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April 27, 2017 Looking Back - 04-27-2017
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Lone Tree

100 years ago

April 26, 1917

Frank Criger was found dead in bed at the Wm. Strong home south of Lone Tree Tuesday morning, death having claimed him in the night unbeknown to Lloyd Strong, the young man who occupied the same bed with him during the night. Mr. Criger, who was a carpenter by trade, was doing work for Mr. Strong. He was afflicted with heart trouble and complained of feeling ill during the afternoon and retired quite early.

Leslie M. Carl, the capable instructor in the agricultural department of the Lone Tree school, will not accept the place tendered him by the board of education for another year. Mr. Carl has several fine offers in other fields of labor that are more attractive and carry with them a salary far in advance of what the local district can afford to pay.

M. R. Fayram, a state school inspector, was here last week visiting the Lone Tree schools. Mr. Fayram found the school in excellent shape.

James Bell made a record shipment for one feeder last Sunday when he loaded nine car loads of fat steers here and shipped them to Chicago. There were 180 head in the bunch. It was the opinion of many the shipment would bring between $22,000 and $25,000.

J. E. Merick has sold his panitorium outfit to J. R. Toland and left Monday for Quincy, Ill.

The Boy Scouts took a hike to River Junction Saturday afternoon and greatly enjoyed the outing.

Dr. Day received two live alligators from Florida Tuesday, sent by his sister, whose home is in Des Moines.

Work on the transmission line over which electric current is to be brought to Lone Tree from Iowa City goes on but owing to the delay in getting material we are told it will be several weeks yet before the line will be in operation.

75 years ago

April 30, 1942

Monday, May 4, has been set as the day on which consumers are to register for the War Ration Book I, possession of which will be necessary in order to purchase sugar.

L. E. Brinkmeyer announced Monday that he will be a candidate for the republican nomination for county sheriff. Mr. Brinkmeyer has served as a special deputy sheriff in this part of the county for many years.

Five women from the Methodist Women’s Society for Christian Service spend Monday at Washington where they joined representatives from other W.S.C.S. organizations in Johnson and Washington counties. Attending from Lone Tree were: Mrs. Ross Rayner, Miss Bess Rayner, Mrs. Lloyd Magruder, Mrs. L. O. Adams and Mrs. Iva Storm.

Funeral services for George Aubrecht, 50, who died at his home last Wednesday, were held at 2 o’clock Saturday afternoon from the Methodist church in Lone Tree. Burial was in the Lone Tree cemetery.

One hundred ninety-seven men between the ages of 45 and 65 registered Monday at the city hall in the fourth registration under the selective service act.

Four more local young men left Saturday morning for Ft. Des Moines to enter army service. In the group were Leroy Horrell, Elwyn Edwards, Lyle Domine and Gayle Toland.

In a collision about two and one-half miles north of Lone Tree Saturday night, cars driven by Lawrence Owens and Cecil Mullinnix collided, damaging both cars badly. No one was seriously hurt.

Riverside Current

25 Years Ago

May 1, 1992

The Iowa Academy of Science recently announced that Mark Schneider of rural Riverside is the 1992 recipient of its Excellence in Science and Teaching Award in elementary science. Schneider is a sixth-grade teacher at Washington Township Elementary in the Mid-Prairie School District. Earlier in the year, he was honored as one of the six finalists for the Department of Education’s Iowa Teacher of the Year.

Tuesday, May 12, voters in the Highland School District will be voting on a school bond issue once again. This vote is asking for an elementary school to be added to the existing high school at the central site and the closing of the schools in Ainsworth and Riverside.

