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November 26, 1942     The Kalona News
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November 26, 1942

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Proceedings of THE KALONA NEWS, THURSDAY, November 26, 1942 Hummer PUotbung Basert own Washington Board Supervisors PItOCEEDINGS OF THE BOAttD OF SUPERVISORS ON TUES., NOV. 3, 1942 Ttle Board met at the call of the Chairman. All members were Present. The minutes of the last meeting were read and on me- (ion by Supervisor Morrow, sec- Onded by Supervisor Rudolph, were approved. 0a motion by Supervisor Ru- dolph, seconded by Supervisor Morrow, the following claims Were allowed and the County Auditor authorized to issue war- rants in payment of the same: bliscella~leous Gee. L. MeDaniel, sup ..... $ 1.17 Nicola & Harmon, rent, SUpplies 20.26 John C. Owen, light ..... 51 HOWard White, filing saw .65 E. F. Bauer, meetings, mileage ............ 7.80 l(atherfl{e Flynn, meetings, mileage ............ 6.40 Mrs. Albert A. Lay, salary, mileage ............ 93.60 Mrs. M. M. Horak, sal. __ 16.00 5irs. Marion McAvoy, sal. 4.80 W. S. Kyle, M. D., fees @.50 Carson Plbg. & Htg. Co., repairs 7.92 I~Ubert Crall, Agent, repairs 3.72 IOWa State Dept. of Socia*l Welfare, aid ........ 84.48 l~urroughs Add. Mach. Co., maintenance 42.90 COordinator,s Corp., sups__ 3.00 I-Bgley Chemical Co., sup._ 15.93 County Treasurer, bounty etc ................. 35.04 Evening Journal, prtg. __ 32.55 Kalona News, prt. -;r34.75 Wellman Advance, :2 44.36 Riverside Leader, prtg. 5.40 Brighton Enterprise, prt~ 1.60 Iowa So. Utll. Co., sere. 43.55 IOwa Cont. Tel. Co., serv. 88.30 Frank E. Daily, sere. __ 1.00 Tripps, service 15.87 ~'m. SiCkels, serv. 1.00 Star Klesey, Co. Auditor, Petty cash 2.77 (~ V. Crull, Referee, rent ............... 30.00 Mrs. Sarah j. Wilson, rent ............... 1000 C. E. Bennett, labor ___ 4.20 ~iatt Parrot & Sons Co., sUPPlies 52.38 KllPto Loose Leaf Co., supplies ........... 9.13 J- H. Welch Prtg. Co., SUpplies ............ 7.55 ~och Brothers, supp. __ 232.92 Walter L. Kiesey, mil. __ 9.55 L. C. Conrad, sup ...... 13.00 -~lartin,s Mod. Cleaners, Service ............. 1.20 Election Frank E. Frazier, sup. __ 6.12 T. H. Peters Hdw., sup. 2.64 Y-vening Journal, sample bal- lots, Proclamation, bal- lots & supplies, sample 382 36 ~Vellman Advance ....... ballots _ ~ att p -- .......... 50.00 arrot & Sons Co., supplies ............ 661.68 t(lipto Loose Leaf Co., ballot boxes ........ 45.29 Crh-~mal Iowa So. Utll. Co., sere.16.47 YVellman Advance, ba~ dOCket G rage, key __:::: 29.98 ese,. mile o 50 11.85 "~Utnam, b~ar~, ~ileage 118.40 Court County Treasurer, jurors 79.30 Walter L. Klesey, mileage_ .30 co.~tr Health Mrs. W. E. Anderson, re~t ~rancee Hanna/ roll -- 45.0 Krause, salary .... 20.83 RUth E. ChUrch, salary, ~aileage _, .......... Betty White, sal. ______ 62.50 60.00 OF, 6 lambs, 4 ewes .............. ~" P" Foster,~2 ewes .... 84.$~) ~ete Perdoek, 2 ewes, 16.00 1 lamb ...... blYrl O. Lemley, 4 goats 30.80 20.0( Bovine T. B. ]Dr. G. A. White, service 35.71 I)r L c Bm~,e xrme~e ~ ' " Swain, sere. 20.30 ~=A. White. sere. --__ 84.~0 Thatcher reactor-_ David Q , 10.11 Banks, reactors 38.23 J" LYle Romine, reactors 76.68 County Offlee~ I-1. p. Wilson, com., Wk., ml. 108.45 ]~- S. RUdolph, sexton, mi., Ne~' wk., mi ........ 168.80 ~Orrow, session, mi., com., wk. mi. 161.15 County Home Blkleu, Wi~zer Grocer Co., Prey. "--;;.V_-:,-'- 28. 3 8. G. l~ll. 10.40 Richard Johnson, prey. __ 9.71 T. ~. Peters Hdw., sup. __ 10.84 Gee. ~. McDaalel, sap ..... l:.~t.