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November 27, 1896     The Kalona News
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November 27, 1896

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4 THE KALONA NEWS. b W. E. WHETSTINE, Publisher. KALONA IOWA Tile average nlan doesnt realize what a hard world this is until he has gone against It suddenly fronl the seat o a ~fety. ii Tile regular season of suake stories cannot be considered as closed nntil that $300.000 rumor about the Anacon- da mine is disposed of. ii ii i One John S. Parks deehu'es he saw a herd of squirrels "kill a Jersey cow in Kentucky. This comes of mixing Jel~ tsey lightning with the real thing. In a recent election ill Waterbury. C4)nn.. the Meyelc defeated George Tracy, a candidate for s.eleetln:lll, the only lnan on the Repuilti(.an ticket who was not elected He was opposed to the good roods l}_]ovelneut The big lift-bridge over the Chicago River is said to be re sponsihle for nluch nervonsne,~s alnong ~VOlllel|. They are often (.aught while hnrrying aero,ss. and the ln'idge is raised up two hnndred and fifty feet to :/lh)w a vessel to pass, they rash to tilt, ~.'(~nlCl. find kneel, and cling dizzily nlltil peranitted I0 ntake all hysterical escape. In a Connecticut ehurc'h the other day, tie the close or li wedding eele- mony, tile offieiatjn~ clergyman pub- liely rebuked tl~,'eurmslty of tht, we- men in th~ a.~dienee, who (.rowded about the ~ly married eoupl,.~ in such II wqy a~to impede their delmrture flU}hi .tile ehm'(.1L The action of this clergyman i,s anmzing. 'What does he think womtm attend wed,lings felt any- wa y ? A youn;r wife ill New York tried to eml her life because, her husband is never tit honi(. (,x('PI~t- wllcn it rllill.~. It appears he is a bI(.yele enthusiast and ha,s been attritlutim,." a succession of late arrivals "It the tireside to a succes- sion of 1)ttnctm*,~d tires. The f(-ar is growing that the -pure'lured tire" has taken the domestic ll!ace formerly oc- cupied by the "lodge" and a "'sick friend." The ration:ll way To correct fiche abuse Is to provide wheels for tile wives. It slmuld read "with all my worldly goods and a wheel i thee en- dow." ,_ .rainless bi(-ych's, tu which two pail, s of bevel gears are used instead of fiche chain, are reported TO have proved their snl)eriority over tile present style of wheel in a t(~t iu which It wheel wfls llIn thirty-ninL~ tht)llSantl ntih's without adjusunenr or appreciable wear. Dynanlonioter t(~t.g "liso show that tile bevel gen~ run with lef,~ fric- tion tlmn the chain. It ts stated that one of th,a largest manufaetnrers will ~,oon put the.~e wheels on the luarket. An obstacle to their*rapid introduction Is the time reqnired to con,~truCt,th(~ macllinery necessary for tllrning Otlt the bevel wheels, winch must be mathe- matically accurate hi fortn. Some of the names of Ollr j)ell~lionelN of tile late u ar are s.) rll]iculous as to appear urn'cal. On tile oificial lists of tile department there are all kinds of birds, beasts, and ve~gt*tM)les,s virtue,~,~ vices, and colors, and odds aml ends of ltlOlllenelaI.nre, such ,'iS Adam Bnzzard, Pleqsant Green Sw'ln, Minerv:L Hatchet, Georg;i eAx~ I'reserved Ira- land, hi. J. Ya k e, .Iexkx~ "Washing- ton, ,Iohn Sourbeer, several kinds of I wines and rUlllS, Anguish Slnith, I ~{ourning~ Ashby,' - Roaeh, Ad- am Apple, 0hlah thleklel)erry, of (Jal)e Cod. 'S oscar ShoweI~. Christ tan Easter- L day, Celestial Good. Apostle Paul. Levi Bible, Conrad Sinner. John Seeks James Polite, K. Rogue. Henry Pah~ cake, and Mary Grasshopper. No :loss tha~ 13.220 tons of AfNcan Ivory came last year into the nlarket of London, Llvel~ool and Antwerp. whence the eh'tlized world derlv-ed its ~upply. Of this total ll,tt50 tons rep- resent fresh ilnpert'lttons, the balance being drawn from old stock. Now. the average yield of a single elelihant is about thirty pounds of ivory, so it Is clear that over 42,000 paehyderm~ mast lmve beql slaughtered last year to meet ' " the demand. It is roughly dsti- mat(~ thwt Africa cannot eontain more than 260,000 elephants, so that at the present rate of :annihilation we are wlthhl easy. View c~ tlte extin.etlon of the eutlr~ speeie.s., Experts a~ agreed that tile only m/m m to prevent this is file domestl~'ation of ~he AfriCan ele- phant. Directly