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Newspaper Article Archive of
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September 26, 2018 Police log Sept. 17 - Sept. 23
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September 17

Wellman caller reports two counterfeit $20 bills from an overnight deposit. Documentation. Information will be sent to the Federal Reserve.

Vehicle stop at 220 A Avenue, Kalona. Charges pending per DCI lab results on Theresa Ann Klug of Kalona. She was also given a written warning for window tint.

September 18

Caller on Highway 218 reports his vehicle is broken down and needs a jump. Responded and someone had already stopped and was helping him get his vehicle started. Subject called back a while later to advise the jump-start did not work and needed assistance. Officer responded and gave the subject a ride to Kum & Go. Vehicle will stay at this location for today.

Caller in the 800 block of Fifth Street, Kalona, report the neighbor’s dogs are barking at a opossum in a tree. They have been barking since 6:30. Officers responded and left a note on the residence making the owner aware of the complaint, advising a citation could be issued next time. Dogs were barking upon officer’s arrival.

Report there is a subject at the jail for visitation who has a warrant out of the Keokuk County. Arrested Karralyn Anne Lambert, 20, of Wellman for no contact order violation. Bond $300.

Officer request a welfare check on her sister in Kalona. Made contact and she was fine.

Caller in the 1600 block of Highway 22, Wellman, reports a student accidentally drove into the side of one of their buildings. No injuries and there is damage to the building.

Caller in the 1600 block of Highway 22, Wellman, reports her driver’s license, sunglasses and work badge were stolen from her car sometime in the past week.

September 19

Reports a 9-1-1 call from a cellphone no longer in service, possible domestic situation in the 700 block of 12th Street, Kalona. Made contact with the father who was disciplining his children. He was made aware of the complaint and use of 9-1-1 calls. They did have an old cellphone.

Caller in the 600 block of Ninth Avenue, Wellman, reports he is home alone and his brother is not being nice. He left him there. Responded. Everything was fine. An adult was home. The child just did not realize they were in the basement.

September 20

Traffic accident at the Kum & Go in Riverside. Both vehicles are drivable. Subjects are going to exchange information. Documentation for insurance.

Caller reports a house on fire in the 400 block of East Second Street, Riverside. Smoke is coming from the garage and tin roof of the residence. Riverside Fire, Riverside QRS, Kalona Fire, Ainsworth Fire, hills Fire responded.

Caller in the 800 block of Sixth Avenue, Wellman, reports a subject came into the school today causing an incident. Spoke with the subject who was counseled.

September 21

Two-vehicle accident on Fifth Street, Kalona. Mark Dean Hoffman of Parnell versus Christine Jo Glosser of Kalona. Over $1,500 damages. State accident report to be filed. Glosser will be sent in for re-evaluation.

Caller in the 2300 block of 150th Street, Kalona, reports he hit a pressure gas line in the yard of his residence. Gas is coming out very fast. Everyone is getting out of the residence. Kalona Fire, Kalona QRS and Alliant responded. Alliant was able to shut off the gas. No injuries.

Caller at Highway 22 and Enterprise Drive, Riverside, reports a car rear-ended her vehicle and she hit her head. Riverside Fire and QRS responded.

Caller in the 200 block of B Avenue, son is out of control. The child was upset because he could not go to the dance. There should be no further issues tonight.

Caller in the 700 block of Sixth Street, Wellman, reports a young boy in the store who said his mom was hurting him and threw him out of the house. While on the phone, the mother arrived. Officer responded to the residence. Juvenile was upset that he had to do homework. No further issues.

Caller in the 400 block of D Avenue, Kalona, reports her son heard screaming and help coming from inside a residence. Responded. No problem. Subjects were having a bonfire and two small girls were being loud.

September 22

Kalona Fire notified of smoke alarm going off in middle school gym. Disregarded. They are having problems with the alarms and will not need anyone to respond.

9-1-1 call in reference to a subject directing traffic was hit by a truck on V Avenue north of 330th Street. Patient has head and arm injuries. Wellman QRS, Wellman Fire and Rescue all responded to assist.

Caller in Wellman reports a truck and trailer are parked in the church parking lot. Requesting someone speak to the owner and ask them to move it for church on the weekends. Officer was unable to make contact with anyone at the residence. Vehicle owner called in later and advised he was temporarily parked there and has moved the truck and trailer.

September 23

Caller reports a car versus cow accident on Nutmeg Avenue and Shiloh Drive, Kalona. Owner of the cow has been notified and it is still alive and back in the fence.

Caller in the 200 block of A Avenue, Kalona, reports his wife is hallucinating and she is outside yelling at people who are not there. Officers responded. Female was calm and quiet upon arrival. There should be no further problems tonight.

Caller reports s smoldering brush pile near a cornfield on Dogwood and 120th Street, Wellman. No one around. Wellman Fire responded to the area and was unable to locate anything but a small pile at a residence.

Caller reports a two-vehicle accident with injuries at Vine and Highway 22 in Riverside. Cathie Ann Conzemius of Lone Tree versus Robert Francis Stevens of Dubuque. Conzemius was cited for failure to yield upon entering a through highway.

Vehicle stop at Highway 22 and Juniper Avenue. Arrested Robert Steven Josephs, 40, of Wellman for driving under revocation.

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