~ Men's Reformatory, sup. 5.7D Fred L. Stewart, hdw. __ 138.11 Higley Chemical Co., sup. 61.41 Stan Kiesey, Co. Auditor petty cash ........... 1.01 Farmers Mutual Ins. Assn., Insurance ............ 5.5~ J. C. Penney Co., cloth.__ 9.79 Ona Lemley, sal. 50.00 Carson PIbg. & Htg. Co., repairs 26.57 Win. Careen, male hog __ 50.00 W. V. Durst, corn ...... 360.61 Porter Elevator, corn and oat~ ............ 296.5~ Iowa Cont. Tel. Co., service ............ 3.73 Iowa So. Util. Co., serv. __ 49.65 County Poor A. & P. Grocery, prey. __ 1~.24 Benteco Grocery, prey. __ 26.01 A. & P. Grocery, prey. __ 26.79 Richard Johnson, prey. __ 11.38 Jack Sprat Store, prey. __ 8.16 Nichol's Cash Groc., prey. 52.28 Farmers Co-oper, exchg., prey. 13.26 E. J. Hesselschwerdt, prey ................ 63.75 George's Dairy, milk .... 6.86 I-L~yes Dairy, milk ...... 9.42 Wellman Co-oper. Creamery, milk 4.28 Frank Daily, sal. 53.00 E. A. Glasgow, sal ....... 62.00 Helen Jordan, sal ....... 20.00 Myrtle Koloslck, rent __ -1~).00 Mrs. Boyd Berdo, rent __ 15.00 Lucy Dautremont, rent __ 6.00 A. J. Nichols, rent ..... 10.00 Rufus Gingerich, rent _- 5.00 C. V. Crull, rent 15.00 Cecil Denison, rent ...... ~ 0.00 Mrs. Chas. Strohm, rent 12.0~ Ainsworth Consol. School, bus rental 125.00 Bureau of Catholic Char. care 12.50 Lutheran Homes, care -_ 48.00 American Home Finding Assn., care 17.80 St. Vincent Home, care -- 37.50 Goldie Chrlstner, care __- 12.00 Win. Panzer, care ...... 10.00 Mrs. Bird Cress, sere. -_ 11.00 Emma Frank, sere. 11.00 Iowa Cont. Tel. Co., sere. 17.29 L. A. Jones, sere. 8.00 Sherman's Funeral Home, service 8 A) 0 J. C. Penney Co., clothing 8.6 a The Bootery, shoes ...... 4.88 J. C. Penney Co., shoes_- 6.90 Kalona Elevator Co., coal_ 6.12 Eclipse Lumber Co., coal_ 8.89 stan Kiesey, County Audi- tor, petty cash ........ 3.14 Walter L. Kiesey, mileage 9.40 C. W. McLaughlln, examination 6.00 Burlington Protestant Hospital, X-rays ....... 6.00 Gee. L. McDaniel, drugs-- 6.64 Dr. Robert H. Crawford, reed. aid 15.00 Washington County Medi- cal Society, reed. aid__- 61.14 Douglas T. Smith, mileage- 31.75 Pratt Paper Co., sup ..... $6.91 Wellman Food Store, prey. 8.93 Washington Dairy, milk -- 6.57 A. B. Clark, prey ........ 7.66 Cy Bush, coal 49.47 peferred Claim R. C. & Chas. Wells, 6 ewes 40.00 Oonmz~ctlo~ Tri City Blue Print Co., blue prints .66 Maintenance Raymond Baker, labor _-- 48.1 Chas. Churchill, labor __- 65.00 Chas. Curl, labor ....... 52.50 Ernest Ferguson, labor -- 63.00 Irl E. Gllck, labor ....... 65.00 M. M. Gowey, labor ...... 63.50 J. I. Holmes, labor ...... 62.50 Ralph Hoxworth, Labor __- ~3.00 ROy Kallous, labor ...... 65.00 Morris Lemley, labor ..... 15.00 Gee. Murphy, labor ...... 46.00 H. G. McBride, salary ___150.00 Edgar Porter, salary ..... 10~).00 Wade Page, labor 65.00 Donall Romlne, labor .... 65.00 Andy Sheetz, tabor ...... 65.00 Lester Small, labor ...... 67.50 Ed~Sheperd, labor ....... 60.00 Joe Schlatter, labor ...... 65.00 Ira Stout, labor 90.00 Donald Tecta, labor ..... 65.0~ Nelson Woodford, labor .- 65.00 Henry Wieland, labor .... 62.50 Rob't S. WeRe, salary ___150.00 Harold Young, tabor ..... 65.00 Buds Garage, oxyg. & aety. 7.27 Burlington Clean Towel Service, service ....... 3.00 Carson Plbg. & Htg. Co., fittings 8.66 Cities Service Oil Co., oil & grease .......... 139.46 Ed Curtis, posts 25.00 D-A Lubricant Co., drum deposits 15.00 Durian & Glngerlch, lumber 16.84 Eclipse Lumb. ~o., lumber 5.71 Erwins Cities Sere. Sta- tion, gas 2.90 Fletcher & Crooks Oil Co., gas 22.50 Griffith Oil Co., gas ..... 21.69 E. E. Grecian, gas & rep. 6./}9 Henry H~rnsen, fencing & po~s ......... ~5.