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Newspaper Article Archive of
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June 29, 2017 Been There - Done That! Bah Hah! Hah!
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When you’ve been ‘around the block’ a few times, like some of us have been, you begin to realize maybe you’ve been there once too often—way too many times. But that’s not all you begin to realize. It suddenly dawns on you the blossoms in that one flower bed, in that one yard, the ones that always look so pretty; in fact looks too pretty, consistently, every time you pass by, give you a sudden urge to step over and check why they always look so perfect. And, so you do. And when you do you learn they are not so perfect after all, not in the way you thought they were.

Oh…they’re perfect all right, but they are perfect and pretty and fake: silk, plastic, some kind of composite stuff… everything but real live stuff and you suddenly feel you’ve been duped. So…? “It’s not fair,” you think (you might even say it out loud). But then, you have to stop and ask yourself why you feel that way? Isn’t it perfectly okay for the person who placed them there to do that? They do look very pretty and you’re pleased by their beauty? But, they’re fake, you remind yourself.

“Fake—s’make”? What’s the problem? It’s like this: In our mind everything should be the way we want it to be; isn’t that right? That’s the way it ought to be? Right? But, why does everything have to be just the way we want it?

That thought was brought home to me (again) recently, when I was asked for maybe the ‘zillionth’ time if I were finally getting used to living in town and I answered, very swiftly, “No, I probably never will.”

Beyond being momentarily taken aback by my answer, I was asked why that was. And, I quickly, probably too quickly, answered it was because although it has been six years (since the 15th of May 2012) I have not been able to make myself feel like I belong.

“I have too much country in my bones,” I complain. My neighbor says she’s sorry she can’t ‘know’ how I feel because she has always live in town, and in time learned to live with and accept the things I find alien and difficult to accept.

I want to feel I’m not at fault for not being able to ‘belong’ because it’s a genetic thing or that it’s because my body grew up where the air (city air seems ‘tight’) didn’t press against me so closely. I need the space. (Isn’t that what all the young people say today?) And, then there’s the noise and the sometimes weird smells.

(Somebody’s grilling fish burgers…again?) Like there aren’t any noises or smells in the country? But, it’s different—really, different!

Beyond that I miss the animals, and the chickens, and the other live creatures that surrounded me all the time. That I have four cats would seem more than enough, to some people, but I had a few more than that on the farm. And, I had more than one garden and an orchard, and…

I miss them.

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