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Newspaper Article Archive of
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What to Know About Eye Health This Open Enrollment Season Sep 30, 2019
Dentist-Approved Tips for Healthier Smiles After Halloween Sep 30, 2019
4 Ways Medicare Part D is Changing in 2020 Sep 30, 2019
5 simple ways to update your bathroom's style Sep 30, 2019
Guíe a su motosierra a un corte limpio y efectivo cada vez con estos consejos Sep 30, 2019
U.S. Experts Concerned About Complacency with Heart Disease Sep 30, 2019
3 ways to improve your self-care routine Sep 30, 2019
How to make a splash entertaining this fall Sep 30, 2019
Boomer Health Starts With Prevention Sep 30, 2019
Guide your chainsaw to a clean, effective cut every time with these tips Sep 30, 2019
Maximize your employee benefits in 3 simple steps Sep 30, 2019
5 ways to celebrate everyday occasions Sep 30, 2019
Give breakfast a boost before school: Fuel your kids’ day with wholesome on-the-go options Sep 30, 2019
H&R Block can offer solutions to taxpayers who have or will receive an IRS letter or notice Sep 30, 2019
Ask the expert: Important questions about Alzheimer’s Sep 30, 2019
Pains in the butt: 4 common side effects of sitting too long Sep 30, 2019
Presents with purpose: Gift ideas that make an impact Sep 30, 2019
Ask these 5 questions before choosing a savings account Sep 30, 2019
5 Things Everyone Should Know About Consumer DNA Tests Sep 30, 2019
Choose physical therapy for safe pain management Sep 30, 2019
How to be ready for a home fire: Plan and practice Sep 30, 2019
9 common misconceptions about fleas, ticks and your pets Sep 29, 2019
10 cancer facts that may surprise you Sep 29, 2019
Going Into the Hospital? What You Need to Know About Blood Clots Sep 29, 2019
Mid-Prairie throttles Central Lee Sep 27, 2019
The symptoms that led one woman to a heart failure diagnosis Sep 27, 2019
Meal solutions for a flavorful fall Sep 27, 2019
4 key resources small businesses need to succeed Sep 27, 2019
Severe emphysema relief: From difficulty rolling over in bed to swimming with dolphins Sep 27, 2019
‘Supe que no estaba sola’. Enfermera de Carolina del Norte reflexiona sobre el huracán Florence Sep 27, 2019
Survey: Nearly 80% of Women Avoid Intimacy Due to this Common Infection Sep 27, 2019
Mid-Prairie must take advantage of district Sep 27, 2019
Is It Heart Failure Or ATTR-CM? Six Ways To Know The Difference Sep 27, 2019
3 Ways Boomers Should Upgrade Their Tech Now Sep 26, 2019
Simple steps to keep your second home safe from costly repairs Sep 26, 2019
Lightning strikes Kalona home Sep 26, 2019
Co-op Yacht Ownership Offers Hassle-Free Fun Sep 26, 2019
Wilma "Willie" Walker Sep 26, 2019
Bonnie Jean Fritz Sep 26, 2019
Gunnar Peterson Offers Tips to Get Your Hearing in Shape Sep 26, 2019
Kalona Brewing Company Oktoberfest on Sept. 28 Sep 26, 2019
Do’s and don’ts for a successful road trip Sep 26, 2019
6 steps to the perfect charcuterie board Sep 26, 2019
Kalona to help fund trap, neuter program Sep 26, 2019
Firefighters share home fire safety tips [Video] Sep 26, 2019
5 tips for keeping your dog more active Sep 26, 2019
Abbi Stransky leads Highland junior varsity team Sep 26, 2019
Candidates set for November city, school elections Sep 26, 2019
Fall Festival begins Friday Sep 26, 2019
Top 5 exciting reasons to visit Baltimore this fall Sep 26, 2019
