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Newspaper Article Archive of
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September 7, 2016 Letter to the Editor
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I am hearing a lot of discussion about the new Wellness Center. I am a local homeowner, business owner, and taxpayer, and I have some questions and concerns.

If this center is really for the community, as it is being proposed to be, then why is it being built as a school building and being placed on school property to be run and administered by the school? If the school is going to own it and manage it then the school should pay for it. We are already taxed for school money.

If the school feels they need a third gym to meet the needs of the students then the school should build the center. If they choose to open it to the community when they are not using it then that would be their choice.

The school has already said that the community will only have access when the school is not using it. That sounds like it is a school building to me. If our money is being used to build it and it is actually going to be a community center then it should be on community property and the school should have to go through the same request process to use it as the rest of the members do. Why are we paying for a building that we are not going to own or have control over?

Even though our tax dollars will be paying for the building we will still have to pay a membership fee to use the center. And if we are paying a membership fee we should be able to use the facility whenever we want.

They are saying that the tax rate will not go up for this building. While, technically, that is true, it is still going to cost. It will not raise the amount we are currently paying but it will extend that amount for another 13 years. So, for a homeowner with a $100,000 house that is an additional $2,493.23. A $200,000 homeowner will pay an additional $4464.20. Saying that the taxpayers will not have their property tax rate increased is a bit misleading when it will still cost us all more money than the current bond issue we are paying on now.

I support the school. If it is something that is really needed. If they need to add something or upgrade something else I have no problem with that. But, the Wellness Center is not that something.

Gin Spears

Lone Tree

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