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November 27, 1896     The Kalona News
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November 27, 1896

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Prosid. duoe. Not nlere] ,,. 1 ........ , .... tilt. with bared head. 1)ro,n'g. ~cs .... " ' 3 to plonounee ..... t*Vt,~ o2 lioxvcr DeLL A Kravch, i ter- re tel'get hinlself his own wal,' ,,, , . t)ut to conduct tile art of prese , raft! I,ti)lO lhc..doo,, IIordt,red w th an ] opinions and his ambition~ ii'l't,~.:,)-//Is, in a manner that ~hall be ace oununenau wall, aff.rded tin, of the I est~s of the people Th( 1 ..... ~ "~)t-:I to nil peoples and all nations And tov(liest (l;s I1 '~ . , . " - ~tlIl D~ipilze.~l ! , ~. t ~J(~> th,l Stelbt had J lushead with this (lob,isLe, ............ ,/ dmnels lie must be the gracious he '~;,~ ;("i:,,~:e';'i ~i;:s;:)l.hi.",,t r('mst Stol)pin~I look on frxm, their COilifor~a';;;,~",:',i;ve!presenting, greeting', leading the wa ,. "~ " . .'1 lie ()[ JIcr Vot ('lothts. / foruls shelehq.~f~ , ..... " ,- v,,~- to dinner (lenonlinfltinrr)la('es . ~tf'ha ha(l 11o Pull'qOll to conn)laiu of | .-L. ~' .. I lit 1-11rlDrellns, and lip- | ida" ~a ..... ~, I , and l~ ..... ,,, , ' ~ plalltI. TilePresideu . -~, .,~atly ior tile relUlOll trip to th ili;ot~(;'::;r(;(~;' S{~, ~,as tfl.f,n to a lux-t,elf_saorifif,e hut lie ,v~lllh.P~a?l'.l.::~/:~-rawlng-room at a mystic look froi '~ ~ . -. -,-A'2e a dlf,, DO12 water, i . ' ......... eul(l his Iv(re , ,~.,rm t~we]s, mid various "lrtieles of /.n !as h(.lld without doubt. Clevel.lncl / .... . A:I told. the i lesldent has .... . . "s ' egg }laa "l mild attack of grip after his lest ~e~ ere task De'fore hnn. ,,o.% ,,, .t,,, ?,, .ll % /ln.lll ur,. ,.hcw, ilow it snowed ,t I ............ was ["l"oF ill offtq'S of qs-~ist'tnto Stella [th'( h ; A Curiously Named Garden CHAPTER VII--(Contimted.) 1 ('IIAI)TER VIII. Ion, : ~ " ........ - --- I)ut on a sk rt of 51 )1 y'~,-- t was quite ' our for the inanglll,ql a(hh.~.~ .- n m~h (or her--and Mrs Grog The -)roeeedin~.s b ~ ..' . 0"" There !s a garden tn Brixton kept by Meanwhile Stelln, with flushed cheeks ] A girl of fifteen years olfl---llis ow~: proniisod to send her civil back to St *' l )4< I e[ol e rile lnaugura- an OlO ~'entlema.- ,~ h;oh .. - " land rapidly beating heart, was making|daughtr Molly. aN "lie was very well Ansehn's as soon as it was dried. And sou r.eqnn-e study on the part of the cnricmi~e~ tn ~',-",'" ...... vr(,,enrs some her way at'a very quick pace up the hilly |~x~ale--had. rashly made her way fron when ~he wqs ready to d ...... " moommg l'resident ttis d .......... ....... ru~ nomenclature. The ' , ' . - .Or.,.'., aS ~no i :_ ~y .... ' * .utj 1~ LO De owner lie~ been so;,-~ ,-.