Golden Hawks perservere in tough conditions at Solon Sep 26, 2019
A Home Is Where the Hearth Is Sep 26, 2019
5 Reasons CSR Isn’t What Small Businesses Think Sep 26, 2019
Highland dean supports students in the long run Sep 26, 2019
Mid-Prairie wins battle of top teams Sep 26, 2019
Debunking Common Medicare Part D Myths Sep 26, 2019
Why your small business needs PCs built for business Sep 26, 2019
Best Ways for Military Families to Stay Connected Sep 25, 2019
Huskies face goal-line heartbreak Sep 25, 2019
Liberty rushing attack spoils homecoming for Mid-Prairie Sep 25, 2019
SEASON-CHANGING UPSET! Lions upset ranked New London 48-42 in overtime Sep 25, 2019
Athlete of the week: Alex Viner, Lone Tree Sep 25, 2019
Mary Huffman Sep 25, 2019
Elinor Virginia Turner Hartzler Sep 25, 2019
Jean Ellen Robe Sep 25, 2019
Robert L. Pennebaker Sr. Sep 25, 2019
Amos J. Yoder Sep 25, 2019
James “Jake” Lee Jacob Sep 25, 2019
Pennington piles up picks as Mid-Prairie JV demolishes Liberty Sep 25, 2019
Interior Design Tips from Nate Berkus to Help People With Changing Vision Preserve Their Independence at Home Sep 24, 2019
Technology Advances Benefit Women Undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment Sep 24, 2019
Ingeniera latina ayuda a construir un auto nuevo para Estados Unidos, ofrece inspiración para niñas considerando carreras en STEM Sep 24, 2019
A guide to nutritional needs at every age Sep 24, 2019
Five Ways To A Better Move Sep 24, 2019
Research Continues To Drive Advances Against Cancer Sep 24, 2019
Seven Ways To Make The Right Software Match For Your Business Sep 24, 2019
Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal Sep 24, 2019
5 ways to keep your phone charged longer Sep 23, 2019
Keep your kids safe from unsecured furniture and TVs [Video] Sep 23, 2019
10 to-dos for home and yard winterization Sep 23, 2019
Watch Ovarian Cancer Survivors Share Their Experiences, Advice and Support in Their Own Words in New BE LOUD Video Series Sep 23, 2019
Dreaming of starting a new business? Remember these 5 things Sep 23, 2019
7 things you may not know about your child's safety in cars Sep 23, 2019
To address social determinants of health, make it personal Sep 23, 2019
What brushing teeth and homework have in common Sep 23, 2019
Dry Eye: More Than A Minor Annoyance Sep 23, 2019
How to put your college student on the right financial track Sep 22, 2019
Alzheimer’s and Dementia: The 10 Warning Signs You Need to Know Sep 22, 2019
4 Tips for Higher-Quality Sleep Sep 22, 2019
Gallery: Lone Tree upsets No. 5 New London in overtime Sep 21, 2019
Riding toward a cure for multiple myeloma Sep 20, 2019
Best ways to celebrate the Halloween season Sep 20, 2019
Fire safety tips that could help save your life Sep 20, 2019
5 tips for hosting an award-winning viewing party Sep 20, 2019
Know the Facts about Spinocerebellar Ataxia and a New Clinical Study [Infographic] Sep 20, 2019
Estate Planning: Most People, Alas, Fail to Make Crucial Decisions Sep 20, 2019
Tips for keeping kids safe on the road Sep 20, 2019
Removing The Mystery From A Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Sep 20, 2019
Spice Up Your Life With Easy-To-Enjoy Jambalaya Sep 20, 2019
‘I knew I wasn’t alone’: North Carolina nurse looks back on Hurricane Florence Sep 20, 2019
Making the Most of the Medicare Annual Election Period Sep 19, 2019
Highland crowns Butler and Brase as homecoming royalty Sep 19, 2019
