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August 21, 1896     The Kalona News
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August 21, 1896

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?E'S SERMON GOSPEL OF GOOD CHEER FOR THE SORROWING. --q ~ev. Dr, Talmage Draws Vivid Pic- tures of the Lengthening Shadows of Life--Vthcn Time Ends and Eter- nity Begins--The Light of Christ. ! At tiae Close o Day. tl Dr. Talmag(,'s subject this week lights P the sm'rows of this life and sounds the gospel of good cheer for :Ill who will re- Ceive it Ilia text was Luke xxiv., ">9 Abide with as. for it is toward evening." Two vil!agcrs, having eonel'd(l(M ll)eir errand ia .lerusll](,nl, have startt!d out at le city gate lind are OU their way to the 1)lace of their residenec. go with a sad heart. ,h,sas, who been their admiratiou "]nd th(.ir joy, basely UlaSsacrod find entotnbe(l As with sad face and broken heart they laass on theh' way, It stranger aecosls them. They tell him their anxieties qnd 'bitterness of soul. He in turn talks to them, mightily expounding the Scriptures. lie thro~.s o~'ei' them the faseinalion of ll~telli,q,nt ('onver~.ltion They forget the tiale 'aM not;e(, n()t the ol)jects they lmSS a~ad before they are a'ware have conic Ul) la front of their house. They pease be- tim entrance and attcml)t lo I)ersuade stranger tO tarry with them. They neon hinl their hospitalities. Night Coining OU, and he may meet a l)rowling ihl beast or he obliged to lie unslmltered the d(,w. He cannot go nlneh far- now. Why not stop th,.,re and cou- ue their 1)leas'rot eo,~versatiou ? They him by tim arm and they insist upon coming in, addressing him ia tile WOrds, "A, hide with us, for it is toward ~Veaing." The eand'.es are lighted, the table is ~ea(] pleasant socialities are enkindled. ey rejoice in the presence of the strang- g'aest. He asks a Messing upon the 'cad they eat and he hands a piece of to each " Sud(lenly and with overwhehn- _ g power the thought flashes Ul)On the astonished peel)Is--it is the Lor(l! And it8 they sit in breath!.ess wonder, looking llpou tile resm'r(,cted bodv of Jesus, he vanished. The interview ended, tie was One. The ~lrlght 1)av. ~'ith ninny of us it is a bright, sunshiny 'Y f i)rosperity. There is 1rot a cloud in e sky, not a leaf rustling in the forest, Chill in the air. But we cannot exi~et this to last. He is not an inte,ligent a who expects perpetual daylight of T hc sun will set after awhile ne tr ) h " orlzon. The shad,ows will lengthen. ~ile } speak, many of us stand in the 5" hour described in the text, "for it is rard evening." The request of the :t is al)propriate for some before me: r With them it is toward the evening 01d age They :have passed tim merid- of life. They are sometimes startled ink how old they are. Thol" do not, :ver, like to have others remark upon others suggest their approximation lrd venerable al)pearance, they say, l y, I'm not so old after all." They indeed, notice that they cannot lift e so much as once. They cannot quite so fast. They cannot read so well without spectacles. T.hey mt so easily recover from a cough any occasional ailment. They have their taste for merriment Tlley are at the quick passage of the year. say that it only seems a little while mt they were boys They are going down hill. There is somethiug .health, somethiug in their vision in their walk, smnething in changing associations, something something beneath, somcthiug a, to remind them that it is toward as. he great want of all such is to have ~s abide with them. It is a disnml to be getting old wlthout the reJuve- influence of religion. When we on the down gr'~de of life and see It dips to the verge of the cold ~iver, ant to behold some one near who ~lp ns across it. When the sight to glance and gather up, the faith that can illmnine. We feel the failure of the ear, we tile clear tones of that voice which en times broke up the silence of the With cadence of mercy. When the of death hew down whole forests Lgth and beauty aronnd ns and we withes of the stake and put out the kind- ling fire? When the night of the soul came on and all the denizens of darkness came riding upon the winds of perdition who gave strength to the soul? x, Vim gave