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Newspaper Article Archive of
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October 18, 2018 Trying to define busyness of ‘being busy’
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As of this morning I had determined I was too busy to write a column this week. For that reason, I basked a short time in the blissfully comforting feeling that I was safely escaping one more responsibility.

But at the same time there was this other annoying sense nagging at me, one of needing to explain why I felt I was too busy, which in turn, was causing me to wonder how I was going to justify I had all these reasons of being too busy if I didn’t prove them.

To do that meant I would have to wade into my somewhat flagged memory pool and swish around in there long enough to see what would voluntarily float up as proofs of preserver-like excuses.

Also at about that same time I began to feel an additional amount of uneasiness sidling up to me with the suggestion that maybe I hadn’t been and still wasn’t as busy as I’d declared … that I just thought I was busy or (understandably) wanted to think I was busy, so I wouldn’t have to be responsible for anything I thought would make me busy.

The noticeable inability of my brain to mobilize was the next thing that developed, and I was suddenly unable to think, whereupon appeared the idea that that inability could possibly be one of the explanations for my seeming busyness.

Undaunted (whom am I kidding), I pressed forward to uncover all the reasons there might have been causing me to be busy, recently, but at the same time I knowingly sensed it wasn’t going to be easy.

When my mind refused to get on board I turned to my soon-to-become “incriminating journal” for the elusive clues as to why I was feeling too busy to write a column.

In there were oodles of excuses, and I was happily on the way to proofing my claim until I took a second look. Somewhere within or at the ending of each involvement recorded were a remarkable number of similar caveat (exonerating) notations explaining why the results were met unfavorably.

They ran along the lines of: the contacted parties involved were unavailable; it was the wrong time, the wrong day, the wrong answer; the figures didn’t compute; the other parties were busy… should I wait on line?; and nobody seems to care about time anymore. …

I figured I was justified in my claim of being too busy, but then there were all the other little things listed: the repeated trips back to the stores for items forgotten the last time; the need to suddenly mail an overlooked billing; to engaging in a private phone call that ran longer than planned; greeting a politician at the door with a flier (and a word or more); and having to separate two cats exchanging greeting over an empty food dish on the porch.

All were probably unnecessary but then there were the ones always very important, the ones that claimed: “Later. I’m tired now.”

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