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Newspaper Article Archive of
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August 10, 2017 Intimidation can sometimes be advantageous
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INTIMIDATION: (simply defined) the act of threatening someone, usually in order to persuade them to do something he or she does not want to do…

Do we all understand the total concept of ‘intimidation’?

I’ve been around for enough light-years to have fallen victim to a lot of intimidation of every imaginable sort.

Yes…I know, our dictionaries basically suggest intimidation is bad for us. But, take my word for it: Intimidation isn’t all that bad. It can, at times, work ‘for’ us— not just ‘against’ us.

Keep in mind, there are many forms of arguments, conflicting opinions, and misunderstandings directed towards us that can often be diverted to be in our favor; can you get that? No?

Okay… perhaps that is a long a reach? Let me shorten it a little.

What do we fear most where intimidation is concerned? Pick any one you want to; we all have several--whether we want to admit to them or not; just pick one, for now.

How about: our being accused of not fulfilling a job’s established requirements? That’s a common one floating around in search of a host.

The first thing we need to consider is if it is an intimidation, valid or not, coming from one certain person; other entities such as one or more co-workers; a controlling factor such as board members, constituents, or consumers; or consummate trouble makers “out for blood”; and if it is directed towards a specifically noted duty.

That’s a long haul to begin with. Getting to the deeper stuff, we needs to take an equally deep (literal) breath and look at the intimidator’s side of the issue, as it is leveled against us. It might seem unfair, and it might be unfair, but: What are the facts? Do we, to our knowledge, see any comparison between what is being charged and what we admittedly find is of the same or of similar dimensions? This is where a thing often referred to as ‘soul searching’ enters in. If it is something we can resolve without feeling beleaguered the charges can be corrected by our simply resetting our work MO (method of operation); and resulting with our benefitting from the experience.

When I was a kid my mom, often, in answer to my repeated babbling questions had a habit of saying: “If it looks like a duck it’s probably a duck.” Mom was more than likely right, but she didn’t always understand that my POV (point of view) was different from hers.

I didn’t get to see many ducks, in those days, so I didn’t always understand exactly what she was trying to say; but, I do now.

Getting back to my earlier suggestion that intimidation can sometimes work better for us, than against us, the thought might still rank low on the acceptance scale; but the substitution of negotiation for intimidation pursuit is always a better choice than engaging in a battle of wits and wisdoms.

Also, it’s an easier route towards no one losing a lot.

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