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Newspaper Article Archive of
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July 20, 2017 Living takes a ‘heap of livin’. . . Just saying’. . .
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We do a heap of living, but why we do it, and why we keep on wanting to do it is thought largely dependent on the fabric from which our life’s pattern has been cut. This may sound like a lot of philosophical blather and it may well be totally off the mark; but, there is a lot of truth packed into the idea’s proposal. Who among us has never complained about his or her fate in life? Oh, come on…Gimme a break!

There are times when I’ve been ready to believe the piece of fabric from which my pattern has been cut is ‘rough burlap’ (!) The exclamation point indicates the extent of my belief.

But, I have to also consider the fabric described is exceptionally busy, with lots of other pieces being removed daily, by a lot of other people who believe the same as I. That may largely affect the final results of its lay.

So, back at the initial point of contention that: life is ‘a patchwork affair’-- add the ‘age-old’ warning that everyone who thinks their problem is the most challenging –the answer is: it isn’t. Not ever.

I complain I can’t walk without support. A ‘less-than-sympathetic person’ edges up behind me in a wheelchair and remarks, “But, you can walk.” “It might not look very pretty, but you can walk and you’ll get there, eventually.”

I complain I can’t eat certain foods without incurring a problem. The person with a healing jaw fracture gathers together a lopsided smile and scrawls on ‘his’ note pad: “Tough cookies!” There’s a cup of liquid in his other hand.

I need to choose my audiences more carefully?

Seriously, the better part of this exchange is I’m not the exact proponent in both of the preceding examples—(well, actually, I do have a problem walking without a cane or walker) but I can eat like a cow, it having the given advantages of several stomachs—no, wait let’s not go there… However, I can honestly complain of difficulty when I concoct weird food combinations, or devour them over the sink or from in front of the open fridge. But then, “Who doesn’t do that…? Okay… Let’s not continue this comparison thing. I know I’m not normal, but by being ‘not normal’ I’m not benefitting my being more likely ‘worse off’ than everyone, someone or anyone else.

All it really takes for anyone to understand “bad looks bad” is if we look at it from the angle of a bad idea, bad thought, bad feeling, or whatever else bad is shaping up in our piece of fabric at the moment. There is a great likelihood that my described life’s ‘rough burlap’ fabric is sturdier than it appears at first cut. But, I’m just sayin’…

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