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October 20, 2016 Opinion - Hi Neighbor
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There are few words in the English language more attracted to emotional involvement than those connected to the word: HOME.

‘Home’ reflects the differing of feelings by people; and, at the same time, the existence of a mutual relationship between the companioning and personal ownership evoked by its “down home” connotation.

To begin with we must consider how the differences are approached and how they appear in usage.

What might be considered the happier side of feelings is in thinking of ‘home’ as a “warm and fuzzy” place, promoted by thoughts of visiting or enjoying memories of a beloved past; or a chance re-entry into a once lived-in realm filled with a wealth of peace and achievements experienced.

On the other side of the coin, there exists an equally wide range of challenges in such proportions as—negative responses to a long-resisted revisit to a home, (one that was but is no more); or to a place where one would like to be or go back to, (but can’t for limiting reasons); or, in an opposing view, a place one wants to forget (but can’t because of such matters as bitter relationships or loving, poignant, memories repelled as too painful to bear).

Have I missed any of the reasons why we are sometimes drawn one way or the other to either applaud or avoid references to the word: ‘Home’?

It is possible because the feeling of ‘Home’, is largely thought of as being a ‘man-made’ contrivance suggestive of owning ties to our DNA or genes’, and as possessed of (or by) them, make us incapable of escaping the association at any level.

But, what if the actions of other life forms such as animals, birds, and amphibians, in their search for a new ‘Home’ have their responses chalked

up to such things as environmentally or physically related needs; how alike, then, are we to them?

A few examples here include my thoughts on how ‘Home’ has come to my attention over a period of time, mostly through observation and stories from others around me; and from one recent simple example.

I was seated across the table from an associate when she began relating the difficulties involved in having to move, again. Asked why another move was necessary the answer, although a bit vague, indicated it was “in a search of a better place.” No DNA connection was clearly visible in the exchange, but I could be mistaken. Maybe some people just like to move, more often than others? (More later.)

Several weeks ago I over heard a story shared by a women with her friends in a restaurant booth near me. It seemed she was elated over the opportunity of having been transported by car past several places where she “used to live”, but was unhappy because they did not look much like they once did; also that she was not able to “get a closer view” wanted.

I share that feeling of disassociation in that I miss the familiarity with where I used to live and although it is beautifully cared for it is different and I need to preserve my memory without major changes included. In my case, perhaps there is some DNA involved.

My grandparents were adventurers, as were my mother and father; all seemingly ready to move, at the drop of a hat, furniture and possessions stacked high on the hay and grain wagons and later Uncle Harry’s old pickup.

But, in some ways I never shared their common interest, a rather peevish inclination which disturbed the continuity of my wish for a peaceful home life. Maybe I don’t exactly like where I live now, but I have conceded it is ‘home’—at least for awhile longer….

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