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April 5, 2018 Prior programs added to shooting potential
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The tragic shooting in the Broward County school in Florida overlooked some major things that could have stopped what happened, but thanks to many areas in control (none of which were the NRA) have not been held accountable.

In 2013, Broward County decided to put in place a policy to lower school expulsions and reduce police involvement – something called the Promise program, Promise standing for preventing recidivism through opportunities, mentoring, intervention, support and education.

Why did they do this: because they had in 2011-2012 more than 1,000 kids arrested over specific incidents that should call alarm to any school.

So President Obama and Eric Holder decided this was a great idea hence they implemented something called the “Promise Plan.”

This may stop racial profiling and arrests which would also keep the child’s background clean allowing them to have a clean background and

capability of purchasing an assault rifle.

In turn, if the schools abide by this Promise Plan and always keep the cops out of situations like a child bringing a knife or gun to school or making threats to hurt someone or is in fact a student that is bullying someone in their school ... then the school won’t lose grants – money from the government – in other words bribing schools to look the other way and setting up mentally ill children to do what happened last month.

The rest of the story is now there are companies dropping NRA because of the incident last month in Florida, such as First National Bank of Omaha. We cut our card up.

Laurie Bush


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