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August 23, 1895     The Kalona News
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August 23, 1895

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improvement and enjoyment when The many, who live bet- and enjoy Life more, with Ire, by more promptly orld's best products to physical being, will attest health of the pure liquid )les embraced in the Figs. due to its of a approval of the medical it acts on the Kid- Bowels without weak- free from for sale by all drug- but it is man- the California if Collapsed. near Rouen, the tree on Duke of Normandy, ago, Is said to have hung Chain as a token of the to Which he had brought seemed likely to collapse it, a solid core of ma- in the interior of the could hold his tongue languages. He made Studying every language ~aark of being born with is being born without OUcauld. WOMEN SUFFER OF INFOR~kTIONs A Woman Dealt With Openlys allowed by their phT- much trope lack of iv,- men are vain, gle for them that they d9 acase,Wg~aen do not inveq- tlgeta ; they have faith in their doctor, an4 often wreck their |ires through this ~mfortunate confidence. of female diseases and it is not to can treat as lntel* 'ram which ~S& ~oman organism, and dia- mudy. female diseases promptlywith Mass Their is due. to womb ~mptoms tel~ the L'8 ~'egetable Com- remedy that removes re- ~0ur- 'lz~esm. *ell stronger- than this to announce th~ of all fe- ~at your ~'egetable ' cured me of all I was enduring May. t followed: and the result as. CHAS~ PARKE~ Any druggist has it, cured F~'om first BOOK of etlroe sent arnlshed Free ~CIALISTS IMPROVED WATER MOTOR. For Conveniently Utilizing the Cur- rent-Force of Any Stream. Thi~ useful device consists of a num- ber of wheels fixed upon a common sh.~ft, tlle width of the stre'tm deter- mining how many wheels nlay be used. On the sides of the wheels are gates that swing outwardly to inerease the resistauee of the W]l(~tl, and conse- ,,iuently its power. When the wheel Is not in gear the gates ch)se into I'ecesse~ provided for them. The ~'rtes on one :NEW WA'rEI MOTOIL side of a wlieel are connech~d with each other by oh:tins, so that when one swings open it pulls the next one open. Opposite to the gates are holes that prevent excessive suction and permit the current to enteu" and flssist in turn- lug the wheel, but the holes on the end wheels have their outer sides partially covered by deflectors. The motor is well adapted to being 1)laced in a stream where tile force of the current is the only power, it is illustrated and described in the Scientific American. TO WEIGH LETTERS. A Broomstick, a V/ater Jar, and a Few IV[arks the Only Requisite, A very good scale for wetgh'ng let- ters may be made by anyone without expense. Get the llandle of a worn-out broom and cut off about 15 inches of It. Pour water into a wide-nloutlled jar uu- tll it is nearly full, and, having attach- ed a weight to one end of the stick and Highest of all in Leavening Power.--I ttest U. S. Gov't Report BEST IN TIrE WORLD. ~ THE RISlNO STOVE ~LI~W ~m, cakes ~or general THE SUH PAS11~' ~ POLISH fw a qu, ck. I~athers Must Be Careul There. I AM entirely cured of hemorrhage of after-dimmer Among tile Indians of British Guiana lungs b~:. PisCs Cure for Consumption.-- ishedapplicdwRI~a'~da I~fl~l~" I,OVISA L1NDA.MAN, Bethany, Me., Jan. usage bids the father to go to bed wtten a child Is born, and allows the mother to return at once to her housellold du- Ges. James Rodway's recently pub- lished book on that country explains the custom by a superstition which at:, inches the spirit of the child to the bod~ of the father. The author says.