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June 28, 2018 People get old; things happen…
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You’ve seen it written, heard it said, observed its being promoted repeatedly, like an addendum carved in stone: “People get old; things happen;” really?

Who was it first thought such a decisive description was required? Was he/she being serious? Was it meant to be a premise revealing a genuine bit of truth, or merely a frivolity of someone’s mind?

Who would so flagrantly chose to declare and expect acceptance of such a determination directed toward a specific age level?

I’d like to know because I think it’s a stinky directive.

Yes, people get old; that’s the general direction everyone is headed from birth and, yes, things happen. But, by what relative directive should the two events be conjoined in the particularly fashion chosen of: people get old and things happen?

How about this instead: People get old; things change accordingly? Or, people get old; things revise relative to need?

Is either or both of these descriptions better? What’s your zinger? If you have a thought, share it with us, please.

I’ve spent a lengthy portion of my life working on adjusting to change … why?; because it keeps changing. I’ve determine there is no big possibility of my ever getting ahead of it; just keeping up takes most of my energy. That’s where the rub comes in and where the problems develop.

People like to complain progress is the problem; some blame technology as the cause. What is really at fault, most of the time, is our innate, stick- in-the-mud resistance to change. If we’ve always done something a certain way and it has always worked for us; of course, we want to continue doing it that way.

In reality we might have been doing it wrong, or the hard way, all along but we don’t want to admit we were not only wrong, but also likely inefficiently wired from birth. This is no doubt due to some errant gene belonging to an early predecessor nobody ever wants to talk about. In my case, I think the gene may have developed in a generational shift event during which I got the wrong pickup date ticket. I always fitted better in the last century. That’s a tough cookie to crumble in anybody’s cookie jar system of reasoning, but it helps resolve problems I have to work on and I can feel more comfortable that it’s not because--as it’s being said--people get old and things happen.

Responses to this column may be directed in writing to: Lois Eckhardt, P.O. Box 413, Wellman, IA 52356.

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