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Many of us will receive (or have already received) one or more presents that, undoubtedly, will defy the expected “course of nature,” the assumption of it being easy – once assembled – to operate or use.

Others of us will have to wait an indeterminate length of time for that to happen. I’ve both given and received such described gifts. It wasn’t always done intentionally, but sometimes there’s a bit of fun to be found in the doing.

Warning: If you find a manually operated vegetable shredder at a re-gifting shop don’t try to use it or give it away unless you understand the concept of how “manually” works, which is: the non-easy involvement (usually) of both hands – and (possibly) both feet – having to get rid of it again.

Just thought you’d like to know… I would’ve, at the time; and, want it clearly understood I am not recommending foolery be done, but as an old grandma, will say; “If the shoe fits, wear it.” There is always room for a little extra fun at gift-giving time.

At this point I probably should address the subject of our being grateful for what is being given, and rightfully explain I am grateful for the things I have already received; also for all the anticipated things yet to come.

Gift-giving and receiving has many aspects often gravely unacknowledged for a variety of reasons. One reason is there is such a broad range of concepts involved it is difficult to narrow them down into any particular range without accidently or purposely missing the resulting conclusions.

There are the gifts from the heart given for either a self-explanatory or often heralded no particular reason; gifts given or expected because it is tradition; gifts given or expected for specifically acknowledged reasons; gifts given or received (for accidentally or assumedly) required reasons; and the gift of love and celebration for (God’s ordained) birth acknowledgement reason.

Did I miss one? If I did, you can add it on.

One pressing example coming readily to my mind is the first one listed: from the heart; and that is because of my having already been the recipient of such a gift. On a recent day upon coming home from a particularly harassing trip, I found a lovely gift bag of assorted treasures hanging on my doorknob. It had no identifying mark other than there was a very thoughtful person at my door that day. Thank you to whomever you are. You are blessed.

The giving of unexplained gifts is related to the act often expressed by persons at large who, at no particular time and for simple generous reasons, will gift a stranger with something; where upon the recipient can, if they so wish, pass along the gift-giving act, in some way, to someone else.

It’s a from-the-heart example of the generosity of the human soul.

Merry Christmas, one and all!

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