10 Years Ago

April 26, 2007

Tom Hansen of Riverside is retiring April 30 for the second time. This time he is retiring after 11 years with the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency. He is currently the coordinator and served as assistant coordinator from 1996-2001. The first time Hansen retired was as fire marshall after 26 years with the Iowa City Fire Department. He spent about six months building a house on 135th Street, Riverside, and then began the job at JCEMA. A reception in Hansen’s honor will be Monday, April 30, from 2 to 4 p.m. in the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

A semi truck loaded with grain and a dump truck collided at the S curve on Highway 22 in Riverside Friday afternoon, April 20. Big Ten Towing brought a truck and crane for the semi, and Earl’s Towing came for the truck. Gringer Feeds brought a grain vacuum to clear the roadway from which traffic was diverted for about two hours. In the past, the S curve has seen four vehicles miss the curve and hit the house directly west of the roadway.

Digging the foundation for the Ice House Bar & Grill in downtown Riverside started Friday, April 20. plans call for a three-story building with a banquet room in the basement, brick frontage and porches 16’x50’ wide on the main and upper levels. The site is the southwest side of Highway 22. The Riverside council approved the site plan concept Jan. 22. Certified plans for the building are expected to be approved next month.

Kalona News

100 years ago

April 26, 1917

In the County field meet last Saturday at Washington, Kalona took second place, Washington being first. Our boys did fine and if they had taken the time for proper practice, they might have been first. For there is no disputing the fact, that our boys have devoted very little time to practice this much less than in any former year, but they made a good showing.

Miss Lucretia Strabala of Davenport came for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Strabala and get acquainted with her little brother, Clinton Philip.

E. J. Hesselschwerdt of the Chicago Store made a business trip to Cedar Rapids Last Tuesday.

Lake Ayers, Charley Lemley and Chas. Larew went to Lone Tree, Wednesday for the horse sale.

Mrs. Charles Brewer and Mrs. D. C. Miller entertained the Jolly Sixteen Tuesday at the Miller home.

August Wendt of the Frytown neighborhood had hard luck here Tuesday. He drove his team up near the Standard oil house, when a train came along and frightened them. They ran away and in the mix-up one horse had a leg broken. It was a young horse sound and valuable, but the break was a bad one and the horse had to be killed. A good horse these times is no little loss.

The freight depot of the Rock Island railroad in Riverside was entered some time after midnight Monday and three barrels and four cases of beer stolen. It is not known whether the guilty party or parties pryed open the door to the building or whether some person was concealed in the building when it was locked up after the evening rains were worked.

75 years ago

April 23, 1942

Arthur Speas, Dale Southwick, William Stumpf, Lloyd Chabel and Richard Welte left this week for an induction center where they will enter the service of the United States Army. Censorship regulations forbid the printing of the date and induction center.

The town council has ordered that all property owners in Kalona should repair their sidewalks.

Plans are being made by Bender & Marner to build a new structure to house the feed grinding mill and other equipment destroyed by fire last week. Cleaning of the ground and removal of machinery which was reduced to junk has been nearly completed and the foundation for the new building will be poured in a few weeks.

Dr. S. C. Ware received orders last Friday to report at Camp Grant for service in the U.S. Army. He will enter the service with a commission of First Lieutenant.

Sunday afternoon visitors at the Joe D. Yoder home were Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Yoder, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Yoder, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Stoltzfus and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Ammon Stoltzfus, Mr. and Mrs. Mose Yoder, Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Hershberger. Mrs. Yoder recently returned from the hospital where she underwent a major operation.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Brenneman had as their guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Beachy and son and Mr. and Mrs. William Nissley.

Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Miller and daughters visited with Mary Ann Miller Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Brenneman and family spent Sunday at the parental Manas Brenneman home.

A short time ago one of our neighbors had a colt that became sick. The nature of the colt’s ailment was rather puzzling to the owner. Finally, the colt died and the owner and the veterinarian suspected that the colt might have had rabies. A test was made at Iowa City which showed that the animal had the disease. It took some time to make the test for it seems that the test had to be made on some rats before a definite answer cold be given. When the results of the test came back, the men who had handled the colt including a son who had gone to the army had to take treatments to prevent further trouble. The son was confined to the hospital for 14 days because 14 treatments were given, one each day.

