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May 31, 2018 An old-fashioned girl takes the spotlight at high school graduation
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Our daughter Delaney graduated from high school this month. As our middle child it shifted the balance to three graduated and only two still to come. It seems only yesterday I had five little ones in elementary and just when I think life might slow down a bit, another milestone flashes by at warp speed.

Delaney shared her graduation party with her first cousin, Kiana, so it was fun to plan it with Kiana’s mother, Lisa. For their family, this was their first graduation as Kiana is their oldest child. She is six months older than Delaney, but they started preschool the same year and went through every grade together.

They have been best of friends all their lives and have shared many sleepovers and playdates over the years. When they were tiny, Kiana could not pronounce Delaney’s name and so called her “Daney.” Delaney could not pronounce Kiana’s name, and called her “TaTa,” so these two tiny little tots were “Daney and TaTa” for many years and when people would try to correct their pronunciations, Lisa and I would be quick to stop them. It was their special names for each other and we loved to hear them calling out to each other.

The graduation ceremony was very nice, with both Delaney and Kiana giving speeches along with a third classmate.

Giving a public speech was something I never dreamed Delaney would ever want to do, considering she does not care to be in the spotlight. She has grown in strength and character and self-esteem throughout her high school years.

She is a member of the National Honor Society, class president, a Governor’s Scholar, valedictorian--even though they don’t acknowledge that title anymore. We are so proud of her and all her accomplishments.

But to be completely honest, I was proud of her before she won any of these awards and would be proud of her if she wasn’t top of her class, or a straight A student.

The reasons I am most proud of her is because she is a child of God and lives to please Him. I am proud of how unique she is and that she is special in so many ways.

I love the differences in my children that make them who they are.

One tradition I have started is making a poster of each of my children at graduation. I take one of their senior photos and blow it up poster size and add a quote or scripture or poem. Each of the poster’s is different because I make it to suit their personality.

For Delaney I chose to write a poem. It’s not easy to sum a person up in just a few words, but I can give you a brief glimpse of who this beautiful young woman is in the following poem:

“She is an artist, a writer,

a brain and a beauty,

a follower of Jesus,

a lover of books,

a collector of animals.

She’s a princess in God’s kingdom,

a beloved middle child,

a devoted sister,

a loyal friend.

She’s an old-fashioned girl;

our Delaney.”

When her two younger sisters saw the poster, they said, “Oh, Delaney is going to HATE that!”

“Yes, she probably will,” I agreed, “but it’s not for her, it’s for me. And just so you know, your turn is coming!”

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