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Newspaper Article Archive of
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September 21, 2017 There was a time, not so long ago, when...
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I used to run to the corner to meet my friends and we would spend the day together doing all the thing kids do: silly things, fun things.

I used to run to the corner to meet my friends and sometimes we would get a ride to town, where at the drugstore we’d read the latest Dick Tracy (detective) comics until we’d get shooed away, drink fizzy sodas, eat nickel candy bars, and share with those of us who didn’t have enough money along that day.

I used to run to the corner to meet my friends; but, now they’ve moved away, many miles away. I’ve lost contact, can’t even remember their addresses anymore; and, some have, shockingly, passed on. (How can that be—we were just kids having a good time?)

I used to run to the corner to meet my friends; but, the corner isn’t there any more; the ‘county engineers’ decided it was too dangerous, and built a fancy thing they called a “controlled intersection”. People still get mixed up and it’s still dangerous—but, “it’s not as bad” they say.

I used to run to the corner to meet my friends… I used to run. I use to. My cane gets in the way now and a walker isn’t much better.

I used to read the newspaper’s Sunday funnies when the landlord who came to see us every Monday brought us his copy.

I was learning to read, but didn’t do it very well, so mom would read for me. Then, I went to school and became “a big girl”. I still read the funnies, but it’s not as easy any more; the print is smaller. They say “it’s to save space”; and, too, my eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be.

I had to get glasses when I was ten, “but that wasn’t so long ago, was it?”

I can’t always hear the TV well, now, or the telephone or doorbell ringing, or the clock radio I thought would be such a great idea. The neighbors might hear them better than I do, but they haven’t come yet to tell me to tone ‘em down.

People don’t always talk as loud as they should, either, “don’t you think?” If they have a secret then they should keep it a secret and not say it’s unimportant when I ask them to repeat it. I hear fine at times, “but there are days when the air waves are so thick, you know, it’s hard for sound to get through to us.”

There are a lot of things that just don’t seem to be the way they should be, but I suppose we have to get use to the idea change is inevitable and it is a good thing. But, there’s one thing that can’t be changed--except by us, and that is the memories we have of all the things we know ‘every little bitty thing about’.

After all, “it wasn’t so long ago…”

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