=*~- - " - road toward the'p0int which she wished | oWmer to /)owlder until she stood close tnonght,Molly conducted her, "tlmost h.. I m )vasnlngron on March 4, ready to ] label tl;~ ~ ,~., ,v.. a aesu'e to to reach, llut silt: had forgotten all aboutIt the deep pool which Was wcll known to lind ) eufOrt'l'et :[le, dr~a'wmg:-r'm' where teal for r--eargItwrk'" Ills term of servitude is] {;ota,lis;; bat, kno,vin, nwers after the n.m:mer of her destination. She was conscious of be the most dangerous spot in the swiftly " l -1 a 'a, qnd wnere Mr Men- I y " s (latin~, from that hour Cus I ..... ' ' g crams or so(- nothing but the insult which, an she con- rushing little ri~:er, Evidently her nerve f-rl~:ff andhls s!m awaited her. ] toni makes him do more The day be- [ al'(~ ~ '~" ~' onsult(~/ an acquaint- had given w,ly at this very point She ~ney an made much of Stella The~ ] " ~ * Ane result i,S moreamusin~ thau co(red it, Jobn l[annington had Imt upon could not go forward: st , iva~ nfr ' " ' .... .- enrlnc reims c her. and of the desperate upheaval of go back. ,- ,ud towaited upon her as if she had "be(m a | " pride and bitter anger timt had taken tler body was half poised over ~) princess; it seemed as if tl ev eouht not l)l:tce within t~er heart. How dared lie to the stream; it swqycd a little, as if she do enough far ilvr. In faet~ her sweet bowtoher? I)id he think that she had ;'f~(~r~rnft(i:z~', and another frightened [ faee and gohlen hair had quite fascinated ' taken his repulse So lightly tilat it was " :, ue troln nor wilite lips Mean- the young P(~)I)!e; and the fascination ex- easy and possib](, for them now to nmet while a youth, somewhat older than her-/ /tended itself to Alan Monet(eft an well.. / as old acquaim.uwf,s'., He must think self, was hurrying a~t'ro~u the bridge from He thought that he lied never seeu a love- little of her, indeed[ the other side, and eal ins to her to be lier face that of p,mr M'ttthew Rae careful--not to nlove Ilnt]l he eaule to barn's da!:-htfu.. / Btlt anger "tad vindictiveness were not her help--not to lose her head. natar:l] to her,Before h)ng her steps ]~t was "I ' / ,q think I must rc:,.llv go now," said] very plato that she. had lost it ah'eadv. ,gtella, at k st. "lr will t,e nearly dark slackened, her color fell, her eyes hogan But help which Molly's father had not when I reach be he" so I must make to fill wP, h tears. She turm:,d ashle from t looked for was at baud A siend(r the road and scrambled a little way (to~n ~ in black ~ ~,;.oL , ' , , ' figure lassie." /he hillside along which it ran "On,' ' , ,,,,-,, ne mm seen already, Johu, John! amt I loved you soP' she ~!lfl ~tan(hng oil the st,rots and holding "T~h~, ('arria~ze is waiting, if you insist ' ,~ )UE a~)al'asel tOthe fri,,h*,-,.-,,- . ....on h'aving us so soon " said Mr. Men- whispered t"J herself If only I eouhl ]lad .......... " .... ,-~-ma -./ advance(1 Its far as ;.:he conld. Molly crieff. ('ourh,o,,lsly. "'Bertic. l'/hl down forget you --for you are not worthy even clutched the parasol handlg so violently The carriage, drawn hy two magnifi- of my love--but I never, never shalL" that Stella ahnost lost her own b'llan(,e, and tell M'~e~regor to drive round." Absorho~ in her reflections, she had not "Ste.ldy!" she sa M. cent troy hm'ses, was at t~he door, and ]ward trio SOUll~] of footsteps on the road 1 t x tr~'i:gg to lick heft" face in that sympathy porting Stella with his arm. ."'Wnders wi,ll never cease," said Lady carriage. Moncrleff of Torresmuir, the w~th sorrow which intelligent animals h~i;Thank~ou, i~unaflr! xxasnott--l~imand he'~~i a~n~nt ined~ktd ~,al,.lookingback. "That's theMonerieff ,often show towardtheir masters