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Newspaper Article Archive of
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May 18, 2017 Looking Back - 05-18-2017
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Lone Tree

100 years ago

May 17, 1917

As announced last week Rev. E. D. Lantz is to again become the pastor of the Lone Tree Reformed church after a congregational meeting was held and he was unanimously chosen to fill the pastorate.

On Sunday at high noon at the home of the groom’s parents occurred the marriage of Herman Zimmerman and Miss Clara Lake of Hills. The newly wedded couple immediately went to housekeeping here on the Zimmerman farm.

A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Kirkpatrick on May 12.

A boy arrived to Mr. and Mrs. John Brugman on May 11.

A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hunter on May 11.

George W. Gould was found dead at his home Saturday morning. He had been ill and his daughter visited him Friday. She expected to remove him to her home the next day but when she called for him she found him lying dead on the floor. He had evidently been dead several hours. The funeral was held from the Swank church Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Burial was in the Swank cemetery.

Miss Emma Wettleaf of Nichols is said to be one of the best women trap shooters in the United States.

At the annual stockholders’ meeting of the Hills Savings bank last week the following officers were elected: President – John McCollister; Vice President – Flavian Degenhart; and Cashier – Roy E. Bulechek.

Wm. Ashton and David Loring are two more Lone Tree boys that passed for admission to the officers’ training camp at Fort Snelling, Minn. This makes five to sign up to go from here with only Ed O’Connor being called.

The slot machines have all gone out of sight in Lone Tree again.

Glen Wolford has joined the Third Regimental band and will report for duty as soon as the national guard is called out.

A class of four will graduate from the Nichols high school this year.

The Frank Menzer home is under quarantine for scarlet fever.

75 years ago

May 21, 1942

Graduation exercises for the eighth grade pupils of the rural schools of the county will be held in the Methodist church at Iowa City on the evening of Wednesday, May 27. This year there are 158 members in the graduating class.

Members of the senior class got up bright and early Wednesday for their annual class trip, getting started at about 6 o’clock. They went through Tipton and Maquoketa, where they visited caves, ate dinner at Lyons, spent some time in Clinton, and then drove down the Iowa side of the Mississippi to Davenport, where they shopped and had supper. They crossed to the Illinois side on the ferry and then returned to Davenport for a show, returning to Lone Tree at a late hour.

Five local young men, Robert Crowe, Forrest Stout, Lawrence Owen, Clayton Owen, and Donald Cerny, left Iowa City Thursday for Fort Des Moines to enter army service. Galyn Loehr left Tuesday for St. Louis, called for training as a naval aviation cadet.

A fire breaking out Sunday afternoon at about 1 o’clock pretty much ruined a store room between the Masek meat market and the Dawson tavern before the blaze was extinguished. The loss was partially covered by insurance.

Stamp No. 2 in War Ration Book One became valid for use Sunday and will be honored for one pound of sugar until May 30.

The annual senior class play, presented in Fisher hall Monday evening, drew a fine crowd.

Probably the largest crowd in recent years was present at Fisher hall Tuesday evening to witness the commencement exercises for the members of the Class of 1942 of Lone Tree high school. The hall was packed a half-hour before the exercises and many folks were unable to get into the hall and were forced to miss the event. Eileen Doerres was named valedictorian while second honors went to Dale Brinkmeyer, who was named salutatorian.

Kenneth Stock is able to be about again after 3 weeks of being crippled up from stepping on some glass and had to be taken to the doctor and have 3 stitches taken in his foot.

Nancy, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jarrard got into the kerosene and drank some of it and was under the doctor’s care last week.

Wellman Advance

100 Years Ago

May 17, 1917

As Governor Harding has requested each pupil in every school in the state to commit to memory the Star-Spangled Banner and America, we are printing the songs in this issue. If you haven’t a copy of them, better cut them out and preserve them to memory.

The people of Wellman and vicinity are especially urged to attend the meeting of the Second United Presbyterian Church in Washington Friday evening at 7:30 o’clock for the purpose of organizing a Red Cross association in the county. Those especially interested in the work to be accomplished by the Red Cross societies are urged to be present.

Pilotburg school will close this coming Friday with a big picnic in “Santiago Park,” which is located in Carl Oldfield’s pasture. The Pleasant Mound school, which will close one week later, will join them. The teachers of both schools, the Misses Alice and Eathel Gibson, twin sisters, are excellent teachers, and the directors would like to hire them for another year, but they expect to go to collect next year, much to the regret of all concerned.

75 Years Ago

May 21, 1942

Brigadier Gen. James H. Doolittle, who led 79 daring American flyers in a destructive air raid on Tokyo April 18, has been a Wellman visitor several times, prior to his entering the Army Air Corps July 1, 1941. Gen. Doolittle in civilian life was a gas expert for Shell gas, and his visits to Wellman were in that capacity.

Donald Long and Ellen Rowe are the valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, of Wellman High School’s Class of 1942.

