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December 14, 2017 Medicaid privatization: is it moral?
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Grassley’s World

Like most Americans (according to Chuck Grassley), I am going to spend my money on booze, women, and movies. Who’s with me?

Evil and Medicaid?

Evil. What does it really mean? The dictionary definition is, “Profoundly immoral and malevolent.” There are three parts there:

• Profound: It has to be intense. This cannot be something small. It has to have serious consequences.

• Immoral: Not conforming to standards of decency. This has to be something no reasonable, decent person would do.

• Malevolent: Desiring to do evil to others. This means you have to intend to do evil. You need to know that what you are doing is wrong.

I happen to believe that “profoundly immoral and malevolent” is a very fitting description of Iowa’s failed Medicaid privatization scheme. It touches all the bases!

Is it profound? Medicaid serves the most vulnerable members of our society. First, you must be incredibly poor. Then you need to fit a second category of need. For example, most Medicaid recipients are children. The next biggest group is people living in nursing homes. The third largest group is people with significant disabilities. These are people whose health can easily be negatively affected.

I would argue that the impact has been profound. In addition to targeting the most vulnerable Iowans, Medicaid serves 1 in 6 Iowans. So the scale is profound, too. It is a very big deal!

Is it immoral? Who amongst us would take medicine from a child? Who amongst us would throw a senior citizen out of a nursing home? Who amongst us would throw a person with disabilities out of her group home? Aren’t those acts immoral?

This is EXACTLY what the privatization of Medicaid has done! So, it follows that the privatization of Medicaid has been immoral.

Is it malevolent? This is the toughest piece. That it is profoundly immoral is not in question. Now we must determine if a person KNOWS it is profoundly immoral.

There are two options here in the case of Gov. Reynolds. If she understands that her decisions have been profoundly immoral, she has committed a truly evil act. If she does not understand, then she is too ignorant to serve as governor.

It is really quite simple. Medicaid privatization was an evil act. Evil is in our midst. There is no point calling it anything else. Disagree? Please explain your reasoning. I would like to be convinced there is more to this; I really would.

So I ask you – faced with this evil, what are we going to do?

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