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September 27, 2018 Sometimes decision making looks like it is for the birds
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Think you have troubles? Looking for an answer, or for sympathy? You’ve come to the wrong place. Go away! Especially if you are expecting sympathy; “tough luck” is all that’s being offered here.

I know: You think you deserve more, should get more and are possibly deeply offended by the additional popular and blithely offered invitation, “Welcome to the club.”

You have to realize both sympathy and understanding are in danger of suffering a direct hit in many ways during these changing times.

An example is in my recent addressing a friend as being an “enema” – because she is always causing me to want to go – somewhere.

The description was rightly given because although I usually want to go it isn’t always for the right reason.

That uneasy titling also caused me to think about how the challenge of seeking an answer requires it being met by not only humans, but by a multiple of other creatures around us.

In a recent column, I wrote about the hummingbirds clustering around the feeders in anticipation of their soon to be southward journey. I wondered who among them would be chosen or designated to say, “This is it, guys; away we go.”

In whichever way the order was finally designed apparently some of the bird were not always listening or not getting up in time to catch the early flight or were deciding to set their own schedule, because although there were fewer at the feeders one morning, there was still an interesting number around.

I mentally wished the departed ones “bon voyage” and filled the feeders. The next day I was further confused when a few more birds arrived. I refilled the feeders again.

Now the question arose: Did they not (want to) follow the instructions, started out and changed their minds, lost their way and circled back or were just not ready to go yet?

Some of them looked a little juvenile in stature and mental ability (chattering at face level and repeatedly mistaking my flowered top for a food source).

Thankfully my cat Kee Kee, sitting calmly below, apparently determined they were not a good food choice and eventually sauntered away.

Which brings me to the additional thought: How do all the other creatures around us make their decisions how to react to different scenarios? Is it by design, by (dare I say ‘divine’) planning or by a mere “by gosh and good luck” factor?

I know for a fact many will do some pretty stupid things, just as we humans do.

Is that all there is to the answer ?

I feel cheated. I need something or someone to help plan my choices or disagree with me, so when I make a mistake I have a choice from which to select who to blame if things don’t go right.

Lois Eckhardt may be reached at P.O. Box 413, Wellman, IA 52356.

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