An escaped convict from the state reformatory farm at Cherokee held up a farmer near Pocahontas Monday and obtained five gallons of gas for his stolen car. The prisoner, Ray Whetstine, 27, stole the car at Cherokee. There was a .22 caliber rifle and considerable ammunition in the machine. Whetstine was convicted in Washington County Nov. 3, 1939, on charges of motor vehicle larceny and was sentenced for 10 years in the state reformatory at Anamosa. He had been given a six-month sentence in the Washington County jail in January 1938 on charge of forgery.

50 Years Ago

May 18, 1967

Ruth and Ed Semler have purchased the Gamble Store in Wellman from Mrs. Paul Noffsinger effective June 1. The Semlers are well known in the Wellman area. Ruth has been on the staff of the Wellman Savings Bank for 13 years. She was elected assistant cashier in 1965 and will continue in this same position. For the past seven years, Ed has been an employee of Trio Gas in Wellman and will now devote full time to management of the Gamble store. Mr. Mahlon S. Yoder, an employee of the Noffsingers for 10 1/2 years will continue to work for the new owners. Mrs. Noffsinger will work part time.

In the district track meet at Oskaloosa, Kevin Miller was the only Golden Hawk to qualify for the Class A state track meet. Kevin won first place in the high jump with a jump of 5’4”. Kevin will compete in the state track meet at Eagle Grove May 20.

25 Years Ago

May 21, 1992

Judy Parks of Heritage Area Agency on Aging served up a good report on the congregate meal program in Wellman at Monday night’s city council meeting. In her annual visit with city officials, Parks said participation is good and has increased in the meal program. An average of 48 meals are served daily from the Wellman center, Parks reported. The actual cost per meal is $2.11, which is lower than the $2.50 per meal that is budgeted. The savings can be attributed to the Wellman staff’s efficiency in ordering and preparing food supplies, Parks said.

10 Years Ago

May 17, 2007

Lela Goodwin died Oct. 18, 2006, at the age of 97, but her legacy will live on in Wellman. Not only did she leave her nearly $1 million estate to four Wellman organizations, but she was a vital part of the Wellman community for years, taking active roles in numerous clubs and church groups, and playing an instrumental part in starting the Wellman Senior Dining program.

Following her death, the Wellman community learned even more of her generosity. Four organizations, Asbury United Methodist Church, Wellman Volunteer Fire Department, Wellman Ambulance Service and Wellman Senior Center each received nearly a quarter of a million dollars from her estate. The exact amount is $244,388.86.

Kalona News

100 years ago

May 17, 1917

Human sympathy is best expressed in kind and neighborly deeds. A splendid example of that kind was recently enacted among the people south and east of Kalona and of the Richmond community. Frank Strabalas have been very unfortunate the past winter and spring in having an unusual amount of sickness in the family and for the past month or six weeks Mrs. Strabala has been very ill, although we are glad to report is some better now. All this of course has delayed Frank very much with his spring work and on Monday and Tuesday of last week their many friends decided it was time to lend a helping hand. On Monday afternoon the Catholic order of Foresters came, six of them with plows and the rest built fence and did other needed work.

An auto accident occurred Sunday afternoon west of the Timber church. Roy Marner and Eli J. Swartzendruber had a collision and it was lucky that no one was hurt. Both cars were damaged considerable.

Miss Katie Yoder, daughter of David J. Yoder, underwent a serious surgical operation for goiter, at one of the hospitals in Iowa City. She appeared to stand the ordeal well and at last accounts was doing as well as could be expected.

Last Friday quite a number of Kalona people repaired to the cemetery and spent a few hours in cleaning and beautifying the grounds. Sharon Hill cemetery is located fine and with proper care will be a beautiful place for this hallowed purpose. And it is the duty of all who have relatives and friends there as well as of the town to make it as beautiful as possible.

75 years ago

May 14, 1942

Baccalaureate services were held Sunday at the Christian church for the graduating class of the Kalona high school. The East Union octet composed of Abner Miller, Dale Yoder, Paul Snyder, Ora Keiser, Gordon Miller, John Miller, Thomas Miller and Herman Smucker sang. Rev. Ada Hillis delivered the sermon.

Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Southwick received a letter from their son Dale who is stationed in Camp Claiborne, La. Stating that he likes army life better every day.

Mr. and Mrs. Lute Grout received a letter from their son Pvt. Cleldon Grout who is stationed at Portland, Oregon. He says he is fine and enjoyed the News, which reached him last week.

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Hesselschwerdt entertained the members of the Kalona school faculty last Thursday evening.

Marguerite Vodicka closed a successful year of school work at Lookout. A number of the parents did not get around to attend the picnic dinner because of the busy season.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Chalupa and children ate dinner on Mother’s Day at the parental Wm. Duwa home. They visited at the James Chalupa home Sunday evening.

The rural schools of Jackson township held their annual Play Day at Grand Prairie school with a very good attendance of parents and pupils.

The H. J. Club met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Dwane Shalla and nine members and the following guests present, Mrs. John Shalla Sr., Mrs. Emma Bopp, Mary Ann TeBockhorst, Mrs. Milford Shettler, Darlene Shalla, Mrs. Harold Strum who was a guest became a member of the club.