the native and foreign hunters become convinced lhat one live lel)han~ is worth a dtm, en of tusks, they will be n~ keen to preserve the animal as they are now to exterminate him. first cel~tury, and permit a ~ourney around the world to be made in thirty- three days via New York, Brenlen. St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and San Fru~a- eisco, but he is well aware that in Ind4a and China a rival sehenle is under way which will benefit China alnl Enghuld. but no other nation, ttenee it is that he would have Ameri(xm rolling stock in Siberia, while he p(Hnts out the ad- vnntages of the Transsiberian system American merchants and capitalists. An English syndicate has secured through I~)rd Salisbury promises of financial aid from the Brt~tish and In- dian (]overnments for tile constructiou of a line from Upper Burmah to Szu- mac, the center of the nlost productive region in Asia. Aml rims whatever amy be tile respective ~-trategi(' ad- van,:ages 7o Russia and Ill'eat Britain, theh" riv'tlry in Asia will (-rtainiy n``ark IL new era ill Cllilmse ci~dllzation when tile twenty-first century dawns. Paris is to adorn her coming exposi- tion with an im.lge of the world 300 feet l~ diameter, retxmting ill little all its cosmological features and display- lag the geographical outlines of all its nations. The mcs.~ wonderful tiling re l,*renchlneu aboll t this t relnentlc~u,s sphere will be the sm'fll space whleh France and it,~ dependen,eies occupy Ul)On it. (~mlmred with the spreading territories of Fmgland and Ru~Ma. it will seem but a 1)in's point on the sur- face. The .~l)here proulises to be one c f the morn tremendous featm'es of the exposition, where all is ('olo.~sal. and wilt. no doubt, present revised national frontiers up to date Inclnding a final l'euczuelan houndltry. In tile inter- veulng Olympiqd Turk[;y may lm wiped out. and Russian lines overlap those of M,'lnchnrht and Chiua ill tile East. and Cuba and tile I'htlitlpines mqy be cat off fronl tilt, dominion of S])aill, but no other h:lirortant ('hanges appear inl- mlnen#. (~auadq. it is true. might sud- denly take it into her heqd to rap ou oar door tln(I ask adnlis:;ion, tiLUS rub- llll~g out m'.e loi]g separating lille of donlin|on, but slle doe:~ not seelu quite ready for that yet. ()n the whole, the eb,'lllges 1)rob:H)le I)etween lhis and the be;~hllling of the (,eninry are not very grea,t, and existing l)O]Iti('al maps will hi the maln. serve the purpose (ff the fashioners of this nnlg:~ificeil,t satcllite. tlw greares~ fills sMe ti~e moon which its antetyt)e ]nlS 1511ovfn NillCe It WaS rolh~l forth lute the void. The marriage of the tu'inec royal of Italy and "the Rose of the Black Moun- tain." Prin(-ess l:lelene of ),IontenegPo, which t~)k place recently at Rome. is just: now tile chief nnqtter of interest in It'lly. The ('ivil cerenlony was per- forln(?d in the throue-ro,)nl of tile ql:irinal and 1he e('(.lcs, i:|:'ti,.:lt,~, rites were I~erforul('d ill the (?hurch of the Sndario of the Savoyard,,. The nlar- ria~e, nlllike life, i roy,'ll matches, is a case of h)ve at lirst sight, tile yOUll~ l/vine~ or" Nal)lcs having se~ql the Princess Heleile at Venice nnd qgain at the (,oron,'ltion of the Czar ar Mcs- cow. whi, ther she had ~one Ill comFany her father. The young print'o's GRADERS AND THEIR HOME. Poor Families Whoae Only Shelter I~ an Ordinary Tent. At S't. Louis, Me.. there are severM regiments of poor people dwelling ill tents, and already t.he first (.ases cef suffering and wretchedn(~ss have been recorded. These people are "graders" and their families. The gradm~ are tile men who perform the labor of leveling the elevations, l)recm'~)ry to tile erec- tion of buildings, ill the unimproved and hilly parts of the city. As a rule. they are not inured to the hardship of living in feats. Sonletinles they spend successive winters living ill houses. 