and the( ?fr.ends. The gentleman turned hastily , , . r proudest man you ever knew. sending the little Du , ,. .away, ttmnkful that he had not intruded gave the very slightest possible start He ...... ndce ~lrl home in his barouche[ ~,tfller solitude. Wheu he had gone some rec.ogmzed her as tl~e girl with ~'olde,, ~v,,a~tt uoes that moan, I wonder?" ~;to~e.,~l_st,!n.te, s o~n.e feohng of remorse ~aelr~l 2oa~d the Britannia, and she ;:;2 iw,?: can ask him to-night. He,is go- to~senstou or nun. Uugnt ne to nave ~ , '~-u that John Ilanniw,ton h~a~, . ~.e ,*laxwens to dinner,' said tasked her if she wanted assistance of any named him to her as Aiau Moncrief "~ Hnnnm~,~ton, rather ill-temperedly. He ktad?--if she were ill or ill pain? Torresmuir. The remembrance (lid moet knew that, Lady Val was going, too. r~ ......... "Pooh!" he thought to himself as lie tha!l anything toward bring(he th~ ..r 'I will, said the lady, briskly. And .... *~a~t; THE 1NAUSUI~&L ADDRIz~ rxr . ...... strode on again, "my volts must be wan- naek to her lips. She was verv~x~.hi':,~ sa,,e~:asas good as her word. I ~- -- - .......... ~u~. dertng to nlake me think of such a thing. ~vnen ne landed he,., for her frlght he'd ,,.^~:_2~r~. ~'lone.rwff, ..she said, later in lore the Inaugur!ltion the President- ap r~ A woman's tears~ They come e-~;~., oeen severe. ...... emn,. IOOKnlg With secret aomira I elect arrives in Washtn~,t,~,, ,,~- ..... I .P. p te, and proves the folly of enough, and mean little' e~longh, heaven i 3Ir. Monet(eft raised his h/~t. "I can- tlon at the face of the grave, stately man I always a erovcd to meet~liIu'at the':~aa. ~ ?'1 _.~lom where, ignorance is bliss. Scl- k ~ ~ not express my rail 1~11o ~as standzn near her d ~ltlI1C aaln ,~o.fs=2he hashad a quarrel with her lame '; he s.~id in g''~ tude to you, mad-i don't you know g ~Ii ,', . o tell meT] (ion, and from the minu~:e he registers|the "~' .e~ lmve been affixed to all ..... 3' t,--,mys. ~ne wears a taack dress; I .~ ' : ~,,. ;, _ stIit, courteous accents I ........ , ~ss ~taeourn WhO Is ] at the hotel wlth his "suiI~e' ~n .e~'~.|.. nowers, ~ut ~trIctly on the~)rlno4nl~ mother or tathel' dead, nerhans. A ~.A I turougn wmcn his real emotion hnd .... ~ ] maymg in the nelgnoornood?" She had [ ..... ~ , ........ -- -- ........ ~r~at "a r,~*~ , ...... - -'*"- lot for the re,rag," and h~e heaved , ~t~,~," ] difficulty ia manifesting itself ,,~,,~-~ ] not the, faintest idea ,vhere Stella wao | ,,,~,u~, m.s wire aria remnves--he mast |~maell n~ ~"~.- ~'f',, au.y orner marne will * " " .,- -- ~ "~'~'~ - ~" " ~'~ ~Ut o llOl(1 an Informal ..... ~ r*weet.' one as tt~ there were some ner'~olifi~ i~ef.r.~,, ] }cur preseace of mind and *;melv h^,.. ] staying, she 4rew her bow at a venture. | ..... reeeptmn. Fie mtmt ]~n~e,"--*; ...... row beara the in tile words. "She hashair li'kethat~?rl |i?.Y dat)ghter would searcelr, i* fear 'l::~ ."She saved my little girl's life this | rake nls primary l~son In affabIIRy. |~..~,.~;.'.~;~_V. ?ux vomica;', l~notl, er f, on board tile Britannia last summe'~ ibeen reg6ued from her periious 1,osi't~o'~liT, ] afternoon," said Monerieff; nnd then he |!~o m~.~ter If they do press in while he[~.'