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September 26, 1946     The Kalona News
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September 26, 1946

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THE KALONA NEWS < ii ir School Rated Unique O and Educational Project WNU Features. mountains, provided it has as its mot,-e ~on who refuses to recognize obstacles Would seem insurmountable. Ohio, the unbounded faith of one major factor in formation and develop- Boychoir School, which in the short accorded national and interna- realm of youth projects and educational heel ehoirtriculum with emphasis placed on :Huffman, choral training. Admission to the School. who school--then and now--had two requisites, musical aptitude and the: possibility of a good voice. Forty- eight boys attended the opening ses- sion, the enrollment increasing con- sistently to reach the present total of 97: head- A non-profit, interdenominational institution, the school relies on re- turns from its own concerts and WOVe public subscriptions for support. the Although the teachers in the ear- in ly days of the struggling school were given no assurance of a salary, they came anyway as a result of of their faith in the genius of Huffman e~. add the conviction that their ideM divi. eventually would be realized. Make Town Hall Debut. education. In the third year of its existence the unique, tuition-free organization got its long- awaited opportunity. Siegfridd Hearst, representative of the National Concerts and Artists corporation, attended a rehearsal of the Boychoir in Columbus. Capti- vated by the group, he advised a Town Hall debut in New York. Ig- noring the financial drain, the choir went to New York to score its first outstanding success. Reviewers were lavish in their praise. Only disappointment following the Town Hall debut was that the anticipated request from N.C.A.C. to manage the Boychoir failed to materialize. Now, however, the N,C.A.C. has full management of the choir's affairs. Second major opportunity for the choir came three years ago when the choir appeared in concert at the Radio lnstitute's annual convention at Ohio State university. Leading radio executives arranged to pre- sent the Boychoir in a six-month series of broadcasts. Radio appearances and con- certs brought the work of the choir to the attention of music lovers throughout the nation, with subscriptions guaranteeing future of the school beginning to pout in. Two4hirds of the back salaries now have been paid. Huffman, who had re- ceived nsthing for his labors for the: first five years, has started to draw his well-earned wages. The school, which started with faith and a $6,000 budget, has set its goal at $25,000 next year. Lack of housing and boarding fa- cilities for out-of-town applicants has prevented many deserving boys from taking advantage of the uniqu~ opportunities offered by the school. To remedy this situatior~, more than $100.000 of a $150.000 quota has been raised in an inten. siva building campaign. Plan Major Tours. For the past six years, the Boy- choir confined its choral activities to Columbus and its carbons. Ex- panding its activities, the choir con- ducted its first organized tour through the East last spring. In response to requests from par- ents in all parts of the country, the Columbus Boychoir summer camp at Chautauqua, N. Y., was estab- lished to make the unique training of the school available to boys from other communities. Supported at first by nothing but an abounding faith, Columbus Boy- choir School today ranks as one of the nation's major achievements in the artistic and educational world. Will Typifying Spinster's Hatred of Men run by a woman. Part of her $15,- 000 estate was in' gold coins dug up from the basement of her home in Bloomfield, N. J., after her death on December 9, 1944. In setting aside her will, Vice. chancellor John O. Bigelow said the woman's hatred of men went beyond the borderline of sanity. "Miss Strittmater regarded men with an instant hatredand looked for- to the scientific when women could bear children without the aid of men," the prerogative court justice said. "In lg37 she wrote: 'It remains for feministic organizations to make exposure of women's 'protectors' and 'lovers' for what their vicious and contemptible selves are,' " Bigelow said. Two