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The Kalona News
Kalona, Iowa
November 26, 1942     The Kalona News
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November 26, 1942

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THE KALONA NEWS REG'LAR FELLERS---A Beeline l ;~.?:~ii~ , , ~ ~/~((~ 3 ~~~~,.~S"~t~T~cA~t'L~" |THAT we suv I ~%di aq" F O~_ XO0. ll'S ~or I ,~,se~xo~, so w~ CA. euv A Wela< I |i4ER,'~Q,~D SEND FOR Ft, EtSCHMANH~ ~/~D1 , .',; I mw am,,~ sorer, rP~~ t-uu.~j i ~uc~ous ~ew ,~c,.L$..,,@~e,o~,j~E i W~n StrSSto New Yo~k~.N,~f, FRBH 40-i~e, full-color book with over 60 recipes. Write Standard Bmnd~, Inc., --.A4verm,ems~ POPPER EXPLAINS INFLATION "Popper, can you explain infla- tion so I can understand it?" "Don't bother me now, son, I'm too busy." "How long will you be busy, pop- per?" "I'll always be too busy when any- body wants me,to,explain inflation." (Voice from Mother--"Aw, go on and help Junior out! He's got to write a school essay,") $ * $ "WeU, ahem, sonny, it's like this, ahem . . . inflation means a condi- tion under which the dollar will be worth less." "But it will still be a dollar, won't it?" "Yes. A dollar bill ~ sti~ be a dollar bill, but it won't be the dol- lar that we used to know. What I mean is that while a dollar may still be a dollar, strictly speaking, its value as a dollar will not be the same value as it would have been if there had been no change in values . . ahem . . . Is that quite clear to you?" "No. Is it to you?" "No. Let's try it a different way. Let us take meat for example. Take a $100 bill. Now let us assume that this $100 will buy a stack of steaks piled up 45 feet in the air. Got that?" "Forty-five dollars will buy 100 steaks piled up how high, popper?" "No. Newt take your time. We've got our steaks piled up 45 feet. And right now we can buy them for the $100 bill." "What hundred dollar bill, popper?" "Shush! Now, then, comes in- flation . . . What happens?" "That's what I'm asking, pop- per?" "Well, we suddenly look around and find" that while the steak pile is still 45 feet high the $100 bill has shrunk down to $32.79." "Huh?" "No, that's wrong. Let's make it easier. The $100 bill is still O.K., but the steaks have changed. In fact, the pile is now only 20 feet high. See?" "Is that in regular steak o ham- burger, popper?" "Omigoshl Any steak. I don't even have to use steak in this story. I could use eggs or liver or even codfish cakes. I could make it |us* as clear it I used a suit of clothes, a new tie, a pair ~ shoes or a bi- cycle." "Let's do it with codfish cakes and bicycles, popper." "Why! ! !" "It'll be more fun." (Voice from Mother--"Gee, Clin- ton, I don't think you're explaining it to Junior very simp~.") "Very well Now lissen, son. Let us take house paint. Today $25 will get me enough paint to paint our garage two coats." "We haven't any garage." "Don't interrupt. Let's paint it, anyhow. Comes inflation, and what happens it we want to paint it a year from now? Twenty.five dollars will only buy enough to paint 't2~ee sides, and only one coat. Do you see what happens?" "Yes. We write M~. Roosevelt and he paints the other side at government expense, . popper. Rut what CAUSt~d ~adoi~?,, "Awah-h-h !" * $ THE SMITHY Beside the empty used car mart T~ vil~ge smoky stands; smith is mighty gled ot heart, For business still expands. The busy large he eagineers ls,,lik~ his heart, aglow.-. This ~ has waited ~fly years To say, I told you sOY ~ald Rafter,/in the N. Y. Times. He hears a motor, and its smlme Comes to ldm from afar; It )path and he says, "Look, boys, It IS a motorcar!" Then once again Ms sledge he And says, as well he may, ;~1 knew when 1 first saw them things They wasn't here to stay~" * $ $ "Higb-heeled shoes are to be dis- continued for the duration to,save leather."