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November 6, 1896     The Kalona News
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November 6, 1896

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That Joyful Feel|rig, the exhilarating sense of re- lieved health and strength and internal ~eanllness, which follows the use of Syrup of Figs, is unknown to the few Who have not i)rogressed beyond tile old time medicines and the cheap substi- tutes sonletinles offered l)Ht ]lever ac- cepted by the well-lnfornled. A Centennial Relic. The spiral iron stairway on which President Grantstood and touched the electric button that started the ponder- otis machinery and opened the centen- nial exhibition in 1S76, wa~ yesterday SOld to a Junk dealer for a small sum. For y~ars the st~rway had been in Use ia the police station at Trenton ave- nue and Dauphin street A new build- ing has been erected, and that portion o2 the old building was torn down on Tuesday. Contractor Doak offered the stairway to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, but tlie latter could not receive it. owing to lack of*room. | HER HAPPY DAY. &CHARMING STORY OF MEDICIN~ AND MARRIAGE. I~WO Open ]'~etters From a Chicago Girl --How Happiness Came to Her, Among the tens of thousands 6f Women who apply to Mrs. Pinkham for dvice and are cured, are many who wish the facts in their cases nmdo but do not give permission to ~ublish their names for reasons as obvious as in the following, no name is ever published without the k writer's au- W thority; this is a bond of faith which Mrs. Pinkham has never ~ broken. Chicago Jan, ~'" ~th, '95- l %My (lear Mrs. ~.L Pinkham :-- i ~ A friend of . " ~tr mine, Mrs. f" me to writs i youI bec~.u s@ she says: "you mere skeleton. From your little book I think my trouble is profuse menstruation. iSy symptoms are * * * * etc. Our doctor (my Uncle) tells father that I am consumption, and wants to take me to lorida. Please help me! Tell me what to do, ~ud tell me quickly I am engaged to be mar- ried in September' Shall I llve to see the day? * , , , " LUCY E' W. Chicago, June *6th, '95. Y dear Mrs. Pinkham:-- This is a happy day. I am well and galrgn~" ~eight daily but shall continue th treatment and Vegetable Compound during the summer, s you suggest. Uncle knows noth/ng about "~hat you have done for me, because it weal4 ~ake things very unpleasant in tl~e family. I ~'Ould like to gi ve you a testimonial to publish, hat father would not allow it. * * s * I Shall be married in September and as we go to Boston, will call upon you. How can l provemygratitude? * * LUCY E. W. Just such cases-~-s the above leak out [ . In Women's circles, and that is why the [~ confidence of the women of America is bestowed upon Mrs. Pinkham. are physicians more Why not candid [ ~ith women when suffering from such [ ailments ? WOmen want the truth, and if they . get it from doctor, will. ~nnot meek it elsewhere. f ' '1'he Cyclist's ecessl$y. ! ,:... pnHnJ I Wltil, lP s the REPAIR KIT for all AOOIDENTS. U~eql!aled for Quickly Healing Lameness and 5oreness of Uscles, Wounds, Bruises, Stiffness, Rh eumatism, l'tub thoroughly with ! OND'8 EXTI ACT after .etaeh ride to keep muscles SllDple, pliallt, strong. AGED WOMAN ~UFFRAGIST. &he Hopes to Live Long Nnoegh to Be Able to Cast Her Vote. Mrs. Emiiy Morrell Wood is the old- est wom'tn suffragist ill California. She hopes to live long enough to be able to east her first vote. Ju':t at this time the women are eoneeutr'ttlng their ef- forts on California, and it is probable that universal suffrage will win in the: golden State. Mrs. Wood is a native of New York and is upward of 86 years old. She went to California in :1850 with her husband in the bark Pahnetto, of which he was I)art owner. The cli- mate suited him so nieely that he de- elded tomake California his home. Mrs. Vood has lived in San Francisco ever since. Sire was a schoohnate of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Her fathe~ ) EJIII,Y MORnELL WOOD. and the father of Mrs. Stanton were }udge~ on tile same bench. Some years ago Mrs. Wood llecame afllieted with cataract and was totally blind for four year~u. A surgical operation was per- formed and her sigilt was restored ecru- pletely. She is a great reader and is very fond of needlework. Iter late huslmnd was a partner of John Lori- mer Graham, the famous New York barrister. She is one of the Anneke Jane heirs. Her was m'HTied