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Newspaper Article Archive of
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October 19, 2017 On being “all in good measure”
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“Okay, you did it again! --forgot to take a tape measure with you?”

The preceding admonishment was address to me, recently, but it could, just as well, be addressed towards you; right?

Do you ever see something you think might ‘fit the bill’ but you have no way of checking the accuracy? A frantic search of your pockets and other sources reveals nothing of assistance and a search of where you are results with the same equally frustrating: nope!

“Well, wait! Maybe help is with you.” That’s what I’m saying: “Right there with you.” All you have to do is use it. Of course, you’ll have to do a little ground work beforehand. (There’s always a ‘catch’ to everything, you know.) But, it’s easy ground work if you want to mentally record certain rules or write them down to carry along with you. That’s part of the ‘catch’: the recording; the rest is just getting around to doing it before you need them.

You be the judge.

These are the rules, some of which I’ve used for decades—Yeah, decades; and, some of which I’ve just recently discovered, and plan to add to my mental list; also, undoubtedly assign to that carry along list referred to.

Okay, get ready: Crank up you mental ability or grab a piece of paper (bright color helps) to record these general measurements which may help you, exactly or closely, to ‘not’ make a selection for which you may ‘hate yourself’ later.

If it’s ‘inches’ we’re talking about, use your hands or your feet, individually or in combination. Your face and your waist can get into it, too; but more about that later.

Now, assuming you have access to several measuring devices: a flexible tape, a ruler, and a yard stick; all needed to gain the figures you will need at some time. With the most appropriate devise, measure the length of you palm (of course it varies from person to person, but not so much you can’t mentally adjust a slight variance). You say you can’t measure without help? (Oh, come on, you’ve heard of sticky tape—apply it to one end of the measuring tape.)

As an example” my hand, from wrist to middle (longest) finger, measures 7 ½ inches, an average for women. That recently stopped me from buying something that was larger than what I needed.

Using both hands and a tape stretched the distance from your nose to the end of your outstretched fingers (arm to the side, not the front—Sigh!); again, using the sticky tape, if necessary… You’re trying for yardage measure here.

You can also use your feet to measure yardage by laying the chosen device on the floor, stepping a comfortable-width distance, on its length, and registering the resulting number.

Measure other portions of your body: fingers, neck, shoulders (across), arms, limbs (length). You’ll be surprised how you measure up.

For an interesting comparison you may or may not want to rely on, do this: Record the distance across your mouth, (try not to smile); then, add the distance from your mouth to your stomach--belly button level; (don’t look down while doing it). The numbers added together will equal the approximate size our waists used to be: 20-something? My number now is …?” “Are you nuts?”

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