50 years ago

April 27, 1967

Fees for the 1967 season at the Kalona Golf Course sere set. This year family memberships will be $25 and individual memberships were set at $15. Green fees will be $1.50. The following will serve on the board of control: Roger Miller, Don Dickel, Mrs. D. G. Sattler, Mrs. Reese Trusler, Tim Grady, Ron Bender and Larry Kern. Grounds committee: Vernon Hartzler, Cleo Troyer, Ferd Skola, Delmar Schlabaugh.

Fire damaged a turkey house on the Robert Schrock farm late Monday afternoon. The building housed 1500 poults of which about 200 were lost.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bailey and son, Tom visited Kirk Bailey at Ft. Knox, Kentucky over the weekend.

Wayne Grout is much improved after having a siege of pneumonia.

Rufus Mary and Mrs. Henry Yoder of Lone Tree, were Monday morning callers at Pleasantview.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Walker went to Grinnell where they were overnight guests of his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan dare. Thursday morning, the Walkers left by plane for a two weeks vacation with their daughter, Cherie, in San Pablo, California.

25 years ago

April 23,1992

Lila Gardner was honored at the meeting of the Rebekah Lodge, during the dinner hour when a birthday cake was provided for her 80th birthday. Noble grand Kay Kaalberg presided.

The Southeast Iowa Select team, defeated the team from Melbourne, Australia, 100-99. Jess Settles, all-stater of Winfield, led scoring with 26 points, followed by Mid-Prairie’s Matt Larsen with 14 points. Other scoring included Josh Bailey, Mid-Prairie 7; Jason Hershberger, Iowa Mennonite 9; Jeremy Yoder, Iowa Mennonite 5; Jim Blakeley, Highland 2. The area team was coached by Don Showalter and Chris Kern.

Wellman Advance

100 Years Ago

April 26, 1917

Wellman is a pretty quiet town when the days are such that the farmers are permitted to work in their fields. The high cost of food has made it imperative for farmers and town folks as well who have a plot of ground to put forth a little extra effort to raise more food stuffs. We venture to say that you’ll see more and better gardens in Wellman this summer than was ever seen before.

The rehearsals for the historical-patriotic pageant to be held in the opera house May 7 are now under way, and the event promises success. Remember the place and date. Admission, 25 cents and 15 cents.

After July 1 it will be unlawful for dogs to run at large in the country between sunset and sunrise. Farmers are authorized to kill any dog after sunset, in accordance with a bill signed by Governor Harding. This measure was asked by the farmers of the state who wish to raise sheep. By eliminating the rural dog, many of which attack and kill sheep, the farmers expect to make sheep raising a profitable industry in Iowa.

75 Years Ago

April 30, 1942

A new boys and girls 4-H livestock club was organized Friday night by J. Harrison Donald, Washington county club agent, and Alvin Leuder, a member of the county 4-H club committee. Those who have already signed up are Dean Swartzendruber, Donald Eash, George Eash, Wilbur Swartzendruber and Raymond and Carl Troyer. Those who signed up at the last meeting all are planning on using dairy calves as projects. At the present time, 4-H boys and girls all over the nation are playing an important role in the Food for Victory campaign, by producing more dairy products, more pork, more poultry and more garden stuffs.

The band concerts for the summer will open next Wednesday evening with the band under the direction of Mrs. Robert Fiester. The concert will be downtown from 8 to 9 p.m.

NOTICE: Next Monday morning, May 4, all stores in Wellman will open at 7 o’clock. Wednesday night openings will start May 6.

Hila Sue Foster, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Foster, celebrated her fourth birthday Sunday with a dinner party planned by her mother. A large birthday cake baked by Sue’s great-grandmother, Hila Foster of Cedar Rapids, was the centerpiece for the appointed table. Those who enjoyed the courtesy were Mr. and Mrs. Burrell Foster, Henry Hagist, Mr. and Mrs. Ellory Foster, Mary and Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Youngsdale of Ottumwa, and Mrs. Hila Foster of Cedar Rapids. Dr. and Mrs. Morgan Foster, Julie and Jake of Cedar Rapids were afternoon visitors.