ealnlncss to the heart? ~Vho broke the spell of infernal cn(:haniment? }Ie who heard tiw request of the villagers, "Abide with us, for it is toward evening." One of the forty of I,'1'ance was attack- ed, aud the outworks were t'tken before night. The besieging army lay down, thinking there was but liH'.e to do in the morning, and that the soldiery in the fort could be easily made to surrender. But daring the night, through a back stairs, they escap(~l into the country. In tile morning the besieging ;,rmy sprang upon the l)atth,nwuts, but fonnd that theh' prey w:ts gone. So. whcn we are assaulted iu tcml)tation, there is always some score' slair by which we might get off. God will m)t allow us to be tempted above what we are able, 1)at with every ten}p- ration will bring a way of escape that we may be M)le to bear it. The prayer of the text is appropriate for all who are anticipating sorrow. The greatest fully that ever grew on this planet is the tendency to borrow trouble. But there are times when approaehin~ sorrow is so evident that we need to be making special preparation for its com- ing. One of your chihh'en has lately become a f'lvorite. The cry of that chiht strikes deel)er in'.o the heart than the cry of all the others. You think more about it. I on give it more "lttemion. not because it is any more of a treasure than tile others but because it is becoming frail. There ls something in the cheek, in the eye and in the walk that makes you quite sure that the leqves of the flower are going to be scattered. The utmost nursing and medi- cal attendance are ineffectual. The pulse beconms f~,bie, tile complex!on lighter, the step weaker, the langh fainter. No more romping for that one through hall and parlor. ',['he nursery is darkened by an al)proaehing calamity. The heart feels with mournful anticipation that the sun is going down. Night speeds on. St is toward evening. You have long rejoiced in the care of a mother. You have done everything to make her last days happy. You have run with quick feet to wait upon her every want. Her presence has been a perpetual blessing in the household. But the fruit gatherers are lookir.g wistfully at that moment were to be our last. I do n~t liere that theory. As far as l/reparation is eoncerlled wc ought hlw::.vs to be ready, but we cannot ahvays be thinking of death, for we l{ave daties in life that de- mand oar attention. "When a inan is sell- ing goods, it is his business to think t)f tim lmrgaiu he is malting. "When u mau is pleading in the eonrls, it is his "duly to think of the interosls of his cl!ent.s. When a clerk is adding al) his accounts, it is his dnty to keep his mind ut)on the eel umn of flgUl'CS. Ih, who fills np his life with thoughts of death is far from being Ill(" highest styk! ()t' Christian. I knew a nlan "who used often t(~ say at llight, "[ wish [ might die before moruingP' Its became an infidel. l,'ront l)arkne~s to Li~ht. }lilt tllel'e arc tinlcs when We can fill(l" ought to give onrselves Iv the coutempla- tiou of thqt so~.emn moment wheu tO the soul time enus and eternity begins. We must go through that one pass. The~e is no roundabout way, no bypath, no cir- cuitous route. Die we must, and it will bc to us a shameful occurrence or a time of admiral)Is behavior. Our friends may stretch out their hands to keep us back, but no iml)loration on their part can hilt- tier us. They might offer large 1,etainers but death would not take the fec. The breath will fail, and the eyes will close and the heart will stop. You may hang the couch with gol'geo~ts tapestry, but what does death c'lre for t)eautiful cur- taim4? You may hang the room with the finest works of art, but what does death care for pietnres? You may fi'.l the house with the wailings of widowhood and or- phanage-does death mind weeping? 