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Newspaper Article Archive of
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December 28, 2017 It’s time to move on when the ball (bawl) is over
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Anyone born during or after the last mid-century period of the 1950s will undoubtedly have a problem immediately grasping the full meaning of the olden days song entitled: “When The Ball Is Over.”

It was introduce during the previous century (about 1897) and has survived, however minimally, since then in such ways as being included in movies and other entertainment features. In the song a young man thinks his chosen love is being unfaithful and it isn’t until after she has died he discovers he was wrong.

The meaning, expressed poignantly, in the song on how to accept the results of moving on has not changed or been lost, but it sometimes takes an effort not everyone is ready to accept.

On the lighter side there are probably more than a few of us who are currently suffering the pangs of disappointment from not receiving the Christmas gifts expected. There’s time remaining yet, right now, to reconsider if they were really the right expectations.

That issue probably runs more rampant among the younger set. Maybe Santa didn’t get the notice in time; the supply was down; he didn’t understand the request; or, for any other number of reasons. Certainly the ridiculously old reason of one being bad is not a good one for a chunk of coal being suggested headed for the stocking – for one thing, coal isn’t that cheap.

It’s tough not getting what we want, especially when what we want is possibly not what we should have wanted or (oppositely) what we should’ve wanted but didn’t get; a positive result might occur later.

Some of my readers, probably too few because I don’t revisit my wish lists often enough to impact the results properly, might think I still want a horse. I’m over that. Thanks for not acting on impulse … if you ever considered it. If you didn’t, you’re lucky; I might have gift-horsed you some quiet night. I almost won a goat one time in a raffle.

Same there … some dark night … .

I’m more into inanimate, easily consumed things. Don’t read that to mean food exactly; but I’m not adverse to the idea. What I’m leaning more toward is things that can be used up in whatever is the most appropriate or easy manner possible.

I’ve been challenged (and I don’t agree with) for assembling too much, too many, or unnecessarily needed things. That is my choice, and I’m ready to defend that inclination, but at the same time, will admit my detractor(s) have a point. I’m just not ready yet to move on. If I do get too much stuff as far as I’m concerned, I’ll hear them.

But, until then the ball (bawl) isn’t over; keep the gifts coming.

Sorry toots! Sorry pal!

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