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Kalona, Iowa
August 23, 1895     The Kalona News
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August 23, 1895

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+. t LIVES THERE A MAN In t l~is beautiful little city of Kalona who doesn't know of tim great bargams that Ihe Leader is ott'ering on their General Merchandise stock, ~vhtch lm must sell to make room for the new goods that arrive daily ? They all know it. and to get bargams in anythiug in General Mercban disc, llsnnah is your huckleberry. ...HE... Will sell tim freshest and most choice grocerie at little above cost an in doing thi~ lie ...IS... Sacrdiciag all to you. Come once, and you will continue to come until ~'OU aO DEAD ! HELLO THERE! N. THE KALONA NEWS. Time Subscription $1.50 Per Annum. TIIAINS GOING EAST. ] W. E. IVhetstine, Tobin & L No. 30. Passenger_ ........... 10:'24 a, m. No. 32, tarei~ht ................... 12:45 p. m. All trams d ~ily exet, p~ Sunday. "~V. ('. MEIHHI+I,. Agent. 1 Editor. First-clas~ turnouts. No, 31, Paasenger .............. 5:~I4 p, m. No..~3. Pl'~ight _ .............. 11:20 a. m. [Entered at thepost office at Kalona, Iowa, as second class mail matt l~r.] TRAINS Gt)ING 'trEST, Judges gyan, Dewey and McCoy l,ave fixed the times of holding Dis- trier Court in the counties in the 6th +- -~ Judicial District for 1896 and 1897, as follows: 1896 Poweshiek, Washington, and Loll- isa Counties: January 7th, March 10th. September 1st, and November 3rd. Jasper, Keokuk and Mallaska: February 4th. April 7th, September 29th and December 1st. 1897 KALONA :-: DIR ICTORY, MAYOI'~ .................... A, Z, [:~tqwson R1,:co++I)j:t+ ................... At. Wray Tm,:asc m,:1+ ............ Win. IG Ikpal, rick MA usna_r ................. Henry Brown I)ZPUTY MAI+SnM ........ Gee. MeClelland S'rm+J++r (Jo,~t'~+ ............. Henry Brown COUNCII,M+EN. L. E. Edmondson. John Brown, J.M. Ritter. Jos. Yeggy, 5f. L. i'ickuy, U. G. Smder. STOP l+ Poweshiek, Washington and Lou- FRATERNAL ORDERS. isa: January 12Lh, March 16th, Sep- I IIlCtIMOND I,ODGE+No. 96, A. F.&A. M. tember 7th and November9th. Meets on Saturday night on or before full Jasper, Keokuk and Mahaska: moon, at Mas,mie Ilall, Kahma. !'~'~.rr~ ~'O'l~r (~o'l~r~ "~owa,~c]. -~lr'~l_.~ o. If, Dunlap, W. M.IFel)ruarv 9th, April lath, October Kalona Roller Hills ---K-Qt~~.-7--. ] 5th and December 7th. Meets at~ Suider's Hall each Saturday, [ ..... --'~-- .lake r.rutr, N+ (~. Six weeks ago I suffered with a . W.ith your wheat, rife and oats, where_you wiml Cat. V, est ..... V.(+. __ O. T. Dunlap, See [very severe cold; was almost unable line an ar~unaaflceoywater power ann a 50-horse SHOOT1N(-ISTARLODGETN~.,'~-~,t(.o~. Ire speak. My friends all advised power engine reaay to p_u,verize your grain intq atSnider's hall Odd Fellow'~ room, S.E. Snider ('. to consul~ a physmian. Noticing the yerv best of Flour, Meal and Chop, grouna (+.c Far,e ....... KJ1LS. Ohamberlain'sCough 12,emedy ad- by a m tiler of long expert once. No u Friday night tit Snider IIall, Odd Pollow's room. Iietrie Morgan, C.T. vertised in the St. Paul Yolks Zeit- W@ l" es,a,blsl-xect a, xx Gee. Bishop. See. aug I procured a bottle, and after taking it a short while was entirely ~ BENEVOLENT SOCIETIES. well. I now most heartily reeeom- Special attention men. KALONA, BARBER One door west of dno. A, C. S. ADAM Hair Cutting and Shaving, KALONA SNI DRA_Y Hauls to any part of ble rates. ... LADIES BENEOLENT SOCIETY mend this remedy to any one suffer-- One deep south of S+vinGs Bank, O+thoM.+. choroh,,,eets 'Vc .... ',,,' after .......... " . noon of each week, Mrs. tl. I~'. Alien Pres. lug wltn a coicl. Wm. Kell, 678 Mrs. d.I~.gussin,,g Sect ..... vA e St Pa .... ~" where you can buy Flour, Bran and e,o. v, u,, alma. +or hAl)INS AID SOCIETY. sale " ~ ~" "] t . "~ O~ the Baptist church moot+ Wednesday after- ] y .D. 1~ &l+en. Chop at prices that defy competi-i noonofoachweok, + rs "a,+soo, P,os I ......... ?,alrs John Yoder See C t lOn. [ "" " +, '1 ~.F. Shaffer recetvedyesterdavby ~or Burial Case~ Caskets, [ KALONA EPWORTtt LEAGUE. ]express a male pig that is probably cloth e&ered m, EMMON & [,1 Meetsevery other Sundayevcning, also+huts, l +,.