'l;hen, again, a cold season strikes them. when from all ecouoln lcal demand they are conlpelled to seek the refuge of CI.OSED FOR TIFF, NIGHT, tents. Their number can only be Guess- ed. Five thousand is a low estimate. And there are many children. A visit was made to the lots ml Euclid avenue, near Westminster. & dozen .tents. huddled together, composed this little hamlet. There was no shelter of trees or homes to the miniature plateau they stood upon. A high growth of dark weeds that emitted a sickly odor of decaying vegetation surrounded the ~ents. A ramshackle shed for horses ~tood in their mldst. All around was scattered the debris from the table. There was no drainages--no convenient rill or sewer to wash away refuse. "Pill cans, ashes, relegated utensils, and east-off wearing apparel--little of that --were strewn around. To the south- west of this scene tim tqll. stately nmn- sions of fl~e boulevard forln(~l a baek- gronlld for this homely, but no~ home- like. 1)ieture a constant ~lddeniug in its enormity. A noise of a wailing infaut attrseted atention re a tent a little apart from the othe:'s. The five O'Domlell children were the lobe tenants. Tile eldest is a gh'l of 7. A baby in the cradle was cry- ins as though heart-broken. A little elmp about 5 ye'u's old was recking it. trying to (-din his little sister. The father was working on the sewer con- struction. SPhe mother was out doing a (lay's washins. Before the newspaper men left CLe cqmp, Mrs. O'Donnell re- turned. She apologized for the dirt in her tent. and for 1he untidy condition of her chlldreu, who were unwoshed a,nd barefooted. She was not afraid to trust them with a fire--oh, no! They had all been burned and ~had learned to fear it. Surely, oxperionee was a dear teacher here. 'l'his fanlily was pros- falling alternately, and of sumelent power to carry from the top to the bet- rom of tile house when all was quiet. IlL .appearan(,e(she was jUSt all ~rdi- nary honse nl(ulse, with the usual well- greolned coat. the usual cascade of whiskers, the usual l)eady black eyes, and qn elegant t~li/ering trill, like the rest of her trlbe. It was her song alone which singled lier out from the dural) millions of her fellows, nnd this song she po~red out alnmst without intermis- sion during her waking honrq. The specul-~tion~ of the leqrm~l have l)~en cxer('ised o.ver lhis nlalrer, aud some have ti,(mght that bronchitis. I)~ nar- rowing the air pa.%~a~es, produces a noisy wheezing, whicil enthusiastic ad- mirers have dignified :is a song. Others. with greater probability, have suggest- ed that every mouse is a singing mouse. but that on account of the dullness of our ears we only hear the bass-voiced voealk~ts, while the shriller melodies of the great majority are unnoticed. Every one knows that the squeak of a bat is Pot heard by every one. and that one party in a conversation on n comltry walk may be almost deafened by a cho- rus of lmts while the other may heal" nothing of the noise. Certaiu it is that dissection reveals :lothillg abnornIal in the vocal apparatus of tile singing nlouse, and donbtles,s a very slight dif- ference in the quality o,f the vocal cords would result ill a mouse with a voice sufficiently bass to bring the sound withln the eonl'l),~-s ef cur hearing pew, ers.- St. James (htzett0. hride is dc~('ribed by the enthusiastic porous, comparatively, lrmti~g, nnd with his clothes all bloody Italians as "stately as a lily and beanti- A few feet away liv*es Mrs. Salisbnry kis~sed the ground before the Amir, fnl ,'Is a dre:llU," and the iunrriage and her three children. Iter son, a boy and said something to Mm in Chinese. which nnites the ~lynasty 0f Montene- of six, was sick ill bed rind ha.q no The Amir gave some order lu reply, and are and the house of Savoy is specially niedical a,tte~dance. 't-Its tent w.qq a oar friend fhau took the lad's tilnbs, gratifying to both |he Mentene~rinsdilal)ldated affair that.would be at the l'lid then~ together In their phIees, and and thc It' The only ol'sta,.le in merry of an ordinary wind storm were gave a kirk, when presto! there was the way of the marriage--the difference it not for the ln*ateeti.on afforded by a the b%v, who got np and .stood before in faith--was removed by the Czar high growth of vile-smelling weeds, us. Atl this astonished me beyond Nicholas himself, as head of the (,'reek Her husband had been sick mid out of me,'~:mre, and I had an :tttack of palpi. ehurch, and the first act ef the Princess work, and the.~" were living from hand tation like that which overcame me Helene qfter hlndlng ill Italy under tll~ once before in the 1)rescuer of the Sul- escort of an Itqlian ~(lI!,:Hlron WUS tO re- ]lair to the Clmr(,h of St. Nicholas at tan of hldia, when lie showed nle some- Bari and formrl]v lllof(~'s the l'~oman thing of the same kind. The Knzi At- Catholic faith, x~:llIle ~rtillery s:llntes kharuddhl was next to me. and quoth were. lh'ed i:l her honor, h~sIgItifiean he: "~Valhih'.