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September 27, 2018 Fancy new phone cameras capture my kids, but I cannot show off the pictures
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One of the best features of my iPhone is the ability to take pictures.

When a photo opportunity presents itself, anytime, anywhere, I have my “camera” right with me.

As a mom, this is a great feature when I catch my kids doing something cute, funny or embarrassing. I just wish I had had this phone when my kids were small. I didn’t even own a cellphone then, and I always had to remember to take my digital camera everywhere I went if I wanted to catch those photo-worthy moments.

By the time I had an iPhone with a decent camera, my kids all had phones of their own. They are masters of the disappearing act when I raise my phone to snap a picture of them.

Their favorite hobby is stealing my phone and taking a picture of themselves making horrible faces. The next time I check my camera roll, I will find up to 50 pictures of one, two or all three of my youngest girls, and not one of them is a picture I can show off to people.

They will contort their faces into the worst configuration and then snap the picture from the most unflattering angle possible. For some reason, they think forcing a double chin is the best trick of all.

I must admit the pictures are funny, but not ones I care to show anyone when they ask to see pictures of my family.

When I was a kid, I would tear up any pictures of myself I didn’t like. Not these guys, they think the goofier they look, the better the picture.

I finally had to threaten that I was going to post them on Facebook. That cured them of using my phone for a while, although they still send ugly self-portraits to each other on their own phones, always trying to outdo each other, giving the highest honor to the ugliest picture.

I’m not ashamed to admit my girls can all be dorks, considering the apples didn’t fall far from the tree. But you know moms the world over all want to show off their kids, and when they do, want them looking their best.

I have begged them to let me have good pictures of them to post, but so far candid shots that I “sneak take” when they are not aware have been my best attempts.

I’ve tried the old stand-by phrase “If you keep that up, your face is going to freeze that way!” I received a sardonic reply of, “Mom, it’s summer.”

I guess I should just be happy that they are all confident enough in their own skin that they aren’t afraid to show silly goofy faces which I love about them. However, it doesn’t change the fact that I want a picture of them that I can show others without having to give an explanation, such as “Oh, she was choking on a chicken nugget when I took that.”

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