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November 27, 1896     The Kalona News
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November 27, 1896

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Neighborhood Notes. Our After-Thanksgiving Story. KLOOS & CO. HAVE OPENED A 'estorday ,oor,,ing Editor Poe," mail sat in Tile Crowpfiico reading a B 1~ ~1, ~__ .--~ ( Dan'iB~nder has rented h~s farm to a[ml~ch worn pocket edition of the ~ ~ ~'~ 4P~ ~ ~'~ mm mm .'~'][-~ ~ ir~J~/Mr. Bontrager, and will work at hom~ !"l Sditor's Bibb." His famished eye U ~]~l~~[ ~ j[ If ~'~ ~.,J' a%,.~ inext seasou.--Miss Vena Fry commen~s ! lingered long and faeinatingly upon / a 3~ months term of school m Center And -re now ready for business. We have{. s ri,:t,W,, h , outw>ue t ond+"the following text: ~-'~ .... o' .... . ~ .~ I Miss Carrie Waiteopened school at "[~e?ember Zhanksgiving Day to a novelty of everything, eonsl lAIig OI met aerie shoe :l ond tb iul; for on that day thou with Kirk and Hicks, gives Wdhnan shalt dine on roast fowl, cranberry- following: Hardware, Tinware, Chinaware, Classware, Enameledware, Pocket Books, Purses, Stationery, Brushes and Combs, four teachers in a row, over in that coun- try.--Bruc5 Young has rented wha~ is sauce, mince pie, etc." :. known aa the Berdo property in N, E. Such was the command and there Washington, and will move there soon,-- was no question about, the desire, but J. Longwoll andson Albert wentto Ch~- whore was the moans to carry it cagoTuosdaynight. Holiday goods buy- out, He was "broke," in the lau- ing is their errand.-- Ed. Stump expects t~)one of his farms if the PC .....o.....~ ,,.--n v nA h.An',--" ,~d"inh,s poaketm_ i leered IlKe no was ~":"'~" '+" "~"'~ ~'a~ta'~"~-:"-'~ -' r~'" to remove litieal lightning clmnge ac~ sets him out of the P. O, He is feeling pretty stout doomed to feast upon his stock of Published ~e "y Fr day ~ubscriptton $1 .Sn Per Annum. Smith & Adams. - . Publishers. Fat~red at th~ pos~ oltlco at Katoaa. Iowa, ai second class mall matter,] m PRESS NOTICES. The new men of the Kalona NEws seem |,)be getting there hands in right off, and are get,tug out a real commendable paper.-- Washington )emocrat. Editor Whets|ins who is short o~ stature but long on newspaper ability, was down, Friday, squaring up bu,d. hess and gettine, ready to pull up Ii Perfumes and. Lamps, cod thinks hoe-- follow the plow.-- campaign roosters and eat the prin- stakes, as tie has sold his Kalona Ezra Hamilton, of Kalona, visited hero ter's "pi" in the "hell-boy" N~ws.--Washington Democrat. To=let oaps, Manday.--LowisMatthewsvisitedatAd- Alas! the way of the editor is W.E. Whets|ins has sold his Ka- dison White's Sunday.- The waterworks And a fine line of Ladies and Gent s FUR- teot ast S, tu d y that could downward and his only faro is free lena Nmvs to Smith & Admns. Edi- expected,of it. The pressure is O, K, transportation! tot Whetstine has made a good local "~ tiring and oncoming firm every svc- NISHING GOODS. Theroisnot the least doubt about the Buthark! thero was the sound of a p~perof theN~ws. Wewish the re- i " sods an the "co will suit you. utilitYvance ''f our water works system.--Ad- step without, the door opened, and in cess in the future.