~ k:+.u], ..... Into:""rl'~"~Al"'~'~'l~"~A~'+thls OPalIUNBERTA'ER'S .'.klnds. Calls J I day evening of each alternate week, I +uu utgu~t pH~u ...... +++ +.,~,~ la+g Mrs. Vanschoiack, Pres ..... Hearse furnished whe~ I Mrs. H. MeCulloy See. lYet brought lmmed,ate see- ' ' +--H~ m~++t~ever+~-+ f~'+tn+++t-~()n~1'u~+s'~Y+ | tin f eou n t+rY" .' :: P School It came from the J~~i H MrS.Mrs Smith,R~ter Pros.sect ~ olana wnlnas ownea __ Mrs. Rktcr, Sect. by Harvey Hurd, of Petersburg, Ill. Preacl]lhn~ ~Ove;: S~ndi~U~l?eHrnately at 11 a. And I{UI d's hold Is reputed to be In every ladi+'s wardra .... + o0+ every Sun- one of the finest in that state The dayat 10 a. hi. Prayer lneeetingevery Thurs- + ~ ~,+ ~ n + day evening, Rev-W.(LVanschtdeekPaslor pl&l" was rarrowea ~larcn zno last. A new fabric called "Eudora" is as perfect as black goods can be. It sheds the dust, has a beautiful soft luster, drapes and hangs plain with equal grace, and can be worn at any time during the year. Price $1.00, 1.25, 1.40, 1.50. WOOL CHEVOITS belong to the "can't-wear-out" class, and are made in new effects that resemble crepons from the tiny crinlded surface, as well as in diagonal styles that are staple sellers. Price, $1, $1.25, $1.50. All wool and Silk-warp Melrose give a fine soft material that is never out of style at auy season, and tbouab conserwitiw+ in effect, is at.~ract/v(~ in appearance, and durab!e in wear, making a good gown a~ a reasonable cost. Price $1 $1.25, $1.50, $1.~o. For a postal card you get samples of our fine Dress Goods, buying them at home at same pmces as at our counters. STRUB, PRATT & IOWA CITY, IOWA BAPTIST CHURCH, Preaching evcry alt~eruate Sundayat 11 n. m., other Surdaysat 7:30 p. nt. Sunday School every SmMas, at 10 a. m , Rev. Valentine Hires. Pastor. Has the milker any remedy against the wilfulness of the cow in holding up the milk? Undoubtedly. All that is necessary is to refrain from exciting the natural obstinacy of the animal by any disturbing in- fluence. Many persons have seen an noticed the sly. determined way in which the cow that has been ill- used beaten, perhaps unjustly--- looks back sidewise at the milker, and understands the hard words he is using, knocks that follow the hard words. She shows by every action and the st(yhd determination to "'gwe down" her milk. But let a woman, well known for her tenderness to cows. and apt to speak pot words and fondle the animal by a gentle touch, go to milk a cow, and there is no trouble. Or a good natured mau, who is ready wkh kind words C ' ~ " and ~,entle touch to give the ammal Was sired bv Imitation 27,185, said to be the best breeding son of old Black U. S.. now living, and the style and finish of his get show him to be equal to the best. The dam of Imi- tation was a full sister to Ideal Lady, she being the dam of the highest priced litter on record. The dam ofl the pig Charley is Tecumseh GirlI 79,900, the fiuest sow in the herd./ Both Imitation and Tecumseh Girl] have won man3, premiums. John R. Hill, the veteran II]inoia breeder,' speaks of them in the very highest praise in an article in the W~s~as SW~NE BaLl'DEn, and B. L. Gossick, of Fairfield, who is authority, says he would no{ know where to find in the United States for $150 a p~g with better breeding than the one which arrived here yesterday. In Pact its breeding is all that could be desired. It is also a fine individual. it is a good omen for the continued] advaucement of the stock interests of / this county to see such animals/ brought within our borders, and we/ l 18 & 120 Clinton St. her due, and it will very rarely, or should congratulate ourselves that[ we have here a breeder who believes Children, especially infants, are soon New Process Laundry. m, ver, happen that there is any in no backward step, but who, onthe run aown with ('holera Infantum or trouble of the