Mid-Prairie crowns Allen, Hershberger at coronation Sep 19, 2019
With tax extensions up, October tax deadline nears Sep 19, 2019
Protecting Yourself from Medicare Fraud Sep 19, 2019
Athlete of the week: Kayden Reinier, Mid-Prairie Sep 19, 2019
Tips for getting your family organized this fall Sep 19, 2019
How at-home allergy treatment is changing lives Sep 19, 2019
Beef basics: Everything you need to become a pit master Sep 19, 2019
Would you like the power to own your own home? Here are 4 steps to follow if you want to make your dream a reality Sep 19, 2019
5 questions you should ask your doctor before surgery Sep 19, 2019
Wellman plans speed bump, stop sign on Seventh Avenue Sep 19, 2019
Mildred "Millie" Anderson Sep 19, 2019
Lone Tree FFA opens food pantry Sep 19, 2019
Riverside slows down on city speed limit changes Sep 19, 2019
David Boshart of Wellman is named college president Sep 19, 2019
West Elementary utilizing outdoor classroom more Sep 19, 2019
Mid-Prairie decides to pass on Shiloh space Sep 19, 2019
National League For Nursing Calls For Greater Civility Among Our National Community Sep 19, 2019
7 Traits to Look for in a Financial Planner Sep 18, 2019
5 new ways to bring the beauty of nature into your home Sep 18, 2019
5 step fire safety checklist Sep 18, 2019
CDC Foundation program makes a difference for people with cancer Sep 18, 2019
School Lunch Menus Sep 18, 2019
John R. Gilpin Sep 18, 2019
Stanley Brenneman Sep 18, 2019
The secret to recruiting top talent? Next-level office amenities Sep 18, 2019
Escape to the Caribbean for Stress-Free Holidays Sep 18, 2019
Virologist's Book Warns of Coming Lethal Flu Pandemic Sep 18, 2019
Transforming Your Under-Stair Space Sep 18, 2019
A Thrilling Book Trilogy And More—Megalomaniacs Battle Zealots, With America Caught In The Middle Sep 18, 2019
Hair today, gone tomorrow: Say goodbye to shaving forever Sep 18, 2019
Mother Nature inspires 'new neutral' home design trends Sep 18, 2019
Does Your Child or Teen Experience Migraines? What to Know Sep 17, 2019
Haylie Duff shares best tips for quick and healthy family meals Sep 17, 2019
Celebrate Oyster Season In The Heart Of South Carolina’s Lowcountry Sep 17, 2019
The 3 ‘D’s of Determining Your Medicare Part D Plan Sep 16, 2019
How a Career Helping Others Can Make You Happier Sep 16, 2019
6 great reasons to visit Pittsburgh with your family Sep 16, 2019
Help Your Child Start Strong and Stay Strong This School Year Sep 16, 2019
DIY before and after: A step-by-step thrifted vintage chair upholstery makeover Sep 16, 2019
Copper Can Help You Cope with Colds Sep 16, 2019
The country's favorite fair foods, region by region Sep 16, 2019
Putting An End To Polio Sep 16, 2019
Lucky’s Legacy: 5 Important Lessons TurfMutt Taught Us Sep 16, 2019
4 steps to help you plan for wildfires Sep 15, 2019
Programa de Fundación CDC marca la diferencia para pacientes con cáncer Sep 15, 2019
Ways to save at the start of the school year Sep 15, 2019
Cool weather, cool looks: Tips and tricks for styling top accessory trends Sep 15, 2019
How and Why to Keep Up With the Latest Tech Trends Sep 13, 2019
How New Tech Could Help You Manage Your Money Sep 13, 2019
How to Protect Yourself From Financial Fraud Sep 13, 2019
Mid-Prairie cruises to another big win Sep 13, 2019
Ser adulto: Consejos financieros para la generación Z Sep 13, 2019
D. Edward Jensen Sep 13, 2019