~Z_~el~I Nlst Prius;" = third Is eurioxlsly brilliant without a (ouch of red ] "I was very glad that I hannenea *^ ~- ] tom ner the story of Molly's escapade |is haKulg his noonday bite to nrge a [.-,.,~meu re ne "Ipeeaeuantm" ann .,, , ...... ., .. , _._ u ~o oe "W - , " -- oth - ...... " iu It.A cmnmonplace youn~ nevucm [SO neat, stud Stella. 'I had really 1;~,~, [ hat a monkey your Molly is! Full tees,office appointment. No matter if [ er to be. tarticep.s ertmmr ,, ~,,.. probabl, see(n- how : "~ ." ...... ' to do," She inclined ," ....... of life and spiritP' Mes Brown f o ' -- amateur a , . 2-'~ ..... YL . .. she x~as letting that / ........ her head sl,ghtly and [ ,,,, ............ , .... [ . . , r m (5~bunkus. does at- [ ....g r_dehel is exceefflagly ~)rond , ~ s camp.llumungron make love to her. :):a?.aoo,;t to move away, when Monerieff er ~ld~e;''*--~',,[n},alra~a-', I nnlst elth- rive with the coffee and after-Iuueheon [o~ nls eoueetlon, and no one lms enll bt- ~ut, ot course, th~s girl is not the same ua~u~y interposed, t~. i .... , ~u ~cuOoi or nnu a governess smoke tO beg a butt, on off the PresideR- i enea ntm on tile illCon in( g I kvonder where those ehihlren have got "Excuse me" he said, "but I see *h.~ "'.:'?" tial coat Luncheon coffee cl ...... n scrlptions--Lon n q'~ ~.~. of the de. l to by this tmle? It Is natural, I sup,lose yon are exeeedin,dv wet ~,.. T ~ ,_ .i nave all respiration " cried Tin,h, must be if(yen nn ---~ ....... ,,--v-- !* . ] .~ , , . ~ s .)Jtay x ~tSK11~ 7 . r ) ) " ---"--~ " - .....v, ~ltltl t/lel:-re~luent ~-- tll at .as 11, am. an old {ogy, they should ~ouhare far to go Y' ~LaL y t?y don t ym~ get, M,ss Raeburn must smile nnd ~mile azain A 1Knique Re ubll ~l*e ine tile sap. l-tail[ What Wn~ Chnkg" 'J.O ~t A...~I...,,, ,, ut'r~elt to tame IN)or zl/,~,,., o ...IA .... ,, .... -~ " ~r~.~ . P O. It ,,,as - ..h.:.~. ,, " . . - T ..... , ..... " "'F"'- ...... " "~,ns- ~--~..-L- ~''":~ .,-u sInrit: tn the afternoon the President-ele~...e repuoiie of G~ust is t ine~,~ "~- ~"~'.~7=('ea~' pwremg, and at. ,xnselm's? Yon must not go that ~--'",', * ......... aerseli:~ut--woutdgoes to call at the Wll~t- ~r ....... ~et in the world Andorr- ;,~ .~he s_m.alles .......... ~JI1 [ac Sl~III autnlnn air. sounds distance ill your l)resent state; I e~llln;t,~2~(;-- " ' .... ~,,t~b t&~r~ll t. a*~ ~t'Ll ~mplre In corn pa 1 is~n ~n~ere carried to considerai)le distances. I possibly allow it." "S'he hasn't a penny aml I heard the President. HIS object is to notify s( ua "~ Gouet is about a mile ~- r~.n~s cry came from the vicinity of the I "You'll come home with us ..... ' ...... w, sire was looking out for ,t situ-~; .... !!~at ] him that he is in Washington and is 1 :re, and i~ houses 130 persons It nms oeen lnae , wa er-o |nat the gentIen,,n wa ....... ,-,, ,, . ' ............... ]ready to assume the dnties of otttee. It stan-i pendent ti ese 2,50 years. ,~. ~ . s sure. [ interposed 3Icily, hreathless v. drvin~ hey tmle a.o, stud Lady "val, with ber usual.] He nlakes a ~all of ~;en minutes aud S l~h as on top of a mountain by the xt was to!lowed oy an aaswering shout, ~ tears, and favoring Stella with a'zaze o~ caremssness about facts. ' I believe that / goes back to his hotel. ~Vithtn an