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August 29, 2018 Momentous changes and emotions mark 30th wedding anniversary
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My husband, BJ, and I recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. I have mixed emotions about this milestone, part of me thinking it can’t be 30 years already, at the same time feeling as if I’ve been married for a hundred years.

Momentous changes are happening within the family as our middle child has moved out and started college and our youngest has started high school.

I am starting to see changes in my parents’ generation as well, as they are starting to downsize and slow down. It makes me ponder what the future holds for us as we continue to grow and change together.

While our marriage is by no means perfect, as none are, we have settled into a pattern of love and life that works for our family. Most evenings find my husband on the computer checking the weather radar as his job in earth excavating requires it, and I have my nose buried in a book.

I wonder what we will be doing at that same time of day, 30 more years down the road. I imagine by then, out of habit, he will be watching the Weather Channel like it has a plot.

With my eyesight possibly too poor for reading, when he falls asleep, I will steal the remote to switch over to the Game Show Network, so I can shout out answers to the questions before the contestants.

By then our 100-pound German shepherd will have been replaced by some fat lit-tle lap dog that will notify us when our blood sugar dips too low and our blood pressure shoots too high.

I imagine we will be in a much smaller house, with our current house taken over by one of the kids and their family, with the big family gatherings still happening there.

As far as health and looks, hopefully the worst of our maladies will be too little hair and too much skin, as gravity tends not to be kind to the aged.

Regardless of changes outside our control, it is my prayer and belief that if we are blessed with 30 more years, we will use them wisely, fall more in love, continue to learn, be more forgiving, show more patience, and continue to grow into a deeper faith.

I am thankful for the man I call my husband, for our 30 blessed years behind us, and for all the years yet to come.

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