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Newspaper Article Archive of
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September 28, 2017 If it’s big and round we’re ‘all for it’; aren’t we?
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Yes, it’s the fall season, and some of us are already asking: “Already?” while others are saying: “It’s about time!”

And, all I have to say is: “If it’s big and round…I’m for it… (?)” “Maybe.”

What has that got to do with October or any changes observed (?); maybe nothing unless we think about it in relationship to food.

October is when big things begin to happen: colors change suddenly, temperatures waver (usually), and we start acquiring a variation in our food tastes. Not long ago it was for melons, and now it’s sharply headed toward pumpkins and all the other companionable edibles we refer to as squashes and gourds. Not that I’m leaning towards eating a gourd although I’m told some are as delectable (?) as they are decoratively appealing; the bright colors attracts my attention more readily.

In exploring the connection between seasonal changes and things ‘big and round’, we can readily agree that melons and pumpkins are easily both large and round (of course), and we have a tendency toward wanting the biggest of them (maybe not just to own but, at least, to look at). That’s the occurrence I see most often. Huge pumpkins beckon from multiple display areas challenging us to test our strength and ability to take them home. And, not in recent times have camera phones had such a busy workout recording the “whoppers” having resulted from the plentiful summer rains.

Also, some one reminded me, the other day, that nothing lingers more pleasantly in her mind than the sight of big (and round) basket balloons drifting lazily across an azure, sun-kissed, mid-October sky.

Which remind us that without our biggest of all ‘big and rounds’, the sun, and its continuing duty we would indeed be in big trouble ‘all around’.

Of course, there are other ‘big and round’ things, lots of them: balls and bubbles and bobbles, to name a few; but, the fact remains we unceasingly gravitate towards favoring ‘big and round’ in nearly everything we think or talk about. It’s difficult not to think about size without thinking about large. Somehow, small and square things do not easily fit into our mental capability most of the time, unless we think of them in multiples, which brings us back to the fact that bigger (in amount) can be bigger (in size)—and, not always round.

It’s difficult to limit our desire towards thinking big, but sometimes it is well to consider there are benefits in other sizes. Sometimes it’s the smaller things that allow the bigger things to excel; even when having been small to begin with. It is said: “From the tiny seed comes the mighty oak”; the growth of which comes largely from the patient and nurturing care supplied. Amen.

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