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September 7, 2017 The ‘Waiting Game’ is longer for some
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How long one has to wait for certain things to happen can depend largely upon what it is for which one is waiting. For some people the time required takes only seconds, minutes, hours, days, or months— but for others it may take years.

Such is the case in waiting for the birth of a child (any child). There is obviously a set period of ‘active time’ expected, give or take a few months, but it’s usually pretty well known approximately how much time is required.

For others, only incidentally involved, that waiting game can show little mercy. All those ‘others’ ( listed here in no particular order), can be close family members; friends; neighbors; distantly located family members; even that ‘snoopy old woman’ taking a breather near the water fountain display in the shopping mall, satisfying her yen for sizing up due dates on every probability coming within measuring view. She might even be related in some way if the truth be known.

For me, it became a determinably huge number of years to wait for my being a (first time) great grandmother to an Eckhardt namesake. The newest member, our girl Vaida Kaye, arrived Aug. 31 to take her place on the roster. She was 9 pounds and 21.25 inches. Her father, my grandson Andrew, (the mother is Lisa Eckhardt.) was the last Eckhardt to hold that position, born 30 years ago. Before that it was his father, my son William, born 36 years earlier (now deceased); and before that his father, my husband, Charles, born 36 years before that (also deceased). The family has increased its namesake status by only 4 members, during a period of basically 100 years: 1915 to 2017. I won’t venture further back into the family line to include more members other than Charles’s father William who was the last born child of regional patriarch Henry Eckhardt, arrived on the Wellman scene in 1865-06.

The slow 100-year population increase previously noted is not in any respect numerically comparable as far as the rest of Great, Great, Great grandfather Henry Eckhardt’s family, is concern, whose members have added sizably to the Wellman community population within the same time frame.

When I married into this family in 1950 I was destined to learn a greater percentage of the population of the area was in some way related to each other by blood. That was a daunting discovery for a person who had grown up as an only child.

One other close family member no longer present to celebrate the joyous arrival of our newest family member is grandmother Kaye Eckhardt (Andrew’s mom).

We think sadly of her and all the other members who also can not be with us; they will remain forever in our thoughts. A Blessing on them all for having been “a valued part of the whole”.

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