to Rachc-1, who was the grand- daugiiter of Anneke Jans. The old lady's memory of nmtters long since past is perfect, and her health is re- nmrkably souml for one of her years. Elocutionist: We cannot advise you' in such an iml)ortant nlatter. If noth- ing will do you but the reciting of "CurfeW' Must Not Ring ] o-togA , go ahead and recite it. The audience will 1;-robably do you, too. In that event the news columns of the daily papers will tell you of tile affair. You, perhaps, know tile feeling in the community better than we do, and yon also know the a~nues of escape. Sqy your I)ray- ers and 1)iteh in. You will be pitched (,at by tile sufferers. Unhappy wife: Yon should not take ~uch a serious step without due delib- eration. It is possible that you will niece a mistake that you will regret. Veait a little while, and in the mean- til~e you can secure terms t~m Okla- homa, as well as from South Dakota. By getting the lawyers to bid against each other you should .save enough in your suit for divorce to buy your wed- ding outfit. The chance is worth the delay. Scientist: Your question is Due of such difficulty that any answer we might make would be open to criticism, aud we therefore hold that the question wouhl not prove of sufficient interest lo warrant us in answering it here. Ask us an easy one. Juliet: No. Legal tender is a term refelTlng to money instead of to the proper formation of a spring chicken. Chickens should be tender, but they are legal anyway. They could be still tougher and still be legal, but they ~ould not be digestible.,~, Taylor Twins Oaks. tIere is a peculiar freak in the vege- table kingdom. On the place of Wilb lflm .Taylor, five miles from Dallas, Texas, qre two oak trees, which are Joined together half way np the t~mnk by a ban_ d2ike tha,t which joined the A GRATEFUL LETTER .e,or.. lo.. tha...a. To bring them about, and are always more complete and lasting when they proceed with A WOMAN CURED OF DISF&SE steady regularity to a consummation. Few of the observant among us esn have failed to OF 14- YEARS" STANDING. notice that permanently healthful changes In the humau system are not wrought by abrupt and violent means, and that those are Fhe Veritca to the Proprietor of the the most salutary medicines which are pro- l~emedy Used and Tells of Her Re- greasier, ltostettcr's Stomach Bitters Is the gained Health and Great Joy. From the 13reeze. Bellaire, Mich. ~)r Williams' Medicine Company, Sche- nectady, N. Y.: Gcntiemen--I fee[ that I should write ~-ou of the benefit I have received from your Pink ]'ills for Pair People. ] have bean a great safferer, and for nearly twenty years cannot truly say I have seen a well day until after I used Pink Pills. I was an invalid for fourten years, seven of which I was almost helptesa, and had to be Carried when moved from place to place. ] was troubled with serious stem- acil troubles, and was constantly growing worse. My feet became paralyzed, vhen my ankles and afterward my knees b~'- came paralyzed. We became convinced that creeping paralysis had fa~tened it- self upou me, and my death was thought to be a matter of only a short t|me. My husband had procured some Piak PHIs, and as they were helping him greatly I tried them, and can truly say of them that they are an extraordinary medicine. I have experienced relief beyond my fond- ,st hope almost. 51y paralysis is a thing of the past, and though [ am a woman of 63 years, I now. do all my housework, and am enjoying good healt, h. (Signed) MARGARET ROSE. State of Michigan, County of Antrim, ss.." Margaret Rose, being duly sworn, de- poses and says that the foregoing state- ment by her subscribed is true. C. E. DENSMOItE~ Notary Public. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a condensed form, all. the elements neces- sary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are an unfailing specific for such dise'tses as locomotor alexia, partial l)aralysis, St. itus' dance, sciatica, neuralgia, rheuma- tism, nervous headache, the after effect of ia grippe, palpitation of the heart, pale and sallow coml)lexions, all forms of we~tkness, either in male or female. Pink PilL~ are sold by all dealers, or will ba mint postpaid on re(.eipt of I)mcc. 50 cemta a box or six boxes for $2.