kind. There may be l other hand, is making continual ex- ~'Summer ('omphdnt." Don't wait to The New Process Laundry at an exception with some inexperienced / pendit~ure of study, time d~termme,Oholma CurebUtprompllv,give De youWitt'Scan rely'CliCon & Muscatine is, undoubtedly, the best heifer at first, milking, when she has and it. Uuo no+other. R]tter & IIochstof laundry ia the state. They do work been unwisely permitted to suckleliu his efforts to place his herd way money tier. .............. that can't be beat.on. Edmondson the calf and does + not understand t Up at the head of the class in point Better Than T w-0-for One. & Rogers are the agents at Kalona. what is wanted of her. She must be i of excellence Mr. Shaffer also re- Graining a la r. e Gooff e_,ver old_ 1,000,000 Send for free samples and judge there Leave your bundle at their store, tauc, ht b "" :' o. ..... ,ceived a fee da ...... + ....... 4-:.,,, y. lue KALONA NEWS and (,memm~tt Send Tuesdays and return ]~ ndav. , " " +i - .,. , Pc .... Weekly Enquirer, bo~h one year for only ................ ~ trammg ~,~s unlammar par~ ot her grits, vlz. Lady U S. and M:mmo $2,00 the EnquiroP is now issued twice a busme~s and then she will n Wilkes, both sired b Gossick's 350 ,, " There is no doubt, no failure, when + -' " ot hold Y $ HAND I;~ week, [uosdaysand Friday~. Is an 8- you ~al-~ De Witt's Cohc & Cholera up her milk.--Ex. Wilkes boar that he bought at the SE~/I~D ~p column, 8-page paper, large raze, or 16 Cure. It is pleasant, acts promptly, no ...... ~.-+-- r Iowa State F"i- +~" ~-'-" ~- pROCESS, , b+ld after ego ts '" ' a ,a.~ xu,.. xarmers c Rttter & Itochstettler m e a .es every ~eek One Fale "g P'g. . "',. , ,equal to 104ordi-[ " ............ "'~, ,.--' "" "l " ' Rate to Imlependence. shoull:l make it a noint to call $ o00] A ~mry papms a v(ar that usually cost [ G A R | For the Grand Midsummer r ..... a ~ ..... ~" ] .,.. [ 5 " . . , , .~a ....... ~* Uhartev-s lace when convement and $2.00; all large type, plain print and] _ __ ]Bicycle Meet August 191h t~ 4th '~ " P " ~o00] wlnte paper. A. eomplete new deparP+ure [ Extremely LOW Rates to Louis-I Tickets on sale via B. C. R. & N.' ;~, look over hls fine stock, You can I +~ ~'e+] l~ro ' ' " " " -- from old tune +ournal4sm. Cat! or ad] ville. ]"The Cedar Rapids Route," from all+ depend upon hospitable treatmeut, ] i~,~)O] ~ ssal!ordersto [ For the National Encampment at + stations within 200 miles of +ndepend-'and novor fearbut that the ~ri wilII| :=$2 501+.~'~ tow,. /Lo ts lll., K+y.Septe+m, ber 10-14, theleneeatt.ateof onefare for the round repaysou. Wellman Advaneo.p. r,. ...... ,L~ . ...... ;.- . D.w. ,-;. ,.~ t'~. J~y, wm sen exeurmou rmp. 840,000 m stakes, purses and + _ ~as5 ~u el,re, aure to clue,, no am tickets from eli stations al, rate of less special prizes. 81000 in bie clo r" t - "-"'- nothing to dreaJ, pleasant httle Ppdm:l ............ , ........ + ,, Y Dmes. I Diarrhoea should be stopped prompt- 2a5[ " ' i.tle Eaely [{iss s. Best furl ' " : " P" "I ' .... z .agents for further!ly. ItsonnbecomesehronieDoWitts W,o,.w ~,~I e Wttt s I t' r than one iare Ior ~no l ounu ~rl Trek wall on ~ I; ~ & ~ , P0rYlen :. Stck IIoadsehe Billiousue~;, Sour Stout- ets on sa e Sept 8th to 10th, good to re- ~ particulars or address I MORTON Colic & Cholera ('uro is effective safe a,;'~..'~'_~ff~ a:h an.l Constipatmn,IRHA~r & Hoch- turn nntil Sect O5th Call on B C R i ~ T ~- p ~ ~ aml certes Hundreds of testemonials ~vat~o.. 'n~e~gv 0tettlor - ' ...... -, .... ~ --. zx, ] . r ce ot other makes .... [& I/4'e ts O" further Information or]41 CedarR;,r+irtm r ..... g ] .I,.~oulgla.~ol + " N ~ n f ~ . ~ tlear w~tne~s to the wrtue of thm rent " ~ : , r -w---.~+~a. nlelTelno. 1t, can always be de end d Takenosnbsthute:se N~m's am~l State kessler one year [ address J. MORTON., (J, . & P.A. ] .... ,---- -"'2_'7"- ...... u,~on its use saves t ..... n ~.._~! [ on~o+o.W.L. Da,~aaa, tor ~1,~5, - lt3 Cedar Rapid~, In, ] ~ale t)i41s at the N~ws ott]ee, tRi'tter &ttchstettler" ' ........... JEdmondson