'l~his ought not tO lie a depressing theme. Who wants to live here forever? The world has always treated me well, and every day I feel less an~ less like scolding and comt)laining. But yet I would not want to make this my eternal residence. I love to watch the c'.ouds and bathe my soul in the blue sea of heaven. But I expect when the fiHnament is rolled away as a scroll to see a new heaven, grander, higher and more glorions. You ought to be willing to exchange your body that has headaches and sideaeh(~s and weaknesses innumerable, that limps with the stone bruise, or festers with the thorn, or flames on the funeral pyre of fevers, for an in- eorruptib',e body and a~ eye that blinks not before the jasper gates and the great white throne. But between that and this there is an hour about which no man tree. Her soul is ripe for heaven. The should be reckless or foolhardy. I doubt gates are ready to flash open for her en- not your courage, but I tell you that you trqnce. But ~'our soul sinks at thewill want something better than a strong thought of separation. You cannot bear arm, a good aim and a trusty sword when to think that soon you will be called to you come to your last battle. You will take tile last look at that face which from need a better robe than any you have in the first hour tins looked upon you with your wardrobe to keep you warm in that affection unchangeable. But you sea that place. life is ebb!ng a~a the grave will soon hide Circumstances do not make so mucn her from year sight. You sit quiet. You difference, lit may bc a brigh'c day when fec! heavy hearted. The light is fading y(m push off from the pla~mt, or it may be from the sky.The air is chill, it is to- a dark night and while the owl is hooting wqrd evening, from tile forest. It may be sln'im~, and You had a eoh'sidera'ble estate nnd feltyour soul may go out among the blos- independent, llt tire minutes on one fair soms, affple orchards swinging their ten- bMarice s~leet you eould see just h'ow you sers in ttle way. St may,be winter and the stood in the worhl. But there came ecru- earth in a snow shroud. It may ,~e au- I)l:'eations. Somcthing that you imagined tmnn, and the forests set on fire by the impossible happened. The best friend you retre.tting year, dead nature laid out in haft proved a traitor to your iuterests. A state. St muy be with your wife's hand sudden crash of national misfortunes in your hand oe you may be in a strange prostrated your credit. You may to-day hotel with a servant faithful to the last. be going on in busincss, but you feel anx- It may ix) in the rail train, shot off the ions abmlt where you are atandmg and switch and tumbling in long reverbera- fear that the next turning of the wheel Con down the embankment--crash, crash! will bring you prostrate. You foresee I know not the time. I know not the what you consider certaiu defalcat'on, mode. But the days of our life are being You think of the anguish of telling your subtracted away and we shall come down friends you are not worth a dollar. You to the time when we have but ten days ~now not how you will ever bring your left, then nine days, then eight days, then children home from school. You wonder seven days, six days, five days, four days, how you will stand the selling of your three days, two days, one day. Then library or the moving into a plainer house, hours--three hours, two hours, one hour. The misfortunes of }'re have accumulated. Then only minutes left--five minutes, four You won~der what makes the sky so dark. minutes, three miuuteS, two minutes, one It is toward evening, minute. Then only s~conds left--four ~oothi~g the Soul seconds) three seconds, two seconds, one Trouble is an apotimcary that mixes a second. Goue! The chapter of life end- great many drafts, bitter and sour and ed! The book closed! The pulses at rest! nauseous, and you must drink some one The feet thrm~gh with the journey! The of them. Trouble puts up a grea.t many hand's closed from all work. No word on packs, and you must carry some one of the lips. No breath in tile nostrils. Hair them. There is no sandal so t;hick and combed back to lie undisheveled b~ any well adjusted trot some thorn will strike .hunmn hands. ,The muscles still. The throngh it. There is no sound so sweet nerves still. The lungs still. The tongne but the undertaker's screwdriver grates still. All still. ](ou might put the steth- through it. In this swift shuttle of the oscope to the breast and hear no sound. human heart some of the threads must You might put a speaking trumpet to the break. The journey from Jerusalem to ear, but you could not wake the deafness. Emmaus will soon be ended. Our Bible, No motion. No throb. No life, Still our common sense, our observation, relier- still! IN A .