male first cousins, who had been left out of the will, and a sac. end cousin will share in the estate. LESSON ":" i By HAROLD L; LUNDQUIST. D. D. Of The Mood~ Bible Institute of ChicagO. Released by Western Newsl~aper Union. Lesson for September 29 Lesson subjects and Scripture texts looted and copyrighted by International Council of Religious Education; used by I permission. ! JESUS AND THE LAW OF LOVEi SITE OF SANATORIUM . . . Shown above is the Ottawa Arthritis LESSON TEXT--Psalm 119:33-38; Mat- I sanatorium and Diagnostic clinic, where revolutionary new methods thaw 5:43-48. MEMORY SELECTION--Love work i of treating arthritis have been evolved. eth no ill to his neighbor; therefore love ~0 L0~iGE~'IiOPELESS' is the fulfdling of t~e 'aw.~Romans 13:10 Love fulfilled the law--in Christ. Concepts TrcaHng God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son (John 3:16). The law of love is therefore appro- priate as the subject of our closing lesson on the general theme, "Jesus Interprets Old Testament Laws." Love is the heavenly gift of God, who is love, to man who so much needs its grace and power for his own life and for his living with others. I. The Mind of Love (Ps. 119:33- Ar hr [ic [ alert,s Evolved OTTAWA, ILL. -- Convinced that~~ "something could be d no" to end the futiEty which has characterized most efforts to treat arthritic pa- tients, Dr. E. C. Andrews, director of the Ottawa Arthritis sanat:~rium and DiaT, nestic clinic, 5as developed a revolutlonary new c~mcept in 35). treatment cf the disease and other Eight times in this psalm there~ rheumatic conditions. is found the cry of verse 33 for in- The new method, which Dr. An- . n l draws describes as "completely out- ~structmn in the laws of God. Ma : t not only must know them, but hemding procedures generally fol- ]must know how they operate. The lowed by present-day doctors," is picture here is that of a man who providingof permanentarthritis sufferersrelief for hUn-who wants to get in step with God,~dreds marching out to spiritual warfare once believed their cases to be hope- in i less, he adds. Success of the new and being prepared to respond prompt obedience to the commands of his divine leader. I Here we have the true mind of love. The one rightly instructed in the principles of God's rule in the world sees that love is the basic re- quirement, but that it expresses it- self in a life that is in accord with the will of God. i The thought of this passage is well expressed by Dr. W~R. White: "The psalmist had the highest possible conception of love before the revela- tion in Christ. He saw it as the basic order of things. He conceived it as identical with the will of God. He viewed it as the safe, happy path for man. He considered it as the way of wisdom. He passionately desired to embrace it and order his life by it. He saw it imparting to the naive and simple the benefits i of extraordinary judgment. To measure up he knew that he had to DR. ANDREWS I the~ be quickenedpower of OrGod.,,made alive to it by procedure, he continues, lies in its ability to treat the body as a whb]e i II. The Manner of Love (Ps. 119: rather than merely the part af~ect- 36-38). Love operates not from necessity, i cd by the arthritic ailment. Located in quiet, spacious sue- but because of an inner urge which roundings in an industrial commu- will not be denied. The psalmist ni~y of central Illinois, the Ottawa prays that his heart may be so in- sanatorium places main emphasis clined toward the Lord and so on a thorough, 43-pdint examination quickened within that he may be of ti~e arthritis patient. Findings of eager to do the will of God. i the examination, which usually re- Love has a technique, if you will, quires about six days, then are ccr- a manner of operation. It avoids related to determine cause of the certain things whi%h would hinder or prevent its full function and seeks out those attitudes and ex- periences which will encourage and enlarge. Covetousness must be a~,oided, for that is idolatry (CoL 3:5). We noted in our lesson of two weeks ago that covetousnese makes a man stingy, envious; selfish, proud and foolish. That means that love must rule out this destructive element. Love cannot live in such an atmos- phere. Love turns away from vanity. The vain things of this world are.usually presented in such attractive dress that to look at them is to be tempt-DutchGiveFood ed. The answer is to turn your l eyes away, or better still, ask God~(~rf/nfq ~q /~Df~r]q to give you special grace not only i~' .... t. .......... to ~ away, but to stay turned*~Tn ~t3ttr W, ddin away. The vsi~ passions of this --~ "W~" ........ :~" affliction. A complete report and )rescribed treatment are forwarded to the patient's own doctor, to be carried .ut under his supervision when the patient returns home, Pointing out that arthritis never "heals itself," Dr. Andrews insists that succccss of any program to world destroy real love, even while using the word to describe their base counterfeit. The positive side of the matter Is also clear. The manner in which love best expresses" itself is in the fear of God, in the established order of a life according to the law of God (v. 38). By being inclined to his testimonies it finds the right way--God's way (v. 37). m. The Measure of Love (Matt. 5: 43-48). How far does love go? Does it have a limit? Does it choose those toward whom it will exPress itself, loving the lovely and ignoring or hating the rest? In answer to these questions let us first ask, What is the general attitude of the world? The answer Is evident. The world has established its own principle of conduct based on selfish advantage. it pays to be polite to those who can favor you, so cultivate their good will by acts of courtesy and [kindness. Your neighbor may be able to help you in an hour of need, so do good to him as you have o13- portunity. But an enemy--what can you galn from kindness to him? Hate him. and treat him like an enemy. Christianity knows nothing of such a spirit. Even though it be neces- sary to oppose wicked men in order to hinder their evil plans, we need not lose our love for them. Even those who despitefully use us may be loved for Christ's sake. "Consider him that endured such :ontradiction of sinners against himself (and went right on loving them) lest ye be wearied" in your own love for those who bear the sad ~ame of enemies (see Hob, 12:3). This is admittedly a high stand. ~rd, but it is not too high for those who know the love of Christ. control the d!sease is basad on ado- quate diagnosis followed by treat- ment of the entire body to return it to a normal condition. "There is no such thing as a hopeless cade o~ arthritis," the spe- cia ii~t maintains. College football fans are becom. ing air-minded, with many prospec. tive rooters plamm~g to fly to ms jot De icate ....... ~ o~ Fun t3 Crochet AMSTERDAM. -- Special induce- ments to marriage have been au- thorized by the distribution service of the Dutch government, including food as wedding "bait." The grants stress extra food aL lowances for wedding feasts, inelud. ting a haLf pound loaf of bread for t every guest, one pound of marga- flue, six ration coupons for sweets (or three for tobacco), two ounces of meat, one ounce of coffee, four quarts of milk and two pounds of sugar for the festive board. grid classics this fail. Both pri- vate planes and commercial air- liners will be used in carrying grid enthusiasts to their favcrite sta- diums. Ernie Nordstrom, Northwestern Shortage of Males Termed 'Sabotage' WASHINGTON. -- Reports that the war left a scarce supply of single eligible males were revealed ias so much "romantic sabotage" in census figures. Ontthe contrary, the girls have an edge in .the marriage odds. Sta- tistics disclose that in the marriage. able age groups there are more single men than single women. "There still are more than enough men to go around," Dr. Hope T. Eldridge, census bureau analysis expert, reports. Bobcats Are Peril In Oil Field &reas THERMOPOLIS, WYO. -- In- creases in the bobcat population near the Warm Springs oil field rep- resent a new menace, according to Gayle Lewis. Lewis, who uses tom- cats to catch mice at his house in the oil field area, reports that three of his tomcats have been killed by foraging bobcats. Now, he says, the mice walk around in the oil at the field, then track up his house. 