--What Cheer Pc- Give us a call and examme om G .,: .. ~pm . walked a "tiller of the soil ' bearing I triot. Our motto: "Quick Sales and Small Projtts." RIVERSIDE. . . I ~ ~ ~ N.E. Kuenoman and wife visited at a huge turkey in hlshand. : I W.E. Whestinehas sold his Kalo- ~ B ~1~ ~ ~ {~ ,~ ~[ ~ Cedar Rapids this week.--Mrs. E. Nicola The editors mouth watered and lna Nm,'s to Smith & Adams We ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ !1 and Mrs. Clara Mathews were Iowa City he could hardly refrain from grasp- ] wish them success. Say, Whet., ~\ -= - ~.T ~O~.~-- I(~W-~. ..... Platters yesterday.--Abe Cress came in in- the man and turks"~ and hugging~i come down and bay the Clipper and fromNorth Loup, Nebraska, to attend ..g ..... z_ .. - rt/theu you will be the proprietor of a . tn(,m to his oreast,in nts nea - , the funeral of Ins mother.--A verypleas- } first-class outfit ---A~,nsworth Chu- - ' ' cut"necktie" party was given last Fri- arose a thanksgiving for allgd/per, r ~ 1 1" T 1 day evening at the H. L. Swift residence, gifts and a smile settled upon his] i " +-.~=~-f~+ I ,'l r~ ~'~ ~=~ r~|/ |t~ g~ f%l~Xl[yg'k~l~ --Dr.d.C. Kelly has decided toloavo ua, faco and spread back to his ears. t W. E_Whetstineaud(~.C~Fergu- | T[JII|~ P/Alliii~i I I llLIE;IVVE;d[ and will locate in Burlington. Sorry to "In heaven's namo John what's]scnf.Kalna w oreml~wa~4,ay. ~.31KjI~ILL) I. it.~tx l..~ ,~.~- ~ aeohim m~-but our best wishes uo with . _ ,.. ' .. ~ Whest]no has sold the x~alona ~ws~ ~"~ ~-" ~ " "o his r~fession this? exclaimed the ecttmr, reacnmg~ to Smith & Adams We hope he, ram, r~e Is up-m-aa~, in p , . .. . .. ; .__ . . . " . ,~. a tin ['~E'~C~rI~ A l~T'll"~ "D'~T g~W. and is bound to succeed in his new field, forth his hand to receive the oencious ; will go lute nuslness again" JLno, 21& t~t#~Jl- 23k.L'N .Lr JOJI2LL~U -~I~ader, bird. : Gazette. welcomes th~ now. firm a~d ~' l' We are shwing a very h and" " utstr';tch;d~" h;Td:"hT';"'n];7":t'tu;-" zel~" ,, , , , Doe Whetstme, of the Kalom~ i some line of ladies dress skirts : key I m takin over to the Methodist " ' ! ~.~4;.-,~ ,-~-~r,I P~;lt~v't'~l~}Q [ : in plain black and fancies. The : oreacher, an' as I was gain' past,,eame u.p.yest~day snd, mad~ k.,.,~-.,-. -t ........ I v"`c" ........ l" ..... .~-~ ......~h^,,h+ i'A ,~rnn ;n and have my -- .. - - - *. .~ 1. ~lotk denartmen~ whole second .....~ .......v-~ _~Ews to tvturpn &cams ann u. ~. ........ m | ~[[-~ -- v~_~" ..... N~ BROS : paper stopped--too hard timesyou Smith, so "Doe" is now olaf of a job A I I .W/3/3T 1-I( q U AT (7)N] / Iowa City." know." . He is a hustldr, though, and wou't '* , ff"k J_~L~ I I X.Mk.2 | i .............................. ~ , Editor Poorman collapsed! Next be long without something to do. -- " ~ " I week' ' of the Crow'wfll" contain" Keswick Courier. What Cheer has lately ex"eri- s issue ~'~'~ ~'~ "~ ~"~ f'~ ~"~ ienc~asoasation. Goor~'eA.N~;le,[hisbituary'and his remains, will[ W.E. Whetsti~e has. sold the Ka- - ~ I[J.~ J....J~(~kt~.Ak~.J~ . | '_ _ _ a .... .~, L:- ~.:%lhereafterbensodfora eoluma-rulo.[lnaNz~s:U" zr. SmithandEN. seven years a u, u~s~r~eu me wit | g [ .......... I Adams, the transfer bein~ made las~ ,/ana.,si= sm ll children ch agol Not oe .