~News item. * $ * Wanna bet? Merrill Chilcote says there can't be any manpower shortage. %4U those ~eUows who have been s~an~. ing around excavations watching ]onndations /or new buildings laid can't be working indoors," he says. * * it THE HOARDER AT HOME Our table's getting bare, you bet, Though good food I demand; My wlfe says it's too early ~et To open food she's eamned. --Merr/ll Cldloeto. it * it '~he WPB has frozen all canned sauerkraut until April 1943."--News Rein. Ima Dodo is terribly upset. She says cold sauerkraut is awful. ~d wh~ she's a]raid o/i# that it may be turned out in ~ors in ~Jerkrau~ co~e~ Live Mouse Traps Irish fishermen have a novel method of catching mice in their shacks. They use live oysters! These are scattered around and when a mouse sticks his nose or foot into the half-open shell the oyster closes up on it. P.ll the Trigger on Constipation, with Ease for Stomach, too When constipation brings on discern' ~ fort after meals, stomach upset, bloating, dizzy spells, gas, coated tongue, and bad breath, your stomach is probably "crying the blues" because your bowels don't move. It calls for Laxative-Senna to pull the trigger on those lazy bowels, com- bined with Syrup Pepsin for perfect ease to your stomach in taking. For years, many Doctors have given pepsin prepa- rations in their prescriptions to make medicine more agreeable to a touchy stomach. So be sure your laxative con- tains Syrup Pepsin Insist on Dr. Cald- well's Laxative Senna combined with Syrup Pepsin. See how wonderfully the Laxative Senna wakes up lazy nerves and muscles in your intestines to bring wel- come relief from constipation. And the good old Syrup Pepsin makes this laxa- tive so c0mfo:table and easy on your stomach. Even finicky children love the taste of this pleasant family laxativ~ Take Dr. Caldwetl's Laxative Senna com- bined with Syrup Pepsin. as directed oo [abel or as your doctor advises, and feel world's better. Get gsnuine Dr.Cald well's~ Guiding the Child Some teachers of child guidance say that punishment means to look backward at what a child has done, whereas guidance means to look forw~ard to what it is hoped he will do in the future Beware Coughs lrom emma e01d8 That Bang On Oreomul~on relieves promptly be- cause it goes ~l~t to the seat o! the trouble to held zoosen sna expe, germ laden p.h~egn~., and aid.ha .tl~ ~O sooTAle aria flea/ raw, ~eD~er, In- flamed bronchial mucous mem- branes. Tell your druggist to sen you a bottle of Creomulsion with the un- ' derstanding you must like the way it (Nl~kly allays the eoug-h or you are forCou~s, ChestColds, Bmnchit~ Quick Reward How quickly a truly benevolent act is repaid by the consciousness of having done it!--Hosea Banou. Ikile~l M S mimes er ~ memy I~lt ~axeess stomach sold eswses imlnfnl, suftoes~:- gl~._, so~r stomach and hiartlmrn, doctors tim ~utest-o~dng medicines .known for ~m~tomatlel~l~ef--medleinee like th~mln Bell-itmt ~[etl. No laxative. Bell-ans brlng~ comfort i~S ~i~ or do@hie your money bitTk on return of bo~ ~ u~. ~f~ at ~tl dr~t~. uun , Easy to Forgive It is easy enough to forgive your enemies if you have not the meanS to harm them,--Heinrich Heine. C .s,(,s. 1} Raw, smarting surface relieved amz- InsJy by the soothing medir.atlon of RESINOIL, Unbroken Word No word He hath spoken was. ever yet broken. hmab lmml AND HELP BUILO UP RED BLOOD! Lydia E. PIakl~s. O~mp0und TABLETS (with added iron) have helped; t~S~, to relieve pert- o~LLo pain, backache, headache with week~ nervo~- e~, blue feel- tugs-due to functional monthly disturbances. Taken regular~'s Tab~ lets help build up re.stance ~al~ast | SUC~ annoying symptoms; ,.v~o, | tl~etr ~ them a fine h ttc to~nt~ he~p btllld up rbd ~lemo~. I lqn~.ha~a's T&blem am made "~1~-I .~i~Z~ /or wom#~. Follow l~t~l di-I ffiffi.. J VITAL RBBTS" TO HELP BUlB RESI AHCE TO COBS... ' Good-tasting Scott's EmuMon con- rains the na~ral A and D Vitamins* often needed to help build stamina and resistance! Helps build strong bone~,, sound teeth tool Mothers~ give Scott's Emulsion davy.