~9'~. AN ARSENAL IN THE CLOUDS, A ~ar Airship Which I. r, eing Con-; strutted for Cuhan Service. Ouba is going to fight the Spaniards from the clouds. In a secluded grove in Florhta a French engineer now has umler construction an airship which is to be placed in the Cuban service. It will carry 125 men, 1,000 rifles, a half million rounds of rifle ammunition 0nd dynamite shelts. The airship is one of the most remarkable things of Its klnd ever conceived l)y an aeronaut. Its chief feature, which excites the great- est wonder, is Its extreme lightness eon- side~!ng its tremendous strength. The alrship consists of a boat-shaped car that does not swing, bnt is held solidly, though pendant, from a cluster of aye balloons These balloons are hebl steadily in place by five aluminum belts, which go around the girths of tlm balloons and are connected at the points o4' con- tact by easy working ball-bearing Joints, so that there can be no strain, and each belt can give geutly one way or the other, a~ lhe balloon It holds SHADY NOO~. the operator can ride far above the earth, out of reach of the longest range guns known to military science, he eat~ bring the enemy's camp close to hl~ range of vision and can throw dyna- mite bombs down upon lfls adversarle~ with renmrkuble precision. Corner iu Huckleberries. The huckleberry in(lustry about Au. denried lms come to a sudden stop through the appearance of two bears on the mountains. A week ago a trav- eler exhibited two performing bears o~ the street and while doing so the ann mals engaged in a bout not on the bill& In the serlmnmge the trainer was use(I up badly and one of the muzzles tor~. l~x)m a bear. Finding themsetve~ at llberty, the bears trotted off and reach- ed tim mountains safely. The black- berry season haying Just opened, hun- dreds of boys and girls who pick the berries have since been keI>t out of the woods through fear. The mines bePag idle, the villager~ one day turned out to scour the woods for berries and bears. A party of women came upon them un- expectedly, and their screams eo}t~ AN AIRSIIIP TO DO BATTLE FOR CUBA. ate in tones that we cannot mistake and Snnset, ought not to disregard. It is toward even- So death comes to the discip'e. What might sway, without getting away alarmed scores of others, resulting In a ing. if the snn of life is wbout to set? Jesus from its mate. In this way the bal- stampede. The bears are now boss of Oh, then, for Jesus to ~'bide with us. He is the dayspring from on high; the per- loons are always manageable, the situation and berry-picking in that in solitude, we nced the dove of sweetens the cup. He extracts the thorn, petuai morning of every ransomed spirit. Besides the sy, stem of network which vicinity is at a standstill.--Ptttsburg mercy to sing iu our branches. He wil)es the tear. He hushes the temp- What if the darkness comes? Jesus is surrounds the b d~ns and which h61ds })ispalch. the sl~adows 'begin to fall and we est. He soothes the soul that flies to him the light of the world and of heaven, them attached to the car there are t the day is far spent, we need for shelter. Let the night swoop and" the ~Vhat though this earthly house does A Back ]Biter. all to supplieaie the strong benef- curoclydon cross the sea. Let the thun- crumble? Jesus has prepared a house of aluminum braces seenrlng the belts ~us in the prayer of the villagers, ders roar, Soon all will be well Christ ninny mansions. Jesus is the anchor that or glrths to the car below. These e With us, for it~is toward evening." in the ship to sdothe his frit-nds. Christ always holds. Jesus is the light that is braces are also the. stays for the sails ( "]'he Dark Night. on the sea to stop its tumult. Christ ta never eclipsed. Jesus is the fountain that forward and at the side~ for steering quest o~ the text is an appropri- the grave to scatter the darkness. Christ is never eximusted. Jells is the evening purposes. The principle upon whi('l~ \ Lrnation for all those who arc ap- in the heavens to lead the way. Blessed star. hung up amid the gh)om of the gath- tiffs wonderful' is steered is the in the gloomy hour of tempts-all such. His arms will inclose them, his