* "The father must nee hunt, shoot, or fell trees for some thne, because there is an Invisible connection between him- self and the babe, whose spirit accoln- panics him in all his wanderings, aud might be shot, chopped, or otherwise Injured unwittingly. IIe therefore re- tires to his hammock, sonlethnes hold- ing the little one, and receives the con- gratulations of his friends, as well as the advice of the elder members of the community. If lie has occasion to travel he must not go very far, as the child and spirit might get tired, and In passing a creek, must first lay across it a little blqdge or bend a leaf into the shape of a canoe for his companion."-- New York Times. l~'alr Snake Story fronz Utah. A Salt Lake City man is responsible for this snake story: A nest of rattle- snakes ~,as discovered by an Indian in the mOulltatns eleven miles west of the city recently. He was out hunting, and In ascending a rocky point was warned of the presence of a serpent by an ominous rattle. He discharged his rifle at the rattler and immediately thereafter vast numbers emerged from a rock pile. The Indian retreated, and, securing a branch of a pine tree, in- tacked a square of cardboard, to the vaded the nest and gave b~ttle, He ether, the latter to serve as a, c6nt]nu'6~ tild s~agh[er un~li exhaus . phmge the stick into the water, as ed, but, seeing the inlpossibillty of ex- shown in the cut. The weight should be heavy enough to keep about three-fourths of the stick under water Having done all this, get term'inating the reptiles, left the place, after h,aving killed forty-oue snakes. Lan?~h and Grow Fat I You shall do both, even if you are a slab- sided, pallid, woe-begone dyspeptic, if you reinforce digestion, insure the conversion of food into rich and nourishing blood, and recover appetite and sleep by the systematic use of the great renovator of health, strength and flesh, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. which ~, 1894. .Mot~ Bros.. ]Props.. Canton, _,%~asd~ ]r~.s.~ Admirable Crichton is said to have ~ff~i~l~~ - been the master of all the arts and sciences of his day. IIe was able to converse and dispute iu argument in twelve lan_g~mges__ M~. WlnsloWs SooTltZNO SYRUP for Cttil~ tOethln~ i sottene thegums, roauces inflammation. allays pain, cures wind cone. ~. cents a bottl*. Mr. H F Bert es, a reporter for the Sunday Herahi, published at Canton, Ohio, nnder date of May ~, J Purely Vegetable, Mild and Rehablo, Cun~: ~Ln DISORDERS OF THE STOMACH. LIVER, BOWELS. SICK IIEAD ACIIE, BII.IOU,eNESS. 1NI)IG ESTIO ~, ''OBP ! 1) Lt VER~ DIZZY ]FE ELINGFd. DYSP~I'~ tA. One or two of Radway's Pals. taken daily by these subject t~ bilious pains and torpidity of the Liver, will keep the system regtPar and secur0 healthy d!gestlon. OBSERVE the following symptoms resulting n'om Diseases of the dlgestive org~ms : Coustipat ion. inward piles. fullness of the blood in the head, acidity of the stomach, nausea, heartburn, disgust of food. full- ness or weight in the stomach, sour eructation% sinking or fluttm~ng Of the heart, choking or antic- cat,ha sensations when in a lying posture, dimness of ~ialon, dizzinees on ri~ing suddenly, dots or web~ before the Mght tope:" aud dull pazu in the head, deficiency of perspiration, yeliowness Of the S:da and eyes. pain in the side. che~t, ]lmb~. and sudden fleshos of heat, burning in the flesh. A few doses of RADWAY'S PILLS will f.roe the ~ystem of sit the above named disorders. Price 25 aents per box. Sold by all drusgista Beecham's pills are for bil- iousness, sick headache, diz- ziness, dysoepsia, bad taste in the mSu h, heartburn, for- pid liver, foul breath, sallow skin, coated tongue, pimples loss of appetite, etc., when caused by constipation; and constipation is the most fre- quent cause of all of them. 