|0 I-Iansen Lumb. Corp., lbr. 488.06 Iowa Sales Co., filters .... 15.76 Iowa South. Utfl. Co., sere. 10.06 Iowa Cont. Tele. Co., tolls & service 24.95 Stan Kiesey, Auditor, petty cash 4.18 Mace Motor Co., parts & sere. 10.32 Martin-Roasa Trac. & Equip. Co., parts ..... 385.52 Mid-Cont. Petr. Corp., gas & oil ............ 262.23 G. H. M~angold, tire repairs 4.00~ J. J. Minick & Sons, brick work 43.40i Nicola & Harmon, sup ...... 50 Owatonna Tool Co., tools_ 11.24 Pickens Tire Store, tire repairs 36.2 T. H. Peters Hdw., hdw.__ 2.11 Don C. Paul, gas & oil___ 14.67 A1 Roe & Son, furnace repair 15.45 Fred L. Stewart, hdw .... 86.62 Sieg-Ottumwa Co., equip._ 85.',4 Standard Bearings Co., bearings 51.6, FAith Showalter, damages_ 25.0~ Sligo Iron Store, bolts ___ 12.0~ Shell Oil Co., gas & diesel fuel 234.42 Tucker Chev., parts & ~mr. 3.26 R. J. Thornton, sere. & rental ..... _ ......... 496.50 :Waterloo Const. Co., equip. repairs 64.83 Hospital Dolly M. Bennett, salary 150.00 Luella Swift, salary 90.00 Mary Block, salary 74.04 Mildred McFarLane, salary 75.00 Welma Graber, salary ___ 75.00 Mildred See, salary ...... 75.00 Inez Graber, salary 75.00 Georgia Statler, salary ___ 75.00 Virginia W~llerick, salary_ 75.00 Luella Yansky, salary ___ 75.00 Cora Henderson, salary __ 75.00 Catherine Schneider, salary 75.@0 Yoder, salary 67.59 Ethel Stout, salary ...... 90.00 HeBman, salary ___ 72.59 Helen Simmering, salary __ 41.99 Rose Rollo, salary ...... 72.59 Leolna Peiffer, salary .... 12.00 Ruth Boiler, salary 28.92 Florence Rich, ealary ___ 16.~7 Boyd, salary ..... 10.00 Luella P~ttton, salary .... 2.00 Margaret S. Lee, salary__ 2.00 Carmen Relss, salary .... 8.75 Ruth B. Young, sglary .... 65.00 Virginia Wallace, salary__ 37.10 Dr. C. A. Boice, salary ___130.37 Irene W. Ofelt, salary .... 62.91 Ola M. Risk, ealary ..... 51.66 Elizabeth Gingery, salary-10D.00 Mitahell, salary ___ Carrie Norman, salary ___" 23.22 ~ary Boyd, salary ...... 39,63 Mollie Therion, sa'ary ___ 60.00 Mary Daily salary 50.0~ Lola Lynn, salary ....... 48.39 Pauline Souther, salary ___ 6.42 Norms Smith, salary .... 15.00 Ruth Smith, salary ...... 2_0.00 Aileen Smith, ~al~tr~" ..... $0/00 Sadie Davlson, salary ..... 35.00 Ethel Smith, salary ..... 6.42 Mae Shockley, salary ..... 16.77 Catherine Nebel, salary ___ 4.86 Harold Kerr, salary ..... 105.00 Irvin White, moving .... - 2.02 Dale Kerr, moving 10.80 Harold Kerr, extra work __25.00 Hosp. Supp. Corp., conveyer 81.46 Dolly M. Bennett, petty cash 9.07 Gee. W. Brady, equip .... 24.00 Lloyd Bradshaw, potatoes- 10.20 Virgil Blosser, repairs .... 1.41 Brewers Dairy, prey ..... L08.56 Carson Plbg. & Htg., rep. 26.97 Colonial Baking Co., bread, rolls 21.75 Costello Mfg. Co., sup .... 107.46 Hubert Craft, shades ..... 5.44 Eastman Machine Co., sup. 1.23 Evei~ing Journal, cup ..... 3.06 Farmers Mutual Ins. As- see., insurance 3.99 John W. Fillman Co., sup. 6.17 Feed Store, supplies 48.96, Frank Frazier, supplies-- 7.91 Charles Harland, chickens 8.16 Humble Produce, eggs --- 32.13 Iowa Cont. Tele. Co., sere. 21.46 Iowa South. Utll. Co., sere. & equip ......... 685.54 Earl Jackson, " poultry --- 13.40 Jamieson Co., supplies _-- 65.99 Johnson Grocery, prey .... 14.77 Kelley~Koett Mfg. Co., equip ................ 104.76 Leets Market, meat ...... 149.37 .~lssouri-Kausas Chem. Co., supplies 6.78 Gee. McDaniel, drugs .... 3.~0 McKesson-Robbins, drugs - 18.69 R. L. Lytle, groc. ....... 79.16 V. MueUer & Co., drugs & surg. supp ............ 184.93 John Nash Groc. Co., gree. 99.83 National Drug Co., drugs_. 