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Newspaper Article Archive of
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September 12, 2018 Police log Sept. 4 - Sept. 9
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September 4

Caller reports locating an injured deer in the yard in Wellman while she was out walking. Officer responded and assisted.

Caller in the 1000 block of Fifth Street, Wellman, reports that he has been receiving phone calls from a subject in Washington. She has been asked to stop but continues to call. Request a deputy speak with her. Spoke with both subjects who were advised to have no further contact. Caller was advised that if it continues, he may want to see about a no contact order.

Caller in the 3100 block of Highway 22, Riverside, reports her ex-boyfriend broke out the window of her vehicle. He left the parking lot in an older vehicle. Report to be filed. Charges pending upon consulting with the county attorney.

September 5

Caller reports that a tree has fallen on a power line and the power lien is on the ground in Riverside. Responded. Advised the utility pole has been damaged as well and the lines are going across the road on West Second Street and North Washington Street. Alliant was contacted and responded. Barricades were set up to block off the intersection.

Caller in the 100 block of South Sixth Street, Kalona reports that his 16-year-old daughter stayed at her boyfriend’s house last night and didn’t go to school today. Request a deputy attempt to locate her.

Report of an assault. Victim is in the emergency room. Request a deputy. Arrested Matthew Allen Valentine, 30, of Kalona for child endangerment (aggravated misdemeanor). DHS was also contacted.

Caller in the 200 block of A Avenue, Kalona report a light on near a vehicle in the trailer court. When he went outside, the light went off. believe there is someone going from vehicle to vehicle in the trailer court. Checked the area. Unable to locate anyone.

Iowa County requesting Wellman Fire for a two-story house fire. Everyone is out of residence. Williamsburg Fire, North Keokuk County Fire, Wellman Fire, Wellman QRS and Kalona Fire responded.

September 6

Caller in Kalona is reporting he located his missing daughter and would like assistance getting her from an address. Responded and the daughter was returned to the father. Subjects were advised the juvenile is not to be back on their property. The daughter and father will go through the emancipation process. Juvenile was removed from the system as missing.

Caller in Kalona reports a subject broke a windshield on a vehicle that belongs to the callers granddaughter. Officer spoke with the caller who was advised to make contact with a supervisor. Caller also requested a welfare check on her granddaughter. Officer responded. Subject was OK and was told to contact her grandmother.

Officer was out with an occupied disabled vehicle in the 300 block of River Street, Riverside. Female is slumped over the wheel. Driver was OK and on her way.

Caller in the 900 block of Eighth Avenue, Wellman, reports the Cox Sanitation garbage truck drove through his yard and left big ruts. Officer spoke with Cox and they will contact him directly about taking care of the issue. He will call back Saturday if they have not done so.

Caller in Kalona reports his daughter did not show up for school again today and is possibly at her boyfriend’s house in Washington. Officer left a message for the father to call in. Checked the residence in Washington and was unable to locate. Entered juvenile into the system.

Caller in Riverside reports a male subject standing outside of a vehicle along the side of the road who appears to be in distress. Looks like he is hauling a load of something. Responded. Truck and trailer got too far off onto the shoulder. Vehicle was pulled out and subject was on his way.

September 7

Caller in Riverside reports he assaulted his wife and she has a scratch on her nose. He has done a bunch of illegal stuff. His wife feels he should go to prison and he thinks that would be a good idea. Caller ended the call before his name and exact location could be determined. Dispatch contacted the casino who advised they would look into this and handle it. Subject called 9-1-1 again and hung up. The casino was again advised.

Caller reports an accident at JWs in Kalona. Maria Boucher of Kalona versus Alyssa Miller of Iowa City. Occurred on private property. Driver’s information was exchanged and no citations were issued.

Caller reports a pickup tearing up the mud road between 170th and 155th on Elm Avenue, Wellman. They have been back and forth four times and were last seen northbound. Officer checked the area. He could see tracks but was unable to locate the vehicle.

Caller reports a male subject sitting on the bridge on Highway 218 with a backpack. Officer located the subject walking south of the bridge. Transported the subject to the Henry County line.

Caller in the 1700 block of 130th Street, Wellman, reports a subject who was trespassing on his property. Picture caught on his trailcam. Spoke with the caller who does not have a suspect and requests documentation.

Caller in the 500 block of B Avenue, Kalona, reports a theft from the business. Under investigation.

Caller reports receiving a phone call of a vehicle in the ditch on 135th near Timberline Drive, Riverside. Responded. Vehicle was able to drive out.

Caller reports fireworks going off in the area of 700 Sixth Street. Unable to locate.

Caller reports his van is stuck on the mud road on 120th Street, Wellman. Responded. Gave the subject a ride to the Dutch Country Inn for the night and was advised he will have to wait until the road dries up before he can get his vehicle out.

September 8

Reports a male subject is pulling a female subject out of a vehicle at pump 9. She was screaming and in a black car. He was on a red motorcycle at pump 10. Both vehicles left eastbound on Highway 22. Located both vehicles east of the casino on Highway 22. The motorcycle continued. Spoke with the female subject who was okay. Said she is in an unhealthy relationship and they were arguing over a phone.

Caller reports a white car stuck on the dirt road south of Elm Avenue closer to 155th Street. Officer was unable to locate the vehicle in the area.

A second caller advised the vehicle was on Elm Avenue north of 170th Street. Responded and located the vehicle. A juvenile subject was issued a written warning for driving on a Level B road. They were provided a ride to a residence by officer and will remove the vehicle when the road dries up. There was minimal damage to the road.

Caller reports someone has dumped tires behind a shed on his property. Caller reports a verbal domestic dispute and request an officer respond. Responded was advised. The male party called back and advised the female was leaving and going to her daughter’s and to disregard.

Caller reports an ongoing issue with a neighbor on a tractor in her yard damaging property.

Caller reports fireworks going off in the area of the high school. Officer responded and spoke with some subjects in the area. They were advised to not set off any more fireworks.

Officer reports a vehicle stop at the riverside travel mart. Arrested Ronnie Antonio Gray, 23, of Coralville for possession of marijuana, second offense and open container.

September 9

Reports a subject, with a tractor and blade, is going through the yard doing damage. Spoke with all parties involved. They need to get clarification on property lines. Subject on the tractor was advised to stay off the caller’s property or trespass charges would be filed.

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