5149 FUN to crochet are these delicate litde edgings for pretty handker- chiefs--they ecrtainiy do turn a plain honky into a pretty and ex- pensive-looking ol:e. Make of fine tatting flu'cad ard ~',~e th~.m for baby frocks, lingerie cases and around oblong luncheon place university ticket manvger, reports mats of pas~el linen cr rouen. many inquiries fr~m fans planning to fly to Evanston, II1., for Wildcat games. An aluminas in Seattle, Wash., has purchased two season tickets, he and his wife planning to make the trip each weekend by regular airline travel. Season tick- ets also have been purchased, by alumni in Colorado and Texas. who plan to travel to Evanston by air. A block of 150 seats has been sold to a group of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., fans for the Ohio State game. The party has chartered planes for the trip. Another party in a far western $ @ $ Five cci~tns' in:trueto~ are ~iven in th2 patlcr:~. S~,n:i 23 c:nts in coin, your name, addres; a:~fl the :;aStern Ilclrllb0r Du~ to an vnusually lar2e demand al,~d current eondi~ o;:?. sllghtlv more time is in fi};i:~';', crde:'s l')r a few of the rues~. popu!ar pa~te::n nurnbc:'s. S:~nd your ardor to: SEWING CIRCLE N~GDI,EWORK ' 530 Soath W:[ls S~. Chicago 7, Ill. Enclose 20 cents for pattcrn, ,, Name. ., Address., city plans to' charter a DC-3 plane ............................................. for the Northwestern-Illinois game. Athl ~ovel t:ses fur airplanes: A means cf keeping farm kids "home on the range." Dewey C. Shaffer, O'Neill, Nob., farm- er, uses an airpi~ne to cover his 25,000 acres of ranch land, oversee his 3,0~3 Herefords and check his 45 windmills and 175 miles of fencing. Main advan- tage to the plane, however, is that the shiny red two-seater has added a glamorous punch to ranching for his son, Larry, and two daughters. It will he the mean~, Shaffer hopes, ef "keeping them d~wn on the farm." FLYING SCHOOLS DOUBLED Postwar increase in private fly- ing and flying trainhng for veterans under the G.I. b:'tt of rights are re- flected in the more than twofold in- crease in the number of flying schools approved by Civil Aeronau- tics administration in the first seven months of 1946. The number of CAA approved ground and flying schools operating in this country totaled 1,021 on Au- on Stomach R~li~,,ed ~a 5 tnlnu*,es cr douMe ~ur t~na7 ~ck Whe~ execs ~toma~h a~Id ~u~e~ ~nftfl, 8affectS* t ng gs~, SOur stomae~ sad he.reborn, doctors t~t~ily rre~'~ibe the re*strait-acting medicines known tot" symvtomatte relief ~ medieinea like tb~e | n li #[i-~aa T~b~,~t~, NO laxative. Bell-aria b~ef~l e~mfort in a ji|'~y or double otlr money b~g.k an r,turn of bottle to us. ~c at eli draggisto. Rutgeddes,~btee.g!.. I t...~.... | See yo~r dcal~'r at" ~r~ite RO01@~ [ 26 Friendly Welcome from PLAZA HOTEL Oppos;fe Union Bus Depof C~JtNEIt IqPTH & GRAHD DES MOINES, IOWA ., aaa ow mat ;dNl[: gust I, compared with 405 at the first of the year. In the month of !July alone 188 new schools were approved while another 70 were giv- en reapprovaL Among the 1,021 new schools there are 1,306 CAA,,ra~ings~ some schools holding two or more ratings for dif- ferent kinds of flying. Broken down, tha ratings are as follows: basic fly- ing, 129; advanced flying, 50; pri- mary flying, 637; instrument flying, 195, and flight instructor, 2212 NEW HELICOPTER . . Intro- duced to the publtc for the first time at the Cleveland national air races, Firestone's new helleow ter Jumps off the ground vertical- ly before the s~nall plane in the background can gain flying speed on its short take-off run. AIR 1~XPRESS SERVICE Direct air express service to An chorage, Alaska, from all parts o~ the United States now is available The new service is operated non ~top between Anchorage and Se attic, Wash., marking the first ex tension of Northwest Airlines routes beyond U. S. borders in accord anee with its recently certifi cated routes to Tokyo, Shanghai ant the Philippines. The air express rate is 60 cents a pound bet~eer Seattle and Anchorage, with a mini mum of $1 a shipment. DASH IH due to MOHTHLY LOSSES? Tou girls and women who lo~ so much durtng monV/ ~ t~,at you're .pale. weak, dragged out- this may be dUe to 1~ of blood-LvOl~ so try r.~dla . ~'s TAiLOrs --one of the be~t home Ways to build up red bloo~i~ sUCh Clts~ t~'s Tablets are o~ of the tNmt t,o~k$ ~ ~ bull 80, of cases showed clinical improv~ meat aRe~ only 10 da~ treatment with SORETONE 50 and SL00 ~l~e bw~s ~araa~ is the sd~mi* | ing he or she reads ia the newspaper. That is the buyer's guide. It tells the ~priors one must e~ to pay. Let the