11.4~ Nlcola & Harmon, supplies 4.54 Otis Elevator Co., grease_- 1.74 Parke Davis Co., reed. surg. suPP ............ 11.35 J. C. Penney Co., suppl .... 1.22 John Sexton & Co., pro~._ 7k.4~ Sharp & Smith, Aloe Co., blades 4.27 Reward Snyder, bread, roll~ 26.01 UpJohn Co., surg. suppl.-- 31.50 Washington Dairy, cream, ice cream 15.71 Mrs. C. G. Tilden entertained at a Thanksgiving dinner SundaY evening which included Norma Tilden of Washington; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Michel, Mr. and Mrs. Arlis Niffenegger and Michel and Harriet Beck. Mrs. D. C. Snyder and children of DeWitt will be Thanksgiving day and week end guests at the Weller Snyder home. Wessler Bros., repairs .... I.~.5 WelIman Co-oper. Creamery, butter 66.02 Will Ross Co., reed. & surg. auppl ........... 88.67 Wilson Coal Co., coal & ice 82.56 Yard & McFarlane, insur._ 54.12 Burrows, suppl .......... 127.35 Hospital Bttildl~q~ Van Meter Co., fixtures___ 10.35 Earl Wood, labor & mat. 1417.41 Jake Hartsock who was born near the Hummer church site 78 years ago, passed away at the University hospital, Iowa City, Sunday morning. Mr. Hartsock lived on the farm i here where he was born until his marriage to Mary Hagen in 1892. i The new home was made on a farm joining the old home where they lived until they moved to Iowa City. On November 9, he and his wife had the pleasure of celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. This eventful day had been plan- ned by them for many months. Two days later he was taken to the hospital with pneumonia. He was apparenly on the way to re- covery when the end came sud- On motion by Sup. Morrow, sec- denly. Surviving are his widow ended by Sup. Rudolph the fol- and two sisters, Mrs. Eva Nagy lowing claims were ~pproved: Miscelinneous M. C. DeLong, P. M., post. 15.00 M. C. DeLong, P. M., post. 15.00 M. C. DeLong, P. M., ]post. 14.00 M. C. DeLong, P. M., post. 15.00 M. C. DeLong, P. M., post. 15.00 County poor M. C. DeLong, P. M., post. 12.00 M. C. DeLong, P. M., p~st. 10.00 On motion by Morrow, second- ed by Rudolph, the 3rd quarter reports of Ed J. Yeggy, Mayor of Riverside and R. W. Fillmore, Justice o the Peace of Brighton rwp., were approved. On motion by Morrow, eecond- ed by Rudolph, taxes were sus- pended for Old Age Pension cer- tificate holders No. 52-113 and No. 52-777. On motion by Rudolph, second- ed by Morrow, taxes were sus- pended on Fred Koleslck prop- ~rty in Washington and Ellen Dayton property in West Chester. On motion by Morrow, second- ed by Rudolph, the October report af S. G. Bell, Steward of Wash- ington County Home, was ap- proved. On motion by Rudolph, -econd- sd by Morrow, the Auditor was ~uthorized to issue warrant monthly to Ona Lemley in the sum of $50.00 while employed as ward supervisor at the County Rome. On motion by Morrow, second- ed by Rudolph, Floyd Polls was granted leave of absence from County Engineers office during his service with the armed forces. On motion by Rudolph, second- sd by Morrow, meeting a~ijourned subject to the call of the ehair- m~n. H. P. WILSON Chairman, Board of Supervisors ~TAN KIESEY Clerk, Board of Supervisors of Iowa City and Mrs. Stella S~utsman of S~haron. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. tYorschel of Cedar Rapids, former residents here ~ere in attendance at ,the Robert Sass farm sale November the 18. Mrs. Vernon Zook and baby, Donald Kieth came home from the Mercy hospital last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Kobes and Mr. and Mrs. John Kobes of Iowa City wereoguests at a pheasant dinner Thursday at the home of Mrs. Jake Kobes, son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Benell. Mrs. Barbara Zook who has been employed in the Noah Mast home at Frendale, came to the parental L. D. Zook home here re- cently. The first home project lesson on the subject "Remodeling the PROC~EDLNG~t OF THE BOARD OF SUP~VISORS ON MON- DAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1942. The Board met according to Iaw. All members were present. The canvass oi the returns from .he General Election held Nov- ember 3, 1942, shows the follow- ing candidates to have been elected for the respective offices: State Representative: T. i-I. Huston County Auditor: Stan Kiesey County Treasurer: Marion S. George Sheriff: tL M. Putnam Clerk' of District Court: R. R. Noonan County Recorder: Harriet Coulter County Attorney: John C. Ow- en County Coroner: W. S. Kyle, M. D. Member Board of Supervisors, Term Beginning Jan. 1943: R. P. Wilson Meutber Board of Supervisors, Term Beginning Jan. 1944: Ned Morrow Members Hospital Board: C. J. Jungbluth, Gem F. Morrison, Walter R. Brown Justices of the Peace Brighton Township: R. W. tore Cedar Township: Kelth Ruber, Gunnar ~wanson Crawford Township: W. P. Davidson, ~d~enneth Cherryholmes Dutch Creek Township: A. R. Strum, W. W, Wolfe English River Township: Leon George Beck l~anklin ToWnship: IAoyd ~auer, J. R. Grtggs Iowa Township: M. P. Rowe Lime Creek Township: C. M. Crossett, T. W. Zillmer Oregon Township: Wayne hyle; Sam DeLong Washington City: BenJ. CoP- ~ock, W. S, E~drldge On motion by Morrow, second- ed by Rudolph, meeting adjourn- ed subject to the call of the ;hairman, H. P. WILSON, Chairman, Board of Supervisors SPAN KIESEY, Clerk, Board of Supervisors Pilotburg Sunday school and church services were held at the home of Mrs. Esther Hamilton, who invited them to her home. The folks who live on the dirt roads are having the usuai ha~d time to get to the good road in spite of how important the busi- ness, with the frequent rains late- ly. There is still corn tu be gather- ed and much of it is breaking down. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ashby will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, November 30. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Anderson and girls of near Lexington and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Batterson jf Washington visited Sunday at the Wayne Stransky home. Mrs. Ed4th Pribyl and Harold of Egypt and Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Spevacek of Kalona visited at the Frank Stransky home Tuesday. The Pilotburg Aid Society met November 12 with Mrs. Esther Hamilton Mrs. Joe Cortum was co-hostess. There will be election of officers and the usual Christ- mas exchang~e. Roll call response will be a scripture verse. Family Wardrobe" was given in the home of Mrs. W. L. Sn~der Friday afternoon under direction of Mrs. Raymond Benell. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cox left Tuesday morning for a week's trip to Edwardsville, Ill. where they will visit her pa~ents. This is somewhat a belated honeymoon trip for Mr. and Mrs. Cox, due to the ht~sy season on the farm at the time of their, marriage almost a month ago. Mr. and Mrs. Don Sullivan of Iowa City were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Bayer Monday evening. Mrs. Hughie Madden and son Harold were Iowa City callers Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bailey, Harold Shenk, Harold Madde~ and Mrs. Gertie Bailey were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clair Grout Sunday evening. Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Snider helped them celebrate theix 40th wedding anniversary Wed- nesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Niffeneg- ger and daughter Beverly were dinner guests at the Jess Sleich- ter home Sunday. O- Local News Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Kloos of Marshalltown visited his sister, Mrs. Anna Snair Sunday. Barbara Gingerich and Ben Shetler spent Sunday at the Ru- fu~s Gingerich borne. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wittrig vis- ited at the parental Homer Ihrig home at Wellman Sunday. Week end guests with Mr. and Mrs. . J. Spevacek were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Spevacek and d~ughter, Mavis of Chicago. Other guests Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. John Shalla Jr., and daughter Darlene. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Spivey spent last week end at Des Moines. Mrs. Ivan Alt and children vis- ited Sunday in ti:e Harvey Hofer home at Ke~t-~ Mr. and Mrs. Herman Smucker and daughter were dinner guests Sunday in the parental John Gin- gerich home. CLOSING OUT SALE III II We, the undersigned, will offer for sale at our place of residence 4 miles Northeast of Frytown on Johnson Co. D gravel road and intersect- ing the Sharon and Wellman gravel road at Frytown and the Johnson Co. A gravel road to the Northeast and 10 miles Southwest from Iowa City and 15 miles Northeast from Wellman commencing at 11 o'clock on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4 Head of Horses 4 Matched team of roan Belgian colts, full sisters, coming 3 and 4 years old, good ones; black mare 6 years old; black gelding 6 years old. 32 Head of Dairy Cattle 32 14 cows---purebred Swiss; 2 Jerseys; 11 Guernseys, some fresh late- ly, some to be fresh soon and some later; 5 heifers to freshen in January and March; 8 summer heifer calves; 2 heifer bucket calves; 2 smnmer steer calves; Registered Guernsey bull 3 years old, nice and quiet. 36 Head of Hogs 36 Four tried sows and 5 gilts; purebred Berkshire boar 3 years old; 26 September .pigs. . 15 Head of Ewes 15 . Farm Implements and Miscellaneous . S. C. Case Tractor on 10x38 rubber, starter, lights, fenders, filter and power lift; Case cultivator to go with tractor; Case 8-ft. tandem disc; Case 2-bottom 16-in tractor pl0w with oil bath clutch; 4-section Kewanee folding~ harrow; New Idea manure spreader; New Idea side delivery rake, above machinery used 2 years except rake; John Deere mower; riding cultivator; Sattley corn planter; stirring plow; bob sled; low wagon with good triple bed; low wagon with wood rack and bed; wagon bed; wagon and water tank; Model T. Fordson motor on truck; cylinder corn sheller with corn elevator; 2-hole corn sheller; Letz 10-in. burr mill; tank heater; pump jack; 2 scoop boards; a lot of ,shop tools; vice; pipe wrenches; saws; hammers etc.; forks; shovels; barrels; hay rope and fork; 2 sets heavy work harness; collars and saddle. SURGE MILKING MACHINE, USED 18 MONTHS; MELOTTE SEP- ARATOR WITH MOTOR; MILK UTENSILS. Turkey Equipment Two brooder houses 10x16; one 8x12; 5 brooder stoves with a lot of pipe; a lot oof waterers and feeders, fountains; two 70-gallon; some sun porches; a lot of wire and steel fence posts; post driver; 4 good shelters; 3 hog coops 6x12; hog troughs. . ....... Grain and Hay 2,000 bushel corn; 900 bushel of Iogold oats; 125 bushel soy beans; 14 bushel medium red clover seed; 20 ton clover and alfalfa hay. Household Goods Including davenport, Aladdin lamp; lanterns and other items. D. G. Yoder and' Ezra Troyer Auctioneers Farmers Say. Bank, clerk Terms, Cash Lunch by East Union Sewing Circle C. F. HERSHBERGER & SON