50 Years Ago

April 27, 1967

Longtime Resident and Businessman Services Thursday. Mearl C. Munson, 71, died Tuesday, April 18, at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City. Mr. Munson was born Jan. 9, 1886, in Lewistown, Montana, the son of Charles and Dora Page Munson. His family moved to Washington County, where he attended rural schools in the Wellman area. On May 24, 1924, he married Alta Blumenstein in Ainsworth.

In 1921, Mr. Munson became a clerk at The Toggery, a Wellman clothing store. He purchased the business in 1928 and operated the store until his retirement in 1961.

Variety was the word for Iowa’s weather last week. Wellman area received 1.8 inches of rain, bringing the April total to seven inches, according to Juby Moothart’s records. Then, to the surprise of weekend campers, an inch of snow fell Sunday in Wellman and up to three inches south of Wellman. The snow clung to trees and shrubbery until mid-morning Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rathmel have picked 15 sponge mushrooms from their lawn. They found the first one April 15. Despite the cool temperatures, hunters are reporting a good crop.

25 Years Ago

April 30, 1992

Neil Knobloch, a senior at Iowa State University, will be Mid-Prairie’s new vocational agriculture teacher and FFA advisor. Mid-Prairie board members Monday night approved hiring Knobloch for the position resigned by 28-year instructor Paul Swank. Superintendent Rose Dillard reported that Knobloch was an active member of the state’s top FFA program at West Lyon High School and is among the top graduates in Iowa State’s vocational agriculture program.

Renee Rourke, a Mid-Prairie junior, has been chosen by Unit 427 of Wellman to attend the 47th annual session of Iowa American Legion Auxiliary Girls State. The annual event will be June 6-13 on the campus of the University of Northern iowa, Cedar Falls. Renee is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Rourke of rural Iowa City. Unit 427 has named Jenny Brophy, Wellman, as alternate delegate. Brophy is also a junior at Mid-Prairie.

The Council of Mid-Prairie Churches extended its appreciation to retiring treasurer Richard Oyer April 14. Oyer has served as treasurer of the council since its beginning in 1969. The Rev. John Woodin presented a gift to Oyer as an expression of thanks for his service and best wishes as he leaves the community in June. Pat (Mrs. Randy) Troyer has been elected as Oyer’s successor.

Dayton Lodge #149 will present a 50-year membership certificate to Ardell J. Miller at the regular stated communication May 7. Miller took his three Masonic degrees in Abner Lodge #535 at Lone Tree. He affiliated with Dayton Lodge in 1948. Miller will be presented a lifetime paid membership certificate from the Grand Lodge of Iowa and a 50-year lapel pin from his home lodge.

10 Years Ago

April 26, 2007

The “new” face in the Kalona Elementary School’s principal office next year will be a familiar one. Jim Cayton, who has taught social sciences for 22 years at Mid-Prairie High School, will replace retiring Principal Bill Marks July 1. Cayton is one of 71 applicants and one of seven interviewed for the position. Cayton’s contract is a 227-day one with a base salary of $71,000.

James R. Humpton, who initiated a petition drive for a special election to determine how the five county supervisors will be selected, has moved to Iowa City in Johnson County. In his announcement Monday, Humpton said he would no longer be able to oversee the drive and has asked Terry Philips of Riverside to collect the signed petitions that were distributed throughout the county by Humpton. Anyone with signed petitions to turn in or who wishes to help with the drive may contact Philips.

The Mid-Prairie Golden Hawks pulled a surprise out of the bag Tuesday, April 17, when they broke a school record set in 1984 for the 4x800 relay. The old time, set by Martin Augustine, Pat Woodburn, Clint Shalla and Erik Brenneman was 8:13.19. The new record is 8:06.11 and was set by Lance Silbaugh, Kyle Graber, Darian Patterson and Aaron Stockstell. The time also qualified them for the Drake Relays with one of the top times in Iowa.

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