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Newspaper Article Archive of
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December 14, 2017 It’s not what you do as much as how you do it
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It takes a lot longer for some of us than it does for others to realize the answer to solving a problem is not always in knowing what to do as much as in knowing how to do it.

One of the first things we need to consider is that age does not own, much less command the plethora of amazing advantages credited it; and, if a person simply does the same thing always the same way, that doesn’t mean it’s always the right way. It could mean it’s always the same wrong way or, worse yet, the same irreversible wrong way.

I speak from experience, but that situation does not thankfully show forth in the following case I’m sharing. Most times age does well in gathering knowledge to advantage.

Some of us are owners of technically improved equipment or otherwise described items engineered or implanted with entities that are expected to improve our living capabilities. Some of us will be receiving such things this Christmas, no doubt. I’m hoping I will prove up-to-speed.

One of the most recent challenging experiences I’ve had was with something I’ve always had luck taking care of by myself in the past: changing a battery.

The usual operation is to open the ailing object’s compartment door, remove the obviously deceased contents and replace it with a fresh new supply. Job done; shut the lid and walk away pleased with the results. Whoa, not so fast.

This time it was a battery in an electronically controlled smoke and carbon monoxide detector located on the ceiling and my arms were about three feet short of reaching it from the floor where I stood looking up and wondering how I could stop it from reminding me it needed a new backup battery -- something it had been doing since early morning.

It’s not that I’m a complete novice as to what was needed, but I had a problem with how it was going to be done.

I had a ladder; that was the first step -- excuse the intended pun -- toward solving the dilemma. The next step -- excuse me again -- was to close the intimidating space between me and the irritation source above. There was a time, not so long ago, when I’d think nothing of nimbly hopping up the step. But, maybe it had been a little longer ago than I was thinking, and my legs seemed to sense the steps were not as close together as they used to be.

I slid the ladder aside and picked up the telephone, an easier tool to handle. Someone much more nimble than I would soon be coming to take care of the irritating problem, but I was able to quiet the alarm using a long-handled grabber tool to loosen the lid. I was even more pleased I’d made that decision when upon opening it I was confronted by a complex and totally unfamiliar faceplate of wires and knobblies. Where was the battery supposed to go? Answer: Underneath the plate.

Age can count in some ways, but sometimes it’s a challenge.

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