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October 10, 2018 Seasoning the seasons is not easy
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Many cooks regularly add the herbal seasoning thyme to beef stews to enhance the flavor essence.

In contrast, nature’s seasoning time often adds little more to its weather brew than a negative essence.

What we do with a bland, thin watery stew is simple enough: We cook it down, but how do we reduce the effects of a soggy weather season such as the one we’re currently having?

Let’s not think – even momentarily – of wanting another round of steamy hot weather such as that of recent times.

If a pot on the stove boils over, we mop up the liquid, and (if we’re lucky) no one is greatly affected. But when nature boils over the usual choice is for us to get out of the way and seek higher ground.

I’ve lived on both high and low levels of ground over the years, and sometimes on both at the same time for different reasons.

What bothers me most, currently, is the excessive water flow that comes into my basement and surprises me with its rapid appearance, a small but mighty rolling tsunami approach.

From season to season, and from time to time, I can never be sure whether or not I will suddenly harbor a miniature indoor swimming pool for a day. It doesn’t happen often enough so I can stay alert, so it’s always a surprise.

Another important issue at the present time is the quickly arriving needs to downgrade the many plants I’ve enjoyed all during a long warm summer and are now in jeopardy of succumbing to the real danger of frost.

It’s difficult to make that decision, sometimes as a last-minute choice, to save a blooming plant or not and to accept having sometimes forgotten to rescue a certain one or two – alas, too late.

I’m sure the loss of the blooming plants is greatly felt by the entire population of little creatures big and small who depended on them all summer.

The late rains have kept some of the plants rejuvenated, but I’ve noted my crowd of hummingbirds is almost depleted; hopefully, the early departing ones will all arrive safely at their southern destinations and the last few will soon leave.

I’ve even named the few that have tarried long enough. There is Phillip (fill-up) and Stephaney (stuffing me) and Gorgon (gorge).

What more can I say except “See you next spring?”

I’m the one with the fresh sugar water and the fly swatter to chase off the ants and pesky bugs.

Lois Eckhardt may be reached at P.O. Box 413, Wellman, IA 52356.

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