ering night! same which governs tim sailing of a" ~r( is nothing caster tllan to bc grace comfort them, his light cheer them. You are almost through with the abuse yacht. A series of tlprights over the rev~:hen everything pleases, or his sacrifice free them, his glory enchant and blackbiting of enemies. They will ,,~ ~#l nte when there is nothing to them. If earthly estate takes wings, he call you no more bv evil names. Your car and just under the lower valves of , orgiving wheu ,we have n~t will be an incorruptiillc treasure. If good deeds will no longer be misinterpret- the balloons sustain3 a shaft, which is f " s revolved by eleetrleity, and turns an e ah 1, or h,om, st when we have friends die, h~ will be their resurreeHou, ed nor your honor filched, ihe trouble. immense fan, or st'few at the rear of ement to fraud. But you have Standing with us in the morning of our of earth will end in the ft,licitics! Toward grapple of some temptation. Your joy and in the noonday of our prosperity, evening! The bereavements of earth ,,'ill the ship, which acts as an alr rudder c~'~-'l~r~a"~ ~" ~t Some time quaked and ~roa]'~ed he will not forsake us when the luster has soon be lifted. You will not much longer as well as a propelle:-. Every piece of e internal force. YOU rett that faded and it is toward evening, stand pouring year grief in the tomb, like metal in the entiPo construction of this ~~ )~~/ il was after you "*~,o saw your Liateu to Paul's battle shou.t with mi~- Rachel weeping for her children or David greyhound of tl~e air is of aluminum. n graces retreating. You feared fortune. Hark to mounting Latimcr's morning for Absalom, Broken hearts There are nine windows on each side, ~ Would fall in the awful wrestle fire ~ong. Look at the glory that has reft bound uP. D/ounds.healed. Tears wiped something more than ten feet almlq:. A ", and be thrown into the d~st. The the dungeon and filled the earth and'hear- away, Sorrows termiu~red'. No more series of long, narrow openings, eloped t~ckened. The first indications of ens with the crash of the falling manacles sounding of the dead march. Toward were seen in all the trembling o~t despotism. And then took at tho.~, who evening! Death willeome, sweet as shnn- with aluminum bees, tun arou~ the s:aul. I~.~ all the infernal suggea- kave tried to cure themseh, es by human her to the eyelids of the b,lbe, as full re- upper guard which inclases the upper alan, m all the surging up of prescriptions, atteml)ting to Ileal gan- tions to a starving soldier, aseveaiaittt~ur deek0ftheboat. Lad', ;xcitementa, you grene with a patch of court plaster and to the exhausted workman, *J[~a*:~k]~ will Thi~ marve~tm ~lr coach i~ provid- asis that it was tow- to stop the plague of dying empires with take on its sua~:t gl~w,~',Fel~mi a tire ed with C~ '~tnodatlons hour yea the quackery of earthly wisdom. Nothing paalm~ evety(la~ a g.l_a~: mJrror~l,l~ for~lg~ man. The~l~ a~'~l'ieal en- you. You ean Speak peace to t~ s~ul, t~othit~eali fore~traP-~gu~, ~'ha4~ta eh'~b- glne room, an electrical kltehen, and would unstrap our q~~rd~ ~ ~:~i~ air:- ]~ohr friend*will announce ~)' ~ ~ = "': ~~11111~ bedrooms, smoklng-rooln and an obser- can overcome ot~hl ~ ~ lt~ :~,~t/m~'wli~ beat It; your joys will vatory. The vessel is lighted, heated cAl~oteno~re;}:t~lttl~tte~Li~ t~i~gtt;y0urlipswillwhisperit."Toward and worked by electricity. Water ls horses and oh, evicts of salvation that fill evenlngi" taken from the clouds, and not a ~park helmeted the mountains, but the voice and eem- Never put milk, fat nor any oily sub- of fire is used In working this men- Stranger--Is Vhe subnmritte diver at hake the of him who stopped one night at Who acted stance into the ear for the relief of strous air ship. The balloon valves home? The darer's wife--lqe's down ttg ~tll the crew shipwreck~ of the text are lmrfinent to train, for they soon become ranetd and are operated by a system of electric Vhe river, but } don't think y~u can tree the fact that we are ncartng tend to excite inflammation. Simple buttons, and there is no confuaion of hhn this morning. Stranger--Why n~t~ when word of of death. I have heard it warm will ans puz or llne~ The Immersed IB o liyd ; ( vided wlth i8 ~2tt~. , .,