[week The Herald cordially -el ...... ~ "~ " ' '/and has since been living at What I An,, time that I am absent fromlCOmes Messrs. Smith and Adams intc~ ..~ ~ [ Mrs. T. S. Hawkine, Chattacooga| Cheer whore he became ouite noim- ~*. , a ......... [the journalistic fold aud wishes them, .'~ ~l~ ._~i~ I~.~ l Term, says "Shilot~'s Vitalizer 'SAVED|. , .... -~ , r r . j ~aiona, parties cringing in s~oc~ to/, rwo.n~mn* h,t,,r,~ --I ~ T-I,r*IA ~ \~/a_. ~l~lV- ]MY LIFE.' I consider it the [,eat rem-~lar in church aua social circles ann i markeFcan ,,el my ,~rices and make|- r---r : ~L~~~,~. [~dy ~r a debili~ted syste.m Iever used[i| was, apparently, leading an exemp l arran_emon "s for~i;,)osal'of stock at[ Editor Whetstine, of the Kalona , ~~k~/~ B~i~ | ~or uyspepsia, ~iver or ~mney r, rouoicI a ! g t , ' N~ws wash visitor in the city to da |Ill ~ ~~~,~ | it excels. Price 75 ets. Sold by B,F,[ lary lifo under the name of A. L. [ oder's Flour snd Feed Store[ " ' ' " Y" i~ ~/)~[~2~ff|~'t |Allen. Jr~oche Last Se,,tember his wifej .... " / He sold his paper this week to Smith 1 /~'" " a .t l" ..... ] "JOHN .~YERS. | & Adams, who will take charge of l t~~i/~~l 'LOW "~ItOs SO t | r ~ " t the b,,siness at cues. l~r. Whetstin~ u h and West appearea on me scone ann tom nor -~i"i~' ~t~ ~ ~ | (~.xr...,,a ~,.h r~ ~s* a-d|stry' which was deuied in detail by ] PrussianStekFdisf gre~t value|hasntytdetirmiuedwhathe wilt [ --~'i-e Assortment of |._.~."~:"'=='=~.-d'::' ~" 2~,ll ~p(Roebo, and the little woman went[ as a fattener and flesh producer. Byae-|do The Journal wishes the new r U .I, Dl;tl~ 1;l~lO D., '~ -Pf0. ~ i~, a~y., ,,,. o . .... " tual luvest~gahon and test tt is acknowl |-- ...... | ........ r te ef One Fa-el back to Chica~'o uearl" heartbroken | .... | firm abnndant pros,erikv, and the re- [ ODe$ la KeXl . | rouna trip ucK~s a~ a .... r ,] I~ , J . .. ~| edged to be" stronger and of greater| tiring editor succo~s in whatever he U~,,~a~ ~ h,h~ | plus $2.00 to a largo numoer or points m[ Since then he has turnea penl~e~ ....................... I . ,, ..... [lt~lii~ee~ ~lii~i~ value T~O B~oeK ral~[~ ~Ltl~tt I't~y u~tit~t ~.~t~l===.u ~l,t~| in Southern and Western Stat~s. Ticketd and ono home to his wife and chil-{ .... i. ,^ a .... ,~,~ ~'~'o~ Sold in 50e| may nereatt0r engage In.--wasmng- D^~-~ir Work Neatly and PromntIy i ~ ..... ~'~'"~Y',, ~.~'~," "" "~:' "~'or*~'ad'~r~l dron, and sends word back to What| and $1.00 packages and pails by AsBo~c~| ......... ~ t~v, pm r a on~a ior Inii lalorma~lon ' " " " g " " WAGNER W E ~A hotstino has asia his ~a Done at Reasonable Prices. ,j J MOR~O~, ~[Cheor that kanceforth he is going|&! . | ..... r " " of those who ,n|' lena Nzws to two Kalonaites wh(~ CedaPRapids, Is. to lead an honorable and uprtght/ A number were .... ...... J. E. MIL/E ] -- '[.;,,. |., .... enceof tho"ewileve" fthe|*nPe a%voiop)nw,.