[~) by address- ins Dr. XVii~.iams Medicine Company, ,Schenectady, N. Y. When ~k'ou See It In Print. A :tensitive man is never so humiliat- ed as when he is obliged to read his (rwu proofs. Type moeks tile writer. The sentence that in mannscrlpt moved, with the stride of an armed man or danced as a swoonin~ strain of Strauss is now liml) and lame. The phrase that glowed With color is now pallid. Sparkling wit is fiat; sage reflection is ~eJune. The tllought "Shali I ever get the money for this?" is jostled by "Who would be fool enough to imv for it?"-- Bo.ston Journal. Don't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Your Life Away, If yea want to quit tobacco using easily ~nd forever, regain lost manhood, be made well, strong, magnetic, full of new life and vigor, take No-To-Ban, the won- der-worker that makes weak men strong. Many gain ten pounds in ten days. Over 400,000 cured. Buy No-To-Ban from your own druggist, who will guarantee a care. Booklet and sample free. Address 8'ter- ling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York. Hard T~mes in Deddviile. "Last Monday," writes the editor of the Deddville Recorder, "we went out to collect $160 due us on subscription from 160 delinquent subseril)ers. We put in tile whole day at it. How much does the reqder think we collected? Not a darned cent, reader; not a darned cent. We have been running a paper in this town seven years and we never saw times half as hard as they are now except the 3'ear we had triplets at our house." A Household Necessity. Cascarets, Candy Cathartic, the most wonderful medical discovery of tile age, pleasant and refreshing to the taste, acts gently and positively on kidneys, liver and bowels, cleansing the entire system, dispels colds, cures headache, fever, ha- bitual constipation and biliousnbss. Please ~ ~ ~ 0 buy and try a box of C. C. C. to-day; 1 , 25, 50 cents. SeAl and guaranteed to cure by all druggists. F~-noe's Wheat Yield. Tim yield of wheat in France, owing to the careful cultivation of the soil and the large quantities of guano and other fertilizers employed, is seventeen bush- els per aere. Never ask to be ifltrusted with your frlend's secret, for, no matter how faithfully yon may keep it, you will be liable tn a thousand contingencies to the snspiciou of having betrayed it. Hall*s Catarrh Curo. Is taken Internally. l'rleo 75 cents. Praise is a skillful, hidden, and deli- cate flattery which satisfies differently p~m ~o gives it and him who receives The lover writes sonnets to the fair grace of his adored Due who has been made 1)ewitehingly beautiful by the world- chief of these. I)yapepsla, a disease of ob- stinate character, is obliterated by It, V~qlliam the Conqueror, like the oth- er Normaus of his time, shaved i~is face clean. The Normans also had a fashion of partially shaving the head, which made the Saxons just before IIastlngs imagine they were about to fight an amny of monks. When bilious or costive eat a Cascaret, candy eathartiel cure guaranteed; 10, 259. Piso's Cure for Ccmsumption has been a family medicine with us since :1865.--J. IL Madisom 2409 42d ave., Chicago. Ill. 3ust try a :10c box of Casearets, the fin. e~t liver and bowel regulator ever made. Care of your health at this season. S~ that your blood is ~pure, appetite goot~ and all tile organs in a heaithy conditio~i Hood's Sarsaparilla is the great buildial~, up and blood-purifying medicine, andl therefore it is tim best medicine to take i~ the fall, when the atmosphere ia lade~ with disease germs from decaying vel~et~. 1Aon. Hood's Sarsaparilht preventa eold~ pneumonia, bronchitis and fever& Sarsaparilla IS the hast--in fact, tile One True Blood Purlfle~ D;lle the best fam~~ Hood's ..... and liver ~lmula~t~ 2~ h If you want protection buy "Battle Ax." m man s ,deal tobacco. It protects his purse from h,gh prmes.I It ,protects hm health from the effects of ,n~unous tobacco. It s the b,ggest and best there ~s -- nothing less, nothmg more. ~ .... An investment of 5 cents wiR prove this story. & I : 'I "~ \\ ~.\ for planting--but what a chlmsy, slow, ~.VX.~,~.. ous, ineffective way of going to work! Not: .~l,..-'~~"'~ much more so, though, than the old-. ~. ~ad,~~~- 'iTa~hion'e.d way df w~shlng. ~ Think t. of it[ Grlndm the dotlms and do'wn on a wash-board, with nothing but soap~; and main strength to get out the dirt. Then ////2" " think how simple and easy is Pearline's way// --soaking, boiling, rinsing, /// neecl Pearline for all t,~_ You your washing and cleaning~..".'~" ~~ ou need somethin~ better than, ~ .. _-m- ~E. soap or a sharp stick when you re dealing with dirt ,, ~,~