houri ~pa border, near the edge of meant to ne reassuring tlut dying away ! ~ide e~ ed adm-t;,~n , , ou ~ oltld be ~ ,. , . ~, . v " " " -- " ~ e l ~ ~ " 5 " doing her a set ire ~el~ near vice Mr lvraneeaud :~ in a quaver of alar~n. And there came Iand--~'' - ...... ' Monerieff. I r~ ally do I ~ as m ] the President calls at the betel and no- / .... ' It gets along very com- ~ amother scream namistakabtv ; ..... ;,m. t ..... " . ". " the ] titles the incx)ming President that he ] ~ormmy without ever mixlng itself In ~ . . , . *- ,~ ~.r, ~ "I was about to ........ , - . . I~)sromce to-say an(1 I saw a written n - t;~ voice. ~ ,,, vropo~e mar you snouhl ~i~b "e;'" ...... o ' avail YOUlg "" - " ' " t ~ ~ Athlg 10rtnmat :l *oun 1 ~" "MOIIyv' cried th ...... ' ...... " '~e~roftnefaetthatlnchouse__ T~.~, ......... 5 ,g ady in [ Is ready t dellver up tlte keys of state. ] tne}" P,~IIle's affairs, and without In the eveuln all dI e reaamg ale evenhl .........'~oad' "Not" m" th~ ~ater~"'~ttvmanI tr ,ln ,the" "~orremv.nir.- "--,o;" tu,erao~y*-~"-~ near " inte" rrupt bren'~""em h , wan(ca to. g~ve mssons in' I g n together at the ~ ' . g Papers, or, so fa~ ~: !: " " r ~ " , ast God -d Mr Moncrieff ,,,,~ ,. " '. - .: e , German, mume and all the etcet. White House. The next morning, the |as we Know, the morning ones. The do- ) leetable 1 ~iThtl~e";u:~l;~:l'S!' . see that your=;'~our t~i~lg~~';e~;v;~ :ras..Perhaps that is Miss lhxeburn. 4th ot March, the new I re~sident goes/ o0 govern themselve~ by & , , . council, one member of Whleh Is select- :his way' w thWnc the hillslde, tearing you go home ,,I mns't oig'-~ lethe" to In ~OUmltmlsm~,htl~enfOltOWwelit up and find, out. The to the White ~House at 11 o clock. In a ed t ....... . ~(~}hrou'-h dtU;l-,s o~nmderabh; .rapidity troduee myself, with a snlile ~bat nmde ~a*:"" g." 'e 8. R.--I m sure of llttle while the Senate Reception Corn- osee tuat tile uuslness agree, upon ~\C~ ~ " I s x goi~e anu bracken; his face singularly ldeasant "My n '" ~ , m executed ~. mlttee cMis there and all get into c~r- ~m , Matters ..o aloug very ~aad bet~xeen" the young stems of the un- is Ahm .Moncrieff--.,,,,cc,et3 ...... :" or f ~':lorres-ame ~---------v---'---~(2: be continued.) rlages to go to the Capitol 'for the in- ha:)~ithly, , and Goustians are all the ,~rgrwthS'~e had heardtwardthe er-the placeT front.which muir--and this is my madc, ap daughter ~ .--~: - ----- augm~ion. The~'e are the two Pre~l- . pper because nobody knows much ~he~'(, water sounaed" loude-)' ~-u""he ~rarln"muuer, "" reef rne"MllV'rre]ght" who deSelshe, hasVeS' aneg~)ott, scold_ "=" ~ "" The EgyptmostSaneiAncient ]baby, lath. . dents, the two Cablllets, the head of the aoout them, and therefore they ar~ un- [l~t~ ear as he drew closer *-.' *~ ..... ~ ............. .g n us. My son ' eat labyrinth, accord- army, the commander of tile navy and envied.--Kansas City limes. ~t was a difficnIt thit~ to ,-~ ~,o~nK. ~erue, he. aafma, re(seating the boy who ing to PIiny, was that called tile "labv. a large citizens' escort. A few prelim- N~ m ..... , ,~ ~. qu. .... .~ re ~,l,s stanttlng at 5.Iolly's side. rin121;t of Egypt." It w~s exisNn~, ill l:l~ i!~(i:ll;~rey: f~{:heahll~)~ildev ';~ fraAk~d.mYinam