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Newspaper Article Archive of
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January 18, 2018 Nostalgia offers expansion of learning’s expectations
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Nostalgia is not a vague matter needing it be limited to consideration by only the older generation of people in this day and age.

It is a tender homey-like addition to memory’s realm of knowledge quite easily capable of subtly encouraging expansion of the often short-set boundaries of learning’s expectations.

From ages 1 to 91 (and beyond), bits and pieces of knowledge are regularly found meandering like freewheeling birds in, through and around the distant reaches of our minds. They visit upon each and every one of us, building on our inbred desire to gather and adapt them to the benefit of our needs.

At age 1, we are decidedly narrowed by our memory’s ability to register little beyond the joys found in a hug, a favorite toy, a tasty meal and a dry diaper; but as our age moves us forward there develops a totally different menu of choices – a lifetime of experiences ripened by opportunities of promising physical growth and mental expansion.

They increase with the passing of time as we choose the extent to which we stretch our wealth of experiences and knowledge.

(But, then, who am I to determine how or by what manner this might happen?)

Perhaps, only by our taking into account the fluid ability of our mind to expand its needs and to combine that with our overall interest in its growth that we can achieve good use of it, and gain an understanding of its important usefulness.

We sometimes think we can accomplished our goal of broadening our memory capacity by using a bizarre exercise of blocking out certain little-used learned items or amending portions there of, but it’s not easy and doesn’t always produce satisfactory result.

I’ve often been caught fishing around in my memory pool – looking for slippery lost thoughts of that manner.

I, for one, have a general oversupply of nostalgic memories pestering me. Some I could easily do without, and at other times they look excitingly full of opportunities.

A negative factor might be if none of the ideas would survive unscathed if forced to face the present day standards of fitting in, which might be a good thing in some cases.

For the time being, all the transient pieces of wisdom I’ve wrestled with are being tossed back in for another run through.

It takes a lot of energy and willpower to adapt nostalgic memories to clear modern usefulness. That we fail to accomplish a successful transition is why some worthy ideas never see the light day and certain of life’s achievements or experiences fail to breach the gap to their materialization, as they should have.

Not all of us are cut out to make a difference but that shouldn’t discourage anyone from sharing nostalgic memories with those of us who might just see the potential and advance the pleasures found in a memory’s adaptation.

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