Kathleen "Tike" Clark Services Sep 13, 2019
Moses Leroy “Moe” Mast Sep 13, 2019
Foodies Flock To Old World Pepperoni℠ And Spark Heated Pepperoni Pizza Debate Sep 13, 2019
My 5 Secrets to a Better Start to the Day Sep 12, 2019
Aging with HIV: Evolving Challenges Impacting the Community Sep 12, 2019
Helping Manage The Cost of Asthma And COPD Inhalers Sep 12, 2019
Simplify your kitchen with smart home gadgets Sep 12, 2019
Yes, There May Be A Positive to Come Out of the Student Debt Crisis Sep 12, 2019
LT gym entrance will cost $500K Sep 12, 2019
Sheriff opens office in Kalona Sep 12, 2019
Kalona to consider subsidy for Wellman Senior Dining Sep 12, 2019
Yesteryear Charm Sep 12, 2019
Roundabout proposal for Highways 1, 22 Sep 11, 2019
How to Navigate Expensive Car Repair Bills Sep 11, 2019
10 Acronyms Homebuyers Need to Know Sep 11, 2019
Could You Pay Your Mortgage on One Income? Here’s What to Know Sep 11, 2019
Athlete of the week: Thaddeus Shetler, Mid-Prairie Sep 11, 2019
Immunotherapy Gives Certain Patients Hope Sep 11, 2019
How to host the perfect girls’ night in Sep 11, 2019
How green are your car’s tires? Sep 11, 2019
The U.S. Military Uses Laser Vision Correction For Mission-Ready Personn Sep 11, 2019
Exciting Changes Coming To The Advanced Placement Program Sep 11, 2019
Turning The Page On Summer With Four Gripping Reads Sep 11, 2019
Meeting The High Cost Of Higher Education Sep 11, 2019
Highland voters approve $3.7 million bond Sep 11, 2019
Adulting: Financial Tips for Gen Z Sep 10, 2019
Make Your Child’s Vision Health a Priority this School Year Sep 10, 2019
4 Facts Parents Should Know About Antibiotic Resistance Sep 10, 2019
6 Keys to the Best Possible Stroke Recovery Sep 10, 2019
5 Common Questions for Memorializing a Loved One Sep 10, 2019
Tips and tricks for serving wine with holiday meals Sep 10, 2019
Engineering and Women in STEM [Video] Sep 10, 2019
Top tips to protect valuables from extreme weather disasters Sep 10, 2019
See Today's Hottest Stars Before They Were Famous [Video] Sep 10, 2019
Fall Lawncare and Winterization Tips [Infographic] Sep 10, 2019
‘Generation S’ PSA Calls Everyone to Help Raise Awareness of the Impact of Sickle Cell Disease Sep 10, 2019
Speaking up to defeat depression: A survivor shares her story Sep 10, 2019
Tips to Make the Most of Playtime Sep 9, 2019
Get Back in Your Favorite Jeans With These Weight Loss Tips Sep 9, 2019
Free yourself from living paycheck to paycheck Sep 9, 2019
Eco-Smart Company Keeps Landfills Free of Old Textile Fibers Sep 9, 2019
3 things you didn’t learn in driving school Sep 9, 2019
Highland voters will decide school bond on Tuesday Sep 9, 2019
Survey: Glaucoma affects patients and caregivers daily Sep 9, 2019
Exciting Changes Coming To The Advanced Placement Program Sep 9, 2019
Medicare Open Enrollment: How to save money next year Sep 9, 2019
Tips for Seniors to Ensure a Healthy Road Trip Sep 8, 2019
Are You Ready for Tailgating Season? Sep 8, 2019
Mid-Prairie dominates Dutch Invite Sep 7, 2019
Are You Prepared for the Next Natural Disaster? Sep 6, 2019
Mid-Prairie shuts out Pekin 43-0 Sep 6, 2019
Deaths from heart disease are rising dramatically – are you at risk? Sep 6, 2019
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Spreads Magic in Times Square [Video] Sep 6, 2019
Are Stereotypes Preventing Women from Entering STEM-Related Fields? [Video] Sep 6, 2019
