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Newspaper Article Archive of
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July 9, 2018 Police log July 3 - July 7
Article Pages -- as published on the The Kalona News website.

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July 3

Caller on 125th Street and South Nutmeg Avenue, Kalona, reports a loud explosion. Checked the area and unable to locate.

Caller reports a two-vehicle accident at Highway 22 and 218. Alan Nguyen of Iowa City versus Roy Felts of Crawfordsville. Nguyen cited for failure to yield upon left turn.

Johnson County reports being out at a residence in Washington county doing a welfare check and request assistance. Kalona QRS, officer, ambulance and Johnson County deputies responded. Report to be filed. Pending charges DCI lab results on Mitchell Wayne Duwa, 33, of Kalona for possession of controlled substance, methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. Male juvenile also has pending charges per DCI lab result for possession of controlled substance, marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Caller in Kalona reports subjects are shooting off fireworks across the street. One subject on A Avenue was given a verbal warning.

Received three reports of fireworks being shot off in Wellman. Possibly coming from 701 Ninth Avenue. Responded and was unable to locate.

Caller in Riverside reports fireworks in the trailer court. Unable to locate.

Wellman caller reports two juveniles ran in front of him in the roadway a block east of Casey’s. An off-duty deputy checked the area and was unable to locate the juveniles.

July 4

Caller reports a patron was asked to leave the casino and he is refusing to leave. Arrested Zhiyu Sun, of Iowa City, for disorderly conduct and public intoxication first offense. Subject is banned from the casino for the next 24 hours.

Caller reports fireworks in the street on J Avenue, Kalona. Checked the area. Unable to locate.

Caller in Wellman reports locating a very young male in a diaper and shorts, crossing Highway 22. He can’t tell them his name. Unsure where he belongs. He has bruising around his eye and on his back. Request assistance. Wellman QRS responded. Parents located and child was returned. DHS will be contacted. Report to be filed.

Caller in the 1300 block of Ginkgo Avenue, Wellman, reports a subject rolled a four-wheeler on the property. They are conscious and alert with a head injury. Wellman QRS, Wellman Fire, Wellman Rescue, Air Care responded. Air Care was disregarded by ambulance. Ambulance transported the patient to the hospital.

Received a fire alarm on the lower level of the Mid-Prairie High School, west hall by the bandroom. Faulty sensor. No fire.

Caller reports there are subjects shooting off fireworks in Kalona. Warning given to the subject shooting them off. He will stop.

Officer reports being out with a subject in the Kalona Park lighting fireworks. Advised the subject of the ordinance.

Caller in the 700 block of 11th Street, Wellman, reports her husband came home tonight under the influence of drugs. He is on probation and has it in the house. Requesting a deputy. Responded. Subject was intoxicated and family had already disposed of the suspected drug. Documentation.

July 5

Caller in Wellman reports vehicle squealing tires. Citation issued to Aaron Robert Kron of Riverside for reckless driving.

Report of a subject who was walking across the street in Kalona near Yotty’s and got hit by a car. The vehicle took off. Female subject appears to be fine. Medical was requested to check out the subject. Kalona QRS responded and disregarded ambulance. Subject will go by private vehicle. Vehicle and driver were located at the post office. Robert Clemence Levers of Kalona, was cited for driving under suspension and leaving the scene of an accident. State accident report to be filed.

Caller reports a vehicle was going all over the roadway, Highway 218 and 140th Street, Riverside. Vehicle went in the ditch. They were able to get out and continued on to the gas station in Riverside. Unable to locate.

Caller reports a parent was ejected from the baseball game at Highland and he is refusing to leave. The umpire would like a deputy. Parent left prior to deputy’s arrival. Umpire was escorted to his vehicle. Should be no further problems.

July 6

Alarm company for Travel Mart reports an alarm. Received a second call from Johnson County, a male subject reported to them that he entered the building, not realizing they were closed and used the restroom. Keyholder responded. Documentation.

Caller in the 1300 block of Fir Avenue, Wellman, reports a vehicle that was involved in an accident and it is sitting in his field drive, unoccupied. Responded. Vehicle was towed. Culvert marker and the bridge was damaged. County roads was notified.

Wellman caller reports a gas drive off that occurred yesterday for $46. No plate information available. Male subject purchased other items inside. Requesting a deputy to identify the subject on video. Responded. Unable to identify subject.

Wellman caller reports they took a Hawkeye poster to be framed and they sold it to a male subject at the bar. Officer spoke with the caller and the county attorney’s office, who advised this is a civil matter and can be settled in small claims court. Caller was given her options.

Multiple reports of a silver van that has rolled and is upside down in the northbound lane of Highway 218 and 160th Street. Riverside Fire and QRS all responded. Vehicle towed. Dieudonne Nojibu Muzadi cited for failure to maintain control. Ambulance transported one patient.

Caller in the 400 block of Sixth Street, Kalona, reports a cat bite. The animal was sent for testing at the hygienic lab. Environmental Health was also notified and the vet clinic will send a copy of the report when it is received.

Caller in the 600 block of Sixth Street, Wellman, reports a subject was at the residence and they do not want him there. He was asked to leave. Responded. Checked the property and was unable to locate.

Caller in the 3100 block of Highway 22, Riverside, reports suspicious activity. Under investigation.

Caller in the 200 block of A Avenue, Kalona, reports harassment from their neighbor. Neighbor’s friend called in later advising that the previous caller is harassing his friend as well. Spoke with all parties involved and advised them to have no further contact.

July 7

Lifeline call for a subject in Kalona in the 200 block of A Avenue. Responded and spoke with the subject’s family. They are going to contact Lifeline. No medical problem.

Caller in the 500 block of A Avenue, Kalona, reports his girlfriend is intoxicated and assaulted him an hour ago. She ahs left on foot. Officers responded. Report to be filed. Charges pending for domestic abuse assault.

Caller in the 600 block of Ninth Avenue, Wellman, reports a dog is barking. Responded. Verbal warning for dog barking was given to the Christners.

Caller in the 100 block of First Street, Kalona reports male subject in the parking lot letting off fireworks. Responded and asked the subject to move along.

July 8

Caller in Kalona reports a male pitbull running around the elementary school. Checked the area. Unable to locate.

Caller in the 100 block of E Avenue Kalona, report suspicious male subject going through people’s stuff and acting odd. Officers checked the area. Subject had been last seen walking eastbound on Highway 22. Unable to locate.

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