1895, writes to tile Ripans Chemical Company that he knows a working- mail who has been benetited by Rilmns T, abules after a severe at- tack of the Grippe, and he appen~ the following statement with per- mission to publish: "Testimonial of Tl'os. J. MeaI$ or the City of Canton, Stark County, Ohio: "I had an attack of the Grippe four years ago this spring that lefll me in a bad way. My nervo~,s sys- tem was broken dowu and r~y ilige~- tire apparatus in a conditiot~ that. made me miserable for days. "While able to work at my trade; as shearman In a rolling mill, I suf-- fered more or less all tile time with, my stomach. Bitters and tonics were literally taken by the gallon,. and every variety of pills a~d por- tions that promised relief. I de- rived some benefit from the use of. some of them If I continued taking. them, but if I quit a few days old trouble would return, i~otl~- ing the advertisement of the RtI~. Tabules, for impaired and bad di- gestion, I concluded to invest in a~ few of them, whictl 1 am please4 to Inform you have proven all or more than I expected of them. %Vhlle I have taken but a few of them, they have done me more good them all the other remedles that I have tried. They relieve the belching sour stomach almost at auto,. :rod 1 feel better In every way skxce commenced taking them. The dis- tressing headaches, which I alway~ A IIOME-MADH SCALE. a half-ounce, an ounce aud a two-ounce weight (you may borrow them from your druggist), and placing them, one at a tlm~, upon the platform of your scale, carefully nlark on the stick the water level in each case. ,Tipping the Ocean. The discovery that the axis of the earth is not fixed in direction, but that it swings round in such a way as to cause the North Pole itself to revolve once in every fourteen lnouths round a circle ten yards ia diameter, is now generally accepted as an established fact. It is evident that such a wobbling of the earth's axis of rotation, small though it be, must produce some effect Ul)OU~the level of the ocean at its shores, and an examination of the very careful recot~ls, which have been kept for more than forty years, of the height of the fide in the canal at Holder, In Hollaud, was recently made for the purpose of determining whether such an effect could be perceived. Tile result of the examination showed that tile average level of the water had varied with great regularity, in a re- currin~ period of fourteen nnmths, ever since tim tide records were begun in 18'~1. The inference is that this regular change of level must be due to the swinging round of the axis of the earth. The amount by whlch the level changes --a little less than five-eighths of all inch-also corresponds to the calculated change that should result from the sup- po~ued cause. So we are gradually learning to ap- preciate how delicately tile ponderous earth Is poised as it s~.ngs in Its vast orbit round the sun, and how even the mighty ocean responds to tile slightest tipping this way and that of the great axis of the globe. Neither a house nora career can be built also remedies malarial, kidney and rheu- One of the most important things lot matle trouble, nervousness, constipation and everybody to learn is that constipation had preceding it lit ~I Ln(ligest:itm, biliousness, causes more than half the sickness in the have entirely left lue. :~ wil'i' be gla~,~ ~Why We Are Right-Handed. world,especially of women; and itcan all to recommend t.