How one woman found her ‘teal’ lining Sep 6, 2019
5 ways to help your child be a confident learner this school year Sep 6, 2019
Life insurance protects your family when you’re not there to do it Sep 6, 2019
5 Tips for Balancing A Career and Caregiving Sep 6, 2019
An Out-Of-This-World Collectors’ Edition Sep 6, 2019
Study Shows College Kids Hide Debt From Parents Sep 6, 2019
Ignore estas reparaciones y puede que lo detengan Sep 6, 2019
No permita que la madre naturaleza desvíe su salud: Cinco formas de priorizar el bienestar físico y mental de su familia en la temporada de huracanes Sep 6, 2019
Know What To Do In Case Of A Disaster Sep 6, 2019
The rise of crowdfunding to pay for funerals Sep 6, 2019
How to Prepare Young Adults for Financial Independence Sep 5, 2019
3 stylish ways to personalize your kitchen Sep 5, 2019
Try these refreshing – and nutritious – mocktail ideas Sep 5, 2019
5 age-specific ways to keep children safe during back-to-school Sep 5, 2019
Start your cruise vacation with some home port adventure Sep 5, 2019
Estudiantes Universitarios: Encuentra la mejor canción para cualquier ocasión Sep 5, 2019
Kalona Public Library News Sep 5, 2019
Loebsack, school officials talk fed funding during tour Sep 5, 2019
County OKs agreement with landowners to upgrade road Sep 5, 2019
Ceiling fans can be mind-numbing Sep 5, 2019
Dollar General unveils its plans for Riverside Sep 5, 2019
Wellman-Scofield Public Library News Sep 5, 2019
Police chase goes through Riverside backyards Sep 5, 2019
The will to play — senior year marks first football season for Mid-Prairie's Logan Harmsen Sep 5, 2019
Highland bond helps safety of playground Sep 5, 2019
Water Shop celebrates 25 years of business Sep 5, 2019
The signs, they are a changing Sep 5, 2019
Riverside residents seek answers after storm floods basements Sep 5, 2019
Heavy rain and flooding took toll on county roads Sep 5, 2019
4 tips to prevent and treat health issues on vacation Sep 4, 2019
Study: UTIs cause roller coaster of emotional pain and antibiotic overuse Sep 4, 2019
6 ways to use newly popular pimento cheese Sep 4, 2019
Three Tips For Making the Most of Back-to-School Snack Packing Routines Sep 4, 2019
How to keep your home and family safe from fires Sep 4, 2019
Shetler, Hershberger lead pack for Mid-Prairie boys at Prairie Invite Sep 4, 2019
Makayla Marie Miller Sep 4, 2019
Herman E. Miller Sep 4, 2019
Eldon Hotz Sep 4, 2019
Turnovers doom Lions’ home opener Sep 4, 2019
Colleen K. Sojka Sep 4, 2019
Huskies easily tame Wildcats Sep 4, 2019
How Close Is Too Close When It Comes to Living Near Your Family? Sep 3, 2019
4 Tips to Dress for Success at Work Sep 3, 2019
Hillcrest Academy opens season alongside Lone Tree, Highland Sep 3, 2019
Sun Safety: UV Rays Don't Discriminate Sep 3, 2019
Don't Miss These Signs of School Bullying Sep 3, 2019
A New Way to Benefit From the Competition For Your Money Sep 3, 2019
Tips for picking the perfect pet Sep 3, 2019
Survey reveals skyrocketing interest in marijuana and cannabinoids for pain Sep 3, 2019
Back-to-School Must-Haves Sep 2, 2019
How to Bring Comfort and Style to Your Outdoor Space Sep 2, 2019
How Schools are Changing to Improve STEAM Learning Sep 2, 2019
Why your clothes dryer is an energy hog and what you can do about it Sep 2, 2019
Changing Course After AFib: What You Can Learn from One Patient’s Journey Sep 1, 2019
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