theF~rr:°unttyn::~°::t'J wA: ~o~:a~e~ ~P~!~. Allen. ' '$ 00 l~or sale 0up and a third fare to those wish- the afternoon, and 7:301.a tht " has been in this vicinity and at by acclamation, We wonder why everybody don't !g to attend the Camp Fire at Well- ing. Baptism expected m me even- Thornburg the past week. She is . ~o~ ~co~?::. resulted as use priuted envelopes ? The reason next Wednesday, August 26. ling. Everybody welcome, one of those jolly, .good natured lad...Thefirs¢ mmrma va,, is probably because they do not know '~e es • ies whose presence is welcome every- renews: . advantage of the low rat The ~o le of th~a town should be a ~ G" Cunnmgham 20, A ttott 22, S that they can get envelopes w~th the .. ' P P where --What Cheer P tr'ot. A, ' ' " " " ' 13 W" ,, Anderson , ella and lena laon ell returned l uroud of the splendid business build- _. " , ..... E Parker 19, W, , _ " Return in ten days to John Smith, to WeUm,,,, v, ¢ rdav mornina after l in ,s we have. Everybody remarks veryDoay snoula use recurn on- Beanblossom 15, A, Hoffsteater 17, Mma or Jim Jones," at the NEws office, -- ~ww ~ ~, ~ " velopes. Waters 4 in abort Re e~s ut thosemce brink blocks that • 0 lust as cheap as pla envelopes eau visit with the M. ¥. g ] abe " " ~ *- - ~.,' --~ ~allot' Cunningbara 2 , " ~ . , ~irst r ormm ~,• • " nd la t s ~- • r ~ be bought of statmner dealers We tufty, north of town. Little era [ have been put up thin a s sum- ']:he Market . . ,z^** 23 Beanblossom la, Miss "~/aters ~, I ~ Y : Ogers aecomuanied them for a visit. I mer. We want a few more yet. Hog~ ..................... 25 to 2 ~5 S E Parker 25, A. Hoffsteater 18, W, A, I make a specml business of printing • " . ~ Steers ..................... 3 00 4 00 Anderson8 envelopes for f rmers as well as Wa~h,n~ton people have learnedl The Democratm County Convent.- ~.o 1 00 (~2 50t '. .... ,' "unnin-/ • . ..,,w~ ..................... ~ ~ Bauot:l~ar~er "~,"~ ~- . " . " ~at Eel's Park at the Kalona Roller mn wdl be held at Washm ton Sept , o 0(3 3 00 Second o ~ merchants Come In and gwe us a . ' " I" ' g •Heih:rs ................... @ ~ i,..,...: ,v ~l~tt,5. Beanb,ossom ~5, Ande.r-/ . "" - • • ills ~ 9 ' a m at Smouso's ' dves 3 00 @4 00~ .... ~ , ~ l ~ trml order tt t= our ~usmess to do "s a fine plaee to campout, and/~, at 11 oclock . . C~ .................... : . ~ io~;,~'~'~:~,Waters0, Hoffsteater 6, X-, • ~ • " ,re pitched ti~eir tent there this]hall. English B, iver township is en- ~°rn~5;;{- .......... -_--__ 1;~ ~oo~,t len i,' ....... IprinL,ng ,~o th,s ,s not out of our ~ino ~k. Nick had better start up his] titled to 12 delegates, Kalona 5 and Old Oats[--------------- .... 15i Third Ballot: Cunningham 13, f lot~lof work. Try us. = ~ " 10to°0i ) ) P) \mle~sm 10, Parkerl -.~- OWerv (?~ a~,ain 11~ichmond 7 I.'e ................... - ..... ",;, ;' 5, Beanbh)ss( m -, , ' "~ ' " " , .~ . " .......... -1- " T---7- .. . , ~. " " + = ' ! ' " \VheaL ........... ,' ..... -tU i~/~ [{oi~'~;leaLer 18, *li~ Waters 4. ] ~ ~enq your launctry to raraor s Dunn, wi~o be chief mogul[ Joe Wagner bought this w~*k of E gga= ..... ,---, ......... .. ~ L i' "'~0 -(,;dl0i Itott o7 Parker 38 Steam Laundry. ;thol~ll~ws r am i the T Harris & Co ,.Mont~uma, thebt . : 5 ~tter 15 ,~_llders'Ft 0, 13oi?dlt)lo88oln ]~JDMONDBON & ROOERS, ~,ty that ~ W, J. Bryan :~Icrlb aovt~ of the depot;~V~l ~ :~ ". G,~biers, ~.x4 S, Cunnmgham 9, M~ss Waters 8, _ ................ &gents, • " i" :- ' ;,:, : ~ ' t~tcl~ens ttens, a ..,~ t - (> t 41 P:~rkor 63, ~ , -, ~, . • fleetLaUra an4 "=M' ' 'q lt! 'lit : l"'mrehased lo s in the " " ,'~-'--,- "6 Fifth Ballol: t{t ..... SttILOtt~C[,~Emsotdon a guar- ~., ,. •., ~,~: :']:~ T~:( v ........ ~prmg_~,n~c ................. 21Hoffsteater 8, ~Iiss Waters 4. ... , antee. :It (rares Incipient Consumption, ".-* to ~,arengo. ~ays ne nu(~ qm~:~] ~y~ ~muon. ne wm pro~au~y ,,,oost.e~ ..................., ~..untv Attorney Brookhart and Gil It is tim best Cough Cure. Only one hat w~th Mr. and ~rs. Bryan and~ bmld a house there next summer. ~,,.~.~ a l M-tthews were re-nominated by a(:olama- cent a dope .co., o(. c., and el.00. 1, or sal~ .... - . | ~,": .......... --~ ........... ~;,I ~;~ and the convention adjourned, by B. F. Allen, s, g&~ ~ aim a moo newer. I Subscribe for the N~ws mgeons, per taoz,, ....... .~vt~,v., .--- what honors, ' "