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Newspaper Article Archive of
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January 4, 2018 Looking back as we move forward into a new year
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Whether or not we want to accept it, a great portion of the human race we belong to will be uncomfortably compelled to review what happened during the recently exited year and to contemplate how survival or handling of it was carried out.

Those who genuinely made it through last year with what we call flying colors and are facing the new year with an anticipation of repeated results ahead: Congratulations.

But, there are those who are regularly expected to say: “It was a piece of cake,” meaning they don’t want to talk about it because it wasn’t a piece of cake, a least not the piece they had in mind. Some repairs will be considered needed.

And there are those of whom the subject causes a tendency to hedge a bit because even though it is bound to become a piece of history they are not done with it yet and would like to roll it over for a repeal or a redo.

Either way can be a dangerous route and not likely to result in the exact response needed to fix a problem.

I am not known for always doing the right thing, so I’ll lead the way into the darkness (and light) with a past not readily capable of creating change except in retrospect.

We’re lucky for the existence of retrospect because it gives us an excuse for not having done something differently and a ready out, with regret, for not having known how to do it else ways.

I’m sure there are some current things you would like to know about my past and some I would like to share (but won’t), so, I will merely say, “Things didn’t go exactly as planned.”

Perhaps the best I can do is to describe how sometimes it takes a lifetime of circumstances to determine how a required result will come to fruition long after a long-ago beginning has occurred. For everyone who wants instant results to an immediate problem, that’s probably not a good explanation, but life doesn’t come with a ready fix clause.

I can go back a long ways into my life, through a staggering list of questions as to why things couldn’t or didn’t happen in a certain way. My belabored mother had an equally long list of answers usually beginning with: “because,” followed by her choice of reasons.

Not all of them made sense to me, then, but as I look back at them now I sense they had something to do with a need being required in the future.

Whether or not she comprehended what she was instilling with her responses I can’t say, but it was a value based on patience and dependence on oneself.

We are not wired to be instantly capable of always doing or saying the right things; we are allowed to make mistakes and are not always required to be correct to match a specific code of established order.

That’s why we make resolutions and why we will follow them -- maybe.

And, it will all be OK in the end.

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