---'tts lny opinion there has as Montenegro appeors on the nnlp of been ncither going up nor eonling down, I!]nropc, it ~olns certatu that italy has n0ither m-u'rh)g nor mending; 'tis all materially strengthened her political hocus-pocus!"--St. Nteliolas. l~osition by this marrlag'e. The little mountain kingdom tins only about 25(I.- 000 inhabi,tants and a standing -trlny of 40,0(}0. bat it celebra:ies this ye'~r the M-centenary of the Montelmgrin dynes- ty'an(l has su(,e(~sfully maintained it3 independence, for the last two een. turk~ agatl~t Turk and Austrhln and aIIeomet~. The ~Iot~enegl'in$ are a na- tion Of warrlors, and the army muy tm regarded as shnply the enttre popuhl- tlon, as the women.follow the men to war. Carry the munitions, re)ok the pro- visions, and, if need be, flglrt as bravely as the men. They nre, perh'lps, tile boldos,t and meet l)leturesque people of Em'ope. The Czar's good offices for .the prince at Moscow in securing hi,.n a "b4"lde augur a closer relatlou between Italy attd Russia. Montenegro is one of the bravest of the Bal.kau states, and it is velw evhien that Czar looks upon ItScloser alliance with Italy as a re- sult of .this marriage as not unfavorable to possible designs as to Austria in tile event of his nlarch on Constan, tinople. Italians. also, Imve loakedaerosu the Chin ese Conjurers. The eourt jugglers in the time of Kub- lai Khan made it appear to t!,.ose who looked ou as if dishes from the table nctu.:lly flew through the air. Oue of the travelers who visited the regions of which Mar(,o gives ns some aecouut says: "And jugglers ('ause cups of gohl re fly through the air and offer them- selves To all who li~t to drink." And Ibn Batuta. a Moor who visited Catilay a century after, gives this at.count Of a similar incident: That same night a juggler who was one Of the Kan's slaves made hi~ ap- pearance, and tile Anlir said to him: "Conic and show ns some of your nnlr- vels." Upon this lie took a wooden lmll, with several holes in it tllrough which loIl~ thongs were l/'lssed, and (laying hold of one of thesel shnlg it Into the ah'. It went so higiL that we lost ~ight of it altogether. (It was the hottest season of the year, and we were outside ill the middle of the palace courI.) There now renlained only a little of the end of a thong In the conjurer's hand. lind he desired one of the boys who as- si.-~ted him to lay hohl of it and nlount. lie did so. climbing by the thong, and we lost sight of him also! The eon- jurer then called to him three times, but fretting no answer he snatched up a knife ~fs if in a great rage. laid hold of the thong, and dk~'tppeared also! By and bye he threw down one of the boy's ha~:,ds, then a foot, then the ()tiLer hand and then the ottier foot. then the trunk, and last of ``ill the head! Then he eaLqe down himself, atl p.uffing and flue Adrhltie to the Balkan peninsula. and seen in "the mnall~ of peoples" a .- . -.. ~ valuable ally against Austria shouhl Prince Mici;a-ei-Hil}01 Kept Sll(*n a.songsler Ior l:ollr yealk% I t)y tilt, OallKlllN l~ouse. [O LllS nlajesty. ""-'~ -= -"-"l .... ' -"" " :" -" " teLlI~ ot ~nort lanu pllnllsaeu, anu am In, a position t~) sI~eak w!th authori: ~arrin-~an--~,"~-g-~egal ' that date there have been 281, m. iv.. Sne was caugnt, ill a real nline, , was~ Tarrin,g and fetthe~ln-~ ~' g wa~s ot~c~'A ,~" a total of 48" buo.ught up In a tommy bag' to th~,-~ ......... ,- ~ . ~- - "" ' " " ICglll punlSllnlO.l[ Ior inert. It is said ~,.~ ~--------- _ Slll'faco. and handed over to Ine ~[~JLllS f~ he f~mn~i in Ch,~ ~ -*--.~-- -~' ,i., ,. }Vllen a wolnan ~elis a m,~n she ' . ' , " ~ ........... * ,.* ~ ..... 'tlIt~lLt~'~ 0 L)Otll ~*~llg- ~ ; ..... commenced an ll(qtlalntance, whleh, lind: all'*,, I'l' "aI~(., a~,u,htt' .... tnu", t, lnle" o12" the- ,hlnl.... wtthon~ being coaxed to i soon ~fipened into luthna(T, aml which Cru~s'ttles ' nm. , was only tqrmiriated l)y .her 'death. ' "~ -" I When Whore were' no dmtbts at)o t :her gong';t After amen Pass llrty;, he never I ease, the real n'6,ht)le a pretty, bird-llko d-arblc, rl ag and. hopes to,.bo.ut fd,'.. , - .... ' :-" '. '