~e Tabules to any- A professor who has made a study of be prevented. Go by tile book,free at your flruggist's,orwrite B.FAIIenCo.,365Cano" body suffering fronl stomach trou- children says he has discovered why St.,New York. Pills,Ice and -% a box, bles. (Signed) Thos. J. Meals, Ca~- the majority of people are right-handed, ton, O." or~ Indiaus use both hands until they be, Annaa, l sales more than 6,~0,000 boXa~ I~ipans Tsbnles are sold by dmx~g(St~; r ~ ~ eat Company, ~No. 10 Sllruce Street, New l'orR. ,~amp~ tion controls the right side of the body, UiIIV[K IIT Lil' ilLI I K[ UAYii:. V-!-a!-'-~0-cf]xts'- ........................................... aud the first right-handed motions are expressive motions, tending to help out speech. As speech grows so does right- handedness. Keeps Men Poor. The clerk may he "boss" if he had the he 1 f( r it~1~' - ne Drains are there, but they don't seem to work. The trouble usually begins in the stomach. Indiges- tion keeps men poor because tlmy don't know they have it, but imagine something else. I{ipans Tnbules insure ~)und diges- tion and a clear hen(i. They rcgulqte the entire system. Ask the druggist for a box. The New York city postoffice cat gets $19 a year, the one at Richmond, Ya., $4; at St. Paul, $5, and at Omaha, $2.50 tt year. Hall's Catarrh C~r~, .s a eoastitatioLml cure. Price 75 cen~ God is glorified not by our sighs, but by our thanksgivings. fiREAT BOOK FREE. Wh _n Dr. R. V. Pi roe, of Buffalo, N. Y., published the first edition of his work, The ]People's Common Seue, e Medical Adviser, he annonnced that after 68o, ooo copies had been sold at the regular price, Sz.Lo per copy, the profit on which would repay him for the great amount of labor and money expended iu producittg it, he would dis. tribute the next half million fr'~e. As this number of copies has already been sold, he is now distributing, ab~lulely free, 5oo,ooo copies' of this ~ most 'com- plete, interest- | COUPON |ing and v~l- uable eommon|No, ll~ [sense med- ical work ever ~----------------* published-- the recipient only being required to mail to him, at the above address, this little COUPON with twenty-one (20 cents in one- cent stamps to pay for postage and pack- ing only, and the book will be sent by mail It is a veritable medical library, complete in one volume It contains over ~ooo pages and more than 3oo illustrations. The Free ldition is precisely the same as those sold at $I.5o except only that the books are bound in strong manilla paper covers in- stead of cloth. Send NOW before all are given away. They are going off rapidly. ~- ASK YOUR DRUOOlST FOR ~r * THE BEST * PoR without a plan. ~* .~JO~N C.~RU~ a $0N~ l~ w Yp~[k, ** ~/EWIS'98~'LY~ ~m Powdered and PefluBM~I, (paTE24TED.) !1111~ The strongest a~d ~urea~ I~'e I~.~ ~t~ other Ly0 tt bei~ ~ IN~'~Do~a~r and payted t~ a rm~ "wFt~, " ~v ~aY~ rvady lot 1lee,. Will ~S ~.~'~" nt,, S t~itho~t boiLD*g. I t la ?he ]P*~NI*g, for cleans, Dg Wast e pipo& ~l-~ ~lng ~iuks, clos~ta, washi:og ~tt~dP~. ~ paints, trees, etc. PENNA. SALT }IF(}. COg ........ tt : ....... l ,MLalu nnlldlug.J ~Wae, hitt L.ton~ The FJfty-eecond Year Will Open ~ Suo~es~lly Prosecutes CI~II~ -J[~U-E~-'D~-~, ~EP~[% 3d~ 1F~l[)t~ mI~tt~ctplkt~x~m~a~rU.~.~Qnmlo~t*~MIM --I~ULL COURSZ:; IN-- Sl 3yrs lu h~t wilt. 15~Judlea~ohtlm~ ~t$'~ Classics, Lottors. Scieneo, Law, Civil and Mechan[. cal Enginserlag. lhotou~h Pcepara~ory and Cammorclal t;ourses. ST EDWAaD'S HALL, for bo~ under 13, ks nlltqll0 |n the completen0~o of lt~ equtp~nout, A nmitod number of candidates for th'0 eecl~slttatical State' wlll be received at speeAal rates. Catalogues seltt f~ On apphc~tio~ te ~tEV. ANDRE%V ~IOltRISSEY, C. S. C., ~'otre Dame, Indiana. PATENTS ,ho . s,=.on, D. C. No art's fee untl]T*atatWo~o- talaed. Write for In~nte~ffl~ C. N.U. No. 3~-.-~5 WtIEN WRITING TO ADVEItTtI~t~ ptease say you saw the adve~ in this paper. "Thoughtless Folks Have the Hardest. Work, but Quick Witted People Use (.)L.IO up ~n Ch COMPANY, i Moral: USE SANTA CLAU~ SOAP. rN.K. AJRBANK