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May 18, 2017 Columns - 05-19-2017
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Routine, routine! Don’t you just love it?

Hi Neighbor By Lois Eckhardt

ROUTINE: Don’t you just love it-- doing something over and over, and over, again; maybe, not always over and over the same way, but over multiple times in repeatedly similar ways?

Doing something routinely is really very easy when you think about it. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. But, admittedly, routine can become boring if you have to do it and you don’t want to.

There are times at which you might say: “No, I would never do that”; or, “No, I don’t like to do that”; or, “Maybe not more than once in a big while”; any of these responses could easily mean there are going to be times you will wish you had done what you thought you didn’t need to do …when you didn’t do it.”

I’m sure there are many of us who will seek reassuring comfort and support in doing things routinely when there seems to be little usable knowledge and confidence in ourselves.

Often, I, and I’m assuming, many others will occasionally find them selves unable to ‘perform to the norm’ and want to reach out toward any reliability and acceptable support system.

Routine’s assistance gets my hearty approval whenever my ‘performing ducks’ are all lined up in a row, prep’d and ready to ‘roll’ on a moment’s notice and I don’t need them jumping ahead suddenly, unexpectedly, distorting a planned presentation. Surprises can be exciting, but not when they are just that…surprising.

I know it’s a big order, but if I’m to be the “Big Duck” and I want the envoy to hit the pond paddling in unison there has to be some routine involved for it to work – routinely well that is.

I have my parents to blame or thank for my difficulties incurred or my aptitudes acquired depending on how I looks at situations. Both parents were advocates of my always looking at the positive side of everything no matter how gloomy it appeared to me. Routine was boring when it came to doing my homework, but their attitude was always: “You never know when you’re going to need what you don’t know you need until you need it, today.”

I didn’t believe them, then, but—surprise: “I know today what I didn’t know I was going to need to know, when I needed it.”

It is so routinely obvious!

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