-- l / ,-~- / "=~ r ..... - | ~Jone tree ~epor~or. It ouhavea sale this fall we arch mmderer, It H Holmes, who ! Are You Going South? | Y .... ;, . '] The Divine Healer Schrader, who| " " [Right you are, Bro." Younkin. urs Lock Box want toprm y-urnnls we are was hun at Phllad lphla some , , ,, so address So~thern re ,. . }, . ; . - -" .... '} commenced his career in Denver, is| g " " | Them s what, we want to be-- 7' e a ida, Iowa for ra~e~, routes~ la in in a stoo~ o~ cara-boaro o~ tneeI | | 2, C dar R p Y g r " " months a o, have met with fll luck. ,,. - ,, adfuR informati,m. -- ./best rurality and will furnish youl g / .......... ! " 12 31 now workln in Now Jersey I4e g journahsts Anybody can be an vera/have mo~ suaaon aeatn, tDei , , ....... , i bills, blank notes and make arrange{is a man about 25 years of age,| Se t editor, but we can t all bojournalists, ~ena yore launury to rar~ers h auetlor, eers forlittle coroner's h mclan dmd from blood : ! ments w,t " " " '1 wears loug hair like Sampson of old,|P Y I like yourself, with traveling solicitors ;team Laundry. mane . | a .... ,_ - ...... + ..... ;+h ..... A| DO|SOn, one of the defendant's law- I..a all fhnt .... know ~EDs "1 , Eu~o~r~so~; & t~o6~s, ~gts, 1 / _ " .... ~ ...........~ =! ,~ers has been debarred, the coroner I .... I TWO FOIl ONE /nos write. .tie nan ul~vl~r umeu ~i ., I =----- | "The worst cold ever had in my lifs I wt,,, ~c ..... Nzws aud Cincinnati[ ease of organic desease; all his sup-]was defeated m the late ele Uo,j, an.dI I AV' A 1 U [21I? q as cured by Cha,nb~rlain's CxmghRom {,, ='~ ~ .... ~. .... "~ posad cures have boon those of a the jailor has |us| committed sin- / bW 4/-kb i~ i~ ~ o. ,Iv,' writes W. It, Norton, st Sutteri weemy ~2qulrer, sore one year forI nervous t--e, aud which wore curedI oide. } !/r~,ek Cal. "Thiscold left me with a|on[y$1.7a The Enqmror is a 9-1 sP i ! mgia and I w'm expectorating all the/column, 8 page paper, issued ca< h'J just as s-on as the persou was madeI The University Association Genter / Road Kloos & Co's ad. '.'me. The ,'(.mealy cured rue, I want|Thursday Largest in size cheaD l to believe that there was nothing the was organized here August 13, with r, ........ ..... with a ' ~nrls YZOII was In [OWn ~ve(lnes i :1 of my friends wbes~ tronbld / ast in -n;o most reliable in new,`| matter with him--the power of the twelve members. Mrs..I.M. RitterJ . " ' mghor cold tous~it for it will do thom [ ,, , P ' _ .... "|mind over|he body. Suhrader knows is president and M. L. Rickey sec-]say" I ,,,,A ,, ~.,I,t I,y R F Allen /atl large type, plum print, gooui [!- ........ u ~_ "~" t" ...... |white ..a.~r Take advanta.,o ofl enough to steer clear of the domain rotary and treasurer. Tho~e who| S. E Parker and wife were her. ~, UV " f6 ~ * " * I/,i Hawk-Eye Laundry. ]this liberal offer Call or send ord'-If, surgery' . Phere ,s etther a defect have been punctual m at eudance[ Sat,rday. ['! " .... o Shill;~" has the a,,enev for| -== " "x~Ws Kaloua Ia | ia Shrader'~:brMu or he is a hypo- feel greatly b0nefitted. The coarse[ Reuben Hyatt has moved into hi~ . ~ru~ ~ ~ J ~r~ L ~ . ~, . l,,e Hawk-EyeLaur dry, at Iowa/ .... ...... =,-- [e[lteandfraadofthehlghest type. this year eonsists of ancient, modio-|uewhouse. ~itY Leave your buadlea with him.| LATEST MARKET REPORT. | .m... ~stoundin~ intolli~.enee wired'Pal and modern history The center| .......* ..... ' .... I'~ ; " "- arced t o .. ^~i ~u, = . ~ i~ " .. - / ~ Is. Drosen dave ~oEee xor l~4.u~ I'~Oa worst guara / Hog~ .~65 to cs ~)1..- ........... o held a special meeting on lvionaay$ . ..... , I