Leona Kos will teach at Jackson Center, Gladys Stalder will return in fall at Salem. Letitia TeBockhorst will teach at Egypt. Letitia will not be quite old enough to teach when school opens so she will have Mrs. Della Downs teach for her until her birthday.

50 years ago

May 18, 1967

Mr. and Mrs. Dale K. Gingerich and family entertained relatives at a Mothers Day dinner, including Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gingerich, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Schlabaugh and family Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Swartzendruber and Cynthia, Mr. and Mrs. James Conrad and sons.

Mr. and Mrs. Chris E. Troyer entertained their family on Mothers Day, including Mary Troyer, John Troyer, Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Troyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Troyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Troyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Reschly and family and Duane Mast.

Relatives sharing a Mothers Day dinner in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George V. Fry were Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Fry and Allen, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Jones and Lisa, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Semler, Mr. and Mrs. Chase Millice and Janice, Mr. and Mrs. James Millice and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Millice, Mrs. Emma Millice, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fry and sons, and Mr. and Mrs. George E. Fry and Tracy.

A cooperative dinner was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brenneman and sons. Participating were Mr. and Mrs. Noah Brenneman, Mr. and Mrs. Omer Libig, Mrs. H. L. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Jones and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Mel Lieting and Rick.

Mrs. H. L. Walker, Mrs. Roy Kallaus, Mrs. F. W. Boone, Mrs. L. F. Strickler and Mrs. Joe Chody will participate in the Iowa Federation of Women’s Club Historical tour. Place of interest will be visited in Muscatine, Davenport and Moline.

Mrs. Mabel Swartzendruber, Mrs. Truman Yoder, Clara Yoder, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brenneman were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Bontrager. Evening guests in the Bontrager home were Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Christner and family and Mr. and Mrs. Omar Schlabaugh and family.

Guests at supper Sunday evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Yotty and family were Mrs. Mary Yotty, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Yotty and family, Lewis Hochstedler and Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Plank.

25 years ago

May 14, 1992

When Fay Boone opens his brand new barbershop at 310 C Ave, a Kalona institution will be back.

There was a Boone’s Barbershop in town since the late 1920s when Fay’s father, Fay W. Boone opened shop. The Boone Barbershop continued under the direction of both father and son until the elder Boone retired in 1969. In August 1978, the original frame building was replaced with a modern brick on at B Ave.

Jeff and Bev Swartzendruber are parents of a son, Christian Reid, born May 7. Grandparents are Mahlon and Delores Leichty and Homer and Jean Swartzendruber.

Steve and Mary Jo Yotty are parents of a son, Jordon Ray, born May 2. Grandparents are Bart and Dorothy Yotty and Harry and Katie Rockzien.

Del and Jane Hershberger are parents of a daughter, Nicole Marie, born May 11. Grandparents are Daniel and Amelia Yoder and John and Alma Hershberger.

Riverside Current

25 Years Ago

May 22, 1992

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jones of Riverside announce the engagement of their daughter, Rae Ann, to Steven Ryan Burton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Burton. The future bride is a graduate of Kirkwood Community College dental assisting program. She is currently employed by Dr. Fred Riddle of Iowa City. The future groom is a graduate of West Branch High School, attends the University of Iowa, and is currently employed by Renoux Flooring of Washington. An Oct. 3 wedding is planned.

Clint Colbert, son of Tim and Bev Colbert of Riverside, has been awarded a varsity football letter by Upper Iowa University, Fayette. A 1991 graduate of Highland High School, Clint plays offensive lineman for the Upper Iowa Peacocks.

10 Years Ago

May 17, 2007

A shoulder-widening project on Highway 218/27 from the intersection of Iowa 92 in Washington County north to the English River near Exit 80 started May 7. Contractor for the project is L.L. Pelling, North Liberty, who is widening shoulders with hot mix asphalt, adding rumble strips and replacing guardrails.

When the City of Riverside signed a contract with McClure Engineering of Fort Dodge in July 2005, it expected to have a fully functioning water plant by August 2006. Instead, the plant may be ready in July of this year, and the city was billed an additional $91,946.60 for redesign fees that officials say were not the city’s doing.

But Tuesday the city council, in special session, voted 4-0 to pay the fee, minus interest charges that ran it up to $111,375.83, if McClure provides lien waivers (or other written proof) that all the subcontractors, etc., have been paid in full.

The water plant is part of the total infrastructure project necessitated by the building of the $140 million Riverside Casino and Golf Resort.

Mildred Thomann, who reached her 99th birthday Saturday, May 12, celebrated the event with friends May 10 at Riverside Senior Dining.

Pat Iott and Mike Iott of Michigan made a stop in Kalona last Thursday on their way to San Francisco. That’s not so unusual, but their mode of transportation was. Mike was driving a 1956 Model 60 John Deere tractor. Pat was driving a 1954 Super